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Meet my wife, YOUR Sex Doll Sperm Guzzling Fuck Toy Cum Dumpster Cock Slut Whore! You&your friends may touch, use her body, her holes as you wish. Cum blast my wife's body, face & inside her holes. Use her for ALL your sex needs and desires! DON'T BE SHY!

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By: Afterglow69
In: Body Shots, 3+ years ago


spead tits pussy face

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  • 1 month ago UCmeBang4ores

    I'll crack that pussy while you watch and make her scream your name

  • 2 months ago KyFirefighter

    Would enjoy feeling her pussy wrapped around my cock and hearing her moan as I cum deep in her.

  • 2 months ago Afterglow69

    The harder you blast your cum inside my wife's pussy, the deeper she will moan!

  • 2 months ago sprgrsftl

    Now there's an offer I can't refuse, where and when? Mind if my wife watches or joins in?

  • 2 months ago ApoIIo

    mmmmmouth watering I wanna push my head between your legs - grab that hot ass with my hands and start to lick gentle and hard rubbing up/down through your ass gap - your pussy and asshole, playing with clit, eat it all your sweet pussy, continue do tongue fuck and fingering your holes... make your pussy very hungry to feed her deep fulfilled with my big very hard cock... I'm gonna drive you crazy and make you very wild...You gonna groan, moan, roar, scream...

  • 3 months ago Wscnsnbdgrfan

    Please share a closeup pic of her pussy and asshole so I can imagine eating them both

  • 3 months ago Afterglow69

    There are some on here. You just have to look!

  • 3 months ago Beschleuniger

    Super hot wife!

  • 3 months ago SirCummAlot

    I think i'm going to need to lick along those sexy thick pussy lips, suck on them, rub them around, get you literally dripping wet and then fill you, stretch you, pound you in so many positions

  • 4 months ago sidandpam

    So you dream of your sexy wife being other men's fuck toy ? ok she can be mine for a couple of hours while you watch me eat her sweet pussy and see her squirt in my mouth. I would then use her as my fuck toy and put on a good display for you to enjoy as she enjoys it to. When we have finished our sexy fun I will take you both along with me to our very exclusive club and share her with six of my friends, one of who has a very large cock his name just happens to be Tony and we refer to him as donkey Tony due to the size of his extra large cock. I think if you let all the other guys fuck her first you would be able to watch her as she took all of the Donkey and I can tell you she would just love it and want to do it again. How many times would you both enjoy that ;) xxx

  • 4 months ago Afterglow69

    More times she gets fucked and more cocks and bigger the better!

  • 4 months ago MrSxy2013

    I want to fill her full of my hot cum!!!

  • 4 months ago Afterglow69

    More cum you can fill her with the better! It's great for her health!

  • 4 months ago MrSxy2013

    Lets make it happen!!!

  • 4 months ago Afterglow69


  • 4 months ago aadammm

    She is super hot

  • 5 months ago Us2017

    omg!!!!! yes!!! yes!!! yessss👅👅👅👅👅💋

  • 5 months ago SexyyBoyy


  • 5 months ago Fun4here

    Fuck. Fuck.hard to. Then pull out and bust all over her pretty smiling face

  • 5 months ago Afterglow69

    This Whore LOVES to get fucked hard and busted a nut on!

  • 5 months ago Jakennadia

    I'm gonna fuck her as I suck on her titties and kiss her. Then I'll finally fill her pussy with cum and let her lick my cock clean after I'm done!

  • 5 months ago Afterglow69

    Sounds good!

  • 5 months ago galo

    eres tan sensual ... tan excitante... tan hermosa

  • 5 months ago maggadon

    Lovlely ..mmm. ..pussy

  • 5 months ago Notyson125

    I’d love to taste that beautiful pussy

  • 6 months ago tonto4u2

    Passionate love

  • 6 months ago njoy2bnaughty

    What a beauty!

  • 6 months ago stallion45

    you are a very sexy & beautiful honey

  • 6 months ago Afterglow69

    She is a HoneyPot!

  • 7 months ago The5pcock

    Would love to shes sooo Hot .. Have to wank all over her

  • 6 months ago Afterglow69

    Please do! Spay your seed all over her body and face!

