Spread my cheeks lick my ass them fuck it homemade sex photo 1141545

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spread my cheeks lick my ass them fuck it

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By: hornypatti1313
In: Body Shots, 3+ years ago


mature ass

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  • 3 months ago Heyjoe50

    I'm stroking my cock while imagining doing that

  • 4 months ago peeking77

    Should be tethered then spanked til wet then filled💦💦

  • 9 months ago bp0009

    i would love to rim your sexy ass

  • 1 year ago goldenben

    Yes mame

  • 2 years ago Heyjoe50

    I would love to lick your incredible ass and give it a good deep tongue fucking before filling it with my hard cock!!!!!

  • 2 years ago sexychef

    Fuck I want to bury my tongue in that hot ass !!! Then balls deep with my fat cock so you can feel it throbbing

  • 2 years ago fleshlover

    Can you feel my cock throbbing as I cum in your sexy ass??!

  • 2 years ago bigjohnson251

    Mmm....would love to!

  • 3+ years ago terrencejones09

    mmm o yes

  • 3+ years ago gdtm69


  • 3+ years ago coastcouple666

    great ass xx

  • 3+ years ago mikeang2013

    god i want to mount you!!!

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    fuck both of my holes

  • 3+ years ago Fillherup

    My cock and tongue taking turns on that sexy ass!

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    fuck my ass buy

  • 3+ years ago manolas80

    Fuck your ass whole my cock in your ass.can you do it?

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    yes bby push it in deep

  • 3+ years ago manolas80

    fuck your ass while my balls to strike down your pussy

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    pump me hard

  • 3+ years ago lickinstick

    that's just the way i like it... hard and dirty!

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    Me too

  • 3+ years ago lickinstick

    i want to lick all up and down your hot, moist ass crack, until your tight little hole just sucks up my tongue inside it. i'll swirl it all around your anus until it gets wet enough for me to shove my cock balls deep into your bowels!

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    Yes ride me hard n dirty

  • 3+ years ago themyre

    I woul oove to tease your sweet ass with the tip of my tongue, kiss it and lick it passionately, slide my tongue all the way inside and vigorously swirl it in your tight hole

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    fuck my tight ass by fuck it hard

  • 3+ years ago lickinstick

    i wanna bury my tongue in your ass and pussy, after i've fucked both holes hard and left a gooey mess!

  • 3+ years ago lickinstick

    i'm going to pull apart those cheeks with my big, strong hands and bury my cock inside your tight, wrinkled sugar walls. my balls will be slappin' against your clit and pussy lips, as you drip your juices all over them. that's when i start to slip and slide all over you, causing you to clamp down on the shaft of my cock, until it erupts its scalding hot load all over you. then you whisper in my ear that you don't mind at all if i clean you up with my hot, moist tongue...

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    omg yes I've missed your sexy mind

  • 3+ years ago lickinstick

    you will have to beg me to stop!

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    I won't want you to stop

  • 3+ years ago lickinstick

    i wanna lick your cum dripping thighs clean!

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    eat my cunt bby

  • 3+ years ago friend40

    Baby...my cock is perfect for your ass....

  • 3+ years ago ClitDoctor

    Mmmmmm I so want to ream out that lucious ass of yours..... and fill it full of warm sticky cum.

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    Leave it gaping open and oozing cum

  • 3+ years ago ClitDoctor

    I wanna watch my cum oozing out of your ravaged asshole...and then watch as you suck my cock clean. :)

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    Lick my cum dripping thighs clean

  • 3+ years ago ClitDoctor

    Then cum all over your asscheeks and have you walk around all day with a cum coated ass. :)

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    Not like I haven't done that before had cum dripping from my pussy soaking thru my panties n hubby never knew what I did

  • 3+ years ago Zhroom

    i want to slide my cock between those checks and grind my cock on that ass before i fuck you hard from behind!!

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    Bby fuck both my holes

  • 3+ years ago fun4all325

    You have a great ass.

  • 3+ years ago terrencejones09

    now that an ass that need a good licking

  • 3+ years ago bling54

    just th way u should be for me.

  • 3+ years ago Irishcuz

    I do like to lick it first before I fuck it...

  • 3+ years ago weluvu2

    would love to mount that ass and squirt to overflowing

  • 3+ years ago UBLOMYBRAIN

    Just how id like to fuck that sweet ass.

  • 3+ years ago lickinstick

    there's an ass staring me right in the face that was just made for fucking... open it up for me and let me cum deep inside you!

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    God yes ram your cock up my ass n fill it with cum

  • 3+ years ago RIMandSWALLOWMAN

    You know I will sexy girl.

  • 3+ years ago lickinstick

    we're both gonna be sore by the time we get finished fucking each other!

