Where will you shoot your load baby.. all over my face or ass? 12649813

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Where will you shoot your load baby….. all over my face or ass?

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By: TheeLaurenMarie1
In: Self Shots, 11 months ago


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  • 1 day ago Phalic61

    So fucking sexy. I would bend you over and slide my big cock in to you

  • 6 days ago Jamessaintcroix

    Fuck, you are sexy!!

  • 1 week ago kutekazzy

    god she's beautiful

  • 3 weeks ago DaddyGreene69

    I absolutely adore you. I cannot get enough. It's becoming a problem lol

  • 1 week ago TheeLaurenMarie1

    It’s a good problem tho….. you love it!💋

  • 1 month ago Superfreak3

    Tough choice, but I's love to cum on your face!

  • 1 month ago Killercock


  • 1 month ago 69jimmy69696969

    definitely in your hot ass, with a second load for that lovely face

  • 2 months ago openlife1234

    Your hot sexy ass

  • 2 months ago Hugable

    O M G - just kiss me

  • 2 months ago MusicalYouth

    Babe, you’re such a beauty!

  • 2 months ago Www123


  • 2 months ago Booster33

    wow! you are gorgeous!

  • 2 months ago MrMisterciao


  • 2 months ago Sulo11

    Would love to fuck you in your gorgeous ass and cum into your face... 😋

  • 2 months ago TheeLaurenMarie1

    Sounds like my kinda man!

  • 2 months ago Sulo11

    ... and like my kinda woman! 😍

  • 2 months ago 7inchcock26

    Pretty face, and Pretty Ass . Perfect.

  • 2 months ago holahallo17

    what fantastic ass!

  • 2 months ago mark2000us

    In your ass

  • 2 months ago Hartvonhintenxxx


  • 2 months ago cfnm1956

    Definitely your face x

  • 2 months ago c2thep

    allover your cute face doll

  • 2 months ago MaximusAD2015

    I would have to cum on your pretty face

  • 2 months ago YMflrss15

    Absolutely gorgeous

  • 2 months ago CarolusA

    love your eyes... and the rest also xx

  • 2 months ago trib4u

    I love this pic because I can probably hit both your sexy ass and gorgeous face with the same orgasm ; )

  • 2 months ago hardnsweet

    Damn you are so beautiful and sexy!!!!❤️

  • 2 months ago darkdesires

    you look so pretty, i love to kiss you ,actually eat your lips and suck your tongue ,Wonderful tits, can I suck them for u, actually I want u to suck them with me then we kiss, i go down kissing to smell your pussy and eat it, turn u around to kiss your ass and lick your ass hole, would u open ass cheeks to help me??

  • 2 months ago morrissey

    Over your sexy face.

  • 3 months ago andover40

    What beautiful body, face, eyes and that sweet mouth. You are a sexy perfect fuck machine. And your warm moist mouth is whispering to my cock right now "Cum over here".

  • 3 months ago RayandMargie

    Where ever you want it 😜

  • 3 months ago Kraken79

    Down your throat.

  • 3 months ago Nate77777

    I can’t decide, both are so beautiful

  • 3 months ago lovelmydick

    All over your face!

  • 3 months ago MILFbuster89

    All over your pretty face sweetie!

  • 3 months ago OmertaM

    Great shot. Everything is beautiful- and the face, and the blue eyes, and the ass.

  • 3 months ago stanflat

    this pic always makes me cum!!

  • 3 months ago TheeLaurenMarie1

    Good darlin….. very hot! Makes my pussy drip to hear that you love to cum on my picture!

  • 3 months ago hunkoflove

    💋I love your ass.

  • 3 months ago Dulboot70

    You would have already got me rock solid with a bj and I would be pulling out of your pussy so have to be all over that gorgeous ass

  • 4 months ago MarineGent69

    Both please

  • 4 months ago Pippylongstockin

    Pretty, pretty ass also.

