Would you lick first before fucking me? homemade sex photo 8861608

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Would you lick first before fucking me?

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By: HotnBored
In: Butts, 2 years ago


ass pussy

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  • 2 months ago Luv2oralpleasure

    It's a must have, ;)

  • 2 months ago ezio

    I would love to lick you.

  • 3 months ago naturexplorer

    Sure I'd lick and eat your cute cracks. Your little hole is the kind I like.

  • 3 months ago naughtyswede

    Oh yes!

  • 3 months ago Midwestshapefan

    With a spread that clean amd smooth; it'd be an insult not to check your work and run my tongue everywhere between your cheeks, and in your sexy hot holes!

  • 4 months ago stormy53

    Before and after

  • 4 months ago Pussycick

    I would lick that for an hour and make you cum multiple times!

  • 4 months ago Wave111111

    Id fuck this angel in the ass and im a girl

  • 4 months ago lburnham


  • 5 months ago Secretkinks

    Before and after!

  • 5 months ago Steapa

    My young cock is gettin hard watching this pic ...

  • 5 months ago Juliolovespussy

    Before and after baby x

  • 5 months ago UrethralPlay

    Absolutely, and after too.

  • 6 months ago sarge40

    you bet I would I would even lick and tongue fuck your sexy little asshole

  • 6 months ago irishbeefstick

    Oh most def I would hunni xoxo

  • 6 months ago bcshep30

    Yes! Yes, I would!

  • 7 months ago Needafukin

    Yes very much so

  • 7 months ago 42plus13

    I'd lick and finger both of your holes until you orgasm. Then I'd love to fuck both of your holes.

  • 7 months ago shorty53

    Oh yeah

  • 7 months ago Salty148X

    every time

  • 7 months ago FuNkYNiTrO

    Well I'm always ready for a Happy meal but I'd probably get deep inside in it first untill I get so worked up pull my shaft out and then lick that asshole pussy hole and any other fucking hole you got

  • 7 months ago Joker420365

    Mmm yes

  • 7 months ago ihaveahardcock

    Who could resist not licking???

  • 7 months ago hornyguy4012


  • 7 months ago theazzman

    i would devour that ass and pussy

  • 7 months ago sneeky


  • 7 months ago mylot

    Oh yes, long and very deep!

  • 7 months ago Vegas50


  • 8 months ago northcock

    I'd like you from pussy to ass and back again.... mmm

  • 9 months ago Needybimale

    Gotta fuck for a bit to bring out the juices so it tastes just right !

  • 10 months ago edkurig

    wish i can have the chance to kiss, lick and rim that so perfect sexy asshole

  • 1 year ago deepandslow


  • 1 year ago Slvrtngdvl

    Definitely.. I'd tickle your clit with the tip of my tongue then spread your pussy so I can taste more of you as I slowly lick up.. Pausing at your tight opening and poking my tounge inside you.. Mmm... Before continuing to lick upwards over your sexy ass.

  • 1 year ago AussieSam

    mmmmmm... what a delight that would be!!

  • 1 year ago Eroticouple

    Oh my, yes a good long licking first, then I'd fuck you long and hard :)

  • 1 year ago tigertdawg

    First I would sit and admire how sexy you look bent over. Letting the energy build in the air, before pressing my tongue on your clit, licking with my hands gripping your sexy ass....

  • 1 year ago JAPAN4460

    ღβ™₯ I wanna fuck that ass! ღβ™₯

  • 2 years ago munamies47

    Would love to lick you to some orgasms. Then I would love to fill your tight pussy with my stiff cock. πŸ˜˜πŸ‘

  • 2 years ago Rman12

    hmmm....do you mind if I lick both holes??

  • 2 years ago longhairedindian

    Omg if I got my tongue in you I might never take it out

  • 2 years ago HotnBored

    Mmmm thanks, that got me so wet!!! (:

  • 2 years ago longhairedindian

    Did it? Cuz damn girl you make my dick hard

  • 2 years ago chubby5

    yes i would. would my bbc fit? your pussy is really pretty

  • 2 years ago TomFord00069

    Yes!! for hours! looks delicious! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • 2 years ago Massimo67

    Now that's a pussy I would love to fill....

