I spread my lips wide open, showing my sweet pink homemade sex photo 7958757

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I spread my lips wide open, showing my sweet pink

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By: LadyLabia
In: Close Ups, 11 months ago


large lips ussy spread

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  • 5 months ago Nutsac

    Id love to feel those lips engulfing me

  • 6 months ago Gumbranchidiot

    I love big lips! I want to grab a hand full of your lips and tongue that FAT ASS CLIT

  • 6 months ago TomFord00069

    WOW, love your pussy baby, would love to pull those lips wide and plunge my tongue and cock in there!!!!!!!!!!! Bet its tasty too!

  • 8 months ago Immergeil1960

    what a delicious butterfly!!! I want to taste...

  • 8 months ago Tonguer

    Oh. It looks like a beautiful butterfly

  • 8 months ago nikicumhard

    perfect for me ti lick as my man watched

  • 9 months ago Funtimez

    Your pussy is amazing I could lick it for days 👅 would you let me?

  • 9 months ago stormy53

    would love to slide my penis between those lips

  • 9 months ago bigmobie

    Wow love them

  • 9 months ago Touring01

    That is so incredible... wow!

  • 9 months ago alcpl23

    I want to lick now omg

  • 9 months ago handlewithcare

    Amazing beautiful pussy! Kiss xxx

  • 9 months ago Gunstar69


  • 10 months ago labialust

    i would craw across broken glass and hot coals to be able to tongue fuck you

  • 10 months ago LadyLabia

    That's the sweetest thing I ever heread! I'd let you have me for days! :p

  • 10 months ago kittylurv

    OMFG That is one tempting pussy...luv it

  • 10 months ago LadyLabia

    It's spreading to hug your cock

  • 10 months ago nineforu

    My mouth, tongue and cock want to join in.

  • 10 months ago LadyLabia

    All welcum ;)

  • 10 months ago goodwoody9

    Those gorgeous lips make me so hard I can't stand it.

  • 10 months ago LadyLabia

    Those XXL lips of me wanna hug your hard cock :p

  • 10 months ago Bernie65

    love to bury my face there

  • 10 months ago Jammer5

    Would love to have those sweet lips wrapped around my swollen cock! Awesome

  • 10 months ago PAC4611

    omfg if you could see how hard my cock is looking at your pics;

  • 10 months ago LadyLabia

    I can imagine that, while getting wet by the thought ;)

  • 10 months ago gringo2

    I want to lick

  • 10 months ago freddyflint

    so nice wish i was deep inside that nice pussy.

  • 10 months ago LadyLabia

    Balls deep :D

  • 10 months ago jakk

    Sweet, pink, delicious!

  • 10 months ago LadyLabia

    Hmmm how'd you like that sweet pink wrapped tight round your hard horny cock... :p

  • 10 months ago Bighorney

    Love your pink pussy

  • 10 months ago LadyLabia

    I'd let you play with it till you wear the pink off it ;)

  • 10 months ago bazilisak79

    beautiful meaty soft moisty pussy... yummy!

  • 10 months ago LadyLabia

    Oh yeah so soft and warm... hugs your horny cock

  • 10 months ago topgun666

    Love that pussy! So lickable and inviting!

  • 10 months ago daddygoodsex16

    Id like to lick your beautiful pink

  • 10 months ago LadyLabia

    Lick it soooo good and long that you wear the pink off it ;)

  • 10 months ago Bighorney

    I want to lick your sweet pussy

  • 10 months ago malagamurphy

    So womanly. Magnificent.

  • 10 months ago LadyLabia

    Hmmmmm you can play all you want now!

  • 10 months ago afunguy71

    Gorgeous labia. Butterfly lips, so pink and inviting. My cock is twitching and my tongue and mouth are watering

  • 10 months ago LadyLabia

    My soft warm XL size labie want to give your cock a tight wet hug now :p

  • 10 months ago Cockman1a


  • 10 months ago bighornycock518

    Would love those lips wrapped around my cock

  • 10 months ago LadyLabia

    Hmmmm so soft and warm :)

  • 10 months ago sonnengott

    Woow looks good

  • 10 months ago beavis97

    If you were to squat over my mouth my life would be complete!!!!