  • 4 months ago someonefrompast

    You are a true beauty...Am I too naughty for wanting to blow my load deep inside your pussy? ;)

  • 4 months ago TheeLaurenMarie1

    Well no…… that’s where I prefer it to be honest

  • 4 months ago someonefrompast

    Great! Thats where I prefer finishing too😘

  • 4 months ago playneauxgames


  • 4 months ago Bigoness

    I'll cum over your ass your face is too beautiful to get all cum on

  • 4 months ago Stamper69

    I would make a point of shooting it all over you got a precious face and ass you would be a waste not to get them both at the same time

  • 4 months ago Kemuel007

    I’m in Illinois also! Let’s chat

  • 4 months ago toker77

    Holy.. u have a pretty face 😍 I wanna cum all over it

  • 4 months ago Firstimeonhere

    I'll drain my balls in your ass

  • 4 months ago Hornycountryboy

    That's a tough decision there girl.

  • 4 months ago kramit

    I just missed both your face and your ass, maybe next time.....
    Love your ass!!!!
    Pretty face too!

  • 4 months ago Mistergrey

    Omg do one of these for me

  • 4 months ago kaylamiller19


  • 5 months ago Smallcock7

    Very pretty & lovely bum ❤️

  • 5 months ago stanflat

    beautiful rideable ass!!

  • 5 months ago welike2party

    to damn sexy

  • 5 months ago ThrobbinWood

    Tough decision but with that pose I think a good ass job would be in order. If I cum hard enough and you turn your head a bit I might get a little on your face.

  • 5 months ago brandon2828

    I love those big eyes. Soooo very sexy

  • 5 months ago Firedad130

    I would fill that tight ass full of cum then make hubby clean you out!

  • 5 months ago TheeLaurenMarie1

    You want to dominate me don’t you stud?? Will you laugh and tease my hubby as his cocks locked tight and he licks all your hot sticky cum dripping from my ass??? Maybe encourage me to ball bust him in his chaste 💋

  • 5 months ago ilikethescreamer

    I wanna rail that ass while your hubby watches!

  • 5 months ago TheeLaurenMarie1

    Yesssss baby that’s soooo hot!! I will let you do just that and fill my ass so full of cum it leaks down my legs for days!! Will you make hubby lick up your mess from my gaping ass???? Would love to feel your pulsating cock deep in my tight ass !!!

  • 5 months ago n1c3boy

    Face! You too pretty to miss that! ;-)

  • 5 months ago here4uub2

    I would hope we would do it enough for all of your holes 🕳 bab

  • 5 months ago herf

    you are just BEAUTIFUL

  • 5 months ago Gren

    Baby, im a greedy fucker with things i like, so it has to be both and then some, lets just shower you from head to toe x

  • 5 months ago bestHusband

    Good recovery time, how about both having the beautiful ass go first followed by your enchanting face?

  • 6 months ago Nate77777

    Absolutely perfect

  • 6 months ago deep6

    prettiest eyes~

  • 6 months ago marcovanb

    good looking from both sides

  • 6 months ago Falcon61

    My my my, I haven’t birthday spanked a girl’s sweet little naked tail since naughty sorority days in college and I loved it then. Got to be up close and personal with them as I became wet with excitement. Makes my pussy tingle now thinking about it. I’d love to be there in this pic and spank you so sensuously for your Day. Happy Birthday!!

  • 6 months ago dxedxe

    Both happy birthday

  • 6 months ago hunkoflove

    Well, after I lick your ass I’d put a load of cum on it

  • 6 months ago Kingchamps

    Mmm over your awesome ass for sure 😈🍆💦💦💦

  • 6 months ago BIGP79

    Same shot but spread your ass cheeks so we can see your pretty little asshole, yum! I would shoot depending where I was fucking, if I was fucking your ass, id cum on your pretty little starfish, but if I was fucking your mouth, Id cum all over your face, such a good slut!

  • 6 months ago Canadiandick


  • 6 months ago nomadjet

    Amazing eyes

  • 6 months ago Kraken79

    Inside your tight little backdoor, balls deep.

  • 6 months ago seedspreader

    Looking really good from the front and the back!

  • 6 months ago TheeLaurenMarie1

    I’d love some of your seed deep inside me

  • 6 months ago seedspreader

    Nice...I was thinking the same thing actually. mmm

  • 6 months ago TheeLaurenMarie1

    What position are you gonna fuck me in when you explode deep inside my wet pussy??

  • 6 months ago seedspreader

    You need to be on top straddling me...controlling the motion and the pace. That way, you can grind as much as you want keeping me deep inside you when I empty my balls.