  • 7 months ago Chris330

    I want to make that pretty pussy squirt all over my long thick hard cock

  • 6 months ago Afterglow69

    It will! That is a given!

  • 9 months ago justlovesex61

    so want to fuck your gorgeous sexy wife ...

  • 6 months ago Afterglow69

    and I want you to fuck my Gorgeous Sexy Wife!

  • 9 months ago Notyson125

    My wife and I would make passionate love to her

  • 6 months ago Afterglow69


  • 9 months ago GatorMan89

    I would place her on my cock

  • 6 months ago Afterglow69


  • 9 months ago solocup

    I sure would

  • 9 months ago DeaconBlue22


  • 10 months ago hoteyezxyz

    Do you have any prego pics of her?

  • 6 months ago Afterglow69

    No! The CumSlut has been prego twice. However, to make her look good it would have taken are really good professional photographer. I am pretty good but not THAT good. I was hard up for cash at the time. So even though I wanted to hire one to catch the moment, I had no means (at the time) to do it. Sorry.

  • 10 months ago noobie23

    Def.FCK her bareback n sick on her toes as I'm cummin hard in that beautiful cunt of hers!

  • 9 months ago Afterglow69

    You need to fuck that Slut already!

  • 11 months ago jjcav124

    I would love to fuck that beautiful pussy

  • 11 months ago jjcav124

    Your pussy is so beautiful

  • 11 months ago AlwaysHorny6969

    I would LOVE to FUCK your beautiful wife for DAYS!!

  • 1 year ago Wantyourass

    I just want it raw and carnal!

  • 11 months ago Afterglow69

    well yea. That is the only way! You are welcome to park your car in my wife's garage anytime!

  • 1 year ago fck27

    My tongue and cock at your service

  • 2 years ago noobie23

    bareback is the only way i go n i would fill her several times, it would b drippin out of her!!

  • 11 months ago Afterglow69

    I think my wife would absolutely love you! message me!

  • 2 years ago pasadena1941

    Love to do a faceplant right in her pussy !

  • 3 years ago mrlong39

    I want u to duck my face n cum all over it over n over again

  • 3 years ago smoothmover

    I'm going to fuck her pussy over and over until she is over flowing with my cum

  • 3 years ago Afterglow69


  • 3 years ago sharpel1197

    would love to slide my cock in that beautiful pussy of yours and then you can ride me. you have one awesome pussy, would love to taste you, plus your one sexy woman.

  • 3 years ago sidandpam

    Dream of being a fuck toy ? ok you can be mine for a couple of hours. When we have finished our sexy fun I will take you along with me to our very exclusive club and share you with six of my friends, one of who has a very large cock. his name just happens to be Tony and we refer to him as donkey Tony due to the size of his extra large cock. I think if you let all the other guys fuck you first you would be able to take the Donkey xxx
    I think both you and your man will enjoy the experience and want to do it again ! do you think so too ? ;)

  • 3 years ago Afterglow69

    That would be awesome. You and all your friends could get her warmed up for the really big one. How big is it?

  • 3 years ago twoforone100

    I would fuck her like a whore and leave a load of cum deep in her

  • 3 years ago Afterglow69

    That's def what she would want!

  • 3 years ago twoforone100

    It would be only fair to give her what she wants and needs... Though any hole would work for where I would put my cum

  • 3 years ago Afterglow69

    haha You are always welcome to put your cum inside my wife! It would make great lube so I can bang her afterwards while she tells me how great the sex with you was!

  • 3 years ago plumbcrazy

    She is sexy and gorgeous!

  • 3 years ago preloved

    She looks lovely...warm...and tight

  • 3 years ago travelenman

    I'll do whatever she wants and leave a nice creamy load to drip out of her beautiful pussy for you.

  • 3 years ago Afterglow69

    Me too. I would love to make love to her afterwards!

  • 3 years ago driveshaft99

    So fucking hot!

  • 3+ years ago nitro896

    Oh I'm definitely going to shoot my hot cum in slid her. And leave my warm creamy cum deep in her snatchers . Which I assume is ok? She'd walk funnuy for at least a.coulme of days. And leaking Soren down her leg?

