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waiting for cock whos next

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By: hornypatti1313
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  • 4 days ago peter62gramps

    luv your smile hope to hear you moan someday patti

    gRAMPA in SE wisconsin

  • 2 months ago jbrgv53

    I’m ready

  • 3 months ago Alnikkal

    Mine would love to visit

  • 5 months ago John3985

    mmmmm delicious... gorgeous lady

  • 5 months ago greenbayo

    Love to be next

  • 8 months ago Heyjoe50

    You are so incredibly gorgeous!!! I wish you were still posting pictures

  • 10 months ago Pamooman

    Omg i like that pussy and like to fuck it

  • 11 months ago uswacher

    Yeah, seconds and thirds, juicy hottest and so velvety inside

  • 11 months ago bellybutton

    Darn, thats one fabulous cunt, ripe to be fucked hard.

  • 1 year ago runner63

    I'd love to bury my cock deep into your gorgeous pussy!

  • 1 year ago peekaboo14


  • 1 year ago ENQUIRY

    Me please girl. I'll shave it first, then suck it, then fuck it and we watch the cock sliding in and out.

  • 1 year ago smashaholic

    Ooo ooo Pick me!

  • 1 year ago jackintoo

    mmmm so yummy. from Wisconsin as well.

  • 1 year ago ClitDoctor

    I'd drive to Wisconsin to use your lovely slutty cunt. I want your clit and asshole!

  • 2 years ago exit30

    God I wanna bury my face in the beautiful snatch.

  • 2 years ago earloftexas12

    I would LOVE to be next. Do you mind having some cock and nuts with NO hair? I am smooth ! ! !

  • 2 years ago SillyPorkchop

    that be me and wnat to to bounce on my harony cock all day and night

  • 2 years ago girlstoy

    MMM I love your hairy pussy My tounge would fit into your hairy bush , then after my tounge is done I'd love to slide my hard cock in you and give you orgasm after orgasm after orgasm

  • 2 years ago Maybe830

    Im in me I’m next .. pick me

  • 2 years ago fng101

    That hairy pussy would look great wrapped around my dick.

  • 2 years ago wolfsterq

    I'm next babydoll and get ready cuz its going to be one awesome fucking.

  • 2 years ago smallpurrple

    Next and next and next ...

  • 2 years ago wolfsterq

    I'm so ready to penetrate your tight pussy with my throbbing cock. It will feel awesome.

  • 2 years ago Mikedvs

    Look me up if your close to Chicago I’d fuck you anytime

  • 2 years ago bellybutton

    I could fuck you all day, and all of the night. CONSTANTLY.

  • 2 years ago Gypper

    Me? Eat your pussy out?

  • 2 years ago girlstoy

    MMM Me I hope' .I so love girls with hairy pussies xoxoxoxox

  • 2 years ago Mikedvs

    Would love to give you my cock

  • 3 years ago greenbayo

    Hoping its me young lady

  • 3 years ago greenbayo

    been waiting to long

  • 3 years ago Silksuit99

    lovely lady like you should never be waiting for cock..

  • 3 years ago Funcouple1959

    Beautiful pussy!

  • 3 years ago walterscot

    Beautiful sexy lady, my cock is hard as i look at you, i would love to be next

  • 3 years ago Rochardinroc4all

    Love little saggy titties

  • 3 years ago Boneup5150

    Your tits should be soaked in cum. Very nice.

  • 3+ years ago The5pcock

    Hell yeah wow look at you sexy love your beautiful boobies MmmmmMmmm could cum all over them xx

  • 3+ years ago mydva

    yummy cunt

  • 3+ years ago Moosedong

    Want to be in that tight looking pussy!...will I fit okay?

  • 3+ years ago girlstoy

    MMM I would love to think it would be me lovely furry pussy xoxoxox

  • 3+ years ago ahenabarbus

    Can I lick it before I stick it?

  • 3+ years ago littleslimman

    Gorgeous body. xx

  • 3+ years ago hornyguy

    I would love to spend a few hours in bed with you just licking and fingering and sucking and oh yea both haed and soft fucking

  • 3+ years ago Hardypeanut

    I love it

  • 3+ years ago richprivate

    I am right here for you!!!

  • 3+ years ago Rambler01

    Stay there. I'm on my way. :)

  • 3+ years ago zoom221

    I would turn that into pudding.

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    yes a cum cream cunt pudding

  • 3+ years ago zoom221

    Mmmm would love to crush it with my cock

  • 3+ years ago lincsoldcock

    Such a gorgeous body. Would love to start by tasting that lovely pussy till its nice and wet. Then fuck you as deep as i can before pulling out and cumming in your mouth xx

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    omg yes do me

  • 3+ years ago Paladin

    I'm ready to fuck your nice hairy pussy and fill you full of my cum.