  • 5 months ago TheeLaurenMarie1

    Oh baby I will clamp down and keep that big cock of yours balls deep inside me until I feel you thrust every drop of your huge load inside me…. And lick up all the mess off your balls from my dismount

  • 6 months ago Oh2Cum4U

    Your ass is as beautiful as your face

  • 6 months ago orgasmdonor

    Your ass is absolutely great for shooting cum, but after you made that shoot cum on my face invitation it is very hard to make a choice!

  • 6 months ago MarcelocorujaBR

    mm beautiful

  • 6 months ago b1975


  • 6 months ago TimmyLongfellow

    if I can have a sloppy kiss sweetie mmm

  • 6 months ago TheeLaurenMarie1

    If I suck on your tongue while reaching for your cock will that be ok?

  • 6 months ago TimmyLongfellow

    how about I squirt my warm cum on your pussy and I lap up all our sweetness

  • 6 months ago Falcon61

    Just can’t hide beauty, wanna shoot cum all over your sweet tail and starburst hole, not done yet, then lick it all off your tight warm pink starburst

  • 6 months ago Misanthrope777

    I will love to shoot it over your beautiful face

  • 6 months ago mindyrohr

    God yes.

  • 6 months ago Bighop75

    There would be so much of my load that I'd cover both your face and ass twice over - damn you're a stunning lady!!!

  • 6 months ago coq4u

    Hard choice, both are beautiful.

  • 6 months ago mindyrohr

    That ass for sure. You're a gem.

  • 6 months ago vvlfm


  • 6 months ago hermannelson

    deep inslide your pussy

  • 7 months ago milena0706

    Beauty ❤❤😍😍❤❤

  • 7 months ago andy707

    You get me so hot ! BOTH!!

  • 7 months ago btat

    On your beautiful face looking at those beautiful blue eyes.

  • 7 months ago IndeeGuy

    We’ll have to do it enough times so I can cum all over you!

  • 7 months ago Rockitup

    On that pretty face right after I pull out of your ass !!

  • 7 months ago Cantab

    face first then bend you over facing the mirror so we can both admire your facial as you get pumped from behind

  • 6 months ago TheeLaurenMarie1

    Made me so wet reading that…. Would love you to cum pump me full with your babies dripping off my chin

  • 7 months ago YesPlease

    I’ve got enough for both!

  • 7 months ago lickyousillyy223

    god damn you are sexy

  • 7 months ago paolo0875


  • 7 months ago sexgamer

    Omg...I love it...I love all of you

  • 7 months ago Scodaman2

    Shoot it on your ass and face

  • 7 months ago Hellsballs

    Both. Just keep sucking after I blow the first one and the 2nd will be on the way in no time

  • 7 months ago 5Justlookingnow5

    mm all over

  • 7 months ago PickleRick42o

    how about i shoot my thick load across your face as soon as I'm finished working that sweet ass of yours

  • 7 months ago Timbucktwo

    amazing....0ver 360 comments now - you deserve them!

  • 7 months ago TheeLaurenMarie1

    Thanks baby! When can you cum fill my sweet wet pussy with your big hard cock?? You’re my next zoig fuck!

  • 7 months ago Cuminyourpanties

    Pretty face 😍

  • 7 months ago Toniz1

    Can't refuse such a wonderful offer as that!! Phenomenal ass abd so very beautiful!

  • 7 months ago midwesternguy

    Why not both?

  • 7 months ago Mrbigblackcock

    Face sweetie.

  • 7 months ago JKJK94169416

    I'd love to COVER your face in my warm jizz mmmmmm

  • 7 months ago hunkoflove

    Boy that’s a tough decision.... let me eat that ass for a while and I’ll decide

  • 7 months ago Longballs1000

    So fucking sexy

  • 7 months ago Honda549

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm you are a very beautiful very sexy woman wow yummy sexy body and ass damn I would absolutely love to shoot my load on your yummy sexy ass ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  • 7 months ago joe1235

    HOT ass! Mmm!

  • 7 months ago buttluver01

    So Fucking HOT! 🔥

  • 7 months ago Mastovit

    You are beautiful, you look like an angel

  • 7 months ago Newjay73

    So sexy!!

  • 7 months ago hunkoflove

    I wanna lick your ass

  • 7 months ago 70smyt

    Wherever you like

  • 7 months ago hobo222

    I am thinking perhaps in your ass if that would be OK?

  • 7 months ago cumfilled8

    Mm would love to shoot it all over you !! So hard for u looking at pics !!

