Fucking me firmly from behind, I push my body back against his dick.. 8623677

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Fucking me firmly from behind, I push my body back against his dick with the tight lips of my pussy wrapped around his shaft, building his orgasm with each stroke... Would you pull out and cum all over my butt or would you empty your balls deep inside me?

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By: Mammateur
In: Amateur Fucking, 3 years ago


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  • 1 month ago goldenben

    I would bury my cum deep inside you.

  • 2 months ago PEGHILL

    Beautiful n naughty xx

  • 6 months ago nikosnikos

    I would love to fuck you!

  • 7 months ago Hotrod123456

    I want that ass!

  • 7 months ago dacrowman

    Love to cum balls deep in you then watch it drip out and then have my pie j eat it

  • 7 months ago Chi2bspent

    Deep inside!!

  • 7 months ago AlwaysHorny6969

    I would DEFINITELY empty my balls DEEP inside you ;

  • 7 months ago Jwsmith

    I would empty my throbbing cock deep inside of you, for sure!

  • 8 months ago Fairwinds

    What a gorgeous, cock-hardening ass!

  • 8 months ago Curiouscouple24

    I would shoot my cum all over that pretty round ass!

  • 8 months ago uswacher

    Hott sexy 🔥🔥🔥. Mmmmmmmm

  • 8 months ago wdknow

    That must feel good, wish I could get a taste of it

  • 9 months ago Wankboy69

    What about both? ;)

  • 9 months ago shadow9696

    I want to fill you with cum. Push my cock as deep as I can get it and pump you full.

  • 9 months ago Kingchamps

    mmmm would love filling you inside :-)

  • 9 months ago ColetteAndMichel

    I have a full erection that needs relieving in that pretty little starfish of urs

  • 10 months ago KAVLJIM

    Mmm lick my finger so that i can put it in your ass while your man fucks your pussy...

  • 10 months ago Svesse

    Very sexy

  • 10 months ago ColetteAndMichel

    Can feel this one . Mmm 😍🥰

  • 10 months ago nogbad

    Love to shoot my hot load in your juicy wet cunt and watch it all dribble out x

  • 10 months ago Harry11

    That’s a very HARD decision. But deep inside I think 😈🍆💦💦💦

  • 10 months ago nckgcs

    I would 100% explode deep inside

  • 10 months ago mj2409


  • 10 months ago handyguy

    I would pump you full of lovely semen deep inside you covering your cervix with lots of creamy cum

  • 11 months ago 42plus13

    Oh sexy I'd love to feel that warm tight pussy around my cock. You tell me, would you like to feel my big load splashing across your sexy ass or would you rather feel it squirting inside your pussy?

  • 11 months ago justlovesex61

    Very hot very sexy watching your beautiful pussy getting pumped with that cock

  • 11 months ago Svesse

    So very sexy

  • 11 months ago lexras

    2 years for a new pic but still cant stop looking at your profile!!!!!!!

  • 11 months ago michwilson

    so wish it was me

  • 11 months ago Mrmrslovit

    Absofuckinglutely!!!! Mmmmmm

  • 1 year ago 42plus13

    Oh I'll cum wherever you would like sexy lady

  • 1 year ago balllover2

    love to do clean up on that

  • 1 year ago ColetteAndMichel

    Inside of you ...vv deep inside you . 🌸🧨

  • 1 year ago nicerguy37

    Inside, no doubt about it. You ass is magnificent

  • 1 year ago charliebird

    Given the chance, I would certainly fill you with my cum. I'd be happy to go after your man and give you the 2nd load. But I'd sure like to eat you before he does.

  • 1 year ago vancleef

    Superb xx

  • 1 year ago Szabiksz

    Very nice....I want cuming ín your wet pussy

  • 1 year ago jdubs0603

    I would cum deep inside you

  • 1 year ago AzAsslover

    Mmm now that's an ass

  • 1 year ago hotandhornyphil

    Love that view, I would live to pull out while cumming and this do both offer plunge into your pussy to share the load

  • 1 year ago longhairedindian

    I prefer to fill your hot little hole with my big load

  • 1 year ago PurpleSword

    Favourite view - hot ass x

  • 1 year ago cornelious


  • 1 year ago cowboyup6half


  • 1 year ago ukhotblondemilf

    Gorgeous arse

  • 1 year ago surfergregory

    I want my cock deep inside that tight pussy.

