After my pussy had dripped its juices almost down to my butt, I.. 1923455

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After my pussy had dripped its juices almost down to my butt, I needed someone to open wide my back door and give it some attention. Perhaps by rimming me with your delicious tongue, you could work me up to another orgasm?

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By: suctioncup
In: Butts, 3+ years ago



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  • 3 days ago todd

    yes I could

  • 2 months ago Fullofload

    Thanks for the moment today baby

  • 2 months ago suctioncup

    Pleasure was all mine

  • 3 months ago sexychef

    Let me lick those pussy juices from that gorgeous asshole give your ass a nice tongue fucking spread those cheeks nice and wide mmmm

  • 3 months ago wellhung68

    love to open you up

  • 3 months ago wellhung68

    nothing like licking your ass clean and then sliding deep in your ass

  • 4 months ago Sade

    i'd be your man and my tongue yours !

    I'd really love to test to bring you to orgasm this way !

  • 5 months ago 1frog


  • 5 months ago sexychef

    Looks delicious to me reach down and spread that sweet asshole open for me let me get my tongue in there as my fingers pinch and pull my most nipples give you a nice looking I am tongue fucking one of my favorite things to do

  • 5 months ago willyorange

    Love to rim that pert asshole for hours and hours! Would you let me?

  • 7 months ago allen56

    would love to

  • 8 months ago fitzwellinside

    like that idea

  • 8 months ago wisk501

    GREAT idea !

  • 9 months ago Dirk0490

    I think that can happen ♥

  • 10 months ago Ensign999

    love to sexy

  • 11 months ago silver1224

    eat you for hours

  • 1 year ago sexychef

    I will spread that sexy little asshole and lick up all the juices you want to give me

  • 1 year ago TheCeltic

    I will use this one again it looks an easy entry with all that juice.

  • 1 year ago Ensign999

    love to open your back door babe

  • 1 year ago sexychef

    I just can't get enough of looking at your delicious sexy little asshole mmm I could not resist rimming that mmm tongue fucking and wanting to slowly feed the head of my hard cock in mmm you have me stroking my cock right now, it's throbbing for you

  • 1 year ago sexychef

    I am your man!!! I just love kissing , licking, tongue fucking and rimming a hot tight sexy asshole mmm and yours is pure perfection sexy lady

  • 1 year ago TheCeltic

    Roll on later I need badly.

  • 1 year ago JMHX

    Pulling and tugging on your erect hard nipples while I bury my tongue deep in your back door hole.

  • 1 year ago ablemate


  • 2 years ago TheCeltic

    That is mine later :o)

  • 2 years ago TheCeltic

    You know what I want to do to that? :o)

  • 2 years ago Sade

    mmmmmmmm ! baby, i'm your man now !

  • 2 years ago bbwlvr58

    yummy I am in all tounge

  • 2 years ago keyan

    You could count on me as well

  • 2 years ago Cumanwatch1966

    Omg lady I'd love to see you cum over and over as well as help you do it! My tongue is yours and I'd def take care of rimming you just to see your pretty lil asshole twitch as you orgasmed hard!

  • 2 years ago hardcockxxx

    i want fuck your tight ass hole

  • 2 years ago thomasfrwash

    sweet ass, would love to try and make your orgasm over and over again

  • 2 years ago mm25693

    I want to work on you from your pussy to your back door to your tits and nipples. So much to have with you...

  • 2 years ago nodrama1029

    I will gladly lick and tongue fuck that wet and juicy asshole. That would be such treat

  • 2 years ago beyondbelief7

    i would love to rim and suck your ass hun

  • 2 years ago pasadena1941

    I would so love to try !

  • 2 years ago Imrockhard2

    Wish I was there to clean every inch and dart my tongue in and out of your sweetness.

  • 2 years ago FriendlyBlkGent

    OMG i'd love to lick you from your pretty juicy pussy to yours ass and back up again and repeat!

  • 2 years ago riggerman2010

    Yes please....

  • 2 years ago italianabout

    love this ass !

  • 2 years ago browsy

    ...Hmmm yes I think I will soon traveling to the old country again...just saying ;-)

  • 2 years ago rassgatid

    i am horny 4 u

  • 2 years ago smithy

    id love to eat your holes

  • 2 years ago MAUDIO1

    mmmmm. i'll gladly tickle that pretty ass with my tongue. would you like to see what that gorgeous ass does to me?

