Look...NO HANDS! I swallowed every drop. Wanna feel these lips.. 3398799

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Look...NO HANDS!! I swallowed every drop. Wanna feel these lips around your cock?

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By: hotnjuicy
In: Amateur Blowjobs


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  • 4 days ago Rubblemonkey

    A talented and sexy lady. Lovely profile and pics, thank you โ€ฆ.

  • 3 months ago Carterc1234

    Perfect !

  • 2 years ago clevelandmale

    Yes please

  • 2 years ago Shorty88

    Awsome video

  • 3+ years ago kewalaman

    This little lady is good.

  • 3+ years ago redrhody

    He has a wonderful cock and cockhead for a lady to enjoy with her mouth.


  • 3+ years ago bolek125

    fantasic suck cock!!!! ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜œ

  • 3+ years ago teki


  • 3+ years ago MilesLong

    Great stuff you look great on the crankshaft

  • 3+ years ago teki

    yes please but can you handle my load?

  • 3+ years ago Bearcat42

    Yes I'd love it you can suck my cock anytime you want

  • 3+ years ago andrewjohn

    Lovely job

  • 3+ years ago jimijam007

    a true sign that you are about to get the dick sucking of your life is when you say to her "no hands baby" and she moves her hands away and the begins to moan and eats your dick like she wants you to relax and have a good time

  • 3+ years ago jizzlover61

    Love your mature attitude.

  • 3+ years ago Headlover1

    Amazing head! Yes, I would like to feel your lips on my cock! Hit me up any time!

  • 3+ years ago longswedecock8x6

    I would love to feel those hot lips wrapped around my big cock!

  • 3+ years ago Mandchc

    We agree, no hands are always sexy!

  • 3+ years ago daman4you

    do more swallow videos for 2013 plz

  • 3+ years ago greenmachine1185

    wow! wish i was in either position !

  • 3+ years ago cableguy1996ad

    what a great little cocksucker.

  • 3+ years ago Mrbigblackