I finally received my toy in the mail. i told my boyfriend true.. 7800803

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i finally received my toy in the mail. i told my boyfriend (true story) because i truly misjudged the size...but i also dream of having a huge meaty boner shoved into my pussy...

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By: spankme
In: Sex Toys & Devices, 2 years ago


toys huge cock masturbating biting lip love

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  • 5 months ago boroguy03

    I can’t stop watching this vid! You are amazing and I absolutely LOVE the way your asshole gates open while you are riding it. I would love to fill your ass with my cock while you are riding it!

  • 5 months ago docnwild

    very nice , now anal?

  • 8 months ago hard4U

    Love it

  • 8 months ago BlackBowie

    You struggled with this, but I sure liked it.........I love women that enjoy size. You would be a fuck a man would never forget. Great ass on you and nice legs........pussy stretched and full

  • 1 year ago knobbyhardone

    Oops ... I was just rubbing myself of as I watched you ramming that massive toy into your tight little fuckhole and could t help cumming ... you must have really done it for me as it was a huge ejaculation ... I haven't pumped out so much cum for a long time ...

  • 1 year ago daddygoodsex16

    Id enjoy the pleasure to fist your beautiful hungry pussy

  • 1 year ago daddygoodsex16

    Id enjoy the pleasure to fist your beautiful hungry pussy

  • 1 year ago Patmagroin100

    I'm sure you wouldn't mind me tongue fucking your perfect ass while you ride your toy.

  • 1 year ago Dmcdog

    Damn love the way those lips gripped it

  • 1 year ago cummingsoon4u

    Pick my thick cock

  • 1 year ago suley

    omg i watched it without breath mmmmm

  • 1 year ago jag3030

    damnnnnnn, wow, you are sexy as hell mmmm!!

  • 1 year ago boroguy03

    i can't stop watching this video!!!...i have jacked off so many times to this vid wishing i was inside her gaping ass hole while she is fucking that big dildo!!!...one of the best vids on zoig!!!

  • 1 year ago Ninner47

    I would like to help you so you don't have to hold it and have my cock ball's deep in your ass

  • 1 year ago wani143

    I hope you have satisfied for this big didlo.

  • 1 year ago DannieDee4u

    Nice huge cock ...my pussy is wet ..i wantbto put it in my mouth

  • 1 year ago eucass

    That dildo fits your pussy so good!

  • 1 year ago hornymail

    luv to slid my cock in that fine ass while you fuck your toy

  • 1 year ago petmit

    While watching this clip I could not help but think how lovely your asshole is just to find out later that I'm not only one who admired it :) Was it a quick orgasm or you just tired to keep it in?

  • 1 year ago blueballz

    Love watching your little butthole pucker while riding that monste

  • 1 year ago bigmo


  • 1 year ago koollews

    You doing good, stay with it baby. Mr. lew

  • 1 year ago Kraken79

    practice makes perfect

  • 1 year ago konkreten100


  • 1 year ago cherrybomb69

    All you need is my tongue on your delicious ass, would then bury my bbc deep in your ass while I spank you good and hard!

  • 1 year ago Coolc72

    So hot xxxxx

  • 1 year ago BuckyT

    I'd love it if you stuck me to the floor and ride me for awhile...yummy ass & pussy...delicious

  • 1 year ago bigrigdee

    you are a fucking hot woman,fuck that huge dildo.

  • 1 year ago perry870

    Wow, You don't need a toy, I for one will volunteer to replace it. Thanks for the show.

  • 1 year ago boroguy03

    i don't know how many times i have watched all your vids of you fucking that big dildo!!!...i just can't get over how well you handle it and how your sweet asshole gapes open while you are riding it...have you tried or can you take it in your ass too?

  • 1 year ago stallion45

    Im sure you will get the hang of it in no time baby

  • 1 year ago legion

    Damn that gets hotter every time I watch it. How about an update to see if you can take more of it.

