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A full frontal view we don't often show but thought we would share this sexy,titty jigglin and swaying cowgirl fuck with both front and rear views, Should we do more like this??

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By: splatterNlilstar
In: Amateur Fucking, 1 year ago


boobs tits face sexy milf fuck mature nipples jiggle

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  • 2 months ago Luvv2Fuk


  • 4 months ago Squeezeit

    Great fuck guys hubby wants a turn

  • 4 months ago n4fun

    Hot video!! Love the interaction and swinging tits.

  • 4 months ago splatterNlilstar

    Thanks so much for enjoying it!

  • 4 months ago n4fun

    Hot video!! Love the interaction

  • 4 months ago splatterNlilstar

    Thank you, our interaction is the continued foreplay...

  • 4 months ago divinman2

    Yes do more, loved it!

  • 4 months ago alwayshot

    You are bot fantastic in horse riding competion.

  • 4 months ago mdaganger

    So hot ! yes do more !

  • 4 months ago BklynParamour

    a goddess to be worshipped. love her voice - love her style - she can make the rules any day. lucky man.

  • 4 months ago splatterNlilstar

    Wow thank you, so nice to know others have enjoyed watching us enough to comment!

  • 4 months ago xxnaughtyxxwifex

    definitely should. she is sexy as hell and it's a joy to watch from this angle

  • 4 months ago splatterNlilstar

    Thanks, we never thought people would enjoy this video so much but boy were we wrong lol

  • 4 months ago legion

    Yes! That was hot. Thanks for sharing.

  • 4 months ago splatterNlilstar

    Thanks for taking the time to comment ;)

  • 4 months ago grathens1978


  • 4 months ago Pit67


  • 5 months ago Daydreamer225

    Yes you should! You two rock the home made video world!!

  • 4 months ago splatterNlilstar

    WOW thanks for that!

  • 5 months ago philsy

    Yes - do more like this, please!!

  • 5 months ago splatterNlilstar

    Would like to Thank ZOIG as well for putting this video in Blast from the Past giving it renewed life

    and Thanks to all the amazing people whom commented and enjoyed it as well!

    Cheers everyone,

    dag N lil

  • 5 months ago Rochardinroc4all

    Wow sexy lovemaking. Love the smiles and the tits. Lighting was perfect. Kudos friends.

  • 5 months ago splatterNlilstar

    Thanks so much, we appreciate your thoughts very much!

  • 5 months ago elliotthenry

    love mirror shots! What a fun fuck.

  • 5 months ago splatterNlilstar

    Thank you

  • 5 months ago sugarone252

    OMG!!! I want next so I can suck those nice tits!!! Please let me give her a good load!!

  • 5 months ago OldBay144

    YeeeeHaaaa giddy up girl

  • 5 months ago splatterNlilstar

    Yes Sir

  • 5 months ago meatbeater22

    those swinging tits made me so hard

  • 5 months ago bifun4us

    mmmmmmmmmmm giddy up

  • 5 months ago 71slowpoke

    LOVE the cowgirl!!!

  • 5 months ago richprivate

    wish she was bouncing up and down on my cock!

  • 5 months ago Andyfun56

    I want her on my cock please

  • 5 months ago Mashfun

    This is awesome

  • 5 months ago splatterNlilstar

    Thank you

  • 5 months ago tonto4u2


  • 5 months ago voyeur9185

    So hot!

  • 5 months ago pinky69

    She has one hot body, would love to see more!

  • 5 months ago wifechaser2

    Please do

  • 5 months ago InLuc

    she is one sexy fuck... nice talking and teasing and hard fucking.

  • 5 months ago kt1972sox

    Oh my god is all I can say

  • 5 months ago snakeeyes53

    Love her boobs

  • 5 months ago dallastx52m

    Love swaying,jiggling tits while having sex,by all means make more videos like this.

  • 5 months ago wartsila

    very nice just as nature should be.

  • 5 months ago m40md

    mmmm That beautiful woman knows what she is doing... sooooo sexy she is......

  • 5 months ago madmax1

    so hot. what a beauty!

  • 5 months ago splatterNlilstar

    Mmmm glad you enjoyed, Thx for commenting!

  • 5 months ago Curiousness67

    Great video you guys look amazing

  • 5 months ago awat2long

    greaqt bodyshe has

  • 6 months ago peeking77

    Yes yes

  • 7 months ago grandad

    Nice bouncing tits.

  • 8 months ago stewballs69

    love those titties

  • 8 months ago splatterNlilstar

    Thank you stew!

