Well, i have an empty hole or 2 if you wish to donate to the.. 8716413

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Well, i have an empty hole (or 2) if you wish to 'donate' to the cause....hurry up

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By: BlondeJulie
In: Homemade Anal Sex, 6 months ago


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  • 5 hours ago upnorthcoupel

    love it

  • 2 weeks ago giotti

    Hot vid .... very hard xxxxxx

  • 3 weeks ago Silkyballz

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    I so want to cum give you a big cock with a nice load of my hot cum just let me know when and where

  • 2 months ago KinkyCougar

    Omg so fucking hot

  • 2 months ago BlondeJulie

    want to help me?

  • 2 months ago hardforcouples

    Id love to be licking your clit!!

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  • 3 months ago MrMeatHead

    ur are so sexy ur pics and vids = instant erection. Thx for sharing

  • 3 months ago Jammer5

    Wow both holes look awesome to me! Would love to donate some special sauce in both holes. You look amazing!

  • 3 months ago Frenchyy

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  • 3 months ago Frenchyy

    yes, you're right :-)...let's donate for the good cause then ;-)...very deep in you Julie...

  • 3 months ago BlondeJulie

    of course!

  • 3 months ago Frenchyy

    an empty but the other is very well filled ...no?

  • 3 months ago BlondeJulie

    i'd say so no?

  • 4 months ago tonysmith88

    super wife

  • 3 months ago BlondeJulie

    thank you

  • 4 months ago Sereno90

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  • 4 months ago Wrc204

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  • 4 months ago dappzz

    looks like your creamy pussy is jealous, let me put her at easy

  • 3 months ago BlondeJulie

    please do, nothing like a good fillin'

  • 4 months ago daydreams1

    God nice pussy and dick! God I want to suck a dick so bad for my first time

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  • 4 months ago jakelonglegs

    OMG your pussy looks so inviting with that cock in your ass xx

  • 3 months ago BlondeJulie

    thank u!

  • 4 months ago cuteasian4u2

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  • 3 months ago BlondeJulie

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  • 4 months ago blackcobra163

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  • 3 months ago BlondeJulie

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  • 3 months ago blackcobra163

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  • 3 months ago BlondeJulie

    enjoy it!

  • 3 months ago blackcobra163

    yes x so im enjoying ur video now n one strange things, my cum released self without masturbating mmmmmmmmmmm

  • 3 months ago BlondeJulie

    don't u hate when that happens? LOL

  • 3 months ago blackcobra163

    no i love it when i see hot vids like u,, love u immensely , u increased my crazy desire of sex

  • 5 months ago Carololi

    i live her ass!!

  • 5 months ago Two4Sex

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  • 5 months ago lo97hd

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  • 5 months ago Drazeni

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  • 5 months ago Chiko32

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  • 5 months ago BlondeJulie

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  • 5 months ago bradkann

    Would LOVE to donate to that cause!!

  • 5 months ago thedane111

    Another unbelievable video, Julie! I'd love to help with your available hole(s)...wish we were closer ;)

  • 5 months ago BlondeJulie

    glad u love it!

  • 5 months ago Bartek

    but I would let it down on this beautiful pussy

  • 5 months ago stockingsboy

    I'd willingly donate to any of your holes Jules xxx

  • 5 months ago leonardo103

    ohhhh ...... we'll lock-in a monthly deposit !! xx

  • 5 months ago deadstar7

    I always look forward to your videos great job!!!

  • 5 months ago tonsafun71

    I'm so in. I'll take all 3 once he's done. Looks like that pretty pussy is all creamed up and ready to go too. Perfection!😍

  • 5 months ago mats1961

    I could watch this perfect ass being drilled and that amazing bald pussy for hours!

  • 5 months ago Reddragonleo

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  • 5 months ago lisle69

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  • 5 months ago PEGHILL

    Oh god - beautiful it is x

  • 6 months ago Hoochie069

    I will fill the empty one for you anytime sweetie

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  • 6 months ago luvthevineyard

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  • 6 months ago Hoochie069

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  • 6 months ago Touring01

    I know I'm not worthy to feel your wonderful holes but if the offer still stands I'll donate anytime!

  • 6 months ago MannequinLover

    I would totally donate to the cause,
    but I doubt you'd except any of my donations... 😞

  • 6 months ago BlondeJulie

    non profit, i take it all!....

  • 6 months ago MannequinLover

    Cool! 😎
    I want to donate right away,
    so I'm on my way!

  • 6 months ago amoresperros

    very hot! :)

  • 6 months ago BlondeJulie

    thank u

  • 6 months ago bigmo

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  • 6 months ago BlondeJulie

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  • 6 months ago IfuckEve

    Its about 6"long
    hard and warm!!

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  • 6 months ago BlondeJulie

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  • 6 months ago BlondeJulie

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  • 6 months ago PEGHILL

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  • 6 months ago BlondeJulie

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    Great video. Love watching that nice dick slide in while her pussy is creaming. Super hot.

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    Very hot anal action
    Thanks for sharing

  • 6 months ago seli

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  • 6 months ago Dano72

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  • 6 months ago BlondeJulie

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  • 6 months ago Dano72

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  • 6 months ago BlondeJulie

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  • 6 months ago BlondeJulie

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Age: F48 / M57
Gender: Couple
State: New York
Country: United States

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