  • 2 years ago Kensmyth

    Id prolly cum jis from lickin that pretty pussy n assπŸ‘…πŸ‘ƒπŸ’•πŸ˜

  • 2 years ago discretefun

    would lick and tongue fuck both holes until you begged for my cock

  • 2 years ago daddygoodsex16

    That fat beautiful cameltoe pussy,I sure would.Till you cum

  • 2 years ago drummerbumm

    yes nice and slow and enjoy

  • 2 years ago jaycharms

    always lick before stick

  • 2 years ago treliaris25

    super i want lick u hole

  • 2 years ago maverick935

    absolutely. sweet ass

  • 2 years ago yesrod

    I would and fuck you good

  • 2 years ago deckerchang

    tongue fuck that ass all day every day! ;)

  • 2 years ago Jimbo9393

    I would lick till you were begging me to fuck you! πŸ˜‰

  • 2 years ago milfluver

    god id lick both holes

  • 2 years ago bc1234666

    Love to lick your slit.

  • 2 years ago distinctone

    Great view. Great position

  • 2 years ago tungfuckr

    Mmmm both holes look tight and tasty! Love to bury my tongue deep in your tight asshole and get it ready for my stiff cock!!

  • 2 years ago skin54321

    you bet i would

  • 2 years ago gettingoff12345

    Would i ? of cause i would

  • 2 years ago Kingchamps

    mmmm would eat it all out :-)

  • 2 years ago thickcock09

    Oh fuck yes!

  • 2 years ago here4uub2

    You know I would love too play with your sweet candy baby

  • 2 years ago cowboyup6half

    Yes I would! Where would you like me to lick? Your sweet pussy, or hot ass? Or both? 😁

  • 2 years ago hottnge

    Definitely - both those inviting holes, my tongue boring deep, tasting your cream,. feeling you thrust back as you fuck my tongue - then tease with my cock before slamming it deep in your pussy listening to you moan as my balls slap your ass, feeling you spasm and cum before my cock pulses and erupt like a huge spurting volcano to fill you full!

  • 2 years ago knobbyhardone

    I can quite easily see myself grabbing you by the hips ... rubbing the head of my slippery cock over the swollen mound of your pussy ... from your ass to your clit ... opening you up and easing my length inside ... deeper .. harder ... faster ... soon I'll be fucking you senseless ... my heavy balls slapping up against your clit ... waiting for the moment when I feel you tighten up and cumming hard ... pumping your tight fuckhole full of creamy cum ...

  • 2 years ago bucker85

    O hell yes till u cum

  • 2 years ago MysteryXXX

    Always! I bet you have a sweet tasting pussy baby 😘

  • 2 years ago Grecobgp

    without doubt--but i would want to caress with the tip of my tongue your pussy until your lips were juicy and swollen and then using that juicy pre cum to caress and explore your ars and only then contemplate beginning the dance with my cock with both places--yummmyyyy u r sooo sensually horny!!!!

  • 2 years ago lukin4funnc

    Always lick first....both spots.

  • 2 years ago CHIZZY

    oooh yes!!

  • 2 years ago Grneyeguy76

    I would love to :)

  • 2 years ago lickfest4u

    I require it. I love to lick and stick.

  • 2 years ago Itsoktolook

    How about I fuck your pussy and the wife licks you?

  • 2 years ago biteit2

    Yes i would again again

  • 2 years ago biteit2

    Yes i would again again

  • 2 years ago Eroticouple

    Absolutely, a good tongue fucking first :)

  • 2 years ago entertainment4u

    yes, i would lick, suck, then fuck

  • 2 years ago Fitnsexybigcock


  • 2 years ago Lupacchiotto

    Yes, licking you.
    I would looooove to empty my balls fucking your pussy and ass !

  • 2 years ago mylot

    Oh my word, yes, yes,YES!

  • 2 years ago fooddude84

    Just a lick? I want to bury my face in your ass and slide my tongue inside and swirl and twirl it around until you explode in cum all over my mouth...would you like that?

  • 2 years ago naturexplorer

    Yes sure I'd like to.

  • 2 years ago daddygoodsex16

    You fat very beautiful cameltoe pussy,I damn sure would,Till you cum

  • 2 years ago 8browninches

    Im gonna fuck you while my wife sucks on that clit

  • 2 years ago trek132

    Nice n smooth

  • 2 years ago cdnguy7871

    Oh god, yes.