  • 8 months ago maverick935

    very hot. pretty lady, yummy bouncing tits

  • 8 months ago splatterNlilstar

    Glad you like my titties!

  • 8 months ago maverick935

    love to suck, nibble on them

  • 9 months ago camilion

    need to add to my posting,birthday today. Any ideas

  • 9 months ago riiick

    mmmmmmm torture

  • 9 months ago Jackyehoff

    very hot....more please

  • 9 months ago 1bricklayer

    that's hot make more please

  • 9 months ago splatterNlilstar

    We're tryin we're tryin lol

  • 10 months ago Lilfella

    Love the conversation during as well. She's fantastic!!!

  • 10 months ago splatterNlilstar

    Thank you, fun ride!

  • 10 months ago paphuntimes

    This might be the best one yet! Can't keep my hand off my cock! I can almost feel her riding me!

  • 10 months ago splatterNlilstar

    Thank you, it's our most commented and watched video ever thanks to all our horny people here!

  • 10 months ago apple1299

    so good to see such a loving couple sharing their love with each other makes my heart warm and wishing you all the love you have for each other
    thanks so much foe sharing

    just beautiful

  • 10 months ago splatterNlilstar

    WOW thanks so much for noticing and for the wonderful compliment! Cheers

  • 10 months ago apple1299

    you are most welcome you two just produce what a loving like you have keep it up and good luck

  • 10 months ago philsy

    Outstanding!!! Yes, you should do more like this. I wish I were the guy in this vid.

  • 11 months ago Greg862

    Loved this nice frontal view, giving us a great view of her perky titties jiggling and her, riding your horny cock. Woo hooo....outstanding!

  • 11 months ago justlovesex61

    wow that is incredibly sexy watching you guys .... love your tits bouncing away

  • 11 months ago silsoprano

    Now she is great at that

  • 11 months ago strokeit

    great shot, her beautiful soft giggling body, a pure cock drainer!

  • 1 year ago Hornycouple87

    Very sexy

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Thank you

  • 1 year ago fun4all325

    Love watching her tits as she ride your cock.

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    So you don't mind milf titties then?

  • 1 year ago fun4all325

    Love them.

  • 1 year ago Robb455

    Yesss please ... ;)

  • 1 year ago kevster

    Very sexy couple...

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Thx guys we appreciate that!

  • 1 year ago JamesDjong

    nice flicq

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Thanks for letting us know!

  • 1 year ago n4fun

    Great video!! Loved the genuine interaction. Looking forward to watching more. Thanks

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Thanks for noticing the genuine aspect ;)

  • 1 year ago joker196

    Wow she is gorgeous

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Thank you!

  • 1 year ago ptjn85


  • 1 year ago 60504fun

    That’s the way to fuck

  • 1 year ago Love2share4u

    she's great !! and you where giving her enjoyement .. Glad for you and thanks for sharing this great vid.

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Your very welcome and thanks for enjoying us!

  • 1 year ago demetrius48


  • 1 year ago zinzini

    You're a real hot couple. And as most men, I loved the view of her shaking titties. You got me really horny...

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Outstanding so we did ok then hey!

  • 1 year ago Vixenboytoy

    would love to fuck her hard for a couple of hours.....

  • 1 year ago foundwifes

    great fucking

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Glad you enjoyed it

  • 1 year ago Travelguy

    very sexy, thanks for sharing, love the hanging boobies!!

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Yw and thanks for enjoying ;)

  • 1 year ago woodey61

    love the view!!

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Thanks so much!

  • 1 year ago Oralpro79


  • 1 year ago hotandhornyphil

    Great video guys, so hot watching u ride and those gorgeous tits swinging, love it!

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Thanks guys, the girls can still dance pretty good lol

  • 1 year ago couple2play

    Stunning video - great camera position and one of the best positions for sex (we think). Love her slow teasing, gorgeous boobs and his enjoyment!

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Thanks guys we appreciate your comment!

  • 1 year ago TJ101

    She's quite the equestrian!

  • 1 year ago bikergal75

    Mmmmmmm, Great video. Love watching her breasts swinging and swaying.

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Thank you and I like the way it feels too...

  • 1 year ago feli6x

    yesss please

  • 1 year ago theaaa

    I like when he says, fuck,

  • 1 year ago seaman31

    Sweetest dancing titties to caress and tongue tease while she uses you as her favorite pleasure toy deep in her sweetness

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Love this, Thanks

  • 1 year ago demobucket

    good job girl

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Thanks sweetie!