  • 10 months ago LadyLabia

    Mine also ;)

  • 10 months ago dachub

    A beautiful flared pussy

  • 10 months ago LadyLabia

    Oh that sweet to say... you can play with it

  • 10 months ago zajeci

    would love to play with your gorgeous meaty lips so badly :))))

  • 10 months ago LadyLabia

    You pull and stretch them

  • 10 months ago hungpierced

    perfect pussy for cunnilingus and oh to see them lips sliding on my cock

  • 10 months ago LadyLabia

    You have to cum over at once ;)

  • 10 months ago beavis97

    I love to have big sexy lips like those dangled in my mouth so I can suck and nibble on them. So hot!!!!!

  • 10 months ago LadyLabia

    I squat over your mouth

  • 10 months ago yesrod

    Doesnt get any better

  • 11 months ago malcolm201

    luve your pussy lips

  • 11 months ago LadyLabia

    A lot to play with for you ;)

  • 11 months ago carwashman

    Amazing lips!

  • 11 months ago Maxfit59

    Keep thinking with it. I would love to feel those lovely lips sliding down my cock . I bet your pussy get super wet when it is played with.

  • 11 months ago Maxfit59

    Ok sweet heart keep me in mind. I would love for you to rub your pussy all over my face.

  • 11 months ago LadyLabia

    I have you in my mind now... but I think that feel that I am thinking with my clit at the moment... ;)

  • 11 months ago LizingPuss

    - your pussy is like butterfly, ... I am sure with good tongue work it would fly !! - and your clit on top is just ... ooooh yummy yummy ...

  • 11 months ago LadyLabia

    Omg you say that sooo hot that my clit jumps up with exitement right now :D

  • 11 months ago Maxfit59

    At 14. What went though your mind at that time. I would love to meet you one day and have a great time eating gorgeous pussy and playing with your juicy big lips.

  • 11 months ago LadyLabia

    Well in the shower after gym I sure noticed that my taco was a lot more generous filled than by the others ;) I was a bit insecure until at 16 my first bf went crazy on it :D I orgasm so easy, and I think it has to do with that size somehow :) if my partner would ever wanna share me, and I hope that, than I d let us play

  • 11 months ago CONNIEandSTEVE

    Whoever said " beauty is only skin deep " .....was so so wrong .

  • 11 months ago LadyLabia

    Ha yeah, its a bit larger than that in my case ;)

  • 11 months ago MEINU024

    Mmmmm, I love that Big Clit...I would suck it all day long!

  • 11 months ago LadyLabia

    Omg yeah, it sooo sensitive you would have me cum in a minute :)

  • 11 months ago goodwoody9

    Would love to wrap my lips around those big beautiful pussy lips

  • 11 months ago LadyLabia

    Oh my I want that

  • 11 months ago Biguy98

    I wish my tounge was licking your beautiful pussy

  • 11 months ago Pampas

    I just love your lips...

  • 11 months ago Maxfit59

    How did it get like that.

  • 11 months ago LadyLabia

    Ha just lucky with the way I developped in puberty... a 14 I already had these juicy large pink lips :D

  • 11 months ago Apollo325

    Those sexy lips look absolutely amazing xxx

  • 11 months ago lohangers

    Now that's a flower!

  • 11 months ago LadyLabia

    You can make my flower florish whit some cream

  • 11 months ago tonsafun71

    My tongue is throbbing!

  • 11 months ago IgnoredHubby497

    I'd love to dive into there face first!!!!!

  • 11 months ago LadyLabia

    Oh yeah, I love that, so much to suck and nibble on :p

  • 11 months ago longhairedindian

    Would you like to feel my big mushroom head part open those sweet pussy lips?

  • 11 months ago LadyLabia

    You bet I would! I need a good stretch :D

  • 11 months ago b0sai55

    Very inviting.

  • 11 months ago basicdesires

    I want that sweet pink milking my dick...

  • 11 months ago LadyLabia

    Hmmm my kitty wants your cream ;)

  • 11 months ago basicdesires

    I love kitty with cream .... especially if I get to add the cream!

