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Easy access to all of me! What would you do if I sat in front of you looking like this?

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By: martiddds
In: BBW & Cuddly, 3+ years ago


tits mature legs

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  • 2 months ago hard4U

    Whip my cock out and get to work

  • 1 year ago bp0009

    you would see the effect you had on me through the bulge in my pants, then I would pull it out and slide it between your amazing tits and see where you took it from there

  • 2 years ago willyorange

    I would not be able to resist, and you would see me straining in my undies, ready for you to unleash him and do what you will!

  • 2 years ago Creaminurcoffee

    Lay you back on the bed and rub my cock against your clit before the big plunge.

  • 2 years ago yesrod

    Pull my cock out, put it in your mouth and play with your nipples

  • 3 years ago baffydk

    ask you to lean back, so i could lick your pussy then suck your nipples while my hard cock slide into you

  • 3 years ago freaky4tits

    Come over and suck and lick you good

  • 3+ years ago Cheshiremale

    you look amazing love to strip you and kiss every sexy inch of you wow x

  • 3+ years ago sonnengott

    Mmmmm nice and sexy

  • 3+ years ago nicole1960

    suck your toes to start with....

  • 3+ years ago jtf0914

    Just being honest, I would probably have a panic attack knowing I was in the same room with you, your gorgeous and a very sexy woman.

  • 3+ years ago YesPlease

    First, I'd get my cock out for easy access...

  • 3+ years ago justus2

    Class picture

  • 3+ years ago vanman3360

    Lick you all over..from your sweet wet slit, up your tummy to your tits...then lips as I bury my cock in that sweet wet pussy...

  • 3+ years ago chicago333

    I would spoil you with a tongue all over that gorgeous and sexy body for hours......WOW

  • 3+ years ago knobbyhardone

    Ooops ... don't you just love it when they slip out like that!

  • 3+ years ago zvrndow

    Sexy ...

  • 3+ years ago bdfbbqt

    probably babble like an idiot hoping you would invite me to eat at the Y

  • 3+ years ago vanman3360

    Mmmmm...lay you down..spread those legs and bury mg vock...into your wet pussy...

  • 3+ years ago oceancitymaster

    lay my cock between those gorgeous tits while u slowly lick the head then bend you over and have my way with you

  • 3+ years ago Slowburner

    Hold all my calls for the next 8 hours and romance you extensively. Great pose. Mmm

  • 3+ years ago Woodward1

    Lick your pussy

  • 3+ years ago kalvink


  • 3+ years ago muchlake


  • 3+ years ago jeunehomme

    Sexy mmmmmmmmm

  • 3+ years ago tongue2001

    mm I would have you for dinner ;-)

  • 3+ years ago NylonLover1960

    I would lay you back on that bed and please your sexy body

  • 3+ years ago shootmycum

    i'd spread your legs, gently mount you, and shoot my cum!

  • 3+ years ago cyberbating

    Sexy shot there lady, very nice. I would massage each breast until your nipples were hard and stiff, mm. Then I would suck on each, gently pulling, tugging with my teeth. Then lay you back on the bed, open your legs and lick from your nips, down your body, to your sweet clit. I would lick that swollen clit until your soaking wet pussy explodes with a powerful orgassm all from my tongue and all over my face. mm,mm,mm

  • 3+ years ago rockydimembro

    i would jump u and fuck u all night long wow wow wow what a sexy gorgeous body!!!

  • 3+ years ago john338

    lets put some stains in the sheets

  • 3+ years ago Doggboi

    would love to tie you to the posts of the bed, and just go over your body for hours with my tongue and fingers

  • 3+ years ago NylonLover1960

    Love to lay you back on that bed and please you

  • 3+ years ago bmbl58

    Wow nice program.... love
    I 'm up and down on your knees and you suck my dick well, your tongue turns on its head ( glans).
    You suck my balls and perineum, you make me put a finger in the ass while sucking me. mmm
    You sit on the edge of the table, legs wide open and I cling wrists ankles
    Your cat is beautiful at the disposal of my tongue.
    I kiss your crotch, the caress, caress your pussy.
    I'll lick your ass, I go up and arrives at perineum mmm you start to moan.
    I go up and spreads the lips of your pussy and I'm starting to lick you from bottom to top, although the tongue output. From time to time she goes in your vulva, and you groan of happiness...
    I lick fast and then slowly, I gently suck your clit, your pond is jumping from 10 cm.
    You 're more than a " bitch in heat " which just begs to be fucked.
    But this is only the beginning.
    I get up and you see your legs open pussy dripping and red with pleasure......
    PS: I love women like you in the flesh or there is "material "
    Wet kisses your divine nectar

  • 3+ years ago northsideguy2

    hold that pose sexy lady i will be right there

  • 3+ years ago blueat1

    I would pump my hot hard cock til I sprayed your lovely milf tits

  • 3+ years ago eros1974

    i would love to fuck you hard sweety

  • 3+ years ago rockhrd2

    so very sexy!!!