  • 7 months ago extermitias

    Pretty eyes! I prefer to shoot my loads deep inside, front or back doors!!! But I might do an exception...

  • 7 months ago v8power01

    i want to glaze you like a FUCKING donut

  • 7 months ago FuzzyO

    Gorgeous eyes and ass💓💓💓💓 Inviting lips💓💓💓💓

  • 7 months ago johninmotion

    It's a shame to have to choose... Both are worthy targets

  • 7 months ago Lonestar13

    Ladies choice...

  • 7 months ago uwannaseeitshoot

    I wanna shoot my load all over your face

  • 7 months ago blueray4000

    Love this body

  • 7 months ago edboy1991

    Wow yummy

  • 7 months ago devonfair

    Luv to coat both with a massive load

  • 7 months ago Monstercock96

    Cum all over u and in u

  • 7 months ago chri50

    Hot and beautiful 😍

  • 8 months ago pussyloveur

    Kind of hard to answer when you're looking like that...

  • 8 months ago SixGoingOn8

    Let me spray your face and watch it drip down all over your tits… 💧 Only concern with face though is I wouldn’t want to get in your eyes as it would be a shame for you to have to close them. Those gorgeous blues need to be open and looking up at me!

  • 8 months ago entertainment4u

    inside your tight pussy

  • 8 months ago gourmet6966

    inside you if you let me

  • 8 months ago sexgamer

    A beauty....

  • 8 months ago kramit

    Anywhere you want, sexy!

  • 8 months ago Kensmyth

    You gotta pick. I make bad choices! Lol

  • 8 months ago twoforone100


  • 8 months ago Jted

    one the sexiest on zoig! Such a hot picture of such a hot woman.

  • 8 months ago Harper666


  • 8 months ago Jeepin

    Wow! Killer figure and you are gorgeous! What a combination!

  • 8 months ago chocolateman68

    You are beautiful with a very nice ass. I'm putting my load all over your face.

  • 8 months ago thickandlong5005

    How about deep inside your tight pussy?

  • 8 months ago dobran

    So beautiful- front and back

  • 8 months ago Good2fuck

    I'm new to the site and you caught my attention

  • 8 months ago freddyfun

    Your blowjob face and my cock... a hot big load jerked off as starter all over this face... and immediately afterwards fuck your gorgeous ass from behind and cum for the second time

  • 8 months ago nightmist2013

    Beautiful lady and beautiful ass...I prefer your pussy

  • 8 months ago mathteach4

    you have GORGEOUS blue eyes!

  • 8 months ago lickuwhile69

    So beautiful

    If I could choose where I could cum … it would be your tits while you’re on your knees in a department store

  • 6 months ago TheeLaurenMarie1

    That’s so hot….. I’m game on when you visit Illinois let me know please

  • 8 months ago TT1024

    Deep in your glorious pussy

  • 8 months ago solocup


  • 8 months ago Steve987

    Maybe deep in your beautiful pussy?

  • 8 months ago dinosore

    Stunning! x

  • 8 months ago Max7388

    You absolutely stunning

  • 8 months ago BIGP79

    Definitely your face, but id be fingering your asshole

  • 8 months ago funformore

    Very pretty

  • 8 months ago hotbodies

    I love when this pic pops up in my feed. ... one of my favorites on zoig. you're so freaking gorgeous.

  • 8 months ago tetrad

    You are a very attractive woman

  • 8 months ago yorkylad

    Both are equally beautiful so I will let you decide which to cover first 😜😍😍🍆💦💦💦💦🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • 8 months ago deasy


  • 8 months ago Bulmaster

    What a beautiful face and hot body… I’d love to be fucking you after you sucked my big cock hard!

  • 8 months ago charliebird

    Oh, I'd want it to be deep in your hot, married pussy.

  • 9 months ago vinbb

    You are so hot that i would easily cum 2 times on your face and your ass !

  • 9 months ago LupoSolitario55

    Magnificent sexy babe with a masterpiece sexy ass, both we love you

  • 9 months ago Sade

    both ! would you mind ??

  • 9 months ago Tytiger

    Would love to breed you

  • 9 months ago Timbucktwo

    mmm what a pretty lady - and fabulous ass too!

