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Japanese wife teased a roomate at this camping lodge . This made her promiscuous married pussy wet , particularly because our roomate was an older man that we just met when our rooms were assigned together .. He indeed found my wife very attractive and w

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By: Jpwife
In: Undies, 3+ years ago


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  • 6 months ago handyguy

    Great view

  • 7 months ago Oldsoftie1

    Sexy picture.

  • 11 months ago SierraSam69

    I find her very sexy myself! Love how I can see a few stray hairs peeking out of the top of her sexy panties 😍🔥🔥

  • 1 year ago Chevy52

    Love your wet pussy

  • 1 year ago Ramrod62


  • 1 year ago uswacher

    Mmmmm.. yes

  • 2 years ago CMONLETSCUM69

    Me 2!!

  • 3 years ago deepdriller54

    I'd love to fuck that hot pussy with my fat cock!!!

  • 3 years ago Csmith4299


  • 3 years ago DickCanDance

    Want to see more 8-)

  • 3+ years ago nightmist2013

    Beautiful lady....love to see more

  • 3+ years ago ohiocpl64

    Looking forward to finding out what is underneath those panties

  • 3+ years ago Jpwife

    a Naughty wet slit .. (^ ^ )

  • 3+ years ago ohiocpl64

    You have my attention. Is it hairy or shaved?

  • 3+ years ago balddick

    I'd love to pull those aside and slip my cock into you as your hubby feeds his cock to you

  • 3+ years ago Jpwife

    Not being sarcastic but , it would be my first time _ ;)

  • 3+ years ago balddick

    Another tick on the bucket list xxx

  • 3+ years ago Vegas50

    Nice. Love to see more.

  • 3+ years ago Jpwife

    We'd luv to chat with a likeminded guy in a 3way private chat !

  • 3+ years ago tomk91

    Woner what is like to lick your pussy through the fabric....mmmhh

  • 3+ years ago barrynaturist

    Love ❤️ to c what's under her panties mmmmm

  • 3+ years ago treand

    Love to suck your puss in those panties

  • 3+ years ago Andy4mann

    Very sexy...I want to lick that pussy through those sexy panties

  • 3+ years ago Jpwife

    C'mon then cum on (~0~ )

  • 3+ years ago duke1942

    Love to see more!

  • 3+ years ago maliraj

    pull away panties

  • 3+ years ago Jpwife

    Exclusive for app. friends only ;)

  • 3+ years ago maliraj

    never meet ajapanese lady

  • 3+ years ago Jpwife

    Nice to meet you (~ • )

  • 3+ years ago Taznbandit

    Love to go down untill u cum 3 or 4 times

  • 3+ years ago Jpwife

    Challenge accepted ! ! !

  • 3+ years ago MAC630

    love those panties

  • 3+ years ago Jpwife

    Thank you Mac'san ;)
    I luv you pink tip too b.t.w.

  • 3+ years ago elpena

    Love to bury my cock in your pussy!!!

  • 3+ years ago Jpwife

    Sweet deal , please don't cum inside though , I'm not on the pill . :(

  • 3+ years ago harrycarrot

    Love to bury my face in there X

  • 3+ years ago nitro896

    I love your panties baby. You're making my cock throb! 😛

  • 3+ years ago NUDENOW4U

    nice view

  • 3+ years ago Bigandbold

    I would love to get inside those undies.

  • 3+ years ago oggi

    Looking very inviting mmmmmmm

  • 3+ years ago harrypalm

    so sexy,always end up precuming when i enjoy you hot lady

  • 3+ years ago alltalk

    Looking forward to more!

  • 3+ years ago Jpwife

    Welcum ,
    yes .. never shaved or trimmed before so, very silky soft :) A real Cum sponge !
    ass is naturally hairless and very smooth ;)

  • 3+ years ago micah858

    MMM Love asian pussy!!! I can tell its hairy too. Even better!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  • 3+ years ago mrmoose

    I like her pussy too. Makes me hard and eager.

  • 3+ years ago Jpwife

    Thank you Mr. ;)
    We luv that eager feeling .. makes her slit wet and his tip wet too .......

  • 3+ years ago peeking77

    MMM give me more

  • 3+ years ago cuckold

    WOW 😳! Such a tease😜! Show us more of your beautiful body 😄!

  • 3+ years ago thomas1313

    peel that pantie off and show me your pussy

  • 3+ years ago Jpwife

    Let's do so, but you need to message me to find out how (- • )

  • 3+ years ago Rambler01

    Feel my tongue lapping at your wetness. :)

  • 3+ years ago thomas1313

    mmmmmm i want to suck her orgasm right thru them panties

  • 3+ years ago yourlee

    Ichiban 4 sure!

  • 3+ years ago Jpwife

    @yourlee ____You're the Sweetest ( ~3~)

  • 3+ years ago browneyes223

    Sexy pic.would love to see whats under those pantys.

  • 3+ years ago 1ThickSpeck

    Would love for her to tease me flashing her panties and pussy

  • 3+ years ago Maturetongue

    Mmmmm that is a stunning pussy and a stunning body xx

  • 3+ years ago bulgeluvr

    mmmm that is lovely. i think its great that she teased him too. good girl

  • 3+ years ago ahenabarbus

    I would love to be teased by her -- and I could make her pussy very wet, indeed.

  • 3+ years ago Jpwife

    You already made it wet when looking at your profile !!

  • 3+ years ago masterblaster

    Very hot panty flash

  • 3+ years ago peeking77

    MM love to see more of you

  • 3+ years ago Andy4mann

    Love those panties....I'd cum all over them while your wires in them!

  • 3+ years ago treand

    very smooth love get into those panties

  • 3+ years ago SEThistle

    very sexy woman and start of a very nice story :) I would enjoy exploring beneath those sexy panties mmmmm

  • 3+ years ago littledk

    very hot panties and I'd luv to see what they are covering.

  • 3+ years ago willgood

    Would love to see that hot asian pussy. Let me lick you through those panties.

  • 3+ years ago blueray4000

    I am ready to fuck her

  • 3+ years ago 1ThickSpeck

    Would love to pull down those panties to expose her wet pussy

  • 3+ years ago ntb461

    Mmm love the panties but what is inside is undoubtedly even more delicious!

  • 3+ years ago Spermspitfire

    Can I lick?

  • 3+ years ago analmaster

    I love eating Asian pussy . . . It tastes so good . . . Yummy

  • 3+ years ago asainwife

    OMG please let me eat her

  • 3+ years ago countryboy6969

    That's so sexy......would love a peek.....

  • 3+ years ago Jpwife

    Thank you for the suggestion .. So then I will post a photo that shows a peeking ;)
    Perhaps as soon as the week's end !

  • 3+ years ago arlettedieter

    mhhhh sexy

  • 3+ years ago ld908

    Let's see more

  • 3+ years ago Jpwife

    Upon numerous requests I do so but I am very amateur to this.
    Do you mind if I tease more than show it all ?
    My husband is more than o.k. but perhaps I am a little old fashion still despite my curiosity for ero fun ( ~ ~) hee-hee-

  • 3+ years ago bgjoexxx

    Nothing more beautiful on the planet than pussy!

  • 3+ years ago bgjoexxx

    Please pull off your sexy panties and let me to see your pussy.

  • 3+ years ago baffydk

    I would grov hard if i see her pussy

  • 3+ years ago bgjoexxx

    my hard cock would love to be deep inside her hot pussy

  • 3+ years ago blueray4000

    I do wonder what your nipples look and taste like

  • 3+ years ago bgjoexxx


  • 3+ years ago Silverjac

    Wish you were on this side of the pond. I would love to taste and cream pie that tight young pussy.

  • 3+ years ago bellybutton

    God, I,d love to fuck your wifes cunt.

  • 3+ years ago ilust4asians

    I hope that older man got the chance to slide his hard cock into your wife's lovely mouth and her wet, promiscuous married pussy. I hope he got the chance to fuck her hard and deep...and then shoot his semen deep inside her. I hope you enjoyed watching and hearing the sounds of that fun.

  • 3+ years ago sela841

    love that pic. would love to see more of her.

  • 3+ years ago user123456789

    would you like to taste mine too?

  • 3+ years ago genuine71

    I wanna taste your delicious pussy

  • 3+ years ago Silverjac

    I'm 66 and I love making cream pie in tight young pussy.

  • 3+ years ago nikosnikos

    she is so sexy.love to taste that wet pussy!!

  • 3+ years ago funballs56gmale

    Mmmmmm love to see more of that covered pussy ,)

  • 3+ years ago Henry1972

    wishing that I was the older man you are speaking of. I'm sure we would have a lot of fun and sex together, and our mixed cum would drip out of all holes you have xxx

  • 3+ years ago lonely8

    So very hot

  • 3+ years ago blueray4000

    love to remove your clothes and make you moan

  • 3+ years ago genuine71


  • 3+ years ago Seol67

    mm nice

  • 3+ years ago Richard56

    The thought of her wet pussy and black pussy hairs sticking to her panties ohh la la xxx

  • 3+ years ago Richard56

    Beauty panties, love to smell lick and cum on her panties

  • 3+ years ago bulgeluvr


  • 3+ years ago wonderland2000

    mmmmm locks hot

  • 3+ years ago blueray4000

    My hard cock wants to sample that pussy

  • 3+ years ago paulbeach4

    I'll run my tongue up your silky smooth thighs!

