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Took a break at a friends house to get fucked. Took this video to send to my husband.

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By: ourDLS
In: Amateur Fucking, 1 year ago


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  • 5 hours ago leftyvoyur

    Excellent! You're such a great wife!!

  • 2 weeks ago Dalton

    swing by my house next so I can plank u with my 11 1/4 inch rock hard cock..deep into all 3 of ur holes...send that to hubby...hell love it..

  • 3 weeks ago Tamaroa


  • 3 weeks ago Loneman

    Lucky guy

  • 3 weeks ago AimAndDiscover

    Yum, I'd love make your husband all kinds of videos😏

  • 3 weeks ago domywife4me

    I wish my wife would do these kinds of things. i love seeing a woman having pleasure and would allow my wife to be with any man she wanted to be with, I really admire couples who are open. your a Lucky man to have such a hot wife and she's lucky to have a guy who allows her to get pleasure when she wants to.

  • 3 weeks ago allcurvs

    Very good fucking,ur husband must be jelous,but turns him on im shure

  • 3 weeks ago shane1963

    Wish that was my cock in you

  • 3 weeks ago Goodfuck123

    Need a wife like you.

  • 3 weeks ago tracker0122

    I had one like that for several years and loved it. What would you do if you had one?

  • 3 weeks ago Kwalee

    wow!!! soooo hot!!! what a wife!!!

  • 4 weeks ago Joey13

    very hot vid the only improvement I would make is to have me doing u! ur a hottie!

  • 4 weeks ago smoothmover

    Lucky guy

  • 4 weeks ago ej468

    Awesome, thank you for sharing!

  • 4 weeks ago LeenPen

    I love it

  • 4 weeks ago Leo4fun

    We would like to join you in some fun hot play I love to share my wife

  • 4 weeks ago Funcouple1959

    Great video

  • 4 weeks ago 709guy

    What a lucky guy. Don't we all need married friends!

  • 4 weeks ago Rykjones

    Absolutely love your vid... so sexy, had a play while watching it

  • 4 weeks ago leeman288

    you lucky man

  • 4 weeks ago 42plus13

    Wow you are such a naughty wife.

  • 4 weeks ago WannabeCuck

    Amazing!! I want my wife to do the same thing woth a friend and then send me the video

  • 1 month ago Jaxxon84

    That’s stunning, so hot!

  • 1 month ago HungKinkyDom

    A beautiful slut in heat

  • 1 month ago Bigdickdad

    You can take a break at my house anytime sexy

  • 1 month ago JohnShoots

    hope he like it as much as I did

  • 1 month ago Cwbbuckwild

    OMG!wow! Very hot! I loved every minute! Can't wait to see more of you!

  • 1 month ago Puffylover1

    Id fuck her again

  • 1 month ago DPS39

    Looked like he was trying not to cum way harder than I would've lasted. I love this video. Not a lot of shit gets my dick hard from watching anymore but this did.

  • 1 month ago Fusspucker

    Nice husband letting you get fucked by other guys. Obviiously I'm not in the life style. Wouldn't mind it tho :-)

  • 1 month ago legsfeettoes

    Wish I were your friend! I could use a friend like that here in New Hampshire!

  • 1 month ago Mark222

    Wish he was fucking me

  • 1 month ago sugarone252

    Please stop by my house!!!

  • 1 month ago maliraj


  • 1 month ago ThrobbingCock82

    I Soo want a Woman like You. Damn Hot. Xx πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›βœŠοΈπŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦

  • 1 month ago fredderf

    Can I be your friend?

  • 1 month ago slummer

    More please !

  • 1 month ago Brownbernard


  • 1 month ago nazgulnine

    she's kinda hot

  • 1 month ago andy707

    I wish you were my wife!!

  • 1 month ago mac1277

    I want a slut wifey just like you.

  • 1 month ago SailorTy

    Very Hot! ;)

  • 1 month ago BlackBowie

    Nice looking couple. A beautiful little woman...... taking that dick

  • 1 month ago BlackBowie

    Nice looking couple. A beautiful little woman...... taking that dick

  • 4 months ago OldMichael

    Great video! Thanks for sharing!

  • 5 months ago gdtobme


  • 6 months ago csidan

    I'd like to be your friend too!

  • 6 months ago stoned9inches

    Great selfie video!

  • 6 months ago DarkZone

    super hot.... such a very lucky guy.... I like how she is enjoying it... how they tryin to stay quiet

  • 7 months ago Dirtyloverboy

    So fucking hot!!!

  • 7 months ago newtomich

    He's one lucky guy to enjoy your sexy hotwife body! I had to be rough staying quiet. I bet hubby loved it!

  • 7 months ago natedog

    Me next

  • 7 months ago Justforfun118

    love it, so hot

  • 7 months ago lavoeg

    Great video. I love both of you in the show, the beautiful long cock and the willing pussy. I love watching that cock slide in and out of your pussy. Thanks for posting

  • 7 months ago LondonMan

    Awesome fuck! Wish that had been me fucking you!

