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Take hold of my hair with both hands... now face fuck me hard, until I feel your cock scraping the back of my throat and your balls slapping on my chin! ... send me home to my husband with my belly full of your cum!

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By: SweetnessXOXO
In: Lingerie, 2 months ago


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  • 2 days ago Nailbender63

    Omg I would love to do anything you ask. Your so hot and sexy. I could lick you from head to toe and back again.

  • 3 days ago bulgeluvr

    you got it

  • 3 days ago Handkar

    Damn, those eyes....
    You're totally awesome

  • 5 days ago here4uub2

    Verysexy hun

  • 5 days ago kalvink


  • 5 days ago vtwinlife1

    beautiful woman

  • 6 days ago Superfun69

    So sexy yet so naughty๐Ÿ˜ˆ When are we hooking up so I can facefuck you?๐Ÿ˜‰

  • 1 week ago randomdude37

    so fucking sexy

  • 1 week ago Willsplitya247

    U make me want to pull my big hard cock every time I see you

  • 1 week ago Adirondacks2007


  • 1 week ago Gren

    Such a slut, now open wide, i hope your hungry and ready for a filling :) x

  • 2 weeks ago bigtony48

    i want to face fuck hard sexy babe

  • 2 weeks ago BaronSaber

    I would prefer to just cum on you?

  • 2 weeks ago Bighorney

    Mmm makes me hungry

  • 2 weeks ago JohnC46

    Mmm how I'd love to make you my fucktoy and send you home to your husband filled with my cum

  • 2 weeks ago Afternoonswim

    Sounds like a great plan. Mmmmmmm

  • 2 weeks ago slipknot

    I'll send you home with cum and spit all over that sexy face

  • 2 weeks ago posseplayer

    i would love to ravish you baby ;)

  • 2 weeks ago jdubs0603

    God yes. I would love to.

  • 2 weeks ago Joydivision77

    i would explode in your throat without telling you

  • 2 weeks ago bione


  • 2 weeks ago luvv2havefun


  • 2 weeks ago mesome

    So fucking hot! I wanna take you from behind...grabbing your hands and pulling the behind your back...your face hurried in the pillows! Aww up, face down!

  • 2 weeks ago SweetnessXOXO

    One of my favorite positions ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  • 2 weeks ago HuggableMonk

    Oh GOD YES!!! My cum dripping for all holes !!

  • 2 weeks ago Topper7

    what a view! awesome hot breasts

  • 2 weeks ago tonsafun71

    Yes please!

  • 3 weeks ago loveoraltounge

    So sexy love dirty chat and play with you xx

  • 3 weeks ago mexikan

    beautiful lady, id love to fuck your mouth

  • 3 weeks ago garyscothern

    i would love to walk in on you and we just use each other for pleasure

  • 3 weeks ago blaquemeet

    Sounds like a perfect evening to me!!

  • 3 weeks ago John3985

    Very beautiful lady

  • 3 weeks ago Blueeyesmale49

    Always, always a thrill

  • 3 weeks ago ribbitt

    I would love to all 11 niches down your throat

  • 3 weeks ago jd11

    you have no idea how hard i would put my cock down your throat!!!

  • 3 weeks ago Orion

    I like your attitude, we would have great sex.

  • 3 weeks ago Lickemandstickem

    Pretty lady!

  • 3 weeks ago Handkar

    ooohhh my! heavenly beauty, love your thoughts

  • 4 weeks ago HotThrobnPleaser

    Oh baby
    ..you are so hot and sexy...I might miss the back of your throat entirely if you try to take me all.
    Be really hot and so hard not to explode

  • 4 weeks ago Shinnizle

    God, it would be so amazing to use you, your face, your mouth, your throat... and you look so good in that lingerie... I'd want to look into your watering eyes as you take my cock without even gagging... but believe me, I wouldn't be done after just a blowjob ;)

  • 4 weeks ago barklay

    Just one fucking hot photo!

  • 4 weeks ago artpoppy

    How about a coating on your sexy face?

  • 1 month ago laber555

    wow you are a hot Lady i love watch your Vidยดs

  • 1 month ago Two4Sex


  • 1 month ago Dobeygray

    Wow nice

  • 1 month ago creteworld

    Just beautiful !!!!

  • 1 month ago cazzoitaliano

    I love that outfit! I would fuck your face and choke you with my fat cock, I will make you gag on it and drool all your saliva to make it all wet. After it, I'd cum in your mouth straight down your throat and fill you with one of my huge and thick cumshots. You deserve it!

  • 1 month ago SweetnessXOXO

    Love it, I can almost feel your thick cum load sliding down my throat!

  • 1 month ago mrvixwell

    my balls are full and ready for you to drain

  • 1 month ago Funcouple018

    Mmmm yes

  • 1 month ago speciak4u

    I would love to!

  • 1 month ago rdmx33

    Holy hell!!!!!! Delicious!