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313


  • 3+ years ago lickinstick

    you just might find some teeth marks on those sexy ass cheeks because i know licking that ass is only gonna make me hungry!

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    Devour all my sex

  • 3+ years ago AverageSize1


  • 3+ years ago lickinstick

    check, check... and check, baby!

  • 3+ years ago lickinstick

    i'm gonna get that ass crack so wet and slippery, that you won't know which hole i'm going to slide in first. they're both gonna get hosed down with a load of hot cum, so in the end, it won't really matter, will it?

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    As long as you save some for my mouth tits and tummy

  • 3+ years ago warrawong

    NO! You spread your cheeks, and I will gape you.

  • 3+ years ago jokke77

    Would love to have you sitting on my face , squirting in my mouth while i lick your pussy and asshole. My dick is so hard right now , i have jack off. OMG

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    Wish I was sitting on your cock

  • 3+ years ago windycityman

    Arch your back in to me I can get deeper

  • 3+ years ago Richard56

    Perfect ass for fucking, stay there I want to see my sperm dripping from your pretty ass hole xxx

  • 3+ years ago lickinstick

    i wanna slap those sweet cheeks until they're ready to be spread wide apart so that i can bury my cock all the way up inside you...

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    God yes shove your big cock in my tiny asshole

  • 3+ years ago lickinstick

    that ass of yours is ripe for a good fucking, and i would love to be the one giving it to you.

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    It's been a while science I had hard cock in my butt I want it I want it

  • 3+ years ago lickinstick

    you've got the perfect ass for spreading wide apart. i'd make you beg for a good licking, and after that i'd watch as your hot little hole started twitching for my cock to slip deep inside you!

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    Ooooooooo god yes fuck my ass bby fuck it good

  • 3+ years ago JAPAN4460

    Nice pic.

  • 3+ years ago lickinstick

    i have to say that is one fuckable ass you have there, patti!

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    Take it

  • 3+ years ago lickinstick

    you just don't know how much i wanna be there, right now... caressing those sweet cheeks. FUCK!!!

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    Yes fuck me

  • 3+ years ago lickinstick

    you would damn sure get one if i was anywhere nearby!

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    Better get over here

  • 3+ years ago lickinstick

    it's like you're just daring me to open you up and do naughty things to you... that's what i love about this pic!

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    Now I want a ass fucking tonight

  • 3+ years ago lickinstick

    i love this photo so much. it only needs a couple of things to make it even better...my hand prints all over your ass and my jizz dripping down your crack and hanging to the curve of your ass cheeks.

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313


  • 3+ years ago lickinstick

    i wish my woman was as horny as you. i need a woman like you to keep me satisfied, and i'm pretty sure you'd be up to the task! damn... i sure do wish we could trade partners every now and then...

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313


  • 3+ years ago lickinstick

    i love seeing you get horny as hell because it works on me the exact same way!

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    I wish my man was as horny as you I need a horny stud like you

  • 3+ years ago lickinstick

    that's the only thing that would make that picture better... a long trail of my spunk dripping down your back right between your ass cheeks! i might even lick it up to get you worked up all over again...

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    you have me worked up n horny as hell now

  • 3+ years ago lickinstick

    still one of my favorite pics of all time. i've imagined doing all sorts of naughty things to that delicious looking ass, including spreading those cheeks and swirling my tongue all around your sugar walls. by the time i finished eating that sweet hole, you'd be begging me to fill it up with my throbbbing cock, until i blew a scalding hot load of spunk deep inside you.

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    shove that thick cock deep in my ass hole but pull out n cum on my back bby

  • 3+ years ago Funguy515

    Mmmm I would love to spread those cheeks and bury my thick cock in your ass.

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    mmmmm bby fuck my ass n pussy

  • 3+ years ago extantinlife

    I would grip that ass so hard wanting to expose your little pussy to be licked

  • 3+ years ago sexychef

    Can your hot sexy ass take this thick hard cock? let me give your sexy ass a good pounding, feel my balls slapping your pussy lips as I bury my cock deep in your ass

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    god yes ram your big thick cock all the way up my ass n fuck it good n hard

  • 3+ years ago Mayeye

    I want to spread your ass and rub my dick over your ass hole. Would love to see more!

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    push it in bby

  • 3+ years ago Aceone1

    love that ready ass

  • 3+ years ago randy1948

    Yes please

  • 3+ years ago pistolmike

    with plessure i would lick and kiss it all day long

  • 3+ years ago sexychef

    It would be a pleasure. Spread those cheeks for me and let me give that sexy ass a good tongue fucking

  • 3+ years ago Dustin0330

    I would love too!

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    its the flesh head my ass is longing for

  • 3+ years ago lickinstick

    this pic really messes with my head(s)...