  • 1 year ago Monty102

    Good girl πŸ˜œπŸ‘πŸ»

  • 1 year ago january69

    fuck with your boyfriend will never be the same hahaha now you have to ask me to help you out! lol x p.s love the way your sweet butt hole is winking at me, opening, winking... opening... looks like an invitation! xx

  • 1 year ago SexyyBoyy

    Instead use my natural cock

  • 1 year ago BlackBowie

    Too HOT to handle...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big turn-on!!

  • 1 year ago bjvan2003

    Im with you, Gush, that hot arse needs a good tongue fucking.

  • 1 year ago gush4me

    Holy Shit.!!! That is hot as fuck girl. Would l9ve to push my tounge in your hot open arse as u hav that huge toy deep inside !!!!!

  • 1 year ago fina

    Thank you for sharing

  • 1 year ago rain79

    oh my god youre amazinggg

  • 1 year ago njwarrior350

    ooooooooooooo my god i wanna eat your ass as your fucking that toy ,,, xoxoxo

  • 1 year ago ShaveLover

    thats huge! Im sure your bf is proud of you

  • 1 year ago SAstud007

    Amazing work.. gonna have to stetch that lil pussy

  • 1 year ago incredibles

    hmmm that first moan when you get it in you...

  • 1 year ago carameldelight

    I would do bad things to you; especially since you like having your pussy spread opened and punished.

  • 1 year ago mrwoody099

    wow love the way u take it in and ride it...awesome ur b.f. is a lucky guy

  • 1 year ago starfire1965

    oh I luv how ur rosebud is puckered open - obviously you need a good ass fuckin at the very same time as riding the big dildo

  • 1 year ago pat6967

    WOW that was awesome I would love to clean you up after that

  • 1 year ago mountaincat72

    I'll bet that makes you feel full. and that should make the climax even greater.... WOW!

  • 1 year ago dallasboy50

    Now that's a perfect ass!

  • 1 year ago sexfreak

    You can ride me anytime

  • 1 year ago lingerielovers

    Huge pole!

  • 1 year ago Stratacaster63

    You did good!!!!

  • 1 year ago MonoChrome

    That's truly awesome watching your pussy stretch around that huge toy! Love to come and hold it, feed it and then replace it 😜 with something of my own!!

  • 1 year ago Cd5xbi

    Could I borrow it later ? I love hugue boner shoved into my ass pussy

  • 1 year ago lovetolickit4u

    OMFG I'd love to fuck u with my boner πŸ˜ƒ

  • 1 year ago leonardo103

    wow ...amazing !! xx

  • 1 year ago Coolc72

    So hot xxxxx

  • 1 year ago RonBurgundy

    you go girl β™₯8")

  • 1 year ago Cumlover365


  • 1 year ago mountaincat72

    AAAHH My kind of woman... hope she posts more of these..

  • 1 year ago clitmotized

    just wow!

  • 1 year ago tool4you

    Amazing woman,so hot!

  • 1 year ago LittleOutside

    Such a great butt... I'd like to lick you all... :*

  • 1 year ago Kluv2400

    ASStounding ride mmm saddle up cow girl and ride em out...

  • 1 year ago hillbilly4u1964

    sweet !

  • 1 year ago tuginsgreat

    Got my cock hard as a rock, my absolute favourite watching a woman fuck a huge dildo ..... lucky boyfriend :-)
    Perhaps get your boyfriend to arse fuck you at the same time.

  • 1 year ago LostPilot

    I get so fucking hard watching your perfect body bouncing on that huge dildo!
    Would love to finger your sloppy asshole while you are riding that D!

    Thought definitely know how to pose and put on a show!!! Love they position at 01:00,... tight legs round butt makes me what to spray my load all over your sexy ass immediately!

  • 1 year ago OLDwantsUbabe

    Sexy Body. My Cock is somewhat smaller...Fancy giving it a try out ?

  • 1 year ago assluvher2

    NICE Big Cock riding......Love to see you take it DEEPER

  • 1 year ago marleylynn

    Good try!!

  • 1 year ago nuttyb10ke

    can't beat a really horny sexy chick :P

  • 1 year ago Smoothbear7

    Nice, would love to see you take it up inside your sexy ass n deep

  • 1 year ago puli88

    You have a perfect body and that is a huge cock

  • 1 year ago lickfest4u

    You can ride my cock anytime. I love watching you asshole pucker while you fucked that toy.

