Tell me how you would slowly remove this outfit homemade sex photo 1145157

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tell me how you would slowly remove this outfit

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By: hornypatti1313
In: Lingerie, 3+ years ago


mature woman

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  • 2 years ago pogoooo

    nice perk!!! sexy girl!!!

  • 2 years ago NylonLover1960

    I want to feel those silky stockings rubbing all over my hard cock

  • 2 years ago tikmz

    Mmmm with my teeth

  • 3+ years ago pogoooo


  • 3+ years ago erielover

    Would slowly remove, with my teeth, everything except the stockings. Would roll you over, lick your amazing ass before sliding into your dripping pussy - grab your hips and pound until I explode, emptying my balls deep inside you. Would love to watch it drip from your swollen pussy. . . .

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    i want to feel your hot seed inside me

  • 3+ years ago erielover

    Very sexy hornypatti!

  • 3+ years ago rouser60

    i would dress all sexy for u too and then we can make each other scream as we ravish each other!!!! did i mention that i luv to eat pussy!!!!!!

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    i love to swallow cum

  • 3+ years ago likethkwomen

    NO NO NO leave it on ! you look amazing in those nylons

  • 3+ years ago lickinstick

    i bet your stiff nipples would feel really good inside the slit of my leaking cock! i wanna tease them so badly, as i lick them and bite them, while slapping the head of my cock against your quivering labia and clitoris. then i'm going to take your breath away when i shove it all up inside you on the first stroke!

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    Yes you fucker fuck my pussy hard

  • 3+ years ago themyre

    I wouldn't remove your outfit, you make me so horny I couldn't even take the time to do it. I would just grab your legs, spread them and vigorously thrust my hard cock inside your pussy, push it as deep as I can until you feel my heavy cum filled balls pressed against your ass, and I would fuck you over and over again until we're both completely exhausted

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    Oh bby wear me out

  • 3+ years ago lickinstick

    i think i'd probably mess it up good before i started taking it off!

  • 3+ years ago OldiebutGoody

    Why remove it, I think it makes you very sexy and we could have fun with a little role playing in that

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    You put it on n wear it now that would be roll playing oh la la

  • 3+ years ago lickinstick

    sounds good, but i have to warn you... my dreams get pretty wild and kinky!

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    Ooh give me a example

  • 3+ years ago lickinstick

    you know you're gonna end up giving it all to me...don't be afraid to admit it!

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    I'd give you all you want every thing you fantasize about your wildest kinky dreams

  • 3+ years ago lickinstick

    all the more reason to give it up to me...

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    I would if I could n not a little ALOT

  • 3+ years ago lickinstick

    go ahead and give him a little. just think of me when you're doing it!

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    You mean get a little

  • 3+ years ago lickinstick

    I know you do. that's what makes me so crazy for you...

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    Reading your quotes tonight has my pussy wet I'm almost wanting to tfuck hubby

  • 3+ years ago lickinstick

    when i see you like this, it makes me realize just how badly i want you!

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    You know I want you

  • 3+ years ago sidandpam

    I would not, it would be much more fun and a turn on to look at you wearing it ! ... xxx

  • 3+ years ago willgood

    Mmmmm would to cum all over that outfit.

  • 3+ years ago NylonLover1960

    Would love to feel those silky stockings against me and wrapped around me

  • 3+ years ago lickinstick

    we definitely need a pow wow to figure it out...

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    Hurry my pussy is aching for some real cock who loves my body n likes fucking as much as I do

  • 3+ years ago lickinstick

    so do i... i really want to be with you.

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    What do you propose

  • 3+ years ago lickinstick

    i love the fact that you think about sex almost as much as i do...

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    I think about what it would be like with you

  • 3+ years ago lipsplitter

    With my teeth xxxxx

  • 3+ years ago lickinstick

    you know what would end up happening... don't you, Patti? i would slowly peel those stockings down your long, luscious legs and use them to tie around your ankles. with your legs spread wide apart. i would start biting the insides of your thighs as i'm tweaking your nipples, making them stand out even more, while also causing your labia to swell. as i slip a finger inside you, i feel your pussy start to tremble and your juices begin to flow. that's when i decide to plunge my cock deep down inside you on the very first thrust, causing the air to escape from your lungs. when you finally regain your breath and start moaning for me to fuck you even harder, that's when i'll know... the two of us should never be apart.

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    Omg fuck me n fuck me hard,harder,harder
    I came rubbing my pussy reading this over n over

  • 3+ years ago lickinstick

    you've got the hungriest little pussy i've ever seen, but that's definitely a good thing, and i'm always happy to oblige!

  • 3+ years ago lickinstick

    i know if i bite them just right, it's only going to make your pussy that much hungrier. and when she gets hungry, she opens all the way up for me to thrust my thick cock deep inside!

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    my hot hungry cock needs a dick feeding right now

  • 3+ years ago lickinstick

    you look perfect exactly as you are, and i just love the way your nipples are poking out. you're probably thinking of how good it'll feel when i pinch and bite them, as you grind that pussy down on my hard cock!

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    omg yes you even know how i like my nipples bitten as i get fucked

  • 3+ years ago becr

    very sexy

  • 3+ years ago iangoth

    I'd better show you...

  • 3+ years ago willgood

    Want to spray that lingerie.

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    cum on my nipples

  • 3+ years ago Reb48

    I wouldn't. I would fuck you with it on. God you look gorgeous in it.

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    as long as i get fucked

  • 3+ years ago exkiwi

    very sexy very slowly then lick you all over

  • 3+ years ago NylonLover1960

    Love to leave everything on you except your little panties. Love you in silky stockings and love those nipples

  • 3+ years ago artemuse

    Using just my finger tips...all the while kissing my way up and down your legs, then up over your tummy, running my tongue around your hard nipples as I undo the back of the top...pushing you back on the bed and placing your legs over my shoulders as I pull the panties off...and replace them with my lips and

  • 3+ years ago bgjoexxx

    sexy cock is hard at the first sight....I'd like all day playing with you!

