1st time with a Zoig friend. Invited Humbleman to visit for a play.. 6594487

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1st time with a Zoig friend. Invited "Humbleman" to visit for a play date. He had me bend over and spread my lips to take this pic & lick both my fuck holes so I was ready to take his huge gorgeous cock. He fucked me hard and squirted a huge load in both!

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By: litemyfire
In: Close Ups, 3 years ago


butt pussy fingernails close

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  • 2 months ago lovebeaver

    So yummy

  • 4 months ago MayWang4U

    Holy crap! I need to find some friends like y'all have! Party on dudes!

  • 4 months ago sittinpretty

    yummy :)

  • 5 months ago Hunterbow4

    I would love for you to put that in my face beautiful

  • 7 months ago Ramada

    Nice. Humbleman move over and Let Ramada take over. Lick and fuck both those fuck holes.

  • 9 months ago leonardo103

    ohhhh .... DP ?? xx

  • 9 months ago Luv69pussy

    lucky man

  • 10 months ago magiciansc

    Love to lick you clean

  • 10 months ago Plyw8

    I love that hot pussy and that well trained ass. So sexy makes me want to cum...

  • 1 year ago terryjackson

    mmm looks delicious and so tasty !

  • 1 year ago Wifeyprop699

    I love how u think I'm stupid

  • 1 year ago justlovesex61

    so incredibly desirable ...... love

  • 1 year ago markey001

    pure dream stuff

  • 1 year ago RealWolf1035

    Perfect little fuck holes they are too! I love a good cum dump

  • 1 year ago bilbo6935

    lovely view is his cum in there

  • 1 year ago Cumanwatch1966

    Oh yes I'd love to be invited to slide my hard cock in both your beautiful wet holes! Your pussy I'd love hovering over my face as my tongue explores you and teases your clit!

  • 1 year ago bronco511

    I would foo the same but after I filled you i would lick both your holes clean

  • 2 years ago enigma1375007

    Delicious pooper

  • 2 years ago Primal67

    Ohhhh wow would enjoy tasting you ass to clit .... throbning and cumming inside that pussy ... mmmmm

  • 2 years ago allmine10

    love to suck on your clit and pussylips while your lovely ass is fucked then slide my hard cock into your hot wet pussy

  • 2 years ago FriendlyBlkGent

    mmmm I so want that sexy ass!

  • 2 years ago Primal67

    Mmmm would be nice to cum in that wet pussy and your tight little ass

  • 2 years ago eroticbbc4u

    mmmmmm Hon I would love to lick that hot crack up and down until you can stand it anymore!!

  • 2 years ago nodrama1029

    I would love to eat both of your holes

  • 2 years ago carma

    wow, would like to lick that beautiful wet pussy

  • 2 years ago Bigredginger71

    Nice tight pussy!

  • 2 years ago bob67842

    What a lucky Zoiger, and thank him for taking the perfect picture. He had the right idea of lick both those tempting fuckholes.Love to join you, if I'm in the neighborhood.

  • 2 years ago smoothmover

    Oh fuck

  • 2 years ago ogden91

    We want to do all kinds of dirty things to that pretty pussy

  • 2 years ago tilckcil

    what a lucky guy

  • 2 years ago nick1name

    Sweet ass

  • 2 years ago b0sai55

    Sounds like you both had a good play date.

  • 2 years ago Tunes44

    Love to get deep in your beautiful pussyxx

  • 2 years ago Lupacchiotto

    Mmmmmm ...
    May I empty my cum filled balls deep inside your wet pussy just NOW ?

  • 2 years ago Potter69

    Love that ass on my face!

  • 2 years ago woods0628

    can i be next

  • 2 years ago Davyb1


  • 2 years ago bobcatmatt

    Mmmmm can I be next to do so ; )

  • 2 years ago Lostnsav

    Mmm deliscious pussy...

  • 2 years ago tipofmytongue

    I'd love to lick both of your holes as well.

  • 2 years ago Timbucktwo

    I'd love to be the next Zoiger to be invited to South Carolina....mmmmm

  • 2 years ago maddog13100

    Mmmm your pussy looks so good and tight.

  • 2 years ago silkysmooth63

    Amazing Pussy

  • 2 years ago lkngjst

    Lucky guy!!! Love how spread your pussy is, would love to lick them both!!

  • 2 years ago cummingsoon4u

    I'd lick those fuck holes before fucking them. Very nice.

  • 2 years ago freak9212

    I'd do the exact same thing.

  • 2 years ago fooddude84

    Very nice. I'd love to slide my tongue into your asshole and swirl it around

  • 2 years ago ntb461


  • 2 years ago Oralpro79

    WOW! Amazing pic! Lucky guy!

  • 2 years ago Noobie35

    would love to feed on your fuckholes for hours, make you so juicy!!