  • 9 months ago elglorioso2010

    I absolutely adore your perfect, pretty asshole! Would lick and slide my tongue in it before pushing my hard cock inside and making you cum while I fuck your sweet ass. Then it'll be my turn shoot my hot cum in your amazing ass.

  • 9 months ago rnd555

    What an amazing woman! Want to cum so much!

  • 9 months ago b0sai55

    I prefer shooting my load in your mouth and then watching as you smile, savor every drop and then swallow. I’m sure filling your tight little ass hoke with my load would be enjoyable too. After you could sit on my face and ride as my tongue licks you into a beautiful state of orgasmic pleasure.

  • 9 months ago otherman

    I would always prefer to cum inside you but this photo makes me want to put my hands around your waist and rail you up against that sink. Then pull out when your done cumming on my dick while we make eye contact in the mirror and let you feel your ass get a couple ropes of heavy cum across your cheeks.

  • 9 months ago marlowe10

    Inside you! Definitely inside you

  • 9 months ago spfdm4u

    On that beautiful little ass!

  • 9 months ago darkdesires

    pls post pics of your so sexy ass, i love to kiss it and lick your ass hole while u watch in the mirror, would u like that?

  • 9 months ago swimboy

    My big load belongs to your womb, throat or asshole!

  • 9 months ago darkdesires

    i love to kiss and play with each and every part of your so sexy body, kiss nipples and suck them while look into your eyes, then go down kiss even your hands and fingers, tummy, thighs, legs even feet, then up again to lick thighs and eat pussy then lick down to your ass hole, will u let me lick your ass hole? will u open ass cheeks to help me?

  • 9 months ago bp0009

    looks like you will make me cum enough for there to be loads on both

  • 9 months ago Wellheeledwife

    Incredible! So classy and cute at the same time

  • 9 months ago SamTheGrower

    You are stunning, very pretty in every way

  • 9 months ago darkdesires

    your perfect body is amazing, love to kiss and lick each and every part of you, suck nipples and pull them with my lips while looking into your eyes, then go down kissing to pussy, eat it for u and lick thighs, then turn your around to spank your ass and open ass cheeks for inspection, what would u do if u feel my warm wet tongue licking your ass hole?

  • 9 months ago TheeLaurenMarie1

    Mmmmmmm I would thrust back baby so my ass would smack you in the face in hopes that your tongue would poke inside my hot lil ass then I’d straddle your face and let you take turns licking my ass and my clit until I was about to cum and then I’d grind down hard on your face pressing my clit against your mouth so you could taste all of my sweet pussy cum. When I stopped trembling for a moment I would pull your cock thru your zipper and blow you so damn good up to the moment you wanted to explode and then I’d mount you and look into your eyes while you scream my name filling my pussy full of your cum. Mmmmmmm

  • 9 months ago darkdesires

    so sexy, would u kiss me knowing that i was just licking your ass hole? would u suck my tongue out of your ass hole?

  • 9 months ago TheeLaurenMarie1

    Of course baby….. my ass is clean and yummy goodness! All that’s missing is your tongue and cock…… would you like to penetrate my tight white ass baby while I suck on your tongue you could slide your amazing cock deep inside if you’d like??

  • 9 months ago darkdesires

    sure i love that, i will lube your ass hole first with my warm wet tongue ,maybe play with your pussy with fingers and use it to lube your ass hole more, while looking into your so sexy eyes and pretty face i would eat your lips then i will take my fingers out of your ass, and lick it while u watch, would u lick to lick it with me, then i would lube my cock in your pussy and move to fuck your wonderful ass, will it be your first time to have your ass licked?

  • 9 months ago shaftxxx

    In your tight little ass

  • 9 months ago Falcon61

    Way to hot of a pic, love the mirror of your sweet ass, wish your pants were down a little more where your pussy peeked out and teased me

  • 9 months ago thelovly73

    omg so pretty

  • 9 months ago Seeking469

    Both I want to cum twice !

  • 9 months ago Bifreewilly


  • 9 months ago misterjoshua75

    Head to toe front & back!!!

  • 9 months ago ralphtinley

    Uh, OK! 🤪 🙏🏼

  • 9 months ago Sinkabala

    Both, and repeat!

  • 9 months ago Purenuts


  • 9 months ago Funforgirls87

    cant i do both baby?! x

  • 9 months ago kramit

    Can't wait to see your tits too!