  • 3+ years ago robert9

    oh FUCK, U make me soooo hard

  • 3+ years ago loveshotbox

    lay you down ,suck them tits and bone your sweet pussy

  • 3+ years ago Ironwolf56

    COme here and fuck me baby!!!

  • 3+ years ago marans

    Wow - I think I would ease you back onto your back then help your breasts out before starting to explore your sensual curves

  • 3+ years ago ccflight

    The question is what I wouldn't do! Answer I would do everything and more!

  • 3+ years ago mastermerlin

    use the slutwife in you and turn it inside out!

  • 3+ years ago RICK69

    i would go nuts making out with a mature woman that loves cock

  • 3+ years ago londonpete

    I'll do anything you want darling. How could I say no? x

  • 3+ years ago miltfy

    such an amazing pic. where o where are your heels?

  • 3+ years ago jeffinmaine43

    I would kiss and lick every inch of you for hours......want to know more just ask me. :-)

  • 3+ years ago jtf0914

    I would enjoy every inch of you, you look fantastic. Wow very sexy!

  • 3+ years ago sevy25

    waow! so sexy! I'd love to do very naughty things with you

  • 3+ years ago snus

    Oh my so sexy...... Now show us that beautiful PUSSY I long to taste you

  • 3+ years ago afrimi

    like youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • 3+ years ago RoseAndBob

    What a erotic pic...excellent!

  • 3+ years ago collie

    for starters I`d drop to my knees lay you back and lick your clit and work a couple fingers inside you while I fondled your nipples until you showered me in your sweet nectar

  • 3+ years ago rrcsma

    Lick every inch of that beautiful body!~

  • 3+ years ago judeher

    Very sexy and sweet!

  • 3+ years ago ramron101

    I like this one...

  • 3+ years ago lovtolicky42

    anything you want me to :)-

  • 3+ years ago brett12

    very very sexy

  • 3+ years ago devil12

    Youre a naughty girl ! Get into bed and I'll join you shortly.

  • 3+ years ago rocker009

    mmmmmmm niceeeeeeee babe...wow u really got me so rock hard and horny

  • 3+ years ago xhibiton

    I would start by licking and sucking on your ear, then neck, while sliding my hands into that shirt and taking your soft breasts in my hands. I'd feel your hard nipples against my palms as I caressed them, slowly kissing my way to one of them, then letting one hand separate your legs, slowly fingering you. Then as you got wet, I'd lean you back and enter you with my hard cock and pump you full of cum...

  • 3+ years ago morethanasmile69

    The question is what do you want ??

  • 3+ years ago bmbl58

    I'll make the great movies. Fondling, licking, sucking and fucking
    Je te fais le grand cinema. Caresser, lecher, sucer et baiser

  • 3+ years ago iluv69


  • 3+ years ago travellingcaper

    wow comes to mind !!!!!!

  • 3+ years ago Jeeepman

    You would not be sitting for long. You would be on your back with those long legs in the air

  • 3+ years ago arsmovendi

    Baby,you would`nt be sitting like that too long because I would slowly lay you back while peeling the rest of your clothes off and suck your nipples while strocking your clit!

  • 3+ years ago crispycake

    Lay you back on that bed and have my wicked way with your body until you couldn't take any more!!

  • 3+ years ago WesNBama

    damn i would love to suck on them all night

  • 3+ years ago Sexsounds

    Breathe taking !

  • 3+ years ago Cameltoejoe76

    MMMMMMMMMMMMMM kiss all over your sweet sexy body. Then I'd........

  • 3+ years ago licker

    i'd be loosing my pants and laying you on your back for a tongue lashing

  • 3+ years ago Johnnytheex

    Probably dump my load on the spot and then die of a heart attack! Your pic is just way hot!

  • 3+ years ago b3anp0l3

    I would undo the last button of your top, lie you back on the bed and then kiss, lick and suck all over your sexy body.

  • 3+ years ago giannistsekouras

    id love to be there with you!!! you are sooo sexy

  • 3+ years ago R64S68

    I would say, Thank You God !

  • 3+ years ago Damian2k2000

    So hot,.get ready for 5 hrs of intense sex!