  • 3+ years ago sexymelaxrinos

    vert nice legs..

  • 3+ years ago rspnu

    I would like to help her out of those panties.

  • 3+ years ago snakeeyes53

    I'd love to see more of her pussy

  • 3+ years ago Soyloco69

    so hot damn she can tease me pls

  • 3+ years ago DER620

    Very sexy. Please share some more pics . Hope to see some more from you two

  • 3+ years ago dijon

    Would LOVE to see what's under there. I think I see a few hairs poking out :)

  • 3+ years ago baffydk

    wow i love to see it all

  • 3+ years ago rgaart

    hot picture... would be nice to see more!

  • 3+ years ago harleyman24551


  • 3+ years ago ausfuncple

    hot picture, thanks

  • 3+ years ago superdude

    Damn that's yummy

  • 3+ years ago GnuDaddy

    Love the picture. Now to see that hairy cunt outside of her panties.

  • 3+ years ago SLUhockey

    I'd like to use my mouth to take off those wet panties and fill her with my 7 inch cock

  • 3+ years ago bigone6969

    looking at her plump panty covered mound....I can only imagine how hot her pussy is if I could see it.

  • 3+ years ago quickydicky

    I would love to slide those panties aside and lick and suck her hot pussy.

  • 3+ years ago toptop1963

    very sexy

  • 3+ years ago browncouple

    Very nice pic ... post more please

  • 3+ years ago RIMandSWALLOWMAN

    Very beautiful. I love shiny panties on sexy women. Her thighs are very sexy to look at, can't wait to see more pictures.

  • 3+ years ago JAPAN4460

    Nice pic.

  • 3+ years ago Michaelj

    Mmmm, that swollen pussy looks so full of promise, I'd like to see it wet with her sweet cum and then suck her dry - please!

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  • 3+ years ago Soyloco69

    hmmm yesss more pls

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  • 3+ years ago bellybutton

    Let me take that restrictive cover off to access your pussy for a fuck.

  • 3+ years ago baffydk

    Love to see it

  • 3+ years ago tmast


  • 3+ years ago alexath

    I wish,I could be between your thighs.....
    tasting you,in all the ways.....
    all day long...!!!!
    I like to pull it down.....
    and start to enjoy this sweet,delicious,sexy,hot Japanese pussy.....!!

  • 3+ years ago Jpwife

    I wish you were between my wife's thighs too...
    But tasting in all the ways , explain please . .

    We would luv to know how many ways you would like to taste her sweet-juicy-married-hairy-wannabe~wanton-Oriental-pussy

  • 3+ years ago alexath

    I like Japanese women....
    and you look very delicious,sensual,sexy,hot....!!
    I would like to....taste you...!!

  • 3+ years ago Jpwife

    Jpwife (f) > I like it foreign ( white men ) particular.
    Why do you like it Japanese women? I want to taste you to and you look a perfect size for my mouth. Please visit Japan if try a meet.

  • 3+ years ago bgjoexxx

    my hard cock wants to be in deep...

  • 3+ years ago Jpwife

    @ bgjoe :
    Well that depends,how many inches are wanting to dip in her ?

    @ curious :
    You & me both buddy , too bad your not a neighbor ; seriously

    @ me2 : You have a good eye ,
    now ... can you see her pussy hairs poking out from her panties ?

  • 3+ years ago Jpwife

    @ Richard : my wife's pussy mound is plump and covered with silky blk hairs , which would look nicer with an additional cum load other than just mine .. As for your Sue , her juicy ass n' pussy would definitely get a nice popping with another's seed .. Heavy , warm & gooey _
    @ blue : a curious , too often wet ready slit that is open to try something taboo with a married or simply older white man _

  • 3+ years ago blueray4000

    Love to know what is hiding under those knickers

  • 3+ years ago Richard56

    My dream, your sperm in my wife's pussy and up her wombe

  • 3+ years ago Richard56

    Love her to grip my cock and squeeze me

  • 3+ years ago Richard56

    Yes yes, cum all over my wife Sue, pussy lips and pink anal hole

  • 3+ years ago Richard56

    My cock is jumping to enter her, love to feel her pretty pussy mound and wetness, I imagine she is a sweet tasting Lady x

  • 3+ years ago Jpwife

    Any suggestions ??

  • 3+ years ago DrDick79

    ooh,nice!please more


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