  • 1 year ago BikesBrewsBoobs

    Very sexy

  • 1 year ago Richard30562

    Well that didn't take long to drain my balls after seeing this.πŸ˜›

  • 1 year ago Cowboysmile

    Wow that was a huge huge toy. She is very experimental.

  • 1 year ago TerryJ

    She cant user but about 4 inches of it. She threw away her money on that thing..

  • 1 year ago macintax

    I love your enthusiasm!

  • 1 year ago FlCouple6969

    oh yea ride it

  • 1 year ago bilbo6935

    that is one big dildo fairly stretches that pussy yummy

  • 1 year ago Mack350

    Very Hot!!!!

  • 1 year ago ustwoxx

    Just love watching your beautiful asshole open up! Love to shove my tongue inside it.

  • 1 year ago lou335

    You devour that dildo with ease. Thanks for sharing.

  • 1 year ago willet1162

    love the video I bet the boyfriend was surprised.

  • 1 year ago buurman77

    Wow, what a giant cock... And I see it makes you really wet.. NicE!

  • 1 year ago dave5013

    So sexy...

  • 1 year ago boroguy03

    Damn girl, you did a great job taking that huge thing...I love the fact that to be able to take it you had to relax so much that your sweet little asshole was gapping open...that was awesome, keep up the great work!

  • 1 year ago cum4fun

    Luv watching u stretch that little pussy with that huge cock!

  • 1 year ago wildtime1997

    looks like the john holmes dildo I have. It feels awesome

  • 1 year ago lickalottapusss

    Damn sexy!!

  • 1 year ago richprivate

    Your ass and pussy is sweet. Sure wish it were my big cock and not a toy. I was hoping you would go from your pussy into your ass with that big toy cock!

  • 1 year ago richprivate

    Your ass and pussy is sweet. Sure wish it were my big cock and not a toy. I was hoping you would go from your pussy into your ass with that big toy cock!

  • 1 year ago posseplayer

    i have a meaty boner for you princess and no suction cup baby girl ;)

  • 1 year ago stretching3

    Mmmm nice love that butthole. Can't wait to see take that hole thing in mmm yummy

  • 1 year ago Hollywoodharddic

    She's great

  • 1 year ago Golskanov

    Just great. Love to see your ass opening up for some more. Enjoy...

  • 1 year ago filollo

    goo red pussy

  • 1 year ago Jaminjim


  • 1 year ago rocko24

    Very Hot! Love the was your asshole opens up when your cumming.. All your missing in my cock in your ass wile your cumming to bring that orgasm to another level. :)

  • 1 year ago BlackBowie

    Hot.............big dildo...........you got a way before you master THAT one!

  • 1 year ago entertainment4u

    sit on my cock babe

  • 1 year ago Sunny1980

    Damn that looks so hot, got me so hard watching you trying to take it all

  • 1 year ago Coolc72

    Hey sexy ride mine anytime xxxxx

  • 1 year ago cednum


  • 1 year ago Dirkey

    Where did this massive toy come from?? I would like to acquire one for my wife...

  • 1 year ago travelenman

    So hot! Thanks for doing that. You're gorgeous!

  • 1 year ago moe11232

    was looking at that asshole picturing fucking it while you ride that boner

  • 1 year ago legion

    Good stuff! I always enjoy seeing a lady and her toys.

  • 1 year ago slash

    wow..you are a champ

  • 1 year ago malrider

    Honey that was ohhh soooo hot :) Imagine that working your sweet wet pussy while my cock fills that oh so hot ass yum

  • 1 year ago RockenRPM

    That butt hole needs something...me.

  • 1 year ago bigtank

    Your definitely ready

  • 1 year ago BlackBowie

    One fine body this woman has..............nice perfect ass and great legs. Likes big dick...............You need me if you like big black pipe!!

  • 1 year ago Freaklickclit3

    You ready for a dp

  • 1 year ago aladin1001

    WOW very exciting

  • 2 years ago schlecksi

    What a hot dildo fuck, nice to see your ass gaping!

  • 2 years ago hornyguy1291

    Fucking hell you look amazing on that big thing!