  • 7 months ago konkreten100

    hot :)

  • 7 months ago Makeurain

    You are a hot little fuck doll. Luv to party with you

  • 7 months ago Fooltraveln

    Lucky guy to get a little time with your fine self

  • 8 months ago PUNJABILUN

    i will love to pla wit you baby ur to expert in giving pleasure ........ i love that

  • 8 months ago freddyflint

    wish you came to my house so i can enjoy. nice

  • 8 months ago sirchristopherx

    where the money shot????

  • 8 months ago racerx68


  • 8 months ago Justforfun118

    Lucky husband

  • 9 months ago Lvtoplay069

    Wish I was at that party! You are fucking hot!!!

  • 9 months ago BaronSaber

    Did anyone know?

  • 9 months ago krisakos


  • 9 months ago cumslinger

    So very hot to see her getting fucked and LOVING it. Who is the guy? Does she fuck around regularly? Any chance for vid of hubby watching this vid?? So fucking hot. Damn

  • 9 months ago ezharleyman

    These two do the best videos and sex acts ever

  • 9 months ago tool469

    your vid r fucking great

  • 10 months ago kavliarhs

    what a lucky men i wish be there too be the next on

  • 10 months ago ilikethescreamer

    Such a smoking hot little chick!!!

  • 10 months ago grandad

    Your videos is so hot, she looks fantastic getting fucked.

  • 10 months ago pmj93

    sweet, why don't u stop at my place to get fucked!!!

  • 10 months ago DaltonGang

    she spreads so wide at the end...good girl...I bet she could almost take my 11 1/4in cock to the balls....

  • 10 months ago Jammer5

    Great video. Loved the angle wathcing that cock slide in and out of your sweet pussy. Got to love a limber lady!

  • 10 months ago Mrklus

    That makes two lucky men, the man who got to fuck you, and your husband who got to see the video of it.

  • 10 months ago sugarone252

    OMG!!! I'd love to make a video with you to send to your hubbie!!! You're sexy and hot, made for deep and hard fucking!!!

  • 10 months ago leonardo103

    wow .... fantastic fucking !! xx

  • 10 months ago smoothmover

    Holy fuck. I want to fuck your sweet pussy

  • 10 months ago blowload

    Wow! That is very hot!

  • 10 months ago MaxAmore

    So hot! Thanks for sharing!

  • 10 months ago richprivate

    Very hot! Was he fucking your pussy or you ass? From the angles shown it could have been either! I sure wish I was your friend. What did your husband say when you sent him the video???

  • 10 months ago freddyflint

    oh my so wonderful. wish i was a friend and that was me

  • 10 months ago fuckseed

    Oh your such a tight,dirty little wife!!! hot!!!...Love to use that sexy body!!!

  • 10 months ago Emmalix

    Lucky guys

  • 10 months ago blacknasty619

    Did he fuck her ass

  • 10 months ago Eroticouple

    So hot! Well fucked, awesome. Love the leg up :)

  • 10 months ago HuggableMonk

    Come visit me anytime !!

  • 10 months ago Hardmedina

    did his dick keep falling out of her pussy ????

  • 10 months ago crazeepenne

    Wow I need me some of that! Incredibly erotic.

  • 10 months ago superstar218

    I'll leave the door open cum play

  • 10 months ago Maxxxs

    impossible hot!!!

  • 10 months ago Timbucktwo

    omg is this ever HOT! To actually videotape your self being fucked like show to your hub....oh hot.

  • 10 months ago Dickmagic1

    Think this is my fav zoig vid :)

  • 10 months ago Cumplay1985

    Super hot, being a naughty slut for husband.

    Guy could have fucked you much harder though 🀷

  • 10 months ago Mstarrke

    Great video, love watching her get fucked!

  • 10 months ago snakeeyes53

    Let's fuck while husband watch I

  • 10 months ago yorkmatt

    YUMMY I'd LOVE to cum into your cunt like that

  • 10 months ago piper43


  • 10 months ago Jamrock68

    Very nice

  • 10 months ago safing

    wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nice work

  • 10 months ago january69

    can't see husband's comment on here! xx

  • 10 months ago pussytaster63

    that is hot i hope her hubb did not mine

  • 10 months ago pleazernow

    I want to fuck you!!! so hot!!!

  • 10 months ago sirchristopherx

    Wow I could not last that long..already dripping precum

  • 10 months ago mrwoody099

    Wow soooo hot

  • 10 months ago Canadiandick


  • 10 months ago steveken

    Wow, you are so incredibly beautiful!!

  • 10 months ago andy4essex

    What a very lucky friend!!! Beautiful cuckolding!!

  • 10 months ago BlueMeanie42

    Mmmm horny little fuck slut, love it!

  • 10 months ago b0sai55

    Very hot. Your friend is a very lucky guyπŸ˜›

  • 10 months ago jag3030

    mmmm damn sexy as fuck what a view, wow, lucky lucky man

  • 10 months ago milena0706


  • 11 months ago mervhughes

    You are almost too good to be true. But the camera doesn't lie!