  • 3+ years ago playindacoc

    Remove it? With your hot fuck body looking so horny in lingerie? I'd rather rub my throbbing cock against your nylon legs, spread you wide and fuck you thoroughly...maybe then remove it and fuck you again!

  • 3+ years ago musicman4u

    Slowly, passionately - and with passionate kisses

  • 3+ years ago BeachLoversUk

    With me teth, love to see more of you in sexy lingerie xxx

  • 3+ years ago NylonLover1960

    Lemme help you with those honey. While I do I can suck on those gorgeous nipples

  • 3+ years ago northsideguy2

    tounge and teeth is all I would need slow and easy i wounder what i would suck and nibble as i do it can you guess

  • 3+ years ago bullcat

    i would help, love the tits

  • 3+ years ago NylonLover1960

    Love you in silky nylons

  • 3+ years ago ahenabarbus

    Oh, but I wouldn't stop to remove it -- not until we'd soaked it with sweat and cum! Then I'd peal it off you and hustle us both into the shower, where I'd soap every inch of you, rinse you off, and start all over again.

  • 3+ years ago dirkbogard

    I would peel it off piece by piece while kissing your lips.

  • 3+ years ago jake555

    Love the out fit so sexy have got a rock hard cock after looking at your pics

  • 3+ years ago holdenmorris

    Have a great collection of panties across the pond which I
    adore wearing so why don't we meet then we could peel
    each others sexy lingerie off ever so slowly till we're both
    in a state of sexual frenzy, finally pulling each others
    panties off as we fuck like there's no tomorrow! Soon
    please as my panties are getting very wet as I write this;
    hope yours do too as you read it ? You are gorgeous !!!
    love, from GB, holden xxxxx.

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    mmmm let me see you in some sexy panties

  • 3+ years ago BSUSTUD

    slowly...? I could not get it off of you quick enough.

  • 3+ years ago Legsman7

    i'd rather you left it on, those legs are so sexy in sheer stockigns!!!

  • 3+ years ago duck08

    piece by piece eating as i go

  • 3+ years ago Jarjarbinks

    nice horny tits mmm

  • 3+ years ago CuckWifeLover

    Fantastic pointy boobs and erect nipples.

  • 3+ years ago Moedik

    1. Slowly roll offf left stocking, next do the right one in the same way.Work upwards from the left toes(with lips, not fingers),until you get warm and wet. next remove your top taking care to worship your breasts. With my tongye remove your thong, being very careful not to touch anything it was covering........ need I say more?

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    what not touch my pussy but i want you to touch it so bad

  • 3+ years ago shortended

    Nice nipples

  • 3+ years ago nicecum4you

    Do I have to remove it? I would love to lick and fuck you rightaway!

  • 3+ years ago Marquis1

    very irresisstible lady

  • 3+ years ago BigBeary

    I'd want to fuck you while you were wearing it !

  • 3+ years ago AzDrifter

    The enjoyment of taking it all off in steps to creat a wild desire and wetness from you would be enjoyable,,thanks for sharing

  • 3+ years ago BobbyM

    Very deicatelu with my teeth

  • 3+ years ago CuckWifeLover

    Golly, I sure like the looks of your pointy tits.

  • 3+ years ago gforce7

    You are so sultry, seductive hotttt and sexy!!!! I'm cumming to seduce you from head to toe slowly removing each part of that sexy lingerie, kissing every inch of you sooooo slow and sensuously mmmmmmmmmmm loving every minute theres no rush, love teasing and building the intensity, lingering slowly kissing and licking all your erogenous zones, mmmmmmmmmmm you are soooo delicious, love hearing yours sounds of passion such a huge turn on and seeing hearing and feeling you erupt for a huge long intense orgasm, mmmmmmmm the ultimate high...

  • 3+ years ago onehotmac

    firs I want to put a set of nipple clamps on your nipples. then rip all but the nylons and garter belt off who nneds clothes to fuck and suck for hours

  • 3+ years ago slipitinanytime

    With my teeth,my hands would be busy

  • 3+ years ago longgrass

    Leave it on, I'll fuck you dressed like that

  • 3+ years ago ella20cm

    Mmmm like ur hot body! my cock is hard just looking at u

  • 3+ years ago lookin4fun37129

    how? with my teeth dear lady slowly and tantalizingly

  • 3+ years ago BeachLoversUk

    I'd prefer we both stayed dressed in our sexy lingerie together xx

  • 3+ years ago MasterBater

    i'd need more space than this little box...mmm

  • 3+ years ago ScotsVic

    With my teeth.

  • 3+ years ago justfun69

    OMG... so SEXY... love mature woman... kisses

  • 3+ years ago pantyluver

    lov the color

  • 3+ years ago punkbuttslut

    i'd pull it off with my teeth and then swing it aeround my small cock

  • 3+ years ago allnightboner

    i wouldent id fuck u in it

  • 3+ years ago strokeit

    i'd remove it after it was soaked with cum from the cocks of me and 3 friends!

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    only three i hope all of you can cum multi times

  • 3+ years ago Cameltoejoe76

    With my tounge ,teeth and lips!!!

  • 3+ years ago mb600gr

    Shit, we would be buying you a new outfit cause I'm gonna rip that bitch right off you!

  • 3+ years ago Smallguy

    I would not remove this outfit. Only thing missing is the high heels.

  • 3+ years ago Nylonesque

    I wouldn't remove it either. I'd love to fuck you as you wear this sexy outfit.

  • 3+ years ago guston

    o wow love those tits

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