I am biased of course, but I think my wife looks good for being in.. 9903593

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I am biased of course, but I think my wife looks good for being in her 40โ€™s. You agree?

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By: Kjstown
In: Body Shots, 9 months ago



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  • 1 month ago AverageItalianJo


  • 1 month ago Two4Sex


  • 2 months ago DeaconBlue22

    Good enough to eat๐Ÿ˜‹

  • 2 months ago riskybiz

    That body is simply incredible!

  • 2 months ago JohnGriff2801

    Definitely, She looks Amazing, she has a really hot sexy body.

  • 2 months ago youngNhungry12

    you and your body...grade A quality i tell ya !!

  • 3 months ago Mylimastuff

    She is definitely HOT

  • 5 months ago Lovinyourbody

    Sheโ€™s a fucking goddess!!

  • 5 months ago wildtiger84

    Wow perfect body. Can t believe she is 40โ€™s

  • 5 months ago 69Tongue1st

    She looks amazing, for 20's, 30's, or any age. Very lucky guy

  • 6 months ago Welshman45

    She looks amazing irregardless of her youthfulness ;)

  • 6 months ago zazman313

    Dammmnnnmmmmm. Never would of guessed 40โ€™s. She has a better body then a lot of 20 year olds. Simply STUNNING!

  • 7 months ago satxmale39

    Definitely a 10+

  • 7 months ago sexfreak

    She has a perfect body she's a 10

  • 7 months ago Lcusack001

    Super model!

  • 7 months ago iluvgirls


  • 7 months ago ColetteAndMichel

    Ur wife is exquisite for ANY # of years she has traveled around the sun . I too am a lucky man . Please check out Colette. We r new to site ( 3days) , but u guys were exactly what weโ€™d hoped would b here . You let us know we made the correct decision. U r so hot and great photo !(straight to favs) I

  • 7 months ago Just4funcdn

    Your wife is a masterpiece. Her body is a work of art. Thatโ€™s a body that women half her age would die to have. Very sexxxy. Sheโ€™s a Goddess!

  • 7 months ago Kjstown

    Thank you. Appreciate the kind words.

  • 7 months ago BigD8

    What a beautiful body

  • 7 months ago rudemonkeyman

    Perfect body

  • 7 months ago tonsafun71

    Fuck ya! She looks great. For someone in their 20s

  • 7 months ago sixtyninr

    Looks fantastic.. just in her prime

  • 8 months ago Jaxson1

    Very hot - thanks for sharing!

  • 8 months ago MissCirce

    OMG! She has an amazing body!

  • 8 months ago MaximusAD2015

    Extremely sexy!

  • 8 months ago Goodkind

    She looks great for 20's!

  • 8 months ago Antzilla

    Wow what an amazing women.. that body is rock hard man I would love to be balls deep in that pretty pink pussy....mmmmm
    Those to I would love to cum all over..

  • 8 months ago Spanky469

    Honestly Incredible!

  • 8 months ago griffen


  • 8 months ago Ky77

    Great looking gym body. Trophy MILF for sure.

  • 8 months ago exmilman123

    Most definitely

  • 8 months ago SuprfreQ

    Absolutely STUNNING!!

  • 8 months ago bill26


  • 8 months ago 42plus13

    Absolutely beautiful and sexy body. Come press your naked body up against mine. Sorry about the hard cock poking you in the stomach.

  • 8 months ago dazza2019

    Yum I wish I had you in my bed!

  • 8 months ago 2xlt


  • 8 months ago Steeldong26

    Why are you so hot?

  • 8 months ago roozoomd

    Wow, just wow.

  • 8 months ago Max247

    Amazing ๐Ÿ˜

  • 8 months ago creeture


  • 8 months ago rallick

    I disagree. She doesn't look good for being in her 40s. She looks AMAZING for ANY age! She's absolutely stunningly gorgeous.

  • 8 months ago RASTORASTO

    Beautiful body, must be lots of hard work behind it...

  • 8 months ago Potatocock

    yes lot of years of good fuking for sure !

  • 8 months ago Virus2

    Beautiful lady

  • 8 months ago Gumod83

    Stunning body!

  • 8 months ago maggadon

    Omg. ..what a beauty๐Ÿ˜ŠI'm staring at your tits and pussy

  • 8 months ago MaxAmore

    She's absolutely gorgeous! Thanks to you both for sharing!

  • 8 months ago tool4you

    Wow,she is a perfect 10.

  • 8 months ago misterbgg

    Looks amazing for ANY age! What a cock hardening bod!!!

  • 8 months ago yulanesca

    She looks absolutely incredible.

  • 8 months ago honkerdo

    40's, 30's. Damn nice period.

  • 8 months ago obe1

    Dam,, that one sexy body,, your partner is a very lucky person

  • 8 months ago bbcgal1984

    she looks perfect!