  • 1 year ago goldenben

    I would explode deep inside you.

  • 1 year ago PLUTONE2

    nice fuck from behind

  • 1 year ago Tonyblo


  • 1 year ago reallythick1

    stretch and put a huge load inside

  • 1 year ago righigh

    deep inside

  • 1 year ago jamjo

    Omg what a great ass!!!

  • 2 years ago zverbl


  • 2 years ago lustfullovers

    A very sexy photo indeed. Great shot. MrL

  • 2 years ago ou812ic

    Love this View 😍

  • 2 years ago Cd5xbi

    Empty my balls deep Inside you and then all over your butt and again deep Inside you and ...

  • 2 years ago DirtyMinded

    although I’d love to cum deep inside you after a hard fuck, I think I’d pull out and shoot all over your sexy ass so I could take pics/record it.

  • 2 years ago Spud123

    Delicious profile, love all of your pic's, you are a very sexy lady

  • 2 years ago 69cum

    Beautiful ass

  • 2 years ago deepdriller54

    I hope he is using you and all your fuck holes daily !!!

  • 2 years ago Kingsize89

    let me shove my hard cock up your ass

  • 2 years ago DarknDirty69

    Hope that's pounding you so hard and deep xx

  • 2 years ago Mattb6ub9

    Damn I want to be balls deep in your tight little pussy

  • 2 years ago posseplayer

    I love your ass and thighs so much baby ;)

  • 2 years ago Adam2005

    happy b day, always like looking at your great pics

  • 2 years ago 1horneyboy

    I’d empty in that gorgeous slutty mouth 👄

  • 2 years ago Kitchenconfi

    Great view !

  • 2 years ago thk74u

    Would you let me cum in you then, put it back in and when I cum the 2nd time cum on you?

  • 2 years ago cowboyup6half

    I would like to push as deep as I can as I pump the last few drops of cum into your hot hungry pussy, even the 2nd and 3rd time too.

  • 2 years ago Adam2005

    happy b day and I wish I was fucking u now

  • 2 years ago alpinist

    I'd like to lube your sexy tight asshole with my cum for round two

  • 2 years ago Handkar


  • 2 years ago arclight12

    The more I look at this shot the more I want to shove my tongue into that arse...over and over, licking teasing until my saliva mixes with your pussy juice and drips from your lips....moan for me, groan for me...beg for my cock, want it...need it...demand it! Only then will I grab your hips and fuck you hard and deep....just.the.way.you.like.it!! >;-)

  • 2 years ago twentytwentyhs

    I'd cum all over your ass while he's doing this....

  • 2 years ago KAVLJIM

    i would spray your ass with my cum....i would also like to lick your asshole while you have your pussy fucked like in the photo...

  • 2 years ago Flyerboy

    Really LOVE your pic's...

    / Carl

  • 2 years ago Iliketolook

    Tell me where you want it

  • 2 years ago lickinstick

    That's such a difficult question to answer. On the one hand, I would love to see my spunk sprayed all over your perfect ass, but I have a strong suspicion that I wouldn't be able to pull out of that velvet glove-like pussy of yours, until you drained every drop from my cum-filled balls!

  • 2 years ago MrSxy2013

    Deep inside of course! ;-)

  • 2 years ago BBCj

    Can i fuck her

  • 2 years ago hard4U

    Cum inside you

  • 2 years ago 888sam888

    Great view! Well.... I would cum on your great but and ècause I have lots deep inside you too!

