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My wife falling in love with her black lovers dick. She plans on having his baby. Wouldn’t d you let your wife do the same?

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By: Theman1212
In: Interracial Fucking, 5 months ago


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  • 2 weeks ago firsttimelookin4

    Sorry but hell NO!

  • 2 weeks ago Flyingsolo79


  • 2 weeks ago Flyingsolo79


  • 3 weeks ago abwil3

    It's one thing to have fun it's another to let your wife fall in love or get pregnant. Why does she need you then lmfao nothing hot about thst part at all!!!

  • 3 weeks ago Rochardinroc4all

    It's unconventional but so what. It's up to the three of you. It cracks me up how these unconventional zoigsters are ragging on you. I wouldn't do it but it's a viable option. As long as an offspring is loved and cared for by responsible adults. Just because it's a wild choice doesn't mean you can't be good parents however you configure it. I've seen a lot of conventional conventionally terrible parents.

  • 3 weeks ago sharin

    My wife has been fucked by many black guys. Lately we think about her get pregnant by one of her bull.

  • 3 weeks ago MandM2009

    Fuck no you are a idiot!

  • 3 weeks ago Oxfordguyuk

    What's with all the hate? remember why your all here,this vid is hot as fuck,why feel the need to judge? Just enjoy the vid bash one out and move on

  • 3 weeks ago WIFEWANTED

    Please if there is any woman in the world in her 40s 50s like this I would love to marry you . I would love my wife to fall pregnant to her black lover . I would be proud of her

  • 3 weeks ago wedoeverything

    I'd let her get fucked silly

  • 3 weeks ago Dalton

    u sound like an idiot....did he fuck ur brains out to bi bi boy...

  • 3 weeks ago shooter18t

    don't pay attention to the is hot as hell

  • 3 weeks ago gthug

    So, she stays w you only to support the baby n pay their bills..... Yeah, smart one...

  • 3 weeks ago ontmale

    so if she has baby and is fucking him then why would she stay with you think about it not smart ...

  • 3 weeks ago january69

    maybe sis but not wife ahole! lol may i plant some seeds inside your sweet wife? please!

  • 3 weeks ago redfantasy

    ready to lick her cummed pussy clean

  • 3 weeks ago Livewire40

    If you really allowed this then it's gone to far especially bringing a baby into it, completely irresponsibly. I am all for fun but the fact that you are even putting this up is dumb!

  • 4 weeks ago tony46911

    She needs to breed black. She wants it.

  • 4 weeks ago BlackBowie

    I think she needs to try this thick 10" meat!!! Shes stuck on bbc now.....

  • 4 weeks ago mountianman

    wow are u sure ???

  • 4 weeks ago rwb1955

    I hope you got down there and licked all his extra baby batter nut butter out of hot young wife

  • 1 month ago cummingattractns

    When babies are involved, that's about as irresponsible as you can get, in my opinion.

  • 3 weeks ago 2Jeff

    [Not too smart dude

  • 1 month ago Pete08

    damn i love this. how she moans as she takes his hard cock while her head is n her husbands lap. slowly the pumping gets harder. wedding ring on her finger. so sexy

  • 1 month ago kt1972sox

    Love this. He pounding away on your beautiful young pussy!

  • 1 month ago dannyboytt

    breed that pussy

  • 1 month ago hornyEllafyou

    Mmm ... So sexy !!! Me next !!!

  • 3 weeks ago canwemeandyou

    horny i would love to pound you

  • 2 months ago Pete08

    so sexy

  • 2 months ago Deman001

    Well that is some pounding she took. Looks worn out.. and all she did was lie there. Nice video, thanks for share

  • 2 months ago nefelibunny

    like a whore

  • 2 months ago gmeister04


  • 2 months ago MrBlkPanther18

    Hell ya

  • 2 months ago want2bcuckmo

    Fuck yes

  • 2 months ago want2bcuckmo

    Fuck yes

  • 2 months ago hotamandine4bbc

    yes, make her dream com true,

  • 2 months ago SS1902


  • 2 months ago RoyBatty470

    Great Pounding!!!

  • 2 months ago WannabeCuck

    Hell yes

  • 2 months ago Mstarrke

    Mmm, I’d love to fuck her tight little pussy too 😜

  • 2 months ago Bigbrown009

    Would love to smash thy too. Beautiful

  • 2 months ago fckmywife

    i want to see my wife like this (sorry for my english)

  • 2 months ago weakneed

    damn what a pounding

  • 2 months ago rob4fun


  • 2 months ago 542rusty542

    That is so hot!! Nice young lady!!