  • 2 years ago Billbeatmeat

    Great start,keep us posted on your progress-- very hot

  • 2 years ago stormy53

    I loved watching your vagina being stretched by that big rubber penis

  • 2 years ago boroguy03

    absolutely AMAZING!!!...i LOVE the way you have to relax so much to take it that your sweet asshole gapes open...wish i was sliding my tongue deep inside your asshole while you ride that huge thing...then slide my cock balls deep in your ass while you are still sitting on that thing!!! You are awesome!!!

  • 2 years ago cigardaddy

    Mmmm fuck baby yummy love to toung fuck your ass as your fucking your self

  • 2 years ago bling54

    omg tht was fucking hot baby

  • 2 years ago Urbadhabit

    Dam I would have sent you that for free just to make that video fucking amazing ! I

  • 2 years ago Spitfire187

    Wow! Xx

  • 2 years ago glina55

    love this girl

  • 2 years ago Deman001

    That is pretty incredible.... great work

  • 2 years ago musicman4u

    OMG you are Awesome and The Way You Twerk That Thing
    So Fucking Hot Would Love To Watch you Cummmmm All Over It Again

  • 2 years ago shadow9696

    I loved watching you struggling with that huge cock! What a sexy video! Wish you would ride my cock like this!!

  • 2 years ago workingonit

    Oh my cock is so hard watching you. The way your ass is starting to open up while you ride that says so much about the way it must feel to you. I would have to fuck you with that while licking that sweet hole

  • 2 years ago Paladin

    So sexy and so damn HOT watching you work this video. Sweet ass too. love hearing you moaning as you ride that fuck you.

  • 2 years ago outbak

    Fn hot, but it looks like you didn't need to get it so long.........there's hope for us guys with shorter thick cocks 😘

  • 2 years ago Lilfella

    Damn girl!!!! Your boyfriend might be intimidated!!!! But you rocked that huge dildo!!! Very sexy!!!

  • 2 years ago clitsuck69

    holy fuck thats hot xxx

  • 2 years ago willcummm

    very nice

  • 2 years ago chiphammer

    can not wait to see more of that! awesome! CUM on it baby.

  • 2 years ago CuCmeCum

    Oh my fucking god! So hot! Your sexy little ass could really use my tongue or cock in it at the same time ;)

  • 2 years ago Soxfans10

    mmmm nice

  • 2 years ago ustwoxx

    Great job! You also have an amazing ass and love the little asshole :)

  • 2 years ago raubritter

    i love the sound -very hot and sexy

  • 2 years ago Joepapa00

    So proud of u babe keep trying

  • 2 years ago live4dailysex

    MMMM. MMMMMMM Love how your PERFECT tight lil asshole opened up as you're riding your toy as if it was saying it wanted to filled with a thick throbbing hard cock!! I would loved to been there behind you balls deep in your tight lil ass SEXY!!!

  • 2 years ago thk74u


  • 2 years ago alexke30

    wow, great effort.

  • 2 years ago smoothmover

    I want that sexy pussy and hot ass riding my hard cock

  • 2 years ago makemsquirt6969

    wow! sexy as fuck

  • 2 years ago Shinnizle

    It's so hot watching you try to take so much of it... xxx

  • 2 years ago ApoIIo

    yeah baby, ride it all deep, and I'd (I'll) ride your ass-hole at same time together in your both holes, your big dildo to and my big hard cock!!!

  • 2 years ago kinkygntlmn


  • 2 years ago eotech12

    OMG, that is so hot seeing you sit down on that huge toy as it stretches your pussy out so well! You have such a beautiful ass and I love seeing your asshole open up as you fill your pussy up! Damns...so sexy!

  • 2 years ago justdoingit

    Damn you needed that wow :)

  • 2 years ago MwithM

    Wowser that's impressive! Mabel x

  • 2 years ago pejay14

    that was really something,seeing that dildo slide inside you, ,so sexy

  • 2 years ago mrhoorny

    My god sΓ₯ hot!!!! Wanna have me in your ass to


Age: 24
Gender: Woman
State: --
Country: Prefer not to say.

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