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    destroy my pussy baby

  • 3+ years ago Paladin

    I would, balls deep and pounding that pussy of yours!

  • 3+ years ago Mycah

    Would so love to pound that pussy over and over...when it's my turn, of course!

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    fuck my pussy herd n rough

  • 3+ years ago 1streaker

    I'd love to feel that pussy on my cock ❤️-mr

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    id love that cock in my pussy

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  • 3+ years ago bellybutton

    I can,t stop wanking looking at your really fuckable body. This photo of you fully naked is a favourite of mine. I get my cock fully erect and throbbing by gazing at your delectable tits and cunt. Then I imagine pumping my seed deep inside your womb as I shoot my load. I,ve emptied my balls numerous times imagining fucking your ready and willing receptacle.

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    that sounds so hot put that cock deep in my pussy bite my nipples as you hump your hot cock in me shooting your hot cum load deep in my womb
    ooooh my pussy is so wet n turned on now

  • 3+ years ago screwyouanytime

    yes fuck it any day as you body looks so inviting keep your legs wide open and i can fuck you deep and

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    hard n rough pound my pussy bby

  • 3+ years ago ElToro15

    Lemme lemme!

  • 3+ years ago windjammer

    The pictures of you, makes my tongue and my cock to start throbbing! A 3-way, or something would be nice..is your pussy hair red or brown???

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    right now bald

  • 3+ years ago mydva

    My cock is ready

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    my pussy is wet

  • 3+ years ago mydva

    Nice! Want my cock in you...

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    yes deep in me

  • 3+ years ago eastrock14

    I would love to pick you up and bounce you up and down on my hard cock!

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    i want your hard cock in me

  • 3+ years ago jemy

    I love it humm

  • 3+ years ago SPECTRUM

    What a hungry pussy!!!

  • 3+ years ago sexychris37

    Mmm Nice view!

  • 3+ years ago BILLYXJ900

    oh give me more

  • 3+ years ago bigscott232

    I would WRECK your pussy baby!

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    destroy my pussy with your big cock

  • 3+ years ago msemtnkid

    Looks like a great treat to eat and okay with

  • 3+ years ago Rambler01

    Get your tight pussy on this big cock. I need to fuck you Patti...

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    My pussy wants some big cock

  • 3+ years ago Rambler01

    Get on me and ride my cock hard.

  • 3+ years ago oralincider

    Yes please

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    fuck me

  • 3+ years ago Speedoo

    I would eat this pussy

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    n fuck it too i hope

  • 3+ years ago biglimpone

    Me me

  • 3+ years ago Rambler01

    I want you impaled on this big cock, cumming again and again as I drive into you... X

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    Ooooo fuck me

  • 3+ years ago bellybutton

    Hi again HORNY Patti. How,s your lovely cunt, still getting cocked regularly. ? Wish I was with you to fuck that hairy cunt and cream pie it. You are one cock loving babe, and I could fuck all your holes with great pleasure. COVERING YOU WITH CUM.

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    omg yes cock n cum ncock cock cock

  • 3+ years ago Rambler01

    I'm gonna spray my cum all over your face and body...

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    nothing i love more then having cum shot on my face tits tummy pussy it feels so naughty and watching it shoot out of a swollen angry cock makes me orgasm every time

  • 3+ years ago Rambler01

    I wanna watch you lick it off yourself, then suck me til I'm hard again...

  • 3+ years ago Wantyourass

    I hope your pussy is ready!

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    My pussy is always ready

  • 3+ years ago Irishcuz

    Mmmmm Patti... Fuck I wanna bury my face in that pussy of yours and taste your juices... Then bury my cock in your pussy and fuck you good and hard and long until your pussy milks my cock and I can't cum anymore and your pussy is overflowing of our cum together....

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    Oooo yes oooo yes

  • 3+ years ago ClitDoctor

    Patti, get on your knees and open your mouth, I've got something warm and sticky for you. ;)

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    Mmmmmm fuck my face pussy

  • 3+ years ago ClitDoctor

    Mmmmmm I want to pin your legs back then rub my hard cockhead over your erect clit and between your wet pussylips then shove my cock hard and deep into your pussy until my balls slap against your tight asshole. Then I pull out for a bit to have you suck the pussy juices off of my cock. As you're doing that I'll be fingering your asshole getting it ready to be fucked as soon as you finish licking and sucking your juices.... then finally I take your mouth and finish with a intense throat fucking.....then after I cum in your mouth and all over your face I start all over again. :)

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    Oh yes fuck me

  • 3+ years ago themyre

    My cock is always ready to fill your mouth, your pussy and your ass with its hardness, ready to fill your belly with loads and loads of its thick warm cum. All I have to do is look as your inviting hairy pussy and your sexy tits and I'll all hard and craving to fuck you hard all night long. And in the morning, when we'll both be pleased and exhausted, we'll do a 69 so we can both taste the juices of our night of passionate fucking from each other's cock and pussy.