  • 2 years ago justlovesex61

    envious of humbleman .....to first tastevboth your gorgeous fuck holes ... then to slide my cock first in your pussy ... until you cum ... then slide my cock covered in your juices inside your ass and have you ride my cock grinding yiurself hard against me ....

  • 2 years ago pursuit54

    oh wow

  • 2 years ago samjones

    Love To Spend a Weekend Playing With that Sexy Pussy !

  • 2 years ago entertainment4u

    mmmm, wish i could be so lucky

  • 2 years ago xmarine2066

    Might have to tribute

  • 2 years ago mrjonnie

    MMMM looks good to me...

  • 2 years ago Quban1955

    mmmmm lovely pussy i would love to have a taste mmmmmm

  • 2 years ago ceralmondt

    ,lovely lips

  • 2 years ago MrScrunchie

    I'd use the load of cum I filled your pussy with as lube for slowly stuffing your tight asshole with my very hard stiff cock....giving it a good pounding, balls slapping against your erect throbbing clit sending you over the edge and making your anal fuckhole spasm and milk my balls of all their remaining warm sticky cum and leave it drooling and oozing from your freshly fucked ass. :)

  • 2 years ago new2day1806

    Lucky guy, I'd love to join you and give you another load in both holes

  • 2 years ago justlovesex61

    so love to lick at your hot sexy fuck holes .... teasing your lips apart as I pull at them with my lios ... my tongue darting in and out tasting your silky wetness ... then spread your cheeks wide and touch my tongue lightly at your butt hole ... flicking at it with the tip of my tongue hearing you moan with pleasure I push my quseting tongue in further fucking your butthole ... wetting it readying it for my throbbing swollen knob ... pushing against your tight butt .... my knob slips in ... your butt hole closing tightly behind my head ... then slowly sliding my thick shaft inside yiyr butt ... deeper into your warm tight hole ....

  • 2 years ago justlovesex61

    gorgeous view ....love to give your holes a good tongue lashing ....

  • 2 years ago Bullet44

    What a lucky man!

  • 2 years ago lonedog1973

    mouth watering mmmmmmmmmmmm

  • 2 years ago tommytommy

    look yum

  • 2 years ago Mstarrke

    Mmm, such a nice hot pussy. Love your sexy description too. Where in SC are you? Can I come play?

  • 2 years ago Firedog1948

    That's a nice pussy!!

  • 2 years ago sexychef

    Mmm that lucky man

  • 2 years ago maddog13100

    Beautiful tight pussy

  • 2 years ago leondominant68

    Mmm... Absolutely incredible. "Humbleman" sure is a lucky guy to be able to have experienced such a wonderful woman so deeply and completely. I love the way she blends unmistakable class and elegance with a sexy, raw pic of her stunning body like this... Just wow... I might be a *little* jealous... ;)

  • 2 years ago kodiak1560

    It would be hard to stay a " humble man " after being invited to join you!

  • 2 years ago dietz10000

    dam lucky guy you look fantastic

  • 2 years ago citroen

    I didn't notice the nails, nice wide smile though

  • 2 years ago Timbucktwo

    oh man what a lucky bastard HE was! Great pic, very sexy, love your nails too!

  • 2 years ago hotrod54

    mmm, that is so sweet, would love to get my tongue in you hot wet pussy

  • 2 years ago FriendlyBlkGent

    Mmmm love to enjoy both holes too!

  • 2 years ago Notating

    I love this hot pic

  • 3 years ago kodiak1560

    I love to fuck both of those! I wish you lived next to us!

  • 3 years ago allen15new

    So jealous.....

  • 3 years ago Coolcouple420

    So sexy

  • 3 years ago lv2lku269u

    Such beautiful fuck holes

  • 3 years ago DarkZone

    so hot. would love to kiss and lick it just before fucking and filling both of them. would love to fill you! Humbleman is so lucky ;)

  • 3 years ago tommytommy

    yummy pussy

  • 3 years ago mikesch08

    hold it in my face :-)

  • 3 years ago Fritte39

    Mmm when its my turn ?

  • 3 years ago 2todou

    I hope that you are getting more than you ask for. ? What a beautiful little pussy.we would give you what you want and more. ?

  • 3 years ago EdwardBigDick

    let me eat you out please!

  • 3 years ago dean5678

    Id love to be nose and tongue deep inside you cleaning up all that for you!

  • 3 years ago aMan40

    wow what a great view...

  • 3 years ago eltop

    i would like to lick you clean

  • 3 years ago thepainter

    Delicious fuck holes!

  • 3 years ago bronco511

    Love your holes I love to blow a load in both holes then lick you clean

  • 3 years ago maddog13100

    Beautiful view

  • 3 years ago flywithme69

    Oh babe, I wish I could have play date with you! I'd love to lick you so good and then fuck your sweet tight holes!

  • 3 years ago beergod1980

    very nice

  • 3 years ago bigdogfishing66

    I want to be next

  • 3 years ago mikesch08

    you wanna feel my tongue? ;-)

  • 3 years ago Scfire320

    Mm delicious!

