I turned around and got on my knees... The string completely sank.. 3424705

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I turned around and got on my knees... The string completely sank into my round ass cheeks... My hanging tits were begging to be touched... Will you finish the story?

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By: Mammateur
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  • 1 month ago nogbad

    Love to grab your sexy tits and fuck you hard from behind x

  • 2 years ago fokas32

    kavla to koloaraki...me trelainei h rogitsa sou

  • 3+ years ago lmakko72

    Oh God
    I have very hot thoughts with you,to penetrate you very deeply and slowly,
    just before this i wanna kiss you and touch you very gently ,I know and I see you're a very sensual woman

  • 3+ years ago nogbad

    Then I pull your thong aside, rub my cock between your sexy ass cheeks then slide it deep into your hot wet cunt and fuck you hard from behind then splatter your sexy ass with my thick creamy spunk xx

  • 3+ years ago bgjoexxx

    very sexy.... I get a big rock hardness instantly...❤️...

  • 3+ years ago nogbad

    I want to grab your tits from behind, pull your thong aside and slide my fat cock deep in your pussy and fuck you , then cum all over your sexy little ass xx

  • 3+ years ago hard4U

    Hang your tits in my face and ride my cock while I feast on your delicious nipples

  • 3+ years ago dinostats

    so i reached down and pulled out my manhood, which was promptly thrust home!e

  • 3+ years ago alexath

    einai etoimos na erto ....ETSI opos eisai koykla moy!!!

  • 3+ years ago lickinstick

    I can tell by separating your lovely ass cheeks that the string of your thong is completely saturated with your hot pussy juices. I love squeezing and even spanking your sexy ass, watching in amazement as your hungry hole devours your panties as if it were my cock. Without using my fingers, because they're now tweaking your stiffening nipples, I use my tongue to push it even further inside of you. You moan for me to feed you my dripping penis, and after a bit of teasing, I eventually do just that. Without removing your panties, I continually push the swollen head of my cock all the way up inside your cervix. As the string pulls tightly against your throbbing clitoris, you finally give in to the utter ecstasy, and have the best orgasm of your life...

  • 3+ years ago bgjoexxx

    You are divine beauty and you give me a hardon every time!

  • 3+ years ago lucubrante

    mmmm soo sexy

  • 3+ years ago strapon87

    Do you need help in pulling them off?:)

  • 3+ years ago grathens1978

    I will finish on you honey

  • 3+ years ago meatnbeef

    i was straddling his body with his face right under my swollen nipples. i put my hand down to stroke his big cock as he took a nipple into his warm mouth.he squeezed my nipple between his lips hard and i could feel the instant surge of passion to my already dripping wet cunt. as he continued to suck and sqeeze my nipples, i started to rub the head of his big cock on my clit. i couldnt take it any longer and slid his big cock indide me, and slowly started taking his lenth deep inside. his mouth was working on my nipples as i felt his strong hands caressing my ass. he squeezed my ass cheeks and spread them apart as i could feel the familiar fingers of my hubby slowly preparing my ass for his cock! oh my god!!! i am soon gonna have two cocks pleasuring me at once, completely filling me, satisfying me to the fullest. then hubby pushes his cock in my wanting ass. he fucks my ass for awhile, then without warning, lays on my back, and we all roll over in one giant mound. now my lover is on top of me, sinking his big cock down in me. slamming my cunt harder and harder i can feel an orgasm coming from deep inside, welling up from the depths of my being. as he continues to slam my cunt i can feel my pussy start to tighten around his thick cock as i drench him in my orgasm he pulls out and dumps his load all over my sweaty body!!! mmmmm

  • 3+ years ago alexath

    Do not take off your string......
    I well lock,suck your ass,your pussy..and as will be horny,wet,my cock will slip easy inside you,fuckng you from back...!!!!!
    Mmmmm....me kayloneis poly!!!!!.....

  • 3+ years ago CharisLias

    Η γλώσσα μου θα χαιροταν να γλυψει αυτο το υπέροχο κωλαρακι!