  • 2 years ago Ctate123

    God i know i would! how could you not?

  • 2 years ago Salty148X

    lick,fuck,lick , doe that work?

  • 2 years ago jlookin2027

    with pleasure. love to taste taht beautiful pussy and sweet lil butt

  • 2 years ago Sexyvoodoo

    Hello Ontario!

  • 2 years ago titsnassfan

    love to give ONE in the pink and ONE in the STINK

  • 2 years ago hornyguy1291

    Without a doubt!

  • 2 years ago Menyymen

    Of course

  • 2 years ago Bigballs44811

    That's just a beautiful tight sexy ass and pussy

  • 2 years ago harv

    I sure would. That tight little asshole looks like it would need a lot of licking and probing before its ready for cock. I would really enjoy lubing it up with my mouth.

  • 2 years ago Gunstar69

    Darn right I'd lick you before fucking you. The first hole would be your ass, then I'd move to your pussy.

  • 2 years ago Us2017

    Pretty little pussy... lick it for days.

  • 2 years ago Jays2

    oh yes!!
    would love to lick and eat your delicious sexy crack for hours before sliding my cock in your both holes mmmmmmmm

  • 2 years ago CDPantyboy

    Perfect position for me to lick BOTH your holes....!!

  • 2 years ago Bartek

    Omg, Yessss, i want Licking your pussy, i want cum on your pussy, perfect pics, sweet pussyπŸ‘

  • 2 years ago maverick935

    absolutely. very yummy

  • 2 years ago jag3030

    mmm damn wow sexy as hell, probably yes!!

  • 2 years ago lincsoldcock

    You bet i would. Want you to cum a few times before i cum inside that gorgeous pussy

  • 2 years ago canukcpl

    I'd tongue fuck you.

  • 2 years ago playwithuspls

    Of course you gotta lick it before you stick it

  • 2 years ago Misbhavenmale

    I would lick your pussy and arse till you begged me to fuck u

  • 2 years ago kockdiesel22

    Before, during, and after I fuck you with my thick cock

  • 2 years ago Qcdrew

    Id lick both your holes so you cum before i fuck you

  • 2 years ago luvcum69

    i could lick you for hours.....

  • 2 years ago Redsspread

    Before and after , incredibly HOT !!!!

  • 2 years ago robbiker95

    Oh yes...that ass and pussy until you're satisfied!

  • 2 years ago Notram

    Smell and lick

  • 2 years ago JJ7uncut

    ohhh, so sweet n smooth

  • 2 years ago justhangingout

    now that's what I call perfecttttttttttttt

  • 2 years ago b3anp0l3

    I would lick and tongue fuck you first until you cum then I'll slide my hard cock deep inside you until my ball press against your wet thighs. Then I'll make your tits swing as I fuck you hard and deep and make us cum together.

  • 2 years ago john4cutie2003

    Absolutely! Hold that pose, I'll be right there!

  • 2 years ago Tentpole1980

    Absolutely! Such a sexy ass and beautiful pussy...

  • 2 years ago Shinnizle

    Always, hottie... xx

  • 2 years ago smoothmover


  • 2 years ago SLUARN

    Damn right. Both holes.

  • 2 years ago cumwithme123

    ill do anything you like to taste that

  • 2 years ago Fairexchange


  • 2 years ago brianbrian30

    oh yesss mmmm

  • 2 years ago ktgw

    Lick, fuck, lick some more, fuck some more...

  • 2 years ago Adirondacks2007

    Hell yea.

  • 2 years ago d57viper

    Most definitely.

  • 2 years ago hristov54

    oh yes would love to

  • 2 years ago srim

    Lick & dick that is the proper order to please your lovely curves

  • 2 years ago nazgulnine

    i would lick your amazing pussy and gorgeous ass before and after fucking you.

  • 2 years ago ggslider2

    Yes, absolutely! πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ’‹πŸ’•

  • 2 years ago EmptyInboxGuy

    My mouth watered looking at this photo. Would eat you with my wet tongue for as long as you want, before filling you.

  • 2 years ago lv2lku269u

    Ohhhh my thoughts indeed

  • 2 years ago IgnoredHubby497

    Can I dive in there face first?

  • 2 years ago SpoonMan1975



COUPLE, F38 / M38
Ontario, Canada

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