  • 1 year ago Bewithyou2

    Definitely more of this loved watching those beautiful tits swing

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    If you like swinging titties you may like this too? https://www.zoig.com/play/5938187

  • 1 year ago pete2010

    That was simply great. What a generous intimate love session. That intimate abortion of your cock in Her Pusey was out of this world. Keep enjoying being together. Thanks for sharing the moment, more please.

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Still trying to figure out what this means "That intimate abortion of your cock" but thanks for commenting!

  • 1 year ago 69hotrod69

    hell yessss

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Lol thank you

  • 1 year ago alpinist

    very sexy, loving and very hot fuck. Thanks for sharing

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Thank you for enjoying it and commenting to let us know!

  • 1 year ago BJ61

    It is beautiful to watch

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    WOW thanks so much!

  • 1 year ago realredsrock

    She’s an Incredibly Hott’nSexxy Lady!!!! What a fabulous fuck!!!!

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    So glad you liked it!

  • 1 year ago slash

    Great ride

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Thanks slash

  • 1 year ago jiminyou2

    I would lay her down kissing her gently on the lips and as I bite gently on her bottom lip I would be slowly putting my dick inside her pump her slowly but landing hard,then as I pump until she cums I would unload my hot sperm inside her and stay inside till I go limp,then i would pull out running my tongue down to her pussy and give it sweet kisses until I get hard again.

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Mmmm that sounds so dreamy!

  • 1 year ago azieanakraja

    I like this style, the same style the ex- wife of a businessman ride my cock , she was so rough & wild

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Thank you for enjoying it!

  • 1 year ago jiminyou2

    She's so pretty,,the things I could do to her.. that's one lucky guy.

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Do tell

  • 1 year ago curves4fun

    Wow, you guys are so hot!! So sexy together. Love the way that you interact with one another.

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Thank you for that comment, it was really nice to read!

  • 1 year ago bilbo6935

    she gave u a good ride nice bouncing tits yummy

  • 1 year ago azieanakraja

    Yeah so rough!

  • 1 year ago Puffylover1

    Fantastic ..luv it

  • 1 year ago abcnow

    Very fucking HOT!

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Glad you like!

  • 1 year ago wifechaser2

    Please more vids

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Yes thank you

  • 1 year ago kimlea69

    Lovely ride good fucking awesome porno!!

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Thanks for commenting and saying that!

  • 1 year ago Hotrod2c

    This is an awesome video. I wish I could have seen him cum.

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Sometimes things just explode lol

  • 1 year ago suse45

    love your moans at the end, fucking hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    mmm mmm mmm ;)

  • 1 year ago David1115

    Thanks for sharing this. Your wife has a great body! Love mature women.

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Thanks David

  • 1 year ago grandad

    I love watching her ride. I am so pleased that you shared this video.

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Thanks so much, we're still very surprised at the success of this clip

  • 1 year ago BlackBowie

    she can work some meat!!!!! Classy chick, very confident

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Very kind of you

  • 1 year ago randallscott

    that is a great video ,i would love to see more

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Thanks and you will for sure!

  • 1 year ago caned

    Great video , thanks to you both , wonderful watching your share those wonderful pleasures , .

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Wonderful comment and thanks for it!

  • 1 year ago jveryoral

    Love the way she rubs her tits on him and teases with a slow fuck. So fucking erotic ! She is fucking hottt ! Thanks for sharing !

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Thanks and we both love the nipples dragging on his chest, it feels so amazing while making love!

  • 1 year ago Guttime69

    She looks amazing! Lucky you to get to fuck her.

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Thank you, it was a good ride!

  • 1 year ago grandad

    You should definitely do more of those videos. She looks fantastic!

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    We should, she loves face down ass up and I guess I do to but we do love it when she rides

  • 1 year ago ShyTyson

    Very hot. Love the view. Great job you two

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Thanks our not so Shy friend lol

  • 1 year ago Slowburner

    Sexy and loving - epic.

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Hey thanks for that comment!

  • 1 year ago Willtbe

    nice riding baby ,I came all over ,im aginng,you grinding my cock buried in that hot pussy

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Thanks so much, we love this video but never thought it would be the best commented on here for us out of all the others lol

  • 1 year ago willem10000

    Wonderful ❤

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Thanks willem

  • 1 year ago maverick935

    love to be sucking on those yummy tits as she rides me

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    They got new jewelry yesterday too ;P

  • 1 year ago Cossackchaud

    Love watching those sexy tits!