  • 2 years ago ericknl

    you have such a terrific ass! If I had the chance, yes, i'd empty my balls deep inside you

  • 2 years ago whodey3285

    Very nice view fuck that pussy hard

  • 2 years ago hornyallday419

    It would be so hard to pull out of that hot wet pussy

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  • 2 years ago longone772000

    oooooooooo I want to fuck your pussy from behind. id empty my balls deep inside you moaning

  • 2 years ago pussyloverb

    Very sensual photo!

  • 2 years ago CumInAsia

    Mmmmm... inside for certain!! Then I would lap our mixed cum from your freshly fucked pussy and share it with you in a deep cum-filled kiss, as I slide my thick cock back in your cum lubed pussy and fuck you more!!!

  • 3 years ago DKong3

    Definitely inside

  • 3 years ago Horny1000

    Difficult choice, could I fuck you twice and fill you full of cum with the first load, then pull out for the second load to shoot all over your tight arse and watch it run down over your open pussy?

  • 3 years ago monica86

    That is so sexy. Definitely inside.

  • 3 years ago mazda2

    very sexy.

  • 3 years ago kouzia

    WoW that is a sweet ass yummy

  • 3 years ago frankcoax

    i love do both of them... so i need cum twice with your sexy body

  • 3 years ago cdnguy7871

    I would cover your ass with my cum.

  • 3 years ago uksize10

    What a nice smooth dick

  • 3 years ago Gumod83

    Perfect. Would cum over your ass 😜😘

  • 3 years ago maturebigcock

    Such a delectable and arousing sight..... I always pound deep and hard, unleashing my spurting cum inside the stretched pussy. : )

  • 3 years ago JSJP

    Mm pump my load deep inside that hot pussy then watch it leak out

  • 3 years ago Finsex

    Hot ass and big cock there

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  • 3 years ago GnuDaddy

    I would make sure that my balls were completely emptied deep inside your juicy tight pussy.

  • 3 years ago fwboy

    I want cum deep inside your sexy tight wet pussy!!!!

  • 3 years ago grsex69

    αυτη η κωλοτρυπιδα σου με τρελαινει!

  • 3 years ago srim

    Looks and sounds so exciting

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  • 3 years ago handyguy

    I wouls empty deep inside, then massage you with my fingers and bring you off another couple of times, till I get hard again and fuck you long, hard and deep again....

  • 3 years ago tongue2001

    mmm I would pump my load inside and make you feel the pumps while my cum shoots mmmm

  • 3 years ago dirk120

    Deeeep inside you!!!! Yesssss

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    O kolos sou einai apithanos, apisteftos, monadikos!!!!

  • 3 years ago Rambler01

    Mmm. Baby yes. :)

  • 3 years ago Adam2005

    oh soo hot

  • 3 years ago Mack350

    So Dam Sexy!!!

  • 3 years ago 303love

    I love busting inside

  • 3 years ago 61taznut

    Shapely ass, nice smooth cock very exciting.

  • 3 years ago Awfullygood

    Mmmm I'd have to stay put right to the end savouring every move you make! xxxx

  • 3 years ago 02duramax

    What a fun time that looks like

  • 3 years ago lexras

    your ass is amazing, holes look so welcoming it could take a whole day of fucking to stop using them for a couple of hours and then start again.

  • 3 years ago lv2lku269u

    Love to shower that sweet ass with my load

  • 3 years ago thomas1313

    oooh fuck i just came ask over my pumping fist i wish it was deep inside you you look so tight n hot i would love to slide in after him on top of his slippery cum or some sloppy seconds

  • 3 years ago smoothmover

    First load on your sweet ass. Slide back in your pussy thrusting hard and deep making you soak my cock. Then cum deep inside you

  • 3 years ago nightmist2013

    beautiful view

  • 3 years ago iasisjs

    pull it out then all over your Tits and face mmmmmmmmmmmmm then kiss you while using your biggest dildo on your pussy then slide my cock slowly in your ass mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm xxx

  • 3 years ago onelife

    what a lucky dick

  • 3 years ago stan60

    Love the POV.....