  • 3 years ago Afterglow69

    you assumed right!

  • 3 years ago nitro896

    Well then, I'm certainly ready to fill her gorgeously tight pussy with my fat cock, and feel her milking every last drop of my cum deep inside her. She is just totally luscious, and my cock is now throbbing thinking of it! 😘

  • 3 years ago Afterglow69

    I bet she can make you cum twice! After you cum in her pussy, she will suck you off and make you cum again!

  • 3+ years ago nitro896

    My God she is georgeous. Beautify body, and a healthy desists for men.

    I only hope she has a desire for my manless. I'm 6'5" tall, currently 256lbs.wich I. Well within normal.

    Would love to lick and caress her sweet pussy all day. Or at least until she has cum in my mouth countless times. And her soft pussy is now beging for my fat throbbing cock to penetrate her.

    As I position myself between her losious legs,I begin stroking the full length of my throbbing shaft up and down the sweetet entrance to her magical Fuck hole.pating particularly attention to her swollen and tender clit, the place of her desire!

  • 3+ years ago txguyandgirl

    Perfect position for licking her all afternoon long

  • 3 years ago Afterglow69


  • 3+ years ago raybo42073

    Ill lick her like crazy til she squirts n then ill pound her with my 8 inches n cum deep in her beautiful pussy.mmmmm

  • 3 years ago Afterglow69

    she will love that!

  • 3+ years ago somanyhotwoman

    I'm going to fuck her so hard and deep and cum inside her gorgeous pussy

  • 3 years ago Afterglow69

    that pussy needs your cum for sure!

  • 3+ years ago Ccrider63

    That puss the need to be fucked hard and deep and those dark nipples need to be sucked😋

  • 3 years ago Afterglow69

    yes! meet her needs!

  • 3+ years ago mysteryman2015

    She has a husband to make love to her, I'm going to fuck her like she needs and make her cum all over my thick cock!!!

  • 3+ years ago Afterglow69

    I agree! She needs variety!

  • 3+ years ago fbnfb6656

    Fucking her isn't worthy of such a beautiful woman....passionate love making IS!

  • 3+ years ago bikercpl

    Fuck her and use her like a slut. Filling her pussy full of my hot cum. Mr. B

  • 3+ years ago Afterglow69

    That would be very hot!

  • 3+ years ago Wscnsnbdgrfan

    Definitely fuck her and get messy doing it! Would she let me cum in her or would she swallow my load

  • 3+ years ago Afterglow69

    prolly both!

  • 3+ years ago Phillbo

    You are amazing

  • 3+ years ago captain1945

    Hot, she deserve to be fucked hard and deep

  • 3+ years ago Afterglow69

    you are so right!

  • 3+ years ago sam834

    so gorgeous and alluring.....

  • 3+ years ago Woodward1


  • 3+ years ago love2love2015

    wow!!!! very tempting!!!

  • 3+ years ago StPeteFun

    No love here - just fucking all night while hubby video's and jerks off watching....

  • 3+ years ago Afterglow69

    That will be fun!

  • 3+ years ago jake42o

    I would start passionate then all of a sudden start thrusting harder and deeper ;p

  • 3+ years ago Afterglow69

    She will love that!

  • 3+ years ago JOHNNAS

    brutal sex !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 3+ years ago Afterglow69

    maybe you will be the one to give her the best sex of her life then!

  • 3+ years ago JOHNNAS

    ...maybe ....

  • 3+ years ago here4uub2

    Yes you could even sit on my face is just as comfortable as a easy boy reclining chair Hana massage

  • 3+ years ago mydva

    nice cunt

  • 3+ years ago toolman2425

    Mmmmm so sexy, want to do both to her

  • 3+ years ago Afterglow69

    she likes both!

  • 3+ years ago eightlong

    your wife is very beautiful. your a lucky man

  • 3+ years ago walo

    make love to her gently till she cums and then fuck her till she explodes if she lets me very hot sexy n inviting

  • 3+ years ago Afterglow69

    she will have a great time with you!

  • 3+ years ago baffydk

    she is beautiful

  • 3+ years ago WIguy414

    Love all the way. Her beautiful smile and sweet body deserve more than a quick fuck.