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    It feels nice when they swing around!

  • 1 year ago HardHubby

    That was so hot!!!! Yes! Do more like that

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Thank you and we will ;)

  • 1 year ago Boy11


  • 1 year ago Matureheat

    so hot

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Thank you!

  • 1 year ago Zger6369

    Riding just like MrsZ likes to...
    Being in control...

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    So does Lil, she likes to watch my face during orgasm!

  • 1 year ago vabeach2sum

    very impressive. Look out Canada here we cum.

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Always a good time in Canada ya know!

  • 1 year ago billy959

    Dam hot

  • 1 year ago entertainment4u


  • 1 year ago Herking

    Yes plese

  • 1 year ago grandad

    I like your dialogue...I felt like I was there.

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Seems many like that communication!

  • 1 year ago grandad

    I really enjoy seeing her tits bounce. Thanks for sharing.

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Thank you so much!

  • 1 year ago marleylynn

    I love bouncing on a nice cock too!! And hubby has a very nice cock!!

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Mmm yes we love it too, thx mar!

  • 1 year ago Shykiwi

    Sexy body. Love those shakes.

  • 1 year ago basicdesires

    Yes mate. lots more! :)

  • 1 year ago seaman31

    Beautiful goddess to have ride you to deep pleasure while you enjoy Caressing and playing with the sweetest luscious teasing titties

  • 1 year ago Urbadhabit

    She's absolutely stunning yes Would To see this angle more

  • 1 year ago firstmate210


  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar


  • 1 year ago Dirtyloverboy

    Good lookin couple, especially her! Lol I fantasized about being behind her and sliding my cock in her asshole for a good stuffing. Please do post more of these

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Been awhile az and thx for the comment! FYI she does like both plugged!

  • 1 year ago Dirtyloverboy

    I'm always available to help with plugging or whatever you may have in mind!

  • 1 year ago willem10000

    Wonderful ❤

  • 1 year ago CuCmeCum

    Really fucking hot!

  • 1 year ago gr8cumpne

    yes & yes!!

  • 1 year ago feli6x

    yes..yessssssssss please mmhhmmmmooore

  • 1 year ago djcourte

    OMG she is so sexy . Best looking fuck on ZOIG
    I watch it 3 times and came # times > Thank U . Please do more were she is talking

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Awww thank, you so glad to hear you came to it ;P

  • 1 year ago ahenabarbus

    Watched again.... Oh, yeah. That's how it's supposed to be done.

    I can't find words enough to thank you for posting this and encouraging you do post more!

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Always good to get encouragement otherwise there's no point in sharing right! Your awesome...

  • 1 year ago Beboz92

    Oooooh fuck maaan .... she is delicious, fuckable, killing, erotic, tastyyy, horny, and gorgeous woman ... u r just a lucky man to have her everyday in bed and eat all her fuckable amazing body ... sheesss hooot as hell

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    WOW what an awesome comment Thank you!

  • 1 year ago newtomich

    Please make a lot more like this!! I love when you slowed down and played Red light/Green light. I can just imagine you milking his cock with your tight pussy.

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    We have fun with Red light/Green light and probably the only time I get to Dom him lol!

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Thank you everyone for your comments you guys are awesome!

  • 1 year ago Mack350


  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Thank You

  • 1 year ago loveyouinlace

    Oh, that's rather nice!

  • 1 year ago lou335

    Another awesome video from you 'guys'. Listening to your interaction is just as erotic as watching the action. You 'guys' rock!

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Thanks Lou for your comments and for your appreciation!

  • 1 year ago DarkZone

    super hot & super sexy.. shes such a very hot girl & very hot tease.. she knows hw to get it & ridez great

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Thanks DZ please watch more in galleries ;)

  • 1 year ago luv2play

    I have lost count of how many times I have watched this, it is just a genuine straight forward fuck. exactly what this site is all about, love it and will be back again I know. This is true sex.

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Wow never heard anyone word it like that before but it did tell us we did something right that people want to come back and see again...Thx for that!

  • 1 year ago b0sai55

    A spectacular view of her fantastic titties jiggling. I have to admit that is one of my favorite positions. So yes, you should definitely do more like this!

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Agreed and 1 of our favs too...thx for commenting!

  • 1 year ago FMBW

    Swap places? Would love you to ride me while my wife rides him..? Good looking! More please :)

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Sounds like a lot of sexual pleasure tgo us!