  • 3+ years ago howdo222

    after you finish sucking me I will take you just like this and pump my load into you again and again while pulling on your nipples!

  • 3+ years ago lickinstick

    i can't possibly think enough to write it all down... i'm still stuck on the string completely sinking into your ass cheeks. writer's block... what can i say?

  • 3+ years ago Dutsji

    I love this , My cock deep in your ass, while my hands grab your tits, my fingers squeese your nipples mmm

  • 3+ years ago G1ann1s

    θελω να σε γαμαω και να χουφτωνω τις καυλωμενες σου ρόγες...

  • 3+ years ago buckybruiser

    nice ass and beautiful feet and toes

  • 3+ years ago siat20

    very beautiful body

  • 3+ years ago hotchick

    I immediately raise my ass as far as I can, and drop to my elbows, to get the absolute deepest penetration. I reach back with one hand, and begin to message my clit, I feel him approach, and drop to his knees behind me, and he places his hands on my ass, and I can feel the heat of his body as he caresses my ass, and then his hands move up, along my body to my swaying breasts, and I feel his strong hands grasp them both, and begin to squeeze, his thumb and finger squeezing my already hard nipples. Then I feel his growing cock being slapped against my pussy, and the head rubbing my erect clit. His hands leave my breasts, and I feel them rubbing, and then parting my pussy lips, his finger exploring my wet slit, and then into my hole. Suddenly I feel his hot tongue sliding up, into my wet pussy, and then flicking over my clit. Then long smooth strokes the length of my juicy pussy, each ending at my clit. A shudder goes thru my entire body as he erotically stimulate every erogenous area, and I'm very rapidly becoming extremely sexually aroused. I can tell by the feel of his tongue on my pussy, that I am very wet, and he's getting me very, very hot. His left hand is on my hip, and I again feel his hard, throbbing cock, exploring my portal to paradise. sliding up and down my wet slit. Then suddenly I feel it parting my lips,as he begins to push it into my opening, slowly at first, then harder until that first hard thrust, and I gasp when it enters me all the way, He pauses then and I catch my breath, and he begins to thrust in ,and then out of me, going harder, and faster with each thrust, until I'm completely engulfed by the pleasure/pain of what he's doing. Soon, I'm swaying, moaning, and pushing back against his every thrust, and I realize that the pleasure now, outweighs the pain, and that the pain, and pleasure sensations within my body have become absolutely exquisite.

  • 3+ years ago ahenabarbus

    I'll mount you from behind and ride you hell for leather, that's what I'll do.

  • 3+ years ago cutcock9

    fantastic ass and love those hard exited nipples, so good to suck

  • 3+ years ago 1cummer

    I've learned that I have a foot fetish. But don't tell anyone - just between me and you. First, a beautiful ass, then nice titties, then boom - the foot, both the toes and the sole of your foot.
    And the panties are nice - mainly because they're in the crack of your ass!

  • 3+ years ago lickinstick

    I'd love to slowly lick your swollen nipples while the string of your thong sinks completely into into your gorgeous ass cheeks. By the time I slide it off, it is completely soaked in your delicious juices.

  • 3+ years ago 69rocks

    I'd finish you and then over you you sultry gorgeous woman

  • 3+ years ago challenger503

    wonderfull nipples that need 2 b in my mouth

  • 3+ years ago SSSlifestyle

    cute little bum. kisses and spanks

  • 3+ years ago BigDaddyJ

    I walk up behind you and half erect cock come to rest between your sexy ass checks as i reach up and rub your breast pinching your nipple between my index and middle finger. My other runs down the middle of your back coming to rest on your hip. I pull you towards me and you can feel my cock getting harder as i press it against your pussy.... hows that for a start?

  • 3+ years ago Lusterer

    mmm stunning buttocks and wow, your nipples do look so suckable

  • 3+ years ago RocHard2s

    I slide under you.. HARD cock ready for you to sit on it... RIDE!! and take those nipples in my mouth.. suck them.. nibble them.. as you RIDE!!

