My wife is very satisfied after receiving two guys loads back to.. 11443629

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My wife is very satisfied after receiving two guys loads back to back! She loves sperm competition taking place in her well used pussy...

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By: sharedwifekelly
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  • 1 week ago RonB1

    Now how about a third guy and I will gladly give you oral pleasures as well

  • 2 weeks ago ramittoyou

    mmmmmm yeah! Sign me up to make a deposit for my load there stud!

  • 3 weeks ago pogoooo

    pretty smile!!! sweet lips perky nips!!!

  • 4 weeks ago Medick69

    Oh can I cum in ..

  • 1 month ago Morethebetter

    It all looks so delicious

  • 1 month ago mastermerlin

    Beautifull. She looks so hot! Make me nr3!

  • 1 month ago biguyou8123

    Wish I could add my load and lick her cumed up pussy

  • 2 months ago toeszak

    I love licking cum from pussy...

  • 2 months ago captain1945

    Love to be the third load on her

  • 2 months ago Morecum

    She is very sexy !!!

  • 2 months ago Hardhubby2021

    Mmmmmm heave for those two guys.

  • 2 months ago JMorgan001

    I would love to shoot my hot thick cream deep inside your quivering tight horny wet pussy 😍

  • 2 months ago lickuwhile69

    I would love a competition I cum 10-15 times a day been known to go more with the right lover

  • 2 months ago Ready4luv2020

    I like her juggs

  • 2 months ago bocephus11

    Gorgeous and sexy......and looks perfect with cum running out of her.

  • 2 months ago standarman

    so usable

  • 2 months ago Stan4U

    We need more pictures of that beautiful pussy and great breasts. Wish you were sharing with me!

  • 2 months ago Karmacoma

    She has a gorgeous sexy body!

  • 2 months ago rogger32

    So lucky

  • 3 months ago tonto4u2

    Such a sexy looking pose - gorgeous body

  • 4 months ago cpl44fun

    have another one waiting for her

  • 4 months ago jimmysri

    What a great picture... Sexy Hotwife

  • 4 months ago Sneek


  • 5 months ago Mofun2021

    I’d gladly add more to it! She’s hot.

  • 5 months ago Crocodrilo

    She is fucking beautiful! Would love to contribute one of my big loads

  • 5 months ago Foster23

    Nicely done...

  • 5 months ago Gandie

    Me next?

  • 5 months ago bulgeluvr

    Love to be third

  • 5 months ago zxcv69

    oooo shes soo HOTT!! Definetly she needs my load as #3 plz!?

  • 5 months ago Wannacit

    Very sexy

  • 6 months ago mwm2serve

    I love to compete.

  • 6 months ago bocephus11

    I'd love to lick it clean and fill it again....

  • 6 months ago cum4jay

    Mmm I want to slurp every drop of hot cum out of her pussy!!

  • 6 months ago Max247

    Hot 🔥

  • 6 months ago Ejack00

    So gorgeous and sexy

  • 7 months ago mf4mf618

    Wow. So sexy and beautiful. Happy to add mine next. 🥰

  • 7 months ago baffydk

    wonderful body

  • 8 months ago Morallyflexible

    So hot! I’d love to add my seed to the battle 😉😈

  • 8 months ago Wattenforet

    I would love shooting my thick wad of seed deep in Kelly's well used hole!

  • 8 months ago Mikedvs

    I’d love to slide my cock in her cum filled pussy and add more

  • 8 months ago tbird212

    She is incredibly fucking hot

  • 8 months ago sharedwifekelly

    Yes it is!

  • 8 months ago iflyc182

    May I add a 3rd?

  • 8 months ago Guitarman7

    Great pic!!

  • 8 months ago Raxman


  • 9 months ago Foster23

    Nice work!!

  • 9 months ago ralphtinley

    Wow, is she a dream? A hologram? Super hot! 🔥

  • 9 months ago hotdutchie

    Fuck this is the best shot ever. Omg i love it, her

  • 9 months ago hornykenyan12

    would love spreading your wet pussy with my twelve inch african cock

  • 9 months ago Ejack00

    Beautiful and naughty woman 😍😱

  • 9 months ago Stan4U

    The satisfied smile says it all

  • 9 months ago sharedwifekelly

    Yes it does!