  • 3+ years ago Afterglow69

    I agree!

  • 3+ years ago fireguy9sky

    I want to bury my throbbing cock deep inside her beautiful pussy while sucking her toes.

  • 3+ years ago Afterglow69

    She will love that when you do that with her!

  • 3+ years ago natashacpl

    so hot!!! I had to cum

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  • 3+ years ago here4uub2

    love 2

  • 3+ years ago scout204050

    So beautiful!

  • 3+ years ago douglasscott

    She is gorgeous

  • 3+ years ago raubritter

    love her body and will lick the pussy

  • 3+ years ago Afterglow69

    eat her pussy good!

  • 3+ years ago sexluvnlust

    What a sexy fuckerette. Her pussy looks precious all exposed in the open like that.

  • 3+ years ago pointer4u

    What a great body, I'd love to suck those perfect tits, as I finger her, then move down, and lick that amazing pussy, make her cum in my mouth.

  • 3+ years ago Afterglow69

    she will too!

  • 3+ years ago Tbagger77

    Sign me up! I want to tongue fuck her!!

  • 3+ years ago Afterglow69

    tongue fucking her is so much fun!!!

  • 3+ years ago 14chelz

    I knew there woul be ALOT of comments for this one....Lol

  • 3+ years ago Afterglow69

    Yes and she has read them too!

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  • 3+ years ago BigBadWolf05

    Nice pussy

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  • 3+ years ago gobothways3mf

    I view all your photos, and if there was ever a possibility you and your man would care to let me play as a threesome or one on one, id even bring food to the party

  • 3+ years ago Afterglow69

    I would let you do whatever you wanted to her - Ramsey

  • 3+ years ago lessfilling

    WOW, She is hot

  • 3+ years ago Boofy

    Damn! She'd be one hell of a nice fuck..
    To splatter her sexy brown skin with loads of cum would be divine..

  • 3+ years ago Afterglow69

    Thank you! She is a great fuck! You def have MY blessing to splatter her!

  • 3+ years ago fernando1111

    Mmmmmm exquisite

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    so sexy, I want to taste her sweet pussy

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    I want to fuck her so bed

  • 3+ years ago smokintrojin

    MMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMM She looks sooooooooooo TASTY!!!

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    MMMMMMMMMM Looks so nice and tight I bet its like fucking a piece of heaven on earth

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  • 3+ years ago vtwinlife1

    better get a towel down....cause its gonna get messy while I pound that pussy....and alot of our mixed cum is gonna be dripping out once I am done

  • 3+ years ago oldiebutgoodie

    Luve her body

  • 3+ years ago SirCummAlot

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Yes ma'am! you very naughty lil girl...;) Looks like someone deserves a goooood spanking..;) and maybe more if you think your up for it that is..;) Get in touch;)

  • 3+ years ago lee501

    mmm so hot can I lick and kiss that for you ?

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    Absolutely gorgeous!!!! ;)

  • 3+ years ago 8browninches

    does he wanna share that pussy

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    Oh yeah, very hot

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    Her pussy looks so tight

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  • 3+ years ago BlackipinoCpl

    I honestly don't know if I'd pass her around to share or keep her all to myself. Someone that gorgeous deserves everything she asks for.

  • 3+ years ago purescotchbeef

    that pussy is soooooo inviting looks amazing

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    Such a hot open hole! Would love to be inside that...lucky to have her as a wife!

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    this is still my favorite so she looks good in a pair of heels

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    she is sexy ... Love to have some Dinner with her , and fuck her all night, then send her home to you ...

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    Stunning!, Like to fuck her pretty face

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    You are gorgeous and your pussy is delicious looking. I would love to fuck it.

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    She really is gorgeous

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    she looks happy, and very ready :)

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    Lets double vag her

  • 3+ years ago Thrust

    I'm all in if u need me

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    She is definitely sexy!

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    Sexy and Oohh so Yummy!!!

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    mmmmm great pic of a gorgeous woman.....luv to see much more of her

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  • 3+ years ago TheCameraGuy

    i agree, she is gorgeous...

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    sexy as fuck

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    Wow she is stunning!

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    So hot!

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    Very Sexy!!!!


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