  • 3 years ago beedeeman

    Love the view of that sweet tight butt hole...wanna tongue fuck it really bad!!!

  • 3 years ago bavvy123

    I wish i could stick my tongue in there ;)

  • 3 years ago trueblue67

    smoking hot

  • 3 years ago Plyw8

    Kim you are such a hot wife! Would love an invite to a "play day". I get hard every time I see your awesome body.đŸ”¥

  • 3 years ago bigdogfishing66

    that is just amazing

  • 3 years ago bigbill27

    message me

  • 3 years ago bigbill27

    well message me

  • 3 years ago flywithme69

    I would love to play with your sweet fuck holes! To cum in both of them and watch it drip out and then I would feed it to you!

  • 3 years ago sexychef

    Mmm some guys get all the luck Mmm and to be able to lick both those delicious fuck holes Mmm what a treat then to have the luxury of having them both with hard cock maybe dreams do come true haha

  • 3 years ago ted7441


  • 3 years ago buffalo24

    mmm I would love to cum deep inside you

  • 3 years ago redss77

    wow jealous wishing it was me

  • 3 years ago coboy

    would love to fill u the same way beautiful photo a mans dream cum true

  • 3 years ago lv2lku269u

    One lucky man with a gorgeous hot woman

  • 3 years ago plutone

    hot kiss,,,beautiful flower

  • 3 years ago goodtimer31

    so hot!

  • 3 years ago maddog13100

    loving that tight pussy

  • 3 years ago HornyChiGuy00

    Im waiting for my invitation!

  • 3 years ago letmeseeubaby

    I'd love to squirting a load in your holes

  • 3 years ago sexychef

    Such a lucky man to have the privilege of tasting that delicious pussy and gorgeous sexy ass not to mention watching your pussy lips work that big hard cock and that sexy little asshole sliding up and down on it The gentleman must've thought he died and went to heaven thank you for sharing sexy lady

  • 3 years ago jbird19104

    fancy nails ;)

  • 3 years ago clvshntr64

    such a pretty pussy

  • 3 years ago letsplay9387

    Makes me so hard

  • 3 years ago d3vil2you

    Yummy...so lickable

  • 3 years ago Timbucktwo

    Lest I only focus on your pussy and tell you how pretty and sexy it is......your nails look splendid too sweetie. Those fingers wrapped around my cock would look so sexy!

  • 3 years ago Ross1234

    Your so sexy xxxx

  • 3 years ago bignuts515

    I love this image ... i love asking a woman to spread those beautiful lips so i can see that gorgeous wet pussy!! Looks delicious darling!!

  • 3 years ago JohnC46

    Very lucky friend I with hundreds of your other zoig friends would love to have been him

  • 3 years ago sexyone1

    Now I'm jealous!

  • 3 years ago lukin4funnc


  • 3 years ago bling54

    wooo love to lick and fuck both holes.

  • 3 years ago maddog13100

    I need to feel that tight pussy around my hard cock

  • 3 years ago allen15new

    Wow....so sexy....as always....

    He was a lucky guy!!!!!!!

  • 3 years ago Blueeyesmale49

    very fucking hot, just makes me wish I was the lucky friend.

  • 3 years ago lv2lku269u

    Mmmmmm.m what a beautiful view, looks soo tasty, to eat and fuck, mmmmmmm, what a lucky man

  • 3 years ago spice2

    Lucky,lucky guy! The classiest lady on here certainly must have the sweetest tasting feminine openings to be found. Oh, to taste that womanly nector!

  • 3 years ago JMHX

    Damn, where was I?

  • 3 years ago maddog13100

    That is one tight pussy I would love to feel around my cock

  • 3 years ago slowhand694u

    mmmmm VERY LUCKY MAN Indeed ;)

  • 3 years ago Jigman

    Very lucky man

  • 3 years ago harley01

    You have perfect pussy lips, I want to spread them with my big cock and get it nice and wet then push it into your ass and shoot my hot cum all inside of you

  • 3 years ago sexyone1

    Wish it would have been me!

  • 3 years ago fucemall

    very fuckable ass.........................

  • 3 years ago Timbucktwo

    mmmm lucky you....lucky humbleman!

  • 3 years ago letmeseeubaby

    Wow what a lucky man to have experienced that tasty pussy

  • 3 years ago Fairlythick

    After seeing that pose, I couldn't resist and had to experience her taste and scent for the first time. The photo is amazing but she tastes even more amazing and once I started licking and tongue fucking them, it was hard to stop......mmmmmmm. After some teasing with the head of my cock, I slowly stretched her tiny lips and entered that tiny pussy and it was incredible. I thought I would cum instantly but luckily I was able to give both of those little fuck holes a good long fucking and deposit a huge load of my cum in each. Yes, my cock was destroyed for a week but I can't wait to feel it again.....mmmmmm.


Age: 48
Gender: Woman
State: South Carolina
Country: United States

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