  • 9 months ago chuangtzu14k

    I'd love to give her another🥴🥴🥴🥴

  • 9 months ago tetrad

    She looks great and VERY happy. There were also 2 very lucky guys that day.

  • 9 months ago yorkylad

    Wow....i would love to add another load wherever the hell she wanted it....she is absolutely stunning and such a hot sexy lady 😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • 9 months ago horny2nite4fun

    I LOVE this pic! Such a sexy view. Would certainly enjoy seeing it in person someday! ;)

  • 9 months ago sharedwifekelly

    It is so intense and erotic watching another man's cum slowly drip out of my wife!

  • 10 months ago gettinmessy

    At a loss for words!

  • 10 months ago MrOh

    I would like to win that competition.

  • 10 months ago Couple40ies

    Wow we wanna taste ❤

  • 10 months ago YoungCub420ID


  • 10 months ago fng101

    Very very sexy

  • 10 months ago inchbull

    Hope to be the next...

  • 11 months ago Veryniceview

    Love to slide my hard throbbing cock deep inside ur cum filled pussy

  • 9 months ago sharedwifekelly

    That's hot. Push all that seed deeper into her. Then unload your seed in her.

  • 11 months ago biguyou8123

    Would love to fuck her cumed up pussy

  • 11 months ago Ilivefor2day

    Would she be interested in 3rds or 4ths? Mmmmm I’d like to fill her up too

  • 9 months ago sharedwifekelly


  • 11 months ago Justenough

    Damn I would love to enter second and leave mine too

  • 11 months ago Richard30562

    Gorgeous 😛

  • 11 months ago jrichme77

    Kelly is so fucking hot. I'd love to stretch out that pussy and dump my load in her

  • 11 months ago Carbuff12

    So hot! I have a nice load to share with her!

  • 11 months ago Coolc72

    Hot xxxxx

  • 11 months ago Hardbutlovtolick

    Good Lord that's beautiful

  • 1 year ago playy123

    Would love sloppy 3rds

  • 1 year ago Timbucktwo

    mmm I would love to move in there next and run the head of my cock all over in that cum and use it for lube to slide into your ass Kelly - you are SOOOO fuckin hot and desirable!

  • 1 year ago ralphtinley

    I'm listening intently - my life is a try not to cum challenge? I wouldn't stand a chance with your wife?

  • 1 year ago beakaye

    God she is so sexy.....I would love to fill her so full over and over again....

  • 1 year ago fncple4u

    Would love to add a load to that gorgeous pussy... Ultra hot!!

  • 1 year ago rockingh


  • 1 year ago bulgeluvr

    I love it

  • 1 year ago Bbw78

    What a naughty sexy wifey:)

  • 1 year ago JS2003

    Wow she just keeps getting hotter. I’d love to slide in for sloppy 3rd’s and churn up all that cum in her pussy before dumping my own load.

  • 1 year ago Morecum

    You look so delicious with your sexy creampie!
    He looks so suckable !

  • 1 year ago entertainment4u

    i wanna fuck her and give her my load

  • 1 year ago letshavesomefun1

    So hot!

  • 1 year ago Nuck59


  • 1 year ago tool4you

    Would love to add my cum.

  • 1 year ago CaptainCumshot


  • 1 year ago formetoknow92

    I want her to sit on my face and let me give her my load!!!!

  • 1 year ago rockingh

    Yummy and stunning

  • 1 year ago musicman4u

    Kelly, I would gladly add a third ....

  • 1 year ago penthouse47

    She is a beautiful woman with an amazing body. I'd love to slide into her creamy pussy and add my cum.

  • 1 year ago Kingchamps

    Sooo inviting 🍆❤️

  • 1 year ago twoforone100

    Is she fertile with that competition going on?

  • 1 year ago recorreme


  • 1 year ago beakaye

    Oh how I would love to fill her so full with my warm baby seed....

  • 1 year ago legalphilosophy

    Love it—how about I keep things going with a 3rd (or more!) load?!

  • 1 year ago Dirtyloversaz

    Very hot, would love to add another load in there!