  • 2 months ago WisconGuy

    Would be even hotter if you had gotten a close up of his cum running out of her :)

  • 2 months ago abwil3

    I'd love to watch it and record it too maybe even eat it while he's fucking her . But hell fkin no on baby in any way shape or form

  • 2 months ago maggadon

    Yeahhh...let him breed her 😊

  • 2 months ago curves4fun

    Wow, he is gorgeous. Perfect black stallion.

  • 2 months ago speciak4u

    She can have my cock anytime. Knock her up, why not I did for 4 of my friends

  • 2 months ago Jahwushin2010

    She can have a go on my cock too if she likes!

  • 2 months ago burniesl

    Your wife is gorgeous, and I'd love to screw her too, but, no way I'd let my wife have another man's baby!

  • 2 months ago alltalk

    In a heartbeat! Yes!

  • 2 months ago redfantasy

    would love to enjoy her smelly socks

  • 2 months ago jag3030

    mmm damn she is sexy as hell what an incredible view wow!

  • 2 months ago gordo01

    I would love to see my wife jack hammered like that!

  • 2 months ago BlackBowie

    Great vid!!! She sure spread out for it!! She letting him have his way

  • 2 months ago bgdadi

    No baby ,but fuck her brains out

  • 4 months ago THICKTOY

    Wow he fucks her hard!

  • 4 months ago BigBootyWifey


  • 4 months ago bucker85

    Hot vid
    I'd love to lick her pussy clean

  • 4 months ago Scrplyr11

    Looks like fun..

  • 4 months ago damuhn

    I want NEXT

  • 4 months ago RogerRoger2

    Definitely not! I would fuck her brains out myself!

  • 4 months ago sharin

    My wife has been fucked by many black men. Many of them didn't wear protections. She told me she wants to get pregnant by them.

  • 5 months ago stockings333

    so nice i love to see him cum on her pretty face ,, and her take the cum

  • 5 months ago dogzilla85

    No baby but let her enjoy that good hard fucking.

  • 5 months ago Paladin

    Hot and sexy wife.

  • 5 months ago pappy94

    Gonna be watching your profile for progress

  • 5 months ago puppy1000

    Do your thing it's very nice bro

  • 5 months ago DreinToronto

    She makes me want to visit texas again

  • 5 months ago oggi

    That looked so hot watching her taking his cock balls deep and filling her pussy with his cum mmmmmmmm

  • 5 months ago Theman1212

    It was very hot. I loved the look on her face. I could tell my wife wanted his cum as bad as he wanted to cum in her. Perfect finish!

  • 5 months ago rj2507

    You should see if you can get a video of the exact moment she get pregnant

  • 5 months ago Coolc72

    Let her fuck yes xxxx

  • 5 months ago Jeezy26

    she takes it like a pro though

  • 5 months ago Theman1212

    Lol i might as well be a pro

  • 5 months ago Silksuit99

    Wow, was she able to walk after that pounding?

  • 5 months ago Theman1212

    Yes I was

  • 5 months ago ixsna

    fucking hot wow

  • 5 months ago togetherforever

    I’ve had a few different BBC cum inside my wife. It’s the most amazing thing ever. Seeing their face when they take his seed is insanely hot. You’re a very lucky man to have such a special woman.

  • 5 months ago Theman1212

    Thank you and yes my wife in a very incredible woman. And it is amazing watching them explode in her! How many BBC has your wife had cum in her?

  • 5 months ago Mrbigblackcock

    Very hot vid...

  • 5 months ago Rael

    Thats sounds very hot

  • 5 months ago 69rocks

    I could watch him fuck her all day !

  • 5 months ago tlxyz

    Wow hot and yes I'd do the same let us know if she has his baby

  • 5 months ago Theman1212

    She said she’s not going to stop having him cum on her multiple times. Week until her belly is sticking out!

  • 5 months ago tlxyz

    Nice hopefully it will happen soon

  • 5 months ago Theman1212

    I bet it will!

  • 5 months ago keystrokes

    can i fuck her next? mmmm

  • 5 months ago Theman1212

    She said please do! She waiting

  • 5 months ago Alicespics


  • 5 months ago justmeforyou

    No I wouldn't !

  • 5 months ago sexymilf03

    So hot you should show that cream pie then go in next

  • 5 months ago Juicebox88

    The fucking is hot, probably let that big cock all inside me... comments lol

  • 5 months ago mervhughes

    I would love to watch one of my fuck buddies being fucked by someone else

  • 5 months ago yesrod

    Yup. She got fucked well. Shes been flipped.


COUPLE, F23 / M25
Texas, United States


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