  • 3 years ago jus4thefun

    mmmm how about fucking you twice and doing both first time I'd shoot it all over hat sexy ass then unload my balls deep in your hot pussy

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    My thumb would be teasing your asshole while my thick throbbing cock would be sliding in and out deeply as my balls banged your clit - definitely empty my balls deep inside you as you kept pumping my cock to explode 5-6 times -- then keep sliding deep before my tongue licked your pussy scooping up cum to drip in your mouth! Great pic

  • 3 years ago b3anp0l3

    I want to feel you pushing your pussy down my cock and see your tight lips gripping my shaft. We would need to fuck twice so I can fill your pussy with my cum then spray it all over your ass.

  • 3 years ago Philosopher1974

    So beautiful! Amazing lady! :)

  • 3 years ago Thickcocklove69

    Round one would be deep inside and round two all ove you.

  • 3 years ago yrick

    Deep inside you that way I would get all three of our juices when I suck your pussy dry.

  • 3 years ago somanyhotwoman

    I want you to feel my cum shooting deep inside you. And my cock throbbing while inside your asshole

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    Defintley fill you up inside till it was running down the your thighs

  • 3 years ago windycityman

    Turn you over and cum on your belly. So you could see the result of your sensuous effort and "hard work".

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  • 3 years ago radddish

    Gosh! I think I'd explode inside you while pushing in as deep as I can! My cock throbbing and coating your quim with hot cum...

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    I'd empty my load deep in your pussy so it drips outs for hours .

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    Luv this view wish it was me pounding you and filling your sweet Pussy

  • 3 years ago zgreatfun

    I'd say lets go for both, just want to give you a good enough load and it would take at least 2 days.

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    defenently deep inside babe

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    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm luv the idea of pumping you until I cannot hold back any more and splashing my cum deep inside you

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    I doubt I'd have the restraint to pull from you and explode all over your amazing arse...especially when I was fingering that tasty tight anus while thrusting my hot hard throbbing cock back and forth in that deliciously throbbing wet pussy....

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    I'd cum deep inside you

  • 3 years ago Squeezeit

    Perfect position

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    I'm next!

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    Mmmmmmm, ladies choice

  • 3 years ago Henry1972

    If we are both clean of SOA' s I would love to empty my cum balls deep. And after a minute you feel that my clock stays hard and we start for round 2 and make a mess because my cum gets dripping out your hot Pussy with every thrusting I make 😍😍😍

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    I would happily take his place or maybe add my cock in your mouth ; )

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    so wonderful dam. wish was me and i would love to empty deep inside so you taste on the back of your throat

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    I couldn't pull out even if I tried
    The feeling of your wet warm pussy
    And that view of your Ass would make expode
    Deep inside you

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    I feel incredibly horny right now. Mind if I masturbate looking at you and wishing it was me fucking your incredible body and coming all over those round cheeks?

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    Hmmmm- Jepardy music playing in my head- both!!!!

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    tough choice...i'd probably blow on that ass.....leave the cream pie for round 2 😉

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    Mmmm... I love this ass!

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    As your guest I would always defer to your decisions as to my cum placements.

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    That's a thing of beauty right there!

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    Instant hard on here! Love the photo!

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    I want to take this awesome ass like that too!!!
    This crack is so hot wow!!!!
    And to answer your question I would prefer cum all over your asshole

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    I would have to take you more than once, so I can explore all options :)

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    Oh my I can only imagine how your beautiful pussy would feel in this position. I probably won't last long though before I couldn't help myself but to cum on your delicious ass 😀

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    I suspect your tight, wet pussy wrapping firmly around my hard cock would make me want to explode deep inside you with a firm, hard thrust! I can only imagine how wonderful that would feel.

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    Love that view. As far as cumming, I could go either way.

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    I would cum deep inside, then keep on fucking.

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    GORGEOUS view he gets to enjoy the whole time he is in you!

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  • 3 years ago Bigdickdad

    He’s a lucky man

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    I am filled with lustful envy!!!

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    Love to do both xx

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    I suggest we try both

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