  • 1 year ago Falcon61

    As she’s willing to take two men’s seed back to back deep in her, I’m willing to eat her cream pie completely, every drop, so hot to see her spread this way. I’m rubbing my pussy thinking of her now, I’d love to be there. (Mrs F)

  • 1 year ago Biggems

    One of my favorite things.. Mmm a hairy pussy and watching it ooze out of a hairy pussy ... nothing better !!!!!

  • 1 year ago rbcm97max

    Lovely to see a woman revelling in what's natural and good.

  • 1 year ago charliebird

    wish I could be third!

  • 1 year ago gordo01

    God damn...she is doing Utah proud!

  • 1 year ago sunbum

    I would love to add another one, so hot!

  • 1 year ago denvercam2camguy

    Ready for a third?

  • 1 year ago davydee

    Love to fill up Kelly with my big thick dick. Her pussy looks so lickable and delicious.....

  • 1 year ago walo

    gorgeous very hot , sexy , inviting

  • 1 year ago daddygoodsex16

    Id love to give her mine

  • 1 year ago LovePussyandDick

    Great Picture I volunteer to clean up those cream pies :))

  • 1 year ago cowboyup6half

    Wish I could have joined in. I like taking 2 to 4 turns in a hot cum filled pussy, and adding to the collection.

  • 1 year ago Up2noGoodNJ

    I'd give anything to add a third. What's beauty

  • 1 year ago Hardjust4uall

    That's awesome love fucking a well used cream pie pussy

  • 1 year ago NRAILA

    She's so awesome

  • 1 year ago Paladin

    I would fill her with my cum load next. Good shared wife to enjoy. Nice hairy well used pussy to use again....and again.

  • 1 year ago hardwetcouple

    Good pic

  • 1 year ago fun4all325

    I will gladly add a load.

  • 1 year ago reddogat

    Does she want a third?

  • 1 year ago mataurus29

    I would like to enter the spern competition and cum last

  • 1 year ago Cigarboy641676

    Mmmmmmmmm god baby fucking yummy I'd love to suck and lick you both

  • 1 year ago Medick69

    Mmmm can I cum in. ....

  • 1 year ago love2suckcock

    I would love to clean all of that cum out of her pussy!

  • 1 year ago Eric4Liz

    Love to watch Eric compete for your wife's delicious pussy.

  • 1 year ago Tonyblo

    Perfect view

  • 1 year ago Sad6969

    mmmmmm my clit is throbbing looking at your wife

  • 1 year ago FlGuy01

    She is fucking hot!!

  • 1 year ago Redhotcandy

    She looks incredible! Pretty face, great tits, & a beautiful pussy!

  • 1 year ago JSJP

    Mmmm does she want a third?

  • 1 year ago Jfc009

    Great shot

  • 1 year ago Diverdan87

    what a great shot! she is very sexy ...she looks very happy after her cream pie

  • 1 year ago Svesse

    Wish I could cum in her sweet pussy too.

  • 1 year ago Sexual63

    Love to share my load with her! Mmm

  • 1 year ago twoforone100

    are those loads racing to a fertile egg in her?

  • 1 year ago Dangled123

    My turn, is beautiful

  • 1 year ago Sexis4us

    Count me in!

  • 1 year ago youngfun70

    Kelly is a complete goddess

  • 1 year ago sharedwifekelly

    Sex Goddess!

  • 1 year ago Friona

    As I've said before, dude, you are the luckiest man on the planet!

  • 1 year ago sharedwifekelly

    Thank you!

  • 1 year ago shineon99

    I'd like to give her a third round

  • 1 year ago Squidpapy1

    That’s a beautiful view and a good fun wife.

  • 1 year ago devilofdirt

    She is so sexy, always so good to watch her!

  • 1 year ago haroldb38

    OMG, you're beautiful

  • 1 year ago Shinnizle

    I would love to empty my balls in that fantastic pussy of hers!

  • 1 year ago aabb1999

    I would like to add as well!!!!!

  • 1 year ago Thor617

    Id like to add my sperm in her pussy as part of the competition

  • 1 year ago sharedwifekelly

    She would definitely enjoy that

  • 1 year ago jayemily69

    Dinner is served. Hot!

  • 1 year ago Csmith4299

    Best wifey ever. Missed her

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