  • 1 year ago pogoooo

    very sexy girl!!!

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar


  • 1 year ago lovebud

    so lovely

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Awww very sweet...

  • 1 year ago neversaymaybe

    Truly beautiful, oh so natural. A sincere thank you for posting, Here's to more, please!

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Thanks and cheers to that!!

  • 1 year ago Paladin

    Such a HOT and sexy lady. She looks amazing riding you. Please do more videos like this. I love seeing her in action.

  • 1 year ago seaman31

    Very beautiful total pleasure goddess....Love the way she pleasures her man and teases with those pretty dancing titties

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Thanks so much and we love dancing titties too!

  • 1 year ago maturehot

    an exquisite fuck...

  • 1 year ago Canadiandick

    Nice one :)

  • 1 year ago Mugzie

    do many more... sweet...

  • 1 year ago splatterNlilstar

    Ooooh we will, don't know how to stop lol

  • 1 year ago Christos

    Ride him girl

  • 1 year ago funballs56gmale

    Her sweet pussy drained ever last drop of jizz from that dick ! ;)

  • 1 year ago MrDelivery

    Very hot and sexy video

  • 1 year ago easy1

    oh yea do more,many more

  • 1 year ago leonardo103

    wow ..... fantastic fucking !! xx

  • 1 year ago tipofmytongue

    You are such a magnificent creature. I loved watching every second of you. You guys are awesome! I hope you will do lots more of these!

  • 1 year ago barklay

    Incredibly hot

  • 1 year ago renegade6681

    So hot! I'm totally jealous!

  • 1 year ago Vegas50

    Absolutely. Love to see more like this.

  • 1 year ago ulinga1

    Fabulous to see and so stunningly sexy to see her riding from both angles, such an erotic delight mmmmmm xx

  • 1 year ago FUNCPL30S

    Awesome love to see what happens if a red light is jumped.... x

  • 1 year ago lildick67

    wow great frontal view me likey

  • 1 year ago TGFu2

    Love to see her swinging titties and beautiful expressions. I'll be watching and hoping for more!

  • 1 year ago Joey13

    hottest vid on here in a long time! she has a great bod!

  • 1 year ago Adirondacks2007


  • 1 year ago ballplayer

    very hot keep it coming

  • 1 year ago younganhard

    Yes this is great love watching you guys

  • 1 year ago tmast

    You two are so sexy, keep posting

  • 1 year ago luv2play

    Thanks for posting such a great session. More like this

  • 1 year ago grandad

    The view is perfect, I love her jiggling tits. I'd really like to see more of her.

  • 1 year ago musicman4u

    Damn Hot Very Sexy and Sensuous at the same Time ... Love her Naughty Talk, She is Something else .... Beautiful Lady... eh
    and to answer your question Yes More Please :-)

  • 1 year ago gentlemanly

    Canadian gals are so fucking sexy when they get turned on and turn the tables by fucking us men the way she wants!

  • 1 year ago KevinandNina

    Outstanding! I love natural women. She's stunning! Looks like a real couple making real love, not some act staged for the camera.

  • 1 year ago cock1

    Beautiful woman and her partner just making out having sex, making love, fucking - whatever, excellent - this is what it is all about

  • 1 year ago BIGBootyDaddy

    Fantastic front and back view! Great video!

  • 1 year ago Kutscher81

    You should do plenty more of these beautiful swaying and juggling titties

  • 1 year ago GateCrasher35

    Pretty fucking hot you two!

  • 1 year ago ahenabarbus

    A spectacular view of a spectacular fuck!
    Lil had a move about 40 seconds in (right before Splatter said "You broke it!") that was almost too good to be true, and the long, slow ride that followed was exquisite! This should be used as a training video for how to do cowgirl right.

  • 1 year ago captain1945

    Awesome video , so sexy and erotic...she is sooo hot

  • 1 year ago DamonK

    Very sexy...

  • 1 year ago gorge1

    Awesome display of love and affection from this sexy CDN duo! Thanks so much for sharing!

  • 1 year ago IgnoredHubby497

    Darn right you should!! You are freakin hot!!!

  • 1 year ago makersncoke

    Amazing ;)

  • 1 year ago txscorpio

    yesss, yesss, yesss, she is gorgeous, love your body

  • 1 year ago shetoldmeto

    Love being ridden by a girl and feeling her cum all over me

  • 1 year ago Wicouple45



Age: F50 / M54
Gender: Couple
State: Alberta
Country: Canada

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