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Multiple choice question: What would you do to my pussy? A) Finger B) Lick C) Fuck D) All of the above.

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By: lburnham
In: Hairy Pussy & Butts, 3+ years ago


pussy hairy lips

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  • 2 weeks ago ccman

    Definitely D

  • 1 month ago Mikedvs

    D. You have no clue how bad I want you

  • 4 months ago cowboyup6half

    E- finger, lick/suck, fuck and repeat. 😁😁😁

  • 9 months ago Travlr

    I ×ould love to lick and suck until you cum in my mouth, then start on you
    again! I love to eat pussy, especially when a girl cums.

  • 9 months ago beavis97

    I'd lick it first and then slide my cock in your wet pussy!! Love your blonde pussy hair!!! So rare!!

  • 10 months ago MultiplesMD

    All of the above...and I would leave your beautiful pussy overflowing with my cum

  • 10 months ago Diverdan87

    D of course but i would need to fuck you several times in different positions

  • 11 months ago Hotmature

    D all the above with pleasure.

  • 1 year ago MFI10NEW

    I would lick and drinke your heavenly juices angel

  • 1 year ago flyinginagain

    all of the above

  • 1 year ago AlwaysHorny6969


  • 1 year ago ApoIIo

    mmmmmouth watering - First I wanna push my head/face between your legs,grab that hot ass with my hands and start to lick gentle and hard rubbing up/down through your ass gap - your pussy and asshole, playing with clit, eat it all your sweet pussy, continue do tongue fuck and fingering your holes... make your pussy very hungry to feed her deep fulfilled with my big very hard cock... I'm gonna drive you crazy and make you very wild... You gonna groan, moan, roar, scream...

  • 2 years ago funforall55

    D. All the above .

  • 2 years ago cowboyup6half

    E. All of the above multiple times.

  • 2 years ago cowboyup6half

    E, all of the above and more.

  • 3 years ago h4m5t3r

    All of the above + cum on her

  • 3+ years ago b0sai55

    D) All of the above!

  • 3+ years ago teashfoo10

    No doubt capital A, B, C and D....

  • 3+ years ago feartheporn

    That's a big ole D!!!!

  • 3+ years ago lukin4funnc

    Definitely D

  • 3+ years ago bucky1965

    All the above... Mmmmm...

  • 3+ years ago Schalala

    i would give you a huge creampie.

  • 3+ years ago horneyalways

    A capital D

  • 3+ years ago luvtomasturbate

    Nice hairy pussy. And I would do all of the above😜.

  • 3+ years ago 1MAGICME

    I'll take "ALL of the ABOVE!!!!" Please?????

  • 3+ years ago Horny50m

    a, b, c, b

  • 3+ years ago reddogat

    D, all day long and twice on Sunday...D

  • 3+ years ago dragonlady69

    d all night long

  • 3+ years ago slyyy12

    Deft all

  • 3+ years ago goodwoody9

    Double D!!

  • 3+ years ago mmfek

    D) with lots of B)

  • 3+ years ago alexath

    Of course....all of them!!!!!
    Your pussy,is for long time fun....
    And with all the ways....!!!

  • 3+ years ago keyan

    all of the above... and a little more

  • 3+ years ago peterb

    I would do d

  • 3+ years ago LuvHairySquirt


  • 3+ years ago Irishcuz

    I would Finger, lick, suck, nibble, tongue fuck, and feed it my cock.... So D and more...

  • 3+ years ago bubbalicksu

    F..... all of them and repeat hourly

  • 3+ years ago sexyredwingfan

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmm i'am picking D FOR SURE

  • 3+ years ago ausfuncple

    D - definitely

  • 3+ years ago alexander62


  • 3+ years ago goodwood8

    All of course. It's actually quite pretty. Will you introduce me to it?

  • 3+ years ago willgood

    dddddddd. repeatedly.

  • 3+ years ago musicman4u


  • 3+ years ago masturbating2


  • 3+ years ago AlexSandra

    D,D, D and more D

  • 3+ years ago Andyandy

    Kiss, lick, put my tongue deep inside and fuck, fuck, fuck :-D over and over :-*

  • 3+ years ago natv00

    D over and over

  • 3+ years ago foxeyshark

    D), but it will take a few hours, because you will be doing things too......

  • 3+ years ago pasadena1941

    Wow, D for sure !!

  • 3+ years ago theplumber77

    i like this view
    ABCD !!!

  • 3+ years ago hungwelsh

    i'd love to see it bald

  • 3+ years ago pixiequeen

    all of the both of us....!

  • 3+ years ago maverickmcgyver

    that is so HOT

  • 3+ years ago alexath

    All above,but with another line...lick,suck,finger,fuck...!!!!
    With so much desire,pleasure....!!!

  • 3+ years ago mog8tr

    A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J....

    You get the idea!!!!

  • 3+ years ago stiffy2

    B,A,C then D if that makes

  • 3+ years ago luvrofbbws

    Hard choice. D all the above

  • 3+ years ago sbaracca

    Wonderful hairy pussy!!!

  • 3+ years ago onewayfarer

    " d "

  • 3+ years ago billy959

    All of the above as often as possible

  • 3+ years ago lipsplitter

    All and more xxx

  • 3+ years ago onoo

    D of course

  • 3+ years ago bgjoexxx

    d d d d

  • 3+ years ago pepelulu

    mmmmmm....looks like it's going to start talking!...I think if it could said: "First eat me..."

  • 3+ years ago mattblack71

    d... ;)

  • 3+ years ago maxvon

    Don't forget sucking

  • 3+ years ago doug123000

    D - beautiful pussy

  • 3+ years ago Rcandy525

    a b c d

  • 3+ years ago claw055

    A) B) C)=suck D)=fuck

  • 3+ years ago goldenben

    Follow that order, good choice.