  • 3+ years ago GiantD

    wow give me that pussy

  • 3+ years ago bigcock75

    I'd pull your thongs off to the side & bury my big cock in you while playing with your perfect tits.:)

  • 3+ years ago realredsrock

    I'll sink my dick balls deep into your sweet pussy and fuck you fast and hard!!

  • 3+ years ago todd4455

    mmmmm so sexy!! great ass

  • 3+ years ago misterjoshua75

    Awesome I feel you completely up my throbbing covk pressed against you mmmmm hot fantasy

  • 3+ years ago ThomasWM

    Nice butt--I do confess it. :-)

  • 3+ years ago Rob9inch

    Amasing arse

  • 3+ years ago 1960couple

    oooohhhh....I sure would....

  • 3+ years ago glb454

    nice ass mmmm

  • 3+ years ago bgjoexxx

    you are a perfect, adorable beauty :)

  • 3+ years ago bobbob1958

    Nice...And I pounded your sweet pussy with my rock hard cock!!!

  • 3+ years ago poetit

    wow so sexyyyyyyy

  • 3+ years ago short1

    tonight :)

  • 3+ years ago silverado1

    what a delicious woman

  • 3+ years ago newtomich

    I start by rubbing that ass and your back then move down, slide the thong to one side and lick your slit while reaching up your sides to grab those tits. I slide my cock in you and pump for just a couple mins and then pull out and put you on your back so you can suck me while I suck those perfect nipples and finger your slit. When you're close I'll go back and fuck you doggy style till you scream.

  • 3+ years ago RobRoberts2012

    You have a GORGEOUS ass!!

  • 3+ years ago mattblack71

    I burried my face into your wet slit, pulling your sexy panties to the side. My tounge finds your swelling clit while my strong hands find your hard nipples and wanting tits. I roll your nipples in my fingers while my tounge explores every inch of your soaking wet pussy making it clench tight and ooze with pleasure. You move around to suck my throbbing cock while I devour your pussy....

  • 3+ years ago sampriory

    Wow can i have a bite of that perfect Arse.....

  • 3+ years ago bigcock75

    I'd pull those thongs to the side and guide my thick shaft inside you.As I reach up grabbed your tits and pinched and tugged on your rock hard nipples.;)

  • 3+ years ago chubbiebrown

    my throbbing hood teased against your bum hole twitching in anticipation, i turn you around lay you down and we become one, happy times! lol x

  • 3+ years ago nogbad

    I would squeeze your tits and pinch your nipples while I thrust my cock in and out of your wet pussy and horny ass

  • 3+ years ago kostas84

    and my cock start to rub between your ass Cheeks
    and my hands start to rolling from your hips to your belly and then to your tits

  • 3+ years ago thomasbx

    hummm tu es magnifique, coquine et sexy !

  • 3+ years ago loneagle113

    U do need cock

  • 3+ years ago TitsnTongue

    How's this?:
    I turned around and got on my knees... The string completely sank into my round ass cheeks... My hanging tits were begging to be touched... My BBC pulled my G-string aside and I shuddered as he entered me. I felt wave after wave of pleasure as he plowed deep into my pussy over and over. He grabbed my hips and pulled me to him as he arched back to drive his cock deeper. I moaned happily as I heard our bodies smacking together. I felt beads of sweat rolling down my back as he reached around with both hands grabbing my tits, pulling me up towards him. I wrapped my arms around his hands as he came and I ground my ass into his lap milking every bit of his hot jizz from his cock.


  • 3+ years ago BoEasley57

    I would play with your beautiful tits as I slide your g-string down. I would eat your soaking wet pussy from behind until we are both ready. Then I would slide my hard cock, balls deep into your hot slit and play with your tits and erect nipples as we fuck to orgasms...