  • 3+ years ago tbone69

    you are so hot looking

  • 3+ years ago lickinstick

    i would love spreading those sweet cheeks and licking that hot ass til you begged me to shove my cock in deep...

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    fuck my ass bby

  • 3+ years ago fernando1111

    Mmm yesss

  • 3+ years ago redss77

    sliding my hard cock up you ass going pound you over and over

  • 3+ years ago Mrmambo

    I want to be slapping slapping off this so baddddd!!!!

  • 3+ years ago duke4190

    Would love to lick and fuck your sweet ass.

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    yes do both

  • 3+ years ago sexychef

    That ass does need a good tongue lashing and fucking

  • 3+ years ago lickinstick

    i would bury my nose in there first and then my hot tongue!

  • 3+ years ago jj2029

    i love your ass!! when can i bury my tongue and cock in that sweet ass of yours?

  • 3+ years ago HotRodChevy1

    nice ass

  • 3+ years ago sexychef

    MMM could spend hours spreading and licking that sweet ass babe

  • 3+ years ago shippo3

    great ass

  • 3+ years ago Zhroom

    i wanna just wrap my arms around you and play with your titties while i stick my hard cock deep inside you!!

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    then pull out n cum on my back i want to feel your hot cum run down my back n ass

  • 3+ years ago FarmGirlJill

    i can do both if you don't mind my strapon

  • 3+ years ago bgjoexxx

    I could spend all day playing with you!

  • 3+ years ago Zhroom

    get ready to get spanked!

  • 3+ years ago percti

    i wanna slap your ass with my cock , i wanna lick your ass crack and your cunt before i fuck your cunt

  • 3+ years ago alltalk

    Love this pose!

  • 3+ years ago Johnbates88

    i would spread those cheeks lick your ring get nice and wet and slide my dick deep in your ass

  • 3+ years ago dazeone87


  • 3+ years ago jas020967

    O how i would love to lick and fuck that fine ass

  • 3+ years ago UnCutSC8

    Yes I would..love to lick your ass good for you..run my tongue deep into your sweet hole.then put u in doogie style position.--and slide my cock deep in your ass..fuck you so good..great pic..made my cock rock hard viewing..thanks..

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    ooo yes bend me over n fuck me good

  • 3+ years ago glb454

    yum yum

  • 3+ years ago AzDrifter

    For sure that is the very thought,,,,,,mmmm of your body in this position,,,,,things would be hard pressed not to,,,,,,mmm thanks for all your great comments,,,,,smile

  • 3+ years ago jas020967

    omg i would love to lick and fuck that fine ass

  • 3+ years ago hard4you126

    I'd love to stick my cock in your hot ass.

  • 3+ years ago budlight4570

    just right for some doggie action

  • 3+ years ago 1cummer

    Next time - bend over a little more - maybe on all fours - so I can see your pussy peeking at me from between your legs while I look (stare) at your nice ass. When I fuck your ass, I will need you on the floor - on all fours.

  • 3+ years ago northsideguy2

    I'd be gentle at first but i'm not sure for how long

  • 3+ years ago djp1965

    where do I sign up, will be in Wisconsin in June for 2 weeks

  • 3+ years ago apollo51

    I want to fill your arse with my warm cum, if you would let me?

  • 3+ years ago rossifume

    im ready to fuck that ass with my hard cock

  • 3+ years ago jamesdong82

    thats exactly how i want u

  • 3+ years ago WeirdAl

    Sounds like a plan

  • 3+ years ago ricoh1

    Your pics make my cock so hard.

  • 3+ years ago AzDrifter

    Yeh,,,mmmm that hot ass needs some loving for sure,,,,

  • 3+ years ago Andrewfukka

    hell yeah

  • 3+ years ago IfuckEve

    I would love to...anytime!!

  • 3+ years ago chicago21

    oh yeah. I would love to spread your ass and lick your pussy and ass hole. I would use my fingers to get your ass nice and ready and then I would shove my rock hard thick cock in your ass. I would love to fill your ass with my cum.

  • 3+ years ago glb454

    id love lick your ass and fuck you good mmmmm

  • 3+ years ago teamsex

    Oh yes!

  • 3+ years ago rossifume

    im ready to fuck your ass anytime

  • 3+ years ago UnCutSC8

    Id love too..love a woman who loves her ass licked and fucked..hopefully..fucked hard and long..~~~!!

  • 3+ years ago AzDrifter

    Sounds like this lady needs a tag team to wear her out,,,,,mmmmm

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    you bet love to fuck all night

  • 3+ years ago suboyhole

    Beautiful babe, just perfect.