  • 11 months ago MTNGUY

    You are hot and the sex is wonderful.

  • 1 year ago eldnur

    That was sooo hot to watch - all 3 times :)

  • 1 year ago hornyguy1291

    Now THAT was fucking amazing...wish I was pounding into that beautiful smooth pussy!!!

  • 1 year ago Tinywife

    This is our favorite video by far because she is the one filming

  • 1 year ago BlondeJulie

    love it

  • 1 year ago JulieNGian

    amazing.. no other word.. both of you are melting the screen ;)..

  • 1 year ago 69cum

    Fucking hot

  • 1 year ago rider333

    So Fucking HOTT! You Are So Fucking HOTT!

  • 1 year ago fabbo25

    Damm ur hot

  • 1 year ago naughtycuteduo

    Come to our house next

  • 1 year ago teasyones

    bet he loved it

  • 1 year ago tonsafun71


  • 1 year ago Coolc72

    What did he think xxxxx

  • 1 year ago susan2

    Does your hubby love other men using you, like my hubby does with other men and me?.......giggle!!!

  • 1 year ago Frankenboner

    Most gorgeous, sexy babe

  • 1 year ago BlackBowie

    a great video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful woman................amazing body!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Felt good to take the meat nicely and appear to like it deep.............the leg over the counter was SUPER

  • 1 year ago scott25660

    Very real, very sexy, very beautiful. Such a lucky husband, I'm very jealous.
    Thanks for posting

  • 1 year ago jag3030

    mmmm damn you are one sexy little thing, lucky lucky men wow!!

  • 1 year ago riggerman2010

    awesome... I need to fuck her next!

  • 1 year ago Rochardinroc4all

    Nicely trimmed beaver

  • 1 year ago Tinywife

    The best

  • 1 year ago sexyhumorman1

    holy fuck is this hot. Love that it's not all selfie like and you put the cam down and it's in great lighting. No condom either. Fucking hot people too. Nice way to bend her over. Bravo. This is one of the few fuck vids I've found hot on here in a long while.

  • 1 year ago showtimecpl

    Very horny action

  • 1 year ago HardWorkingGuy

    You're a hot little spinner

  • 1 year ago rider333

    You Sweetheart are one fucking HOTT Fox!! I Love your fucking everything! What a Lucky Dude Your Husband Is! You get to HIT That HOTT Ass anytime you want to!!! Dude You are So Lucky!! Color me Jealous!! Does she do Threesomes?

  • 1 year ago dbldown

    That was so hot. I can hear the lust in your sighs.

  • 1 year ago aguilar

    More more more

  • 1 year ago grandad

    That is the sexiest video, she is so appealing.

  • 1 year ago whitetruckz

    great vid-- got me erect!!!

  • 1 year ago LostPilot

    Wow, great vid,... really a good fuck!

  • 1 year ago Tchopjoe

    That was delicious, and sexy

  • 1 year ago mylot

    Very horny!

  • 1 year ago alinblacky

    what a hot and horny little cock slut !!

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    such a hot fucking woman x

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    wow very hot

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    Hot fucking video

  • 1 year ago sevenandchange

    I need more friends like you in my life.

  • 1 year ago ilikethescreamer

    Oh, hell yeah! I’d love to rail you for hubby!! ;-)

  • 1 year ago jag3030

    still one of the best sexiest bid on this site, damn what a lucky guy!

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  • 1 year ago treliaris25

    good fck

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    hot vid.

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  • 1 year ago nightwish28

    Damn, lucky friend. Your so damn sexy, wish a was a friend like that as well :P

  • 1 year ago Strokin4Fun

    Looks like fun !!

  • 1 year ago jakelonglegs

    Mmmm u naughty girl!! Lucky guy x

  • 1 year ago bbwlover34

    omg wow xx

  • 1 year ago Shinnizle

    You are such a babe

  • 1 year ago BBCulo420

    After you put that leg up on the sink, the penetration would have been so deep you would have been screaming from the pleasure

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    You such a sexy,dirty girl!!!.....such a perfect ass and legs!!!

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    well you sure as hell got fucked
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  • 1 year ago dogzilla85

    I need a friend like you sexy! Love those beautiful sexy legs too.

  • 1 year ago milfsaresexy212

    Lucky fucking cock...well both of them are. Thefriend that got to pound you and then husband got to fuck you even harder for being a naughty fucking wife. Thats fuckin hot though

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    so hotttttt

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    Did your husband enjoy watching you take that guys big cock? Did you bring him home a nice cream pie to eat?

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    mmm damn lucky lucky man!

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    Hot Sexy and Horny !! She's perfect !

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    You are a lucky dude she is so sexy we can not wait for more

  • 1 year ago sexluvnlust

    He's soooo nice to shove and bury his hard cock slowly and balls deep inside you, girl. You gave your pussy so easily and so well to him.

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    awesome vid!

  • 1 year ago orico

    Great vid, can see the naughty enjoyment in your face, very sexy


Age: F27 / M28
Gender: Couple
State: Colorado
Country: United States

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