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My Very First White Wife: This husband invited Me to their home 2 states away so he could video Me fucking his wife and I have been fucking white wives every since. This was My first but will not be the last. Who's Next???

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By: MasterTony2004
In: Interracial Fucking


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  • 1 year ago scottbur2000

    oh my what the turnon bravo!

  • 2 years ago crissynh50pt

    i hope you found hornier wives after her! iv had bbc your size and bounce around screaming..losing my orgasmed mind ..not caring about ANYTHING ELSE and making them fuck me till im a wimperring spasming dishrag on the floor! you should try me!!

  • 3+ years ago bfhs1981b

    I am jealous of her

  • 3+ years ago luv2lic4ever

    OMG i want next

  • 3+ years ago togetherforever

    Awesome video

  • 3+ years ago jnb29

    One of the top 3 videos on Zoig. Love how she takes it, especially the riding. You can tell it's too big but the pleasure overrides the pain cause she's taking every millimeter.

  • 3+ years ago MasterTony2004

    I swear if I didnt know any better I'd think you were there. At times she seemed like I was killing her. then when I went to take it out she'd tell me not to.

  • 3+ years ago lou335

    Awesome video guys. You filled her up to the brim...

  • 3+ years ago pixturetaker

    Awesome with cock. Thanks for posting!

  • 3+ years ago MasterTony2004

    glad you enjoyed

  • 3+ years ago mel926

    how do you get to be such a terrible camera man.

  • 3+ years ago hardfacklover

    I like this fun and ready to do so with everyone of couple

  • 3+ years ago taerbok232

    She took it like a G.

  • 3+ years ago justhorny1003

    Fuck me

  • 3+ years ago MasterTony2004

    Would love to.

  • 3+ years ago funtimers

    I'd like for him to fuck my pussy as my hubby watches

  • 3+ years ago telstraman

    He ducks her hole like a pro.

  • 3+ years ago jclem

    I wish it was my wife. I would love to lick her clean after. we had a bbc gangbang she took eight all bare back

  • 3+ years ago jclem

    I wish it was my wife. I would love to lick her clean after. we had a bbc gangbang she took eight all bare back

  • 3+ years ago Pointeman1

    I know the feeling. My first was the first of many!

  • 3+ years ago cuck2lic

    Wish I was there rimming her sweet asshole...........

  • 3+ years ago z2hotcake

    i would love to have a bbc man do me as my hubby has to watch

  • 3+ years ago cathyBald

    Gawd, I wish I was with both of them! Do me Master Tony!

  • 3+ years ago msbooty0130


  • 3+ years ago 2play101

    The wife would love for you to be her black knight !

  • 3+ years ago sweetbut58

    wow she loved that xxxxx

  • 3+ years ago Tennessee46

    Hard to believe that was his first whitey! He owned her!

  • 3+ years ago barklay

    Excellent video, I'm in heat with Deb

  • 3+ years ago cheekytime

    We would like the same x

  • 3+ years ago LupoSolitario55

    Superb hot session

  • 3+ years ago redrhody

    He stuffs her pussy with his cock.So beautiful.


  • 3+ years ago KMcDonald

    OH God! Why didn't you get down and clean her out! I'd volunteer in a heartbeat!

  • 3+ years ago Frank139826

    wish I could get wife to swing then she could be next

  • 3+ years ago onthewater

    Very arousing. Loved her fine ass.

  • 3+ years ago gcool4real

    I wont comment

  • 3+ years ago jnb29

    Simply put.... He's fucking the shit outta her.

  • 3+ years ago fun4all325

    She is loving that cock.

  • 3+ years ago 1LDH

    Damn HOT!! She loved getting fucked by your BBC!

  • 3+ years ago ShaveLover

    niiice!!! sexy video! love how she enjoy that.. and how he savagely fuck her.. and she enjoying it!!

  • 3+ years ago 98silverado

    Very beautiful wife, love her nice ass. I would love to lick her from stem to stern

  • 3+ years ago cumloverman

    Mhhhhh, i would like to feel that m onster deep in my mouth !!!

  • 3+ years ago UKnowImSmooth

    13:42 Hands off bro - you came but she wanted to pussy milk that cock - shes a big girl riding for the WIN! Great team work and for the record that was the dude pouring out. Chicks tend to leave a thick white cream trail on the cock when they cum - IMHO.

  • 3+ years ago atlasch

    Great video.