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    Omg yes

  • 3+ years ago Chad533

    Mmm not that's one hard cock invite ohhh and so tasty too

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    stretch my cunt out

  • 3+ years ago LookinToBang522

    Would put my big fat cock deep in there

  • 3+ years ago woody4

    Very nice!

  • 3+ years ago SeanNolan

    nice slim body and neat bush

  • 3+ years ago Crackerjack692

    I wanna fuck your tight pussy all night and I promise in the morning you wont be walking straight x

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    i plane on to be still fucking in the morning your going to have to beg me to get off of your big fucking cock

  • 3+ years ago bgjoexxx

    I'd love to make your pussy happy with my hard cock!

  • 3+ years ago bellybutton

    God you are one sexy woman, with a cunt to die for. I,d love to get my cock inside your lovely wet cunt and give you the fucking you deserve. I wank over your photo quite a lot, but there,s nothing like a willing cunt in the flesh to fuck. Do you blowjob and swallow cum as well. ? Tickle cock with your tongue and get facials of cum. I bet you could get two cocks in your sweet cunt at the same time. ONE SEXPOT WOMAN. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    if it feels good i do it the kinkier n dirtier the better

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    my cunt is always wet for a sexy man like you

  • 3+ years ago azchas65

    Would love to bury my cock deep inside you and shoot a big load and see what kind of cream pie we could make...

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    One I hope you will eat after

  • 3+ years ago fetterz

    very nice pussy

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    you think you could handle it I'm the kind of woman your mo m should of warned you about ill take hold of your cock n hold on till I'm completely satisfied you'll be spent, limp n walk funny when I'm done fucking you

  • 3+ years ago myprofile

    Have you ever tried a young boy? I would behappy to smell, kiss, lick that wet pussy, and then i'll fuck it so hard...

  • 3+ years ago rod58

    me, me , pick me ...hahahaha..

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    mmm kan i lick that pussy

  • 3+ years ago Outdoorguy

    Just beautiful Ummm ready for my cock

  • 3+ years ago fun4all325

    I'm next in line. Let me know where.

  • 3+ years ago cockmeat72

    I want my hard cock in that beautiful pussy...

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

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    Oh baby, my cock is so hard right now. Wish I was driving my throbbing cock into your sweet little muff until you cum and tighten your pussy around my cock. My balls are ready to release a massive load of hot
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  • 3+ years ago Irishcuz

    I'll give you my cock... but first I gotta taste that hot fucking pussy of yours...

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    You and your hot fucking pussy talk has me horny as fuck,fuck me bby

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    let me in....

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    love to fuck u hard and deep before I seed u

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    mmm yes love it

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    So lovely and sweet can I be next?

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    i promise i'll put it to good use!

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    Good hubby don't use it much any more

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    I m. I will cum on.this one to. Want some shots.of me? Let me know whats up. I want to cum in , on u , and with you. I can just see me pounding your pussy.

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    Howdy nice lady, I know you have been waiting for me.
    I want to touch you all over and kiss in the areas that need kissed
    And fuck you slow at first thenhard and tell you that you are
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  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    Make me your cum slut

  • 3+ years ago Richard56

    I LOVE YOUR BODY AND BEAUTIFUL SMILE. natural pussy, thighs and tits xxx

  • 3+ years ago BBCNVA

    After I have you, you will not ask, "Who is next?" You will only ask when we and only we, can do it again.

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    I want YOU to suck it n fuck it

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    damnit patti! you're teasing me so badly by the way you're pushing out that pussy... almost daring me to lick it and then stick it...

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    oh damn... just throw it on me, girl!

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    i just couldn't stop myself from coming back for a second helping!

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    Baby it's the third n fourth helping I want to give you

  • 3+ years ago lickinstick

    by the time i get to this last pic (if i can make it that far), i'm always ready to blow my top!

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    Is your cock hard now

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    i've never wanted anyone more than i do you right now...

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    who wouldn't like sticky patti pussy? but to answer your question... yes, i think she does.

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    oh god... you're so naughty, patti. that's exactly what i want to do. while she's sucking my cock, she'd be saying things like "your cock tastes so good tonight, what is it about it that's making it so much better than usual?" i'd have to bite my lip to keep from blurting out "it's because patti's pussy juices are all over my cock, because we were fucking this afternoon while you were out shopping!"

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