  • 3+ years ago jeffy63

    i wud love to be behind you mmmmmmmm

  • 3+ years ago rubber67

    i got behind u pulled the string out so i could slip my hard cock up your wet pussy while grabbing your hanging tits which were swinging as i was pounding u from behind mmmmmmmmm

  • 3+ years ago AloneCy

    ....and i pulled the string on the site and start licking your asshole and pussy while i softly touch your nipples making you more wet getting ready to put my cock inside you and make you cum as i fuck you hard....

  • 3+ years ago mm72000

    Would love to spread your beautiful asscheeks and lick your wet pussy and tight ass, before I slip my hard cock inside you.

  • 3+ years ago swetorp

    Just like to fuck you

  • 3+ years ago deka

    wow what a hot sexy view, i would rip off that dam string to get to that hot ass and puss

  • 3+ years ago asscpl

    Touching you ALL over would be a fabulous start....LICKING you all over would be the very next step!

  • 3+ years ago terrencejones09

    nice ass

  • 3+ years ago SVTCobra

    My shaft pressing in behind you.. pulling your string to the side.. Reaching up and squeezing your wanting tits

  • 3+ years ago californiadragon

    I come in close over your back. My hard throbbing cock rubs up against you ass as I whisper in your ear "Are you ready for me Baby?" I feel you shudder as I pull the string of your thong aside with my hand and slip a finger into your wet pussy. I feel your juices dripping in anticipation of my big meaty cock.....

  • 3+ years ago st8guy15401

    let me slide that thong aside lick that pussy then your smoking hot ass

  • 3+ years ago aggelos111


  • 3+ years ago karlofrancy


  • 3+ years ago goldenben

    I come up behind you and pull the string out and lay it aside. I then spread your cheeks and put my face between them and begin to lick. I hear you moan and I reach for your tits. I twirl the erect nipples between my fingers.

  • 3+ years ago walth2o

    just one thing I can do kiss and lick ur beautyfull ass

  • 3+ years ago exciter1967

    Let me slide that G-string out of your ass cheeks, so I can slide my hard cock into your sweet pussy. As I grab on hip with one hand and reach undrer and squeese and caress your tit for you. Switching back and forth as I fuck you good from behind...

  • 3+ years ago bdfbbqt

    I will kneel behind you and bury my lips and nose between your sweet cheeks and pull the string aside with my tongue as my hands find your breasts and cup them before tweaking your nipples...

  • 3+ years ago Vralin

    i'd have to slap your ass and caress your tits as i then begin kissing your ass as i finger you tight little pussy. movign your panties to the side i position behinde you and rub your pussy with my cock teasing you as i play with your ass. teasing with just inserting the head of my cock in your pussy and removing it i feel the warmth and readiness of your tight hole. i slam my cock into your waiting pussy and begin drilling you hard as i pull your hair and slap your as. i'd flip you on your back and put your legs over my shoulders as i drill deeper into your tight hole. kissing on your tits and sucking them i kiss my way up to your neck and then your lips. i bite your lips as i bust my huge load deep inside your pussy.

  • 3+ years ago Ilvisconte

    I would suck your toes and go closer to your pussy and lick both holers...

  • 3+ years ago blondepirate

    I'd kneel behind you and pull your string aside so I caouls slide my hot hard throbbing cock deep in you.....

  • 3+ years ago deerecpl

    I'd caress, lick and suck on your rock hard nipples, not stopping until your pussy soaks right through your panties. Then I'd remove them with my teeth, all the while darting my tongue into your sweet, wet hole. After tonguing you to a few intense orgasms, I'll slide my throbbing cock deep inside you, making you moan in ecstasy, while I go back to working your wanting tits. We'd end the night when we collapse in a pile of hot, sweaty, and tired, naked flesh.

  • 3+ years ago bgjoexxx

    amazingly beautiful sexy body...I would love to finis this story with you:)

  • 3+ years ago bjorn7

    You unzip my pants and reach in and pull out my rock hard cock

  • 3+ years ago thomas1313

    i'll bury my face in them cheeks and tongue fuck that ass while i reach around and pinch them hard little nipples

  • 3+ years ago captain1979

    amazing position ...ready for hard fuck!


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