  • 3+ years ago lilhottie38


  • 3+ years ago katpawnookie

    Really hot video! My wife was dating a black guy several years ago and she still sometimes fantasizes about fucking him! She said that he always made her cum multiple times. We've got a couple really big dildos that she likes to masturbate with while she's thinking about his huge cock in her wet pussy! This video got her really wet and horny!

  • 3+ years ago siti


  • 3+ years ago susan2

    It's! My husband loves seeing me submit to black men.Sighhhhh!

  • 3+ years ago baddaddy

    Dude can I ask why do you guys always wear socks while you're doing it? Makes me think you're planning on leaving in a hurry or something. Lol. Great vid tho!

  • 3+ years ago dopieopie

    I don't blame you for driving across 2 states to fuck her. She looks like she one great fuck. Great creampie ending!

  • 3+ years ago theonesandonlys

    Wish I could convince the gf lol

  • 3+ years ago chiphammer

    she likes that big cock!

  • 3+ years ago BDT4U

    Great video and great fucking.

  • 3+ years ago jveryoral

    When she is done like that you should go down on her....i know i would !

  • 3+ years ago HusbandCuckold

    Hey, are you coming to Florida soon? My wife would love to fuck with you, and I would love to record it.

  • 3+ years ago gloryholewife

    Good slut wife

  • 3+ years ago Bigger50

    Im next

  • 3+ years ago ausfuncple

    What a hot video. Loved the cum leaking from her gorgeous pussy at the end.

  • 3+ years ago Charlie68

    Would love to see a BBC fucking my wife.

  • 3+ years ago billt33

    Like seeing the cum flow from her.

  • 3+ years ago iwant2fukdana

    Thats every white womans dream but most wont admit it

  • 3+ years ago z2hotcake

    wished my hubby would let me do this

  • 3+ years ago Charlie68

    If you were my wife I would encourage you to do it.

  • 3+ years ago ausfuncple

    Mmm, Mrs A is being encouraged to do it but just not quite sure she wants to take the fantasy to reality.

  • 3+ years ago Maryann


  • 3+ years ago legsfeettoes

    I'd love to make a deposit in that bank! And my Susan would love to have that BBC!

  • 3+ years ago stclairguy

    You should have continued rolling, and have Deb tell us what she thought about her experience.

  • 3+ years ago tony46911

    Great job, you both were outstanding.

  • 3+ years ago kimlea69

    Stuffn her hot cunt. Well done!

  • 3+ years ago SirDsRavi

    very well ridden :)

  • 3+ years ago carvet2001

    I want some of her...

  • 3+ years ago Frank139826

    love to see my wife take that bbc

  • 3+ years ago Slowburner

    Deb is a legend. Epic riding.

  • 3+ years ago Tears44

    brings back memories, up in Wisconsin, did about 20 wifes up there, when I live there, great sex up in the Fox cities, lol...

  • 3+ years ago lovebigblacktits

    ladies did you know that 9 out of 10 doctors say swallowing sperm is healthy for women and
    is good for mental health !!!

  • 3+ years ago redneck56

    Glad you guys got to do that. I would have loved it!

  • 3+ years ago taerbok232

    That was amazing

  • 3+ years ago Touring01

    I'm right there with you my friend! Beautiful white wives that enjoy bbc are amazing. It's also cool that their hubby's are totally into seeing them get fucked. Would she would like to be double teamed sometime? I'll help you... I'm probably only a state or two away myself!

  • 3+ years ago stclairguy

    Would have loved to hear her tell us about the experience! You should have kept rolling while see gave you details.

  • 3+ years ago fucksum12

    i been fucking white wives for 8yrs it's awesome

  • 3+ years ago duende

    excelent video.. thank you for sharing it..

  • 3+ years ago GramMuck

    Great job at handling the whole "telephone pole"

  • 3+ years ago ChucknBobbijean

    she got her sweet pussy stuff full of black cock

  • 3+ years ago akamu55s

    That lady is fine! She can take a BBC for sure... hope she makes more videos.

  • 3+ years ago Maxfit59

    Did she really wanted to fuck you. Seem like a lot of guys are making they wife's and girlfriend do it

  • 3+ years ago tony46911

    Thank your husband that he allows you to take that black cock bareback.

  • 3+ years ago Mermaid60

    mmm amazing cock,,,,

  • 3+ years ago funtimers

    I'd like to let you use my wife's body for a weekend so I can get a lot of photos and videos of Jr cumming all over your cock

  • 3+ years ago sweetlady

    the best fuck i have ever seen....

  • 3+ years ago papuchon15

    super hot!!