  • 2 years ago Horny50m

    I would do anything you asked if you let me lick that gorgeous ass

  • 2 years ago sparkey51

    oh baby I would LOVE to

  • 2 years ago hardcockxxx

    mmmmmmmmm i want lick all of your juice pussy

  • 2 years ago dietz10000

    be my pleasure

  • 2 years ago hrdnthk4u

    Mmmmmmmmmmmm tongue fuck that hungry tight asshole of yours before sliding my thick meaty cock in for a deep and wide ball slapping good time...😉😜😜😜😜

  • 2 years ago hotlips

    pick me! pick me!

  • 3 years ago sparkey51

    Ok...but only because you asked nice :)

  • 3 years ago wanderingscotman

    just the perfect ass to slide my tongue into...

  • 3 years ago samride

    mm, I'd take my time

  • 3 years ago vwgti5

    for sure in mins you would be at your destination

  • 3 years ago MrBeefcake

    WOW. great looking puss and asshole. I want in. Tongue first

  • 3 years ago ablemate

    that would be my pleasure!

  • 3 years ago Hugo101

    want you to fart on my dick and then plug it up your ass until i cum!

  • 3 years ago dietz10000

    if only we were close id love the oportunity to savor all of you

  • 3 years ago Tala

    I love seeing how you pussy is getting wet and wetter, the dripping juice that will run into my mouth while I tongue you ass, delicious!

  • 3 years ago robbiker95

    Yesss, love to have you on my face for an hour or two!

  • 3+ years ago hardone4u2

    yes please
    love to rim it

  • 3+ years ago buffalo24

    i would tongue your ass until you begged for my cock

  • 3+ years ago ffm666

    long french kiss in yo ass.......hmmm big kisss great ass

  • 3+ years ago ray42


  • 3+ years ago tommytommy

    ooooooooooooooo yes

  • 3+ years ago FriendlyBlkGent

    Mmm love to help open you :)

  • 3+ years ago ted7441

    I want to slide my tongue deep in your sweet ass!!!!

  • 3+ years ago chelstrev

    yes please...slurp....mmmmmmmmm

  • 3+ years ago welshbeef

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yes

  • 3+ years ago knobbyhardone

    I want to be your back door man ...

  • 3+ years ago alexath

    I like to lick,suck these tow beautiful,sex,ot holes...!!
    Would be nice to feel this pleasure both us...!!

  • 3+ years ago samjones

    Would Love To Help You Out With That , Not Like Cumming With A Tongue In Your Ass !

  • 3+ years ago Aldel

    Many many kisses to your lovely asshole!

  • 3+ years ago Tonguemagic257

    A deep long tongue fuck to get it open while fingering your pussy and clit.

  • 3+ years ago alexath

    I love this tender,hot hole also...!!!
    I want to fuck this sweetie with my tongue...!!

  • 3+ years ago yourdreams

    lick lick lick

  • 3+ years ago paolo0875

    after using tongue I would like to penetrate you with my cock….deeply and gently lol

  • 3+ years ago ray42


  • 3+ years ago keyan

    oh what a thrill to do just that.... my cock is throbbing at the thought... lovely ....very lovely

  • 3+ years ago ozzie392

    i would definately lick all that up and more just get in touch :)

  • 3+ years ago Cameltoejoe76

    I'd like to rim that hot ass for you sexy

  • 3+ years ago horny62yo

    Oh, the creme is flowing, need to make sure the flow continues until you are sated.

  • 3+ years ago Cairdeas

    You have such a lovely turn of phrase...was thinking I would just lick it, suck it and then fuck it.....and then repeat until exhausted

  • 3+ years ago mfmswinger

    My turn please

  • 3+ years ago jason106

    mmm I would love to try

  • 3+ years ago topdna

    hmmm would love tasting your pussy juices as my tongue rimmed you, licked you all the up to your clit and back to your soaking wet back door, probing and teasing..... loveit

  • 3+ years ago usemygf

    Put me down for it! I would clean u spotless!

  • 3+ years ago iangoth

    I can do this.... you make me so horny...