  • 3+ years ago jas020967

    you have no idea how much i would love to fuck that sexie ass of yours

  • 3+ years ago glb454

    id love to fuck you doggy mmmmmm

  • 3+ years ago northsideguy2

    I sure would spread you ass cheeks and slip my big hard cock in. Gently strocking at first then picking up speed until I was fucking you hard and deep

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    yes fuck my ass real hard you horny studs out there

  • 3+ years ago hard8inch4u

    Mmmmmm....I love to lick and suck a sexy asshole!

  • 3+ years ago texas2som

    mmm sexxxy

  • 3+ years ago lqjql

    yummy ass baby

  • 3+ years ago weluvu2

    Sounds great looks inviting

  • 3+ years ago Intactcock

    Oh yeah! Let's get on with it now.

  • 3+ years ago ahenabarbus

    Your wish is my command!

  • 3+ years ago wineguy61

    Baby with my hard cock i would pump you so hard till you came all over my cock for my wife to lick off!

  • 3+ years ago biquebec

    anytime beautiful lady

  • 3+ years ago BSUSTUD

    Love a woman that loves her ass played with....mmmmmmmmm

  • 3+ years ago Ctate123

    i wanna squeeze that ass and shove my hard cock deep inside it..until its stretched

  • 3+ years ago sexychef

    So sexy Patti. Reach back and spread your sexy ass. I want to devour your ass and pussy

  • 3+ years ago jaykmi

    like getting your ass licked? i'd be happy to take care of ya, very sexy

  • 3+ years ago weluvu2

    Sounds like a sweet deal

  • 3+ years ago 223walker

    would love to be under there

  • 3+ years ago cockgravyslut

    mmmmmm I would love to get 4 or 5 guys together and have some fun with you.We both could service them together.Ill be happy to get your sweet ass ready for them all.

  • 3+ years ago ablemate


  • 3+ years ago Geo78

    I would love to.

  • 3+ years ago bloodworm

    Such a sweet ass to lick and fuck.

  • 3+ years ago bigstud86

    Would love to babe.

  • 3+ years ago curvyfb

    yes please, those cheeks look so good

  • 3+ years ago Marquis1


  • 3+ years ago duncancox69

    id love to rim ur ass til u beg me to stop sexy!!!

  • 3+ years ago nepabi4u

    Mmmmmm i bet that ass is tasty

  • 3+ years ago funwatching

    would be pleasure to to fill ur ass with tongue and cock

  • 3+ years ago luvinup69

    for hours and hours...

  • 3+ years ago BobbyM

    Love that ass would be my pleasure to give ya a good licking

  • 3+ years ago xdata

    awesome bum, ide love to be the one up behind you hun

  • 3+ years ago hard4urass

    mmm, I'd love to lick and fuck your sweet asshole!!

  • 3+ years ago gforce7

    Such a beautiful ass!! Stay right there I'm cumming to spank those sweet cheeks, spread em wide for my long hot magic tongue to give you a good licking getting it so wet for my big head thick cock to slide in stretching that fine ass wide, spanking those cheeks and hands pulling you tight on my cock rocking you good and long...

  • 3+ years ago slipitinanytime

    And that would be just for starters

  • 3+ years ago rebel1303

    love to lick and tongue fuck your beautiful asshole

  • 3+ years ago xxtwo12

    mmm id love to!

  • 3+ years ago MasterBater


  • 3+ years ago malcav

    ready for my stick

  • 3+ years ago oathose

    ok lets chat about when !

  • 3+ years ago phidick

    great wish.... i´m ready for you!!!

  • 3+ years ago strokeit

    love this shot, I'd lick your ass all over, tongue fuck it and bury my face in there, then finger fuck it until you begged for cock up the ass, then put my thick cock in there fast and hard....after using your slutty ass I'd pull out and cum on your face! You'd like that wouldn't you.

  • 3+ years ago hornypatti1313

    i would love it

  • 3+ years ago rebel1303

    will lick and tongue fuck your beautiful asshole as long as you like then fuck that asshole and cum in your assholr.

  • 3+ years ago daddygoodsex16

    That beautiful ass,It would be a pleasure to fuck till i give it a load of hot cum,

  • 3+ years ago drkenny

    Oh yea please. I love to lick and fuck your ass.

  • 3+ years ago mb600gr

    I would ride your ass like no other then lick it all clean.

  • 3+ years ago seapaul

    Oh yes Babe!....that is exactly what I'd love to be doing right now.

  • 3+ years ago hard4you126

    My tongue and cock are both very ready.

  • 3+ years ago me1059

    absolutely would do that for you

  • 3+ years ago nigelloon

    all night long !!! What an ass!!!

  • 3+ years ago Cameltoejoe76

    Can do!!!!

  • 3+ years ago mrmoose

    Love to. My tongue is all wet and my cock is hard.

  • 3+ years ago hornyjr

    mmm sweetie it would be my pleasure

  • 3+ years ago bj241


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