  • 3+ years ago Staceyxxx


  • 3+ years ago thekiwicharmer

    Nice and vocal.

  • 3+ years ago skin08512

    WOW, that thing got a good work-out

  • 3+ years ago Jaminjim


  • 3+ years ago january69

    i think she used you rather well like an old rag... at the end she wanted more! hmm women!

  • 3+ years ago RICKY0055

    She looks like she wants more

  • 3+ years ago aussie718

    She is such a awesome lady wow! !!!!

  • 3+ years ago ghandal

    good you filled her with your strong seed!

  • 3+ years ago Frank139826

    wish that was my wife, she cheated with a blk guy taught her to deep throat, bothers me that she would not swing but went behind my back and I did not get to see

  • 3+ years ago redrhody

    I love seeing the full length of his cock going into her for the first time.'


  • 3+ years ago aussie718

    Please lady in the video please marry me x

  • 3+ years ago aussie718

    What great lady x

  • 3+ years ago Justforfun118

    Lucky lady

  • 3+ years ago curiousforboth

    mmmmm looks like she loves that bbc wow-- that is so fuckinng hotttt

  • 3+ years ago femme40 this vid

  • 3+ years ago MasterTony2004

    thank u sexy, would love to do one with ur hot ass

  • 3+ years ago MasterTony2004

    thank you girl. My very first white wife and it was fun.

  • 3+ years ago 4standish

    God id love to be bred by this man!

  • 3+ years ago MasterTony2004

    God I would so love to cum in that pretty little pussy

  • 3+ years ago allhard321

    can i fuck you wife next

  • 3+ years ago Buzzsaw48

    Clearly not her first. But more the merrier. It always feels so good as you rcock slides into another man's wife. knowing you have had his prized posession, her pussy. Breed them all!!

  • 3+ years ago eltop

    mmmmmm delicious pussy and cock, would love to suck them both

  • 3+ years ago Slowburner

    Fabulous tale being told here - her riding moves when you come is worth the price of admission.

  • 3+ years ago pogoooo

    very sexy girl!!!

  • 3+ years ago grandad

    Very nice fuck, thanks for sharing.

  • 3+ years ago Lilfella

    Hot hot hot!!!

  • 3+ years ago CuckWifeLover

    That was fantastic to watch. And the sound of his cock pistoning as she rode him enthusiastically was sensational.

  • 3+ years ago cpl4sexfun

    Great vid!

  • 3+ years ago Fitbabe

    very hot!

  • 3+ years ago micio00

    made sex with your women and women of color our future-
    fatte sesso con vostre donne di colore le donne e nostro futuro

  • 3+ years ago hotchick

    My hubby wanted to watch me getting pounded by a huge, black cock. I told him "Been there, done that", but he waned to watch, so I invited a friend from my past over, to fuck me. My hubby watched and he said I was the horniest little slut he knew., cause my friend fucked me totally senseless. After, I couldn't walk, or even stand up, and my pussy was full, and overflowing with hot, creamy white "Cock Sauce>, But OMG, was it good, what he did to me. That was this morning, and tonight, I'm still l walking funny.

  • 3+ years ago MasterTony2004

    Can I see a pic of it please?

  • 3+ years ago woodthegreat10


  • 3+ years ago Fitbabe


  • 3+ years ago MasterTony2004

    yea girl and so are you :)

  • 3+ years ago Fitbabe

    thank u!

  • 3+ years ago jnb29

    My new fav....

  • 3+ years ago MasterTony2004

    glad you enjoyed

  • 3+ years ago hotchick

    I'll never forget my first black cock, he was a guy my hubby worked with, and my hubby and I had talked about doing it, for several weeks, before I said yes I have never been sorry It was OMG, amazing. Black men have a finesse or style with white women, that white men don't have. I don't know if it's just the "Black man, White woman thing, or if they really are so much better, maybe especially with white women. What I do know is that ever since, I can't get enough Black cock.. My hubby is amazed, he's brought several black men home from his work, just to fuck me. He has watched a couple of times, and he says he's never seen a woman enjoy sex so much. It;s no all about size, although some of these guy's are huge, but OMG they are soooo good..

  • 3+ years ago dopieopie

    Hot video, to bad the stupid ass running the camera couldn't hold it still.

  • 3+ years ago MasterTony2004

    that's why I cut it up the way I did, he was all over the place. Think he was more excited than she was

  • 3+ years ago sunnyside55

    Most sexy video !!!

  • 3+ years ago daddygoodsex16

    Ive been fucking white wives for many years, Its a wonderful pleasure

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