  • 3+ years ago KinkyCougar

    Very temping photo

  • 3+ years ago jeffinmaine43

    i would start with kissing you from head to toe...want to know the rest just let me know. :-*

  • 3+ years ago whynot88


  • 3+ years ago boatman6969

    I would want you to get naked and get on top of me and rub them beautiful tits in my face

  • 3+ years ago silverado1


  • 3+ years ago HardForYou

    You are such a sensual sexy woman..ty..ty..ty

  • 3+ years ago MnMs

    mmmm so desirable.

  • 3+ years ago ScotsVic

    WOW!........Sexy lady!!!!

  • 3+ years ago pythonlee

    Would put you on all fours and slowly take you while feeling those heavy ripe swinging tits of yours.

  • 3+ years ago me1059

    would love to lick ,suck, and fuck you

  • 3+ years ago sakal

    ooohhh super sexi women!!!!!!!!! PUSSY?????????

  • 3+ years ago dawgs63

    let me lick your body from head to toe.an some speical spot's on the way.

  • 3+ years ago sleprock45

    strip you down then give your body the attention that it deserves

  • 3+ years ago tigobittylover

    id lay you back, shove my tongue deep inside your pussy make you feel me slithering around deep inside you and id reach up n pinch n squeez those nipples and big tis yum!

  • 3+ years ago alfaguy

    I would lick you until you came 9 or 10 times squirting with each and then I'd fuck you till you came some more.

  • 3+ years ago shootmycum

    Spread those lovely legs and let me fill you with hot cum!

  • 3+ years ago flawater

    I would suck on your gorgeous tits as one hand freed that button. Then I would push you back on the bed and climb on top of you while still licking your nipples. My dripping cock would rub up against your tight pussy, till you begged for me to fuck you. Then I would thrust into you and we would fuck for hours, filling you with my warm sticky cum over and over.

  • 3+ years ago luvsoral

    I'd get down on my knees and start licking you

  • 3+ years ago jbrgv53

    mmm start licking you from your legs up to you sweet pussy then continue all over your hot n sexy body,then lay you back and spread those hot legs open and sink my hard cock into your juicy wet pussy fucking you hard n depp until you cum...then i'd fill you hot pussy with my load

  • 3+ years ago wildoat

    Words fail me.

  • 3+ years ago boatman6969

    I would love for you sit on my face and fuck my tongue. untill you cumm all over my face

  • 3+ years ago boatman6969

    I would love to have you sit on my face and fuck my tongue untill you cumm all over my face

  • 3+ years ago bdf4030

    My BBC is throbbing to fuck you..

  • 3+ years ago ukblue666

    omg eat your hot pussy beforw sinking my swollen cock deep inside you mmmmmmmmm

  • 3+ years ago freddie6969

    Nice legs too

  • 3+ years ago dingdong4u

    make mad passionate love to you in an instant!!!!!!!! more than once, you're my kind of woman

  • 3+ years ago pressman45

    jump your body

  • 3+ years ago pythonlee

    The list is endless babes.

  • 3+ years ago nepabi4u

    i'd lick you ALL over your luscious hot fuckin body

  • 3+ years ago me1059

    lick and suck on your tits pussy and ass before fucking you

  • 3+ years ago xxtwo12

    i would lay you back on the bed and rock your world all night

  • 3+ years ago greygoose

    I would start by licking your toes,up your legs,to the sweet pussy. Spend time getting it all hot and wet and taste you when you cum in my mouth.The rest of the evening would be fantasy night. Very sexy and hot mature woman.

  • 3+ years ago Ggath1970

    I want to lay you back and let me do all the job starting with a slowly licking from the toes to the lips everywhere....................... I want to see you cuming again and again.

  • 3+ years ago BIGBootyDaddy

    Mmmmm I'd rip that shirt off of you and suck on those big 36DDD tits while giving that 60 year old pussy some hard young cock!

  • 3+ years ago icancunow38

    very sexy and you would be teasing the crap out of me for one hehehhe

  • 3+ years ago sonnengott

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm start too lick those tits

  • 3+ years ago sonnengott

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nice , looks good

  • 3+ years ago yorkie3

    for a start lick those lovely tits

  • 3+ years ago theoldog

    Wow! Very sexy lady!!

  • 3+ years ago Ensign999

    i wish i was there to suck your great big tits and fuck your sexy body

  • 3+ years ago coolman45

    ohhhhhhhh babyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • 3+ years ago lovethemplump

    Fantastic hope you keep posting

  • 3+ years ago earlmstrs

    Lean down and kiss you hello; then lay you down to touch every part of your body. I'd then bury my face between your legs while pinching your nips... When I couldn't wait anymore I'd stand up and take you. We'd all like to see more I'd say :)

  • 3+ years ago ChucknBobbijean


  • 3+ years ago fabbo25

    mmmm...ur so hot

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