  • 3+ years ago iangoth

    let us do it...I think you are the best I meet... let us do it...

  • 3+ years ago Gordon08

    Mmmm yes please

  • 3+ years ago whatuafter

    would love to.....

  • 3+ years ago sexyone1

    My magic tongue would do wonders. You want only one more orgasm? I was thinking about 10 :)

  • 3+ years ago Dicktapus

    I could spend hours with my tongue in your ass!

  • 3+ years ago Gordon08

    Mmmm very creamy and very lovely

  • 3+ years ago loves2watch79

    god you make me wanna fill you up!

  • 3+ years ago duke4190

    Licking your sweet pussy juice off your ass would be really hot.

  • 3+ years ago rockler

    Love to lick all of you

  • 3+ years ago Zipp

    Mmmmmm would love to rim your ass and lickup all your juices to your juicy pussy xxxx

  • 3+ years ago JohnC46

    love to rim your ass and work some fingers into that wet pussy

  • 3+ years ago Wilan69

    lov to rimming you hot ass

  • 3+ years ago sexychef

    mmmm spread for sexy lady would love to taste your back door

  • 3+ years ago display4Me

    mmm my tongue is at your service milady

  • 3+ years ago SailingCpl

    If I did that with my tongue, will you let me fuck your ass. I can fill it with cum and then suck it back out. Makes my cock hard just thinking about it.

  • 3+ years ago vivaro19

    That would be my pleasure to rim you to orgasm and then slip my stiff cock into your juicy pussy

  • 3+ years ago snake3y3z

    would luv to sexy!!

  • 3+ years ago ukblue666

    mmmmm let me do that for you mmmmmmm

  • 3+ years ago Mclevy

    mmmm happy to give that a try xx

  • 3+ years ago smithy

    id rim ya

  • 3+ years ago silverado1

    wanna lick n fuck ur delicious ass mmmmmmmmmm

  • 3+ years ago sweetnstiff

    The thought of doing that has me getting quite firm i want to do that to you and to fill your pretty holes

  • 3+ years ago wanderingscotman

    what a delightful thought!

  • 3+ years ago hotandhornyphil

    i would love to do that, then fuck yr sexy ass too, wow, very sexy

  • 3+ years ago Syco69

    wow, lost for words... lovely.x

  • 3+ years ago biggrizzly69

    would be my pleasure hun !!!

  • 3+ years ago redunzel

    I'd love t ogive it my best shot!!!!

  • 3+ years ago Hotblkcock

    love 2 do that 4 u baby girl

  • 3+ years ago northsideguy2

    I do enjoy my work

  • 3+ years ago grannyhumpper

    love tongue your butt

  • 3+ years ago Horny1000

    mmm love to rim your arse and finger it to make you wet then fuck your arse hard

  • 3+ years ago hula100


  • 3+ years ago Cameltoejoe76

    I'd do that just for you!!!! Great pic!!!

  • 3+ years ago jimmyb68

    i would lick from your pussy to your arse rimming & tasting you using my finger at the same time to finger fuck you to an intense orgasm

  • 3+ years ago hdwt

    I wouuld enjoy licking your ass clean before sticking my cock up your puckered asshole :D

  • 3+ years ago dutchess

    oh thats so horney would love to join in

  • 3+ years ago GreekPagans

    Never heard a better mouth watering description!
    Mr TD

  • 3+ years ago hotandhornyphil

    I would love that, and then slip the throbbing heqad of my cock just into yr ass so it stretches around it, then frig u with my fingers dripping in yr hot juices until we cum together and I fill u with my hot cum...lovely

  • 3+ years ago sexychef

    I would love to spread you wide and rim that sexy tight ass hun

  • 3+ years ago lingus

    The best thing about tonguefucking a pretty woman's ass is the way it makes her moan....

  • 3+ years ago suctioncup

    and orally speaking, you should know.

  • 3+ years ago goldenben

    I would stick my finger in it and then part rour ass cheeks and lick you clean.

  • 3+ years ago juan2three

    I like the sound of that SC. I just could be your man....who knows..?

  • 3+ years ago slacker2006

    i know i could help you with that. but what will you do with me? ;)


Age: 58
Gender: Woman
Country: San Marino

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