  • 9 months ago Jonathan337

    If you Say So

  • 9 months ago Lovetocum62

    Those beautiful blue eyes....🌹🌹

  • 9 months ago chvyhunt

    Wow sexy ass!!

  • 9 months ago orgasmdonor

    I would go first with you ass, it is so amazing. I would kiss your beautiful but if you feel that you need a huge cum blast running down your chin, I would gladly give you a huge splash of sticky cum.

  • 9 months ago mathteach4

    GORGEOUS eyes...great ass too :)

  • 9 months ago paloindalo

    i would like to see your face full of my cum

  • 9 months ago walo

    Very hot sexy inviting face, perfect ass, both please

  • 9 months ago cymanx

    mmmm i wanna cum all over that pretty face

  • 9 months ago ron2relax

    You are absolutely stunningly beautiful

  • 9 months ago Upinus

    I will blow my load WHERE EVER YOU WANT ME TO💦💦💦 !!!

  • 9 months ago MaximusAD2015

    I would love to cum on your pretty face

  • 9 months ago Bigcuck805


  • 9 months ago Bobbyboi4u

    So hot

  • 9 months ago kteck

    Wow 😍

  • 9 months ago Bruv

    You let me know where you want to see cum over and I will send you the video unless it's better doing it on cam together

  • 9 months ago TheeLaurenMarie1

    All over my stellar ass baby….. some men can’t resist my plump round ass and just go crazy licking it for hours lol.

  • 9 months ago JKJK94169416

    all over your face !

  • 9 months ago jstoner53


  • 9 months ago Sulo11

    I think I would prefer your pretty face...:-)

  • 9 months ago Wildirish

    After im done hitting your yummy pussy from behind balls deep id cum all over your beautiful ass 😋

  • 9 months ago Falcon61

    Definitely ass, then lick it off. Hot seeing your sweet tail in the mirror

  • 9 months ago tedster4u

    Yes I will!

  • 9 months ago footjob090

    wherever you want it !

  • 9 months ago Guessn

    Do I have the choose only one?

  • 9 months ago Funlover70

    My god, you are gorgeous 😍 🥵🥴

  • 9 months ago Toniz1

    Absolutely stunning!!

  • 9 months ago riggerman2020

    So incredibly sexy...

  • 9 months ago MILFbuster89

    All over your pretty face, and let it drip off your chin!

  • 9 months ago MILFbuster89

    Hands down the most gorgeous lady I’ve ever laid eyes upon! You are a 10 sexy and even hotter with your personality! I sent you a video babe, still trying to wipe off my laptop … all sticky from where your profile photo was, so hot , thank you for sharing such a hot bod!!!!

  • 9 months ago Rocme2nyte

    So inviting!

  • 9 months ago Pauldonac

    Both! First id love to watch those beautiful eyes and mouth on my cock until i shot hot cum over you're face then spin you around and fuck both your holes from behind while watching your lick my cum off you're face in the mirror finally another large shot of cum all over you're ass.

  • 9 months ago TheeLaurenMarie1

    Mmmmmmmm I’m soooo wet soaking thru my panties as many of you have been so kind to send me hot videos as you blow your load all over my profile pic while talking oh so dirty to me ….. such a turn on! I soak thru my panties in anticipation each time I sit down and cum to every video you send me….. so thank you all and please keep stroking those big hard cocks over my photo!! TheeLaurenMarie1@outlook.com Look forward to watching you cum really soon!

  • 9 months ago SeeksSub

    Allover that hot little ass

  • 9 months ago Cockkisser

    My cock throbbs for your beautiful face and your smoking hot body and ass! I'm throbbing and jacking now. Check me out and let's be friends.

  • 9 months ago OutdoorsGuy

    Hmmm I’d like to shoot my first load on your ass and my second load all over your face.

  • 9 months ago kavliarhs

    Incredible as but I can resist to covered that pretty face when you look at me with that pretty eyes

  • 10 months ago swede63Lund

    How beautiful you are! Such lovely blue eyes...

  • 10 months ago biguyou8123

    You're beautiful

  • 10 months ago durgamaadim003

    sure on your wonderfull as !