  • 3+ years ago xptoLC

    if the question has been "What would you do first to my pussy" if would be B) for sure..

  • 3+ years ago Paladin

    So much "D".

  • 3+ years ago Bernie65


  • 3+ years ago Ramman09

    That is a big D :) all the way!!

  • 3+ years ago knobbyhardone

    Oh yes ... definitely D ...

  • 3+ years ago MisterHappy

    All of the above for sure!!

  • 3+ years ago lickuwetter

    B, A, C in that order.

  • 3+ years ago felixthecat111


  • 3+ years ago 1960couple


  • 3+ years ago Hard1Horny

    I want it all, and then go 2 or 3 more rounds,,,,,, thats one hot pussy!!!!

  • 3+ years ago eltop

    i would do all of it, it's sooo delicious pussy

  • 3+ years ago realredsrock

    I'd choose D, and then repeat!

  • 3+ years ago alexxx68

    d. and lick your ass

  • 3+ years ago saxcat88

    and then some!

  • 3+ years ago guitarplayer82

    Definitely D

  • 3+ years ago Bernie65

    D...without doubt babe

  • 3+ years ago cha20082008

    Answer not fund ....... cum on your picture

  • 3+ years ago oldiebutgoodie

    Luv to burrow my face into it while my tougon slides in and out

  • 3+ years ago oldiebutgoodie

    Luv to burrow my face into it while my tougon slides in and out

  • 3+ years ago coaquest

    O dear - what a lovely pussy!
    So mouth watering...
    We would: B, A, C..roughly in that order!

  • 3+ years ago spunkymunky


  • 3+ years ago ou812ic


  • 3+ years ago flacco

    E (all of the above and more)

  • 3+ years ago shadow9696

    Add me to the rest of the correct answers, D of course! Would be a shame not to use every possible means of action to make you cum!!

  • 3+ years ago LondonMan

    Definitely D!

  • 3+ years ago backdrop

    oh come on you know the answer to that I'm going to use all of the above no doubt about it

  • 3+ years ago ohiomature


  • 3+ years ago maturehot

    all my love exquisite pussy you have

  • 3+ years ago vgroove

    definitively D)

  • 3+ years ago DickDesperado

    D-d-d-definitely D!!!!

  • 3+ years ago onoo

    d of course....

  • 3+ years ago martrinb

    d d d d d d

  • 3+ years ago boylovegirl


  • 3+ years ago HooterLover


  • 3+ years ago bigtank


  • 3+ years ago jjsmooth

    I want D all of the above.

  • 3+ years ago pickle1

    i'll pick all or the above please!!

  • 3+ years ago Dger451

    D, but I wouldn't finger for long, I want my tongue an then my cock in there.

  • 3+ years ago nicestick


  • 3+ years ago ram2283

    All of course

  • 3+ years ago oneboy4u

    a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i)...

  • 3+ years ago fooddude84

    All of the above, very nice

  • 3+ years ago VoyEx69

    How about wife and I lick you at the same time.

  • 3+ years ago diggerh58


  • 3+ years ago sixtyninr

    a big (D)

  • 3+ years ago live4dailysex

    MMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMM I would have to go with D SEXY!!!

  • 3+ years ago redss77

    D of course

  • 3+ years ago longman100

    D all day long!!!

  • 3+ years ago wanderingscotman

    All of the no specific order

  • 3+ years ago bbwlover7468

    E. All the above and use a vibrator on it.

  • 3+ years ago gussetman


  • 3+ years ago Hottech

    d all the above when ever and where ever mmmmm

  • 3+ years ago GEILPAAR

    Mmmmm all of the above!

  • 3+ years ago vtwinlife1

    AAA....BBBBBBB..........DDDDD......BBBBBB.........AAAAAA.....DDDDD......over and over again

  • 3+ years ago Titter04169

    D, followed by D, followed by D...silly question you gorgeous hunk of femininity.

  • 3+ years ago bgjoexxx


  • 3+ years ago rubber67

    love to do d

  • 3+ years ago thedudeabides

    E) all the above plus fill it with cum

  • 3+ years ago mtlhard

    Definitely all of the above! I'd be licking and fingering you until you cum and then fuck you until you cum again!

  • 3+ years ago xZEDx

    all of the repeat ;)

  • 3+ years ago alexxx68

    great soft pussy ..... yumm

  • 3+ years ago BBCNVA

    Lick and fuck for sure! Great looking pussy! Love to have some!

  • 3+ years ago tommytommy

    all all

  • 3+ years ago bigdaddy700

    lick it dick it fuck it over an over

  • 3+ years ago lickfest4u

    d x 10.

  • 3+ years ago Ensign999

    babe D

  • 3+ years ago clyde1

    all sexy

  • 3+ years ago esatoe


  • 3+ years ago hdcamguy


  • 3+ years ago tryinitout82

    mmmm would love to blast a load in that!!

  • 3+ years ago HardForYou

    That's a no brainier question..
    You know I want to do it ALL

  • 3+ years ago bigwillie

    A to Z and then start back at A again!

  • 3+ years ago SonnynCher

    D....but will have to use my strap on for C;)

  • 3+ years ago lburnham


  • 3+ years ago tipofmytongue


  • 3+ years ago fmczz72

    E- All of the above multiples times!

  • 3+ years ago Cameltoejoe76

    Damn that is such a hot looking pussy!!!! The answer is D no question about it!!

  • 3+ years ago chefseamus


  • 3+ years ago Titsnass69


  • 3+ years ago RICK69

    d yes d

  • 3+ years ago octopus

    Amazing pussy!!!!

  • 3+ years ago Newman8

    B, B+A, then C :P

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