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do you think I could take another cock or a pussy to play with ... anyone

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By: alcpl23
In: Amateur Fucking, 3+ years ago



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  • 4 days ago unibear512

    I think I could pull his cock out and suck your juices off while โ€œBearโ€ watches. Bear can slide I and Iโ€™ll move to the front

  • 3 days ago alcpl23

    oh yes of course will love that join in anytime xx

  • 2 weeks ago Ttraining

    that's a very nice view!

  • 3 days ago alcpl23

    join us and get kinky

  • 1 month ago Ynotu69

    Mmmm, Iโ€™d love to alternate between tonguing her sexy ass, and sucking on those balls and shaft ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜‹

  • 1 month ago Bob006041988

    Why not both I will slide into your ass whilst my gf sits on your mans face

  • 1 month ago alcpl23

    oh yes we will love that from you guys mmmmm

  • 6 months ago Kingchamps

    mmmmmmarvelous ass :-)

  • 6 months ago venger11

    Realy like to slide in you ;)

  • 7 months ago SixInchBender


  • 7 months ago Luvv2Fuk

    Great picture!
    Wish we were there...

  • 7 months ago alcpl23

    us to join in on the fun anytime

  • 8 months ago alinblacky

    That ass is to die for !!! I would love to be balls deep in you..... or maybe I could just fucklick you both......Yeah, that would be hot tasting you both as you fuck

  • 8 months ago aussiedick

    Let me fuck that pretty ass

  • 9 months ago SAstud007

    I will fill her pussy for you

  • 8 months ago alcpl23

    yes please

  • 9 months ago Sinvixen78

    love her big ass!

  • 9 months ago alcpl23

    your more than welcome to fuck it any way you like

  • 10 months ago Mrmrslovit

    Sure !! How about both ? ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ‘…๐Ÿ’ฆ๐Ÿ‘…๐Ÿ’ฆ

  • 10 months ago alcpl23

    bring it on guys we love to have you

  • 10 months ago Mrmrslovit

    And we'd love that too!!

  • 10 months ago alcpl23

    her ass hole is vacant

  • 10 months ago DrLap

    Mrs Lap would love for you to play with hers

  • 10 months ago Mature56

    Wow we!!!!!

  • 10 months ago alcpl23

    ok we love to have

  • 11 months ago JohnnyBaja

    You can have mine in either end.....

  • 11 months ago alcpl23

    love to suck yours first before you enter my rear

  • 11 months ago veryhot069

    I'd love to slide in there with him...or take the other hole...may I?

  • 11 months ago alcpl23

    ok will love that

  • 11 months ago handyguy

    another cock in you too I think...I'll slideright in too then and as he slides in , i'll slide out and vice versa many times ...till your orgasm makes us both cum too....

  • 1 year ago necrid666

    ride him hard!

  • 1 year ago alcpl23

    I did , and will love for you guys to join in with us and all have fun

  • 1 year ago Lovinlife13

    Wow what a ass

  • 1 year ago alcpl23

    spread wide and join in

  • 1 year ago Freaklickclit3

    Let's dp her

  • 1 year ago alcpl23

    I love that

  • 1 year ago toker77

    I think u need a good assfuck at the same time. Would love to fuck ure sexy ass

  • 1 year ago Tentpole1980

    Definitely have that other cock for you! Fuck that ass is incredible...

  • 1 year ago leonardo103

    ohhhh ...... perfect butt !! xx

  • 1 year ago alcpl23

    join us

  • 1 year ago Ronjeremy69

    Wud luv to slide my cock in ur pussy as well or in ur ass and do u mmmmmm

  • 1 year ago Boondocks1985

    Let me slide mine in the back

  • 1 year ago dirtyspartan

    More pics

  • 1 year ago byrd56

    You can eat my pussy while you enjoy your man and mine fucking both holes then its my turning. Lol

  • 1 year ago alcpl23

    my ass is ready for his cock dp I love that and love to taste your wet juices sweetie mmmm

  • 1 year ago byrd56

    Hell yeah I'm ready for you to eat my pussy and hubby is really ready to fuck you like a pornstar im ready to have your mans cock in me

  • 1 year ago alcpl23

    I like that and love to see him fuck you and will make him cum hard for you and I can lick it all off your pretty face

  • 1 year ago byrd56

    Thats sounds fantastic we would enjoy the hell out of that

  • 1 year ago alcpl23

    got plenty more for you girls to enjoy

  • 2 years ago couplehere4fun

    All of that looks soooo good!

  • 1 year ago alcpl23

    join us

  • 2 years ago byrd56

    Yes you can you can have both if you want

  • 2 years ago alcpl23


  • 2 years ago Bigdick725

    I don't think but I know that is one fine looking ass! mmm...

  • 2 years ago alcpl23

    slap spank me and join in ...xx

  • 2 years ago Bigfatkj

    What an ass!

  • 2 years ago Sxyb8420

    Great ass!

  • 2 years ago alcpl23

    so sweet ty xx

  • 2 years ago solo55

    Wow!! That is one round ass!

  • 2 years ago alcpl23

    spread me wide and lick sweetie

  • 2 years ago Alanscott123

    Mmmmmm I have a hard cock for your pussy!

  • 2 years ago HotSexyCock

    That ass is perfect. Wow. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  • 2 years ago Guy2play4fun

    Love to play with you

  • 2 years ago solo55

    Now that is one round ass!

  • 2 years ago alcpl23

    ready and waiting to be fucked

  • 2 years ago cpl2play4fun69

    Yes you could

  • 2 years ago smoothmover

    Lucky guy I'd like to cum all over that hot ass

  • 2 years ago JohnC46

    Love to watch you work that amazing ass while I help your husband in giving you some DP fun

  • 2 years ago Afterglow69

    I think you could too! Ever done double vag before?

  • 2 years ago alcpl23

    that's our goal

  • 2 years ago MaximusAD2015

    Beautiful Ass!

  • 2 years ago Cock4me

    Yes my mans cock and my pussy. You two are delicious.

  • 2 years ago trinirebel101

    So fucking hot

  • 2 years ago theboy542

    I think it's a great idea

  • 2 years ago horneyalways

    Has me horney and wishing !!

  • 2 years ago Eroticouple

    Of course, maybe both! Actually, two cocks in one pussy is one of my wildest fantasies. I could come straight in from behind and join in, while you both pleasure mrs' clit with your tongue :) mr

  • 2 years ago alcpl23

    ready and waiting xx

  • 2 years ago Cock4me

    I like looking at this sexy picture while my husband is fingering my pussy and getting me off. I think about pulling out your mans cock and sucking it....tasting you on his cock. I also think about licking his balls and sucking your pussy. I get a lot of naughty thoughts looking at your sexy photos.

  • 2 years ago alcpl23

    oh my I cant wait to have you over and join us will love that and while you are doing all of this I can suck your mans cock so the guys can both give us a nice big load to share

  • 2 years ago Cock4me

    Yes, oh fuck yes...I'd love to share it with you.

  • 2 years ago alcpl23

    mmmm me to cant wait

  • 2 years ago alinblacky

    that is such a hot pic !! I love that ass and your cock and balls look delicious too !!

  • 2 years ago alcpl23

    join us and fuck my ass

  • 2 years ago Handkar

    wish I could suck those delicicous balls while you suck my hubby.
    What do you think about that

  • 2 years ago alcpl23

    I like that then we both need a reward

  • 2 years ago alinblacky

    beautiful cock and ass shot..yum

  • 2 years ago alcpl23

    join us sweetie

  • 2 years ago CaramelSundea

    lets start with another cock first

  • 2 years ago alcpl23


  • 2 years ago CaramelSundea

    yay..where would you like it?

  • 2 years ago alcpl23

    in my ass of course love a dp

  • 2 years ago CaramelSundea

    alright would love to oblige

  • 2 years ago alcpl23


  • 2 years ago Cock4me

    Yes.....we would love to play with you.

  • 2 years ago alcpl23

    join in

  • 2 years ago Cock4me

    That would be so delicious.

  • 2 years ago alcpl23

    it will be fantastic we will certainly get kinky

  • 2 years ago Cock4me

    Kinky is good....oh yes....very good. Will she swallow?

  • 2 years ago alcpl23

    always does

  • 2 years ago hornycouple0001

    sexy cock

  • 2 years ago alcpl23

    help me make him cum for us baby

  • 2 years ago hornycouple0001


  • 2 years ago willem10000


  • 2 years ago alcpl23

    ty why don't you guys join in and get wild with us

  • 2 years ago bigmo

    impressive cock and balls, and of course a great ass

  • 2 years ago alcpl23

    join us guys we love to have you over and all fuck like crazy

  • 2 years ago hotandwap

    Yeah fuck herr

  • 2 years ago alcpl23

    I need more can you guys help out ...

  • 2 years ago luvtofuck61

    I certainly do! Stunning cock and balls and what a gorgeous ass babe!

  • 2 years ago alcpl23

    your so sweet and will love to have you join in and play and then I can get kinky with you mmmmm

  • 3 years ago trinirebel101

    Sexy pick of you riding that cock. ....... looks so hott

  • 3 years ago jamieukgf2joinus

    Absolutely! Holding your hips my cock would nudge between ur ass cheeks and slide in nice n deep mmm

  • 3 years ago hornycpl173

    Mmmm I want to lick both of you as you fuck.......Mrs. :)

  • 3 years ago alcpl23

    that would be a fantasy come true lick us both suck my cock and play with her pussy then sit on my face so I can lick while you two kiss

  • 3 years ago hornycpl173

    Ooohhh yes , I'm so hot and wet now. :)

  • 3 years ago alcpl23

    you need us to fuck you and make you cum

  • 3 years ago hornycpl173

    Oh yes that would be so wonderful. :)

  • 3 years ago alcpl23

    we will love to

  • 3 years ago bigjohnson251

    Such a hot ass!!

  • 3 years ago toeluvin88

    Would love to help guide hubby's cock into you, then have you lick my clit :)

  • 3 years ago alcpl23

    will love that sweetie always looking for a nice sweet pussy to lick like yours mmmm

  • 3 years ago horneyalways

    Its making me throb !!

  • 3 years ago bigdaddy379

    That is one cute little ass I'd love to slide my cock in ur ass while ur hubby is in ur pussy

  • 3 years ago alcpl23

    please do that's my fantasy to get a good dp ......

  • 3 years ago Cock4me

    Yes you can and we would love to play with you and that hot body....and I'd enjoy sucking on your mans cock while you are sucking on my mans cock. After he cums in you I'll suck it all out and share it with you. This hot sexy picture make me soaking wet and my man's cock real hard.

  • 3 years ago alcpl23

    I love for you to do that and your man can cum all over my face , but I need you to lick me clean ...

  • 3 years ago maknparr

    I wanna play!

  • 3 years ago alcpl23

    of course you can anything for you sweetie xx

  • 3 years ago yourdreams

    Beautiful clean couple. Looking perfect and awesome

  • 3 years ago alcpl23

    join us ..xx

  • 3 years ago maknparr

    I share! (smiling)

  • 3 years ago alcpl23

    oh yes cant wait mmmm

  • 3 years ago maknparr

    Damn I want you!

  • 3 years ago alcpl23

    anytime sweetie

  • 3 years ago reddogat

    I'll give you another cock to play with

  • 3 years ago 73sexedup

    would love too add to your fun

  • 3 years ago captain1945

    At least you can have my cock

  • 3 years ago alcpl23

    bring it on will love to have

  • 3+ years ago ISAAC21

    Yea I think you can take my cock and a few of my buddy's too

  • 3+ years ago blueray4000

    thumbs up

  • 3+ years ago vimes

    We've got both right here!

  • 3+ years ago alcpl23

    mmmm we love to guys and love to play with you

  • 3+ years ago walo

    lucky dude

  • 3+ years ago fokas32

    lovely ride!!

  • 3+ years ago alcpl23


  • 3+ years ago mydva

    I can fill the other hole...

  • 3+ years ago alcpl23

    wow dp

  • 3+ years ago badboybobby

    mmmm we can help u there

  • 3+ years ago alcpl23

    now that sounds like fun

  • 3+ years ago mikesflask

    Gorgeous pic

  • 3+ years ago badram2500

    I'd love to add my cock !

  • 3+ years ago alcpl23

    open me up and stick it in I love a nice dp

  • 3+ years ago PhatAss4U

    Can I go next while Wifey spanks u?

  • 3+ years ago alcpl23

    love to take your cock nice and deep and I just love getting a spanking mrs will be welcomed

  • 3+ years ago basicdesires

    I would sure like to try...

  • 3+ years ago troloc

    mmmm yes

  • 3+ years ago alcpl23

    ready for you guys to play

  • 3+ years ago tomwatt1971

    that is one awesome ass love to trade places with you and ride that dick

  • 3+ years ago alcpl23

    will love to let you sweetie as I try your man's

  • 3+ years ago SonnynCher

    I'd like to lick his cock and your pussy.......let me get closer;) Cher

  • 3+ years ago alcpl23

    will be waiting for you all spread wide

  • 3+ years ago balllover2

    so hot! love to be there sucking his huge balls and tonguing that sweet ass and pussy.

  • 3+ years ago femto88

    Sooo delicious, maybe i could slide mine, do you think you can with both? ;)

  • 3+ years ago alcpl23

    will love to get dp and I am sure I can handle two cocks in me anytime , I will certainly be flowing like crazy

  • 3+ years ago buffalo24

    I wouldn't mind sharing, I would slide right in

  • 3+ years ago alcpl23

    now that's what I am looking for another hard cock to fill me up

  • 3+ years ago cuck2lic

    Wish that was my wife mounted on your big dick and you guys had me licking/sucking your balls and rimming her asshole. Yummy!!

  • 3+ years ago pornphotographer

    I love this picture so much

  • 3+ years ago alcpl23

    and I am ready to take another cock or a women play with us

  • 3+ years ago MrnMrsDeliciousX

    Im sure you could take my big too while you and your hubby eat my wife pussy

  • 3+ years ago alcpl23

    that's perfect

  • 3+ years ago blueray4000

    Love to see those balls tighten and jizz in her pussy so,I can dump,a second load

  • 3+ years ago kmrm

    I would love to be there and add mine

  • 3+ years ago fquimby

    Great ass.

  • 3+ years ago karl19847

    Amazing ass, that is one lucky cock, would u mind ifni had a turn after hes cumm all over you?x

  • 3+ years ago alcpl23

    not at all will be waiting mmmm

  • 3+ years ago hornybbw89

    I hope you can take another cocktail coz I want in. Mr horny

  • 3+ years ago alcpl23

    the more the better ........ waiting

  • 3+ years ago ab78

    I would love to join

  • 3+ years ago smee69

    That's hotter than a chilly laxative

  • 3+ years ago throbbymcthrobbs

    I am so SO willing to try! Send me a msg and let's make some plans!

  • 3+ years ago funtimeswithu

    i think u can take both my & your hubbys hard cocks together & fill of your holes while you eat my pussy.

  • 3+ years ago alcpl23

    anytime bring it on

  • 3+ years ago NICOLE69ALEX

    you are hot guys

  • 3+ years ago alcpl23

    thanks so are you

  • 3+ years ago farhadzgd

    i'd love to share mine with you!

  • 3+ years ago musederose

    Oh yes! We would both love that! As long as my wife gets a turn as well.

  • 3+ years ago alcpl23

    we canb share his cock while we suck on your mans throbbing cock and let them expload all over us

  • 3+ years ago jiglovely28

    woow sexy...

  • 3+ years ago strupen

    oh so fuckin niceeeee

  • 3+ years ago dizzyfied33

    My wife and I would love to join. I want to get my big cock in that tight little ass of yours.

  • 3+ years ago alcpl23

    oh yes that's why I am ready to get dp and me to be playing with your mrs

  • 3+ years ago thick6

    I would love to gape that ass for you !!! Nice set if balls there too !!!

  • 3+ years ago yourdreams

    beautiful fit

  • 3+ years ago alcpl23

    I have a spare hole and love to get dp

  • 3+ years ago AlexSandra

    You will enjoy taking two cocks

  • 3+ years ago Iwantyou210

    Hottt! Would love for you to fuck me with that sexy cock right in front of my cuck BF! Then we can make him lick both of us clean after you unload your hot cum in my tight little pussy ;) Grab his head and have him lick your balls and tongue your asshole while you're stretching me out from behind :)

  • 3+ years ago SweetSac

    got another set of nice balls to play with!

  • 3+ years ago Susan54

    Pussy available

  • 3+ years ago alcpl23

    mmmmm love to taste and play with while getting fucked

  • 3+ years ago candykiss

    I'd love to play xx

  • 3+ years ago alcpl23

    we would love to have you

  • 3+ years ago cumbath82

    I want to lick those balls while she rides you.