  • 10 months ago Bradinoz

    Smoking hot 😍

  • 10 months ago getndeepnu

    Face, Ass, Pussy and Tits

  • 10 months ago expunged00


  • 10 months ago daytonaguy88

    omg those eyes

  • 10 months ago Titmaster

    I would shoot my big hot load on both and fill your nice tight hot wet pussy with a big hot load also hon

  • 10 months ago gentlemanly

    I'd love to leave a big puddle in between those red pants and your pink pussy!

  • 10 months ago Fisher30

    Wherever I can lick it off!

  • 10 months ago Dankjake88

    It would have to be your choice. Choosing between Amazing and Unreal would take too long. Beautiful!

  • 10 months ago adalim


  • 10 months ago wrongway12

    That’s a great ass

  • 10 months ago Dangled123


  • 10 months ago Bigun121

    Ass…. Definitely ass… oooooh yes.. ass.. ha.. 😜💋💦 x

  • 10 months ago katpet26

    Perfect ass and eyes to die for. Hard choices. ! If you are into extremely heavy loads let me know lol :)

  • 10 months ago Kikabeto

    No doubt, all over your Lipe

  • 10 months ago FuckMe69Hard

    BOTH. Id bust acouple of loads on you and clean you up after!! 😋😋😍😝😚😘😘😜🤤🤤

  • 10 months ago elliotthenry


  • 10 months ago mrgirth4u

    both please!

  • 10 months ago paloindalo

    You have a great body, would love to get my hands on it ?

  • 10 months ago c2thep

    i wamt both , deep fucking and 69ing ur sexxxy ass

  • 10 months ago nlmuld1

    That depends whether I’m able to pull out of that delicious pussy of yours in time….!

  • 10 months ago TheeLaurenMarie1

    Never! It has never happened yet I should say. Only a second or third load was anyone able to pull out and blast it all over my face ! Not sure what to make of that….

  • 10 months ago nlmuld1

    Well, your pussy must feel really good then, because your pretty face covered in cum is also going to be quite a mesmerizing view I bet….!

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    Anywhere you want it!

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    I want to see the look in your big, gorgeous eyes as I fill your mouth and watch you swallow.

  • 10 months ago TheeLaurenMarie1

    You just made my pussy soak thru my panties

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    Yum, might I offer to lick and suck on your sweet pussy too. I’d love to get you to squirt your feminine juices in my mouth 😈

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    Better hurry! I’m about ready to cum all over right now

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    Makes me wish I was an Illinois resident or at least close to you. My old cock is throbbing and my mouth watering👅😘

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    I get rock hard every time I see this pic!! Those gorgeous blue eyes, that sweet smile, that highly erotic nose, and that purrrrrrrfect round ass... Just dying to see a full nude! ;-)

  • 10 months ago TheeLaurenMarie1

    Glad you adore me baby….. now cum fuck me right will you please?!?

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    Been fantasizing about it... a lot! Hehe...

  • 10 months ago TheeLaurenMarie1

    You better be 😘

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    The question isn't either or - the question is which first


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    Yes. :)

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    Your choice!

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    Both young lady

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    Probably that cute ass but that face could look amazing glazed

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    Can I do both ?

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    Why not both?

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    Wanna shoot my.load on your face and ass

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    in your throat or in that ass

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    They are great choices, but I'd rather give you a massive creampie!

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    First your face then your ass so sexy

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    I'm going to unload twice one on your face and a second time on your ass.

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    Mmm I'd give you a nice facial baby

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    you are so sexy and pretty... i would love to do bouth... and then again and again....

  • 10 months ago JustEnjoying86

    You tell me ;)

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    I’ve got loads to give… so both.. ha.. 😜💋💦.. x

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    Mrs Pie (.)(.)

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    Beautiful face great ass

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    Why not both.... If you so desire... You are incredibly Beautiful 😍😍😍

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    Tough decision, but I would go with decorating your gorgeous pretty face. Those blue eyes looking up at me as I spray it making you a sticky dripping mess would be heavenly. Although I would have to get a view of your firm round ass in those hot red pants in the mirror

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    Tough choice. Can I get both ? I’d do the ass first probably.

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    Cheeky! Ass first x

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    Either, which do you prefer? Nice make up. you are so hot!

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    I think I would have enuff to do both sweety

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    Both ;)

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    Ass, just as soon as I lick and kiss on it for a while !!!

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    Can I choose both? You are absolutely perfect 🥰

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    im gonna cover that pretty face

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    hopefully both!

  • 11 months ago Eddy50

    Wherever you want


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