  • 8 months ago Squeezeit

    I recon sheโ€™s a Slice if Heaven- u r 1 lucky guy enjoy her thank you for sharing

  • 8 months ago Paladin

    I think she looks fantastic! Great body. Lovely arms and hands. My fav!!

  • 8 months ago myotherme

    I loove your landing strip

  • 8 months ago riskybiz


  • 8 months ago Theartfultodger

    Absolutely unreal! Super hot ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ˜ xx

  • 8 months ago Handkar

    She's an incredible gorgeous beauty

  • 8 months ago Solosolo

    such of wonderful body, we both want lip you up

  • 8 months ago Superfun69

    Sexy af๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  • 8 months ago D4692

    Love her abs!

  • 8 months ago USMC80

    She looks amazing by comparison to any age group. You are a truly lucky man.

  • 8 months ago freefall321

    Oh Hell Yeah She's Smoking Hot

  • 9 months ago calvert41

    Hell yes she does

  • 9 months ago zambonie2014

    Omg yes!

  • 9 months ago woodey61

    love those nipples!! very suckable...:-)

  • 9 months ago Allenjohnson

    She looks as good as mine , u wanna swap ?

  • 9 months ago DrgSpot33

    Bo Derek is back I give you a 10!

  • 9 months ago leonardo103

    ohhhh ........ perfect, gorgeous ...... goddess !! xx

  • 9 months ago Studrebel

    She looks so hot!

  • 9 months ago gentlemanly

    She makes this old cock as hard as it was when it was only 18!

  • 9 months ago energizerbnny7

    absolutely spectacular!

  • 9 months ago ricksbits

    Perfect ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  • 9 months ago pirunkieli

    Oh wow... < 3

  • 9 months ago luvthevineyard

    Agree. Very much so.. mmmm. Superstar.

  • 9 months ago tkc4965

    Agreed. I think she looks better than 30 yr olds. ;)

  • 9 months ago Ilikethemcrazy

    Gorgeous body

  • 9 months ago telstraman

    Still top notch for a woman in her 40's

  • 9 months ago tpviper

    Oh yea, my eyes, and cock definitely agree.

  • 9 months ago jjaejason

    damn this is hot

  • 9 months ago bornhard4u

    Fabulous for sure !!

  • 9 months ago Ford0429


  • 9 months ago Antzilla

    Wow amazing body..I could eat you all day long . I definitely would not pull out of you I would cum in you at least 20 times a day your so gorgeous...my gosssshhhh

  • 9 months ago Grneyeguy76

    She looks amazing

  • 9 months ago Bonus65

    Totally agree. She'd look fab if she was in her 20s xx gorgeous

  • 9 months ago pintapride

    Not bad!

  • 9 months ago Bexley1

    Uhhmmm nice tight body..,,wow ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  • 9 months ago Potatocock

    sure do she blessed fo long time fuking keep her happy healthy full of cum!

  • 9 months ago Tommages

    Wow. Yes, absolutely. Respect!

  • 9 months ago Lemmyslover69


  • 9 months ago PickleRick42o

    Fucking amazing! She can grind that sweet pussy on my face all night!

  • 9 months ago sexyone1


  • 9 months ago Bbwhite1653

    Must be nice! Lol

  • 9 months ago AlmightyThor


  • 9 months ago BlueDevil

    looking fabulous

  • 9 months ago capecpl6469

    Unbelievable ,, she is smoking hot,,, thanks for sharing her pics...

  • 9 months ago hunter4it

    Perfect body

  • 9 months ago william013

    She looks fantastic.

  • 9 months ago DeaconBlue22

    She is perfect!

  • 9 months ago Theslamer

    Hell ya

  • 9 months ago Pouceboy786

    I think your fibbing she got to 25

  • 9 months ago Kjstown

    In that pic, 42. :-)

  • 9 months ago crush2005

    she is gorgeous and yummy

  • 9 months ago Jays2

    stunning body wow.....

  • 9 months ago DickCanDance

    Perfect body

  • 9 months ago Tnball1


  • 9 months ago obsessed96


  • 9 months ago dirtyguy

    God yes totally awesome!

  • 9 months ago gl326

    Smoking hot.

  • 9 months ago driver401

    She's gorgeous

  • 9 months ago frenchman1

    she have an amazing body !!!

  • 9 months ago reddogat

    Oh, fuck yes!

  • 9 months ago finnman

    She is absolutely stunning ๐Ÿ˜

  • 9 months ago walo


  • 9 months ago Shinnizle

    She looks perfect. For any age.

  • 9 months ago Ronnieron


  • 9 months ago shorty53


  • 9 months ago AlwaysHorny6969

    most definitely!!!