  • 11 months ago drkman


  • 11 months ago pulete


  • 11 months ago TantricSixtyNine

    OMFG, stay still while I spray my sticky hot load all over your lovely vulva!

  • 11 months ago LadyLabia

    Oh my... for you I spread for hours ;)

  • 11 months ago LoveBoundBoobies

    Spread those fat lips wider. Let me get my tongue deep inside your juicy fat cunt and taste you then spank your clit and hole as you pull your lips apart

  • 11 months ago LadyLabia

    Omg you just make me leaky down there now :)

  • 11 months ago LoveBoundBoobies

    Mm good girl

  • 11 months ago Hotrod123456

    I wanna eat that!!!!

  • 11 months ago oldsalty

    Now that is one very beautiful pussy !!!! Just love those big meaty pussy lips !!!!

  • 11 months ago LadyLabia

    You can nibble on them :p

  • 11 months ago hornyguy1291

    Fuck me running, I want this awesome pussy and beautiful meaty lips to play with!

  • 11 months ago Fitter1211

    Perfect. So I can spank your clit with my cock

  • 11 months ago LadyLabia

    Oh you'd make me cum so hard and good

  • 11 months ago ThrobbingCock82

    I so wanna pot Your Pink. Xx

  • 11 months ago distantlovers

    AmaZing view

  • 11 months ago erielover

    Mmmmm. . . would love to nibble on your amazing clit!

  • 11 months ago LadyLabia

    Oh yes yes!!! Don't mind me screaming than ;)

  • 11 months ago nicestick

    Oh baby...I wish I can eat and fuck your beautiful lips every day!

  • 11 months ago ladaniva

    Humm would drop my cum on your sweet lips and lick it all til dry.

  • 11 months ago LadyLabia

    Oh yeah thats hot

  • 11 months ago pintapride

    Beautiful butterfly lips!

  • 11 months ago Shinnizle

    Let me munch on that?

  • 11 months ago LadyLabia

    Oh my yeah, nibble my meaty lips :p

  • 11 months ago Shinnizle

    Nibble? I'll devour you baby... xxx

  • 11 months ago CuCmeCum

    Simply amazing xo

  • 11 months ago Klickman

    fantastic butterfly

  • 11 months ago barklay

    Would love to feel those lips on the head of my dick

  • 11 months ago LadyLabia

    Yeah, a warm wet hug for your dick

  • 11 months ago Paladin

    I'd lick you and bury my face in your sexy pussy.

  • 11 months ago willgood

    You are cleared for landing. On my face.

  • 11 months ago walo

    great spread lovely lips

  • 11 months ago bob67842

    Love those lips, and nub of a clit. So tempting. Love to spend the day and night give it the attention I deserve

  • 11 months ago LadyLabia

    Oh we woukd have such good time, licking each other to climax ;)

  • 11 months ago 1MAGICME

    I could NIBBLE 4 DAYS!!!!!! if U let me???

  • 11 months ago LadyLabia

    Yes pleaze :p I will be your snack

  • 11 months ago 1MAGICME

    Jus' tell me WHERE & WHEN!!!!!!

  • 11 months ago Vallin84

    A flower bloomed in spring!

  • 11 months ago LadyLabia

    Oh that so sweet :D thanxx, I bet you cn make it florish ;)

  • 11 months ago Vallin84

    Sure I can of your wish :D

  • 11 months ago stevefbdy

    I love those lips, absolutely Gorgeous XXXXX

  • 11 months ago whatuafter

    love to plunge balls deep.....mmmm it be nice

  • 11 months ago LadyLabia

    A soft warm hug for your rock hard cock

  • 11 months ago whatuafter


  • 11 months ago Jigman

    Very lovely pink pussy

  • 11 months ago Purenuts

    love to lick your pretty pussy

  • 11 months ago LadyLabia

    Hmm yes please, all over it while I moan

  • 11 months ago smoothmover

    Love that pussy

  • 11 months ago dean5678

    Now that is a gorgeous pussy!! Love those lips!!


Age: 28
Gender: Woman
State: --
Country: Prefer not to say.

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