  • 3+ years ago alcpl23

    I am sure he would love that and I would love for you to try and then we can all have fun

  • 3+ years ago cplcam2cam

    Beautiful fuck!

  • 3+ years ago langton1

    I'd love to do some damage there, be nice to see how much you can handle ;)

  • 3+ years ago NrdyDrtyInkdCrvy

    Beautiful! Xs & Oh!s (feeling a bit left out here in Idaho! lol)

  • 3+ years ago alcpl23

    we would love to put a smile on your face while we play all together

  • 3+ years ago lukin4funnc

    what a sweet ass

  • 3+ years ago trynewthingsaus

    Looks like you are in need of us. My cock in your ass and you lick wifes pussy.

  • 3+ years ago alcpl23

    oh yes love to try two cocks and lick pussy at the same time got me very excited

  • 3+ years ago ted7441


  • 3+ years ago ptifilou

    best ass ever... I'd love to spread your ass, lick you then fuck you deep

  • 3+ years ago alcpl23

    oh yes the more I am filled the better

  • 3+ years ago roadster123

    Looks great

  • 3+ years ago Jigez

    Can I sit on his cock like that? I like to make my hubby watch...

  • 3+ years ago Mrniceguy2016

    I would love to slap that ass around and hit it every way possible ๐Ÿ˜

  • 3+ years ago rs42713

    great view, great ass!

  • 3+ years ago beautifulslutcj

    I wanna sit and watch you guys fuck from behind before joining u

  • 3+ years ago alcpl23

    sounds like so much fun love to be sucking and getting fucked I am all ready

  • 3+ years ago intoxication69

    You can take my cock anyday!

  • 3+ years ago fernando1111

    Mmmmmm take my cock in your ass

  • 3+ years ago sexyredheads420

    We'd love to join!

  • 3+ years ago alcpl23

    got a hole that's open and a mouth that needs attention waiting guys mmm

  • 3+ years ago clitsuck69

    wow, awesome ass for my cock ? ? ? hahaa xxx

  • 3+ years ago ixsna

    I'd love to fill your other hole and leave you full of my spunk

  • 3+ years ago luckydudecheck

    wow! Love it!

  • 3+ years ago alcpl23

    anytime get my ass ready for some play time would love to get dp

  • 3+ years ago alcpl23

    enter at will mmmm

  • 3+ years ago strupen

    So fuckin hot.. I wanna fuck you with my big cock... Its made for you :P

  • 3+ years ago flywithme69

    I think my cock would feel so nice for both of us in your ass!

  • 3+ years ago mysparetime

    How about both?

  • 3+ years ago rocksolid

    I'm in!

  • 3+ years ago roadster123

    Nice one, looks tight!!

  • 3+ years ago clitsuck69

    mmmm, it looks like you would be struggling to take just mine baby, would love to fuck you xxx

  • 3+ years ago funtimeswithu

    How about you take both my cock & wifes pussy. Best of both worlds as they say..

  • 3+ years ago ben4141

    i could help there fill that spare hole if u like someone older and lives in Vic

  • 3+ years ago oldiebutgoodie

    Luv to offer my cock

  • 3+ years ago BlueDevil

    mmm great view, very sexy

  • 3+ years ago thick6

    Hand raised here...nice pic and ball sack !!!

  • 3+ years ago Boofy

    You sure could..
    We'd love to join you guys..

  • 3+ years ago alcpl23

    we are all open for you guys

  • 3+ years ago Shyguy1985

    Would you "settle" for just one big one ? Climb on !

  • 3+ years ago BIGBootyDaddy

    Why not have it all? One hard cock fucking your pussy. One hard cock fucking your ass. And one delicious pussy right in front of your face begging your tongue to go to work ;-)

  • 3+ years ago 8browninches

    Yes let me get behind you and my wife will shove her pussy in your face while me and your man fuck you

  • 3+ years ago me1059

    We would definitely like to join up

  • 3+ years ago canIwatch

    mmmmm may i lick you both!!??

  • 3+ years ago Chaz123



Age: F38 / M40
Gender: Couple
State: Victoria
Country: Australia

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