  • 9 months ago pixiequeen


  • 9 months ago newtomich

    You're mistaken. She looks FANTASTIC and could easily pass for 30. It's so hot seeing her wedding ring as she's undressing for someone else to enjoy her hot body!

  • 9 months ago Quercusone10


  • 9 months ago Sugabrown69

    Mmmm i love it

  • 9 months ago sexyguy45

    She's gorgeous

  • 9 months ago slprd

    Perfection at any age

  • 9 months ago bobhot69

    Your wife looks so stunning

  • 9 months ago redridingwood


  • 9 months ago GreekMatureCpl

    And then God made the WOMAN!

  • 9 months ago AussieMan48


  • 9 months ago rs42713

    She would look great for 20! Amazing body!

  • 9 months ago vandick

    Wow, uhh, I might agree just a little bit lol absolutely stunning body, and great pic

  • 9 months ago Funcouple1965

    She looks amazing for thirty !

  • 9 months ago jakk


  • 9 months ago Coolc72

    Stunning xxxxx

  • 9 months ago brody6

    Agree? She could not be any more perfect!!

  • 9 months ago brianbrian30


  • 9 months ago Blackbastard

    You should change your username to OneLuckyBastard. Thanks for sharing her though!

  • 9 months ago Kjstown

    You arenโ€™t supposed to use your real name as your username. I legally changed my real name to that. ๐Ÿ˜

  • 9 months ago Blackbastard


  • 9 months ago rallick

    She looks incredible for any age!

  • 9 months ago Lancscock


  • 9 months ago samjones

    Yes , Would Love Spending The Weekend Doing Her !

  • 9 months ago ThrobbingCock82

    I think any Woman in Her 20โ€™s, would be proud of a Body like Hers. ๐Ÿ˜›๐Ÿ˜›๐Ÿ˜›

  • 9 months ago Secretkinks

    Incredibly beautiful and sexy!

  • 9 months ago yesrod

    shes fucking amazing for 20

  • 9 months ago hunter4it

    You have a perfect body

  • 9 months ago Jayono

    Good ......she is fffffff amazing xx

  • 9 months ago Bowenguy

    Hell yeah, Iโ€™d love to have a lady let alone a wife like this ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  • 9 months ago griffen

    good doesnt begin to describe her,start with amazing and work up from there

  • 9 months ago Lngtng

    You are one fucking lucky man, so how is she in the bedroom ?

  • 9 months ago Kjstown

    Sheโ€™s aiight. ๐Ÿ˜

  • 9 months ago Valoish

    When I'll think of sexy from now on, I'll think of you......

  • 9 months ago cobra4t

    Smoking hot body!

  • 9 months ago derapas

    when nothing can be added or taken away it is called...perfect:)!

  • 9 months ago chipmunks

    Yes we do!

  • 9 months ago claw055

    Oh Yes and great boobs too

  • 9 months ago baffydk

    She is wonderful

  • 9 months ago Bifreewilly

    She looks great for any age!๐Ÿ˜‹

  • 9 months ago JoeCumshot

    she is definitely a foxy lady!

  • 9 months ago mobass4139

    She is stunning! You are one lucky man!

  • 9 months ago lickfest4u

    Absolutely! She has an amazing body.

  • 9 months ago bbhubby

    Well justified bias!

  • 9 months ago bikercpl

    Very sexy.

  • 9 months ago longhairedindian


  • 9 months ago mylot

    Holy wowzers.

  • 9 months ago Anderson290

    She is perfect

  • 9 months ago johnwalker0666

    You are fantastic

  • 9 months ago Gunstar69

    Rockin body for sure. I'd be proud too.

  • 9 months ago Awfullygood

    Such an overpowering image! xx hard not to spontaneously spurt! x

  • 9 months ago DKong3

    So hot!

  • 9 months ago mpf2001


  • 9 months ago lecherousal


  • 9 months ago Fitbabe


  • 9 months ago SaBull85

    She looks amazing!

  • 9 months ago hardforcouples

    She looks great for any age!!!

  • 9 months ago Tentpole1980

    She looks incredible. No matter what age. She is hottt!!!

  • 9 months ago smutmonkey73

    100% absolutely stunning!

  • 9 months ago tipofmytongue

    Hell - she has a better body than most 20 year olds.

  • 9 months ago dean5678

    She is absolutely perfect!

  • 9 months ago Ghostr69

    mmm so classy sexy mmm

  • 9 months ago bobcatmatt

    Smoking hot ๐Ÿ˜

  • 9 months ago luvtomasturbate

    She's hot, she's sexy and she's a milf!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • 9 months ago kinkygntlmn

    uh huh

  • 9 months ago Mack350

    She looks Awesome!!!!

  • 9 months ago FanLovi

    Perfect trim ;)

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