  • 1 month ago KingDick83

    Anytime you lil slut

  • 1 month ago Masculinman

    wow i wanna dominate your holes with my big hard cock...suck my cock deep so i can fill your mouth with a big warm load of cum

  • 1 month ago thedudeabides

    I'd love to share you and make you cum with my BWC

  • 1 month ago tnman57

    Now baby you are talking my language

  • 1 month ago Hecock8354

    You so sexy muah ๐Ÿ˜˜

  • 1 month ago TallWife

    Captivating . . . ๐Ÿง ๐Ÿจ ๐ŸŒน ๐Ÿ’‹

  • 1 month ago SexyWifeandNada

    Luv this outfit! Where did you get it? This would drive hubby wild! ( you would too, lol).

  • 1 month ago vapolus

    yeha hony you have that look who want to taste me , wanna make me cumm?

  • 1 month ago oneker

    You are so sexy

  • 1 month ago miki07280

    need those lips now..

  • 1 month ago Gunny198

    Ok if that's what you want me to do to you

  • 1 month ago 11jon11

    Thats one sexy photo

  • 1 month ago jwb7

    Fuck yes! Anytime you want!

  • 1 month ago safing


  • 1 month ago JMHX

    Mind reader.

  • 1 month ago maverick935

    pretty lady, very sexy. love to fill all your tight holes and give you back

  • 1 month ago loveyouinlace

    I have been coming back to look at this lovely photograph since the day you posted it. But I didn't want to click "like" or put it in collection until I had something to say that matched how it makes me feel. But I am without appropriate words. Something about you (whom I always admire) here is so compelling that my usual language abilities escape me.

    I can say that the photo would not be half as hot without your eyes.

  • 1 month ago Purehardness

    Great text and better picture

  • 1 month ago Spud123

    Don't know if I want to send you home..............

  • 1 month ago tnman57


  • 1 month ago feartheporn

    So fuckng sexy

  • 1 month ago njegosbgd


  • 1 month ago m40md

    mmmmm you are SOOOO attractive..... what a gorgeous body... mmmmm

  • 1 month ago Csmith4299


  • 1 month ago Orion

    Wow,I like you attitude!!

  • 1 month ago jimmycorn71

    Perfect eyes and mouth mmmmmm I would not last long mmmmm

  • 1 month ago shetoldmeto

    Mmmm sounds awesome

  • 1 month ago sirchristopherx

    I would grab holed and drive my cock deep deep in you. Feel my body push on top of you...holding you down...Shove my tongue into your mouth..and pump my cock deep in you...harder and harder...and as I am about to cum..i whisper in your ear how I am going to fill you up with my cum...as I am about to shoot, I spread your ass and explode in you...deep inside you...feeling every pulsating spert of my cum inside you...fill your pussy up with my cum..suck on your tongue and fill you up...then roll off you..and whisper again in your ear...in 10 mins I am fucking your face

  • 1 month ago SweetnessXOXO

    Oooooh, that got me a little wet. I like it when a man knows what he wants and is not timid about taking it๐Ÿ’‹

  • 1 month ago 69rocks

    I'd be so ready to shoot down your throat

  • 1 month ago eldnur

    You are so stroking hot.

  • 1 month ago hotandwap

    Wow hot

  • 1 month ago intact4u2

    I'd love to do all those things to you, when can we start?

  • 1 month ago Vegas50

    You are so beautiful and sexy.

  • 1 month ago Canucksfan2233

    I'd love to. ;)

  • 1 month ago Alex1942

    Just what I had in mind too! xxx

  • 1 month ago grandad

    Mmmmm, I'd love to do that.

  • 1 month ago adorematurewomen

    beautiful woman

  • 1 month ago Potatocock

    any thing you want !

  • 1 month ago andy707

    God I just crave you!

  • 1 month ago lepi90a

    sexy idea โˆฉ_โˆฉ

  • 2 months ago justalookin71

    I would love it, and your pussy dripping it as well

  • 2 months ago slipknot

    ill make you gag and drool all over my cock before I feed you my cum

  • 2 months ago sirio12

    It's what I really want!!!

  • 2 months ago Msmith12289

    So hot

  • 2 months ago b0sai55

    Thatโ€™s an offer Iโ€™d love to accept๐Ÿ˜‰

  • 2 months ago batman39


  • 2 months ago Dano72

    Lips are Made for Sucking Dick

  • 2 months ago TallWife

    Alluring . . ๐Ÿง ๐Ÿจ ๐Ÿ˜‹ ๐Ÿ’ ๐Ÿ’ƒ

  • 2 months ago steveracer

    Would I ever.........at least twice..

  • 2 months ago MAC630

    wow love your outfit

  • 2 months ago sen28

    Oh oh woman. Come and get some salvation should I say.....Gosh you need some good fucking girl.

  • 2 months ago luvsoral


  • 2 months ago ramrod91

    i want you

  • 2 months ago DarkSteel


  • 2 months ago testrider69

    Holy fuck you look like you mean business and you aren't taking any prisoners. Fantastic x

  • 2 months ago Awfullygood

    mmm if only you knew how much I want you and how you make my cock throb! x

  • 2 months ago reddogat

    Love to!

  • 2 months ago Divedeep

    Oh fuck that's hot. Yes please. I'd love to feel your lips wrapped around my pulsing cock as I drain my balls down your throat.

  • 2 months ago Dano72


  • 2 months ago Sparky8866

    Damn you are hot

  • 2 months ago riggerman2010


  • 2 months ago Dano72

    OH Fuck Yes Hot Sexy Lady โ€ฆ..Love to Fuck your Hot Mouth

  • 2 months ago fwboy

    Ummm yes ! You gorgeous naughty girl๐Ÿ˜˜
    I want to feed you my cock and cum!

  • 2 months ago Hard1Horny

    You're so awesome, love a beautiful bad girl.!! You have a super hot body.!!

  • 2 months ago weakneed

    hell yes!!

  • 2 months ago gettingoff12345

    I nice that you know what you want , ready when you are!!!

  • 2 months ago barrymacockinr

    Off the hook sexy sweets

  • 2 months ago slipknot

    you got it baby

  • 2 months ago Shinnizle

    Any time you want. That is such a sexy thought... xxx

  • 2 months ago Hotthing69

    Fuck you are sexy ๐Ÿ˜‹

  • 2 months ago 254peter

    All girls should be like that. Got damn I love it. Such a good nasty baby

  • 2 months ago shagamatic

    Oh my!๐Ÿ˜›

  • 2 months ago wannabecd

    Can a woman even be any more sexy?!!!

  • 2 months ago icedlewis

    Fuck... yes and please

  • 2 months ago Emmalix

    If you insist.

  • 2 months ago JSJP


  • 2 months ago fun4all325

    Very sexy. I would gladly face fuck you and send you home to your hubby.

  • 2 months ago longhairedindian

    That's my kind of party baby

  • 2 months ago jus4thefun

    oh gladly ... a real full belly

  • 2 months ago HotLatinoxxxx

    Make sure it's really sloppy, swallow my dick right on your throat and suck my balls too

  • 2 months ago SuprfreQ

    Holy FUUUUCK, that sound HOTT! Your hot pics and sexy captions ALWAYS make me horny as hell!!

  • 2 months ago SuprfreQ

    Holy FUUUUCK, that sound HOTT! Your hot pics and sexy captions ALWAYS make me horny as hell!!

  • 2 months ago jd11

    i would make you gag!!

  • 2 months ago Willsplitya247

    Yes ma'am I'd love to do as you command

  • 2 months ago Paladin

    I would fuck your mouth so hard, filling your belly with my cum loads. Send you home to your husband with cum breath.

  • 2 months ago Potatocock

    id squirt all over her face !

  • 2 months ago DKong3

    Wished I were with you right now. My balls are so full

  • 2 months ago Bonehead29

    Gladly Beautiful lady

  • 2 months ago kramit

    Oh yeah sexy

  • 2 months ago PirateMike

    I hope you'd want a pussy full of cum to take home with you...

  • 2 months ago MyLifeMyRules

    my cock is rredy 4 you

  • 2 months ago Manny1234

    Fuck yes!!! Love to make you gag on my cock then cum all over your beautiful face.

  • 2 months ago 69cum

    Fuck I am ready to cum just thinking of doing that to you you hot sexy lady

  • 2 months ago arch2222

    Fuck yes and a well used pussy, too

  • 2 months ago exmilman123

    Chance would be a fine thing

  • 2 months ago RogerRoger2

    Very nice suggestion! I send you only back to your husband after my second load is dripping out of your used pussy and wen your anus is wide open from my big hard cock...

  • 2 months ago FabulousLestate

    love the story love the pic.hmm fuck now im hard

  • 2 months ago alwayshard2

    Anything you want

  • 2 months ago rtie

    oh yeh

  • 2 months ago licker

    mmm if only i had the chance you'd be well fucked

  • 2 months ago challenger503


  • 2 months ago ej468

    Thank you for posting such erotic pics and thoughts. Amazing! and make me so fucking hard, filled with so much desire. WOW!

  • 2 months ago puppy1000

    Gladly !!!

  • 2 months ago Makeucumalot

    Big young curved cock here for you sexy,,mmm yes let me fuck that beautiful face

  • 2 months ago Ecountry

    Nice outfit

  • 2 months ago Studrebel

    You have so much sex-appeal, let me ram my cock down your throat...

  • 2 months ago Mixedwonder

    Message me and letโ€™s chat

  • 2 months ago ram2283

    Stunning Girl

  • 2 months ago jason106

    I'd love to gorgeous

  • 2 months ago pcthrillrider

    nice tits

  • 2 months ago Primal67

    Ohhh my what a woman ... id like to empty my balls in your throat and in your belly daily and it would be a complete release ... looking at this pic and the caption makes my cock throb

  • 2 months ago yesrod

    Id luv too.

  • 2 months ago Bigun121

    Oh fuck...I've just cum, give me a minute and I'll cum again in your mouth...lol..xx

  • 2 months ago JoeCumshot

    Smoking hot!

  • 2 months ago spliffy

    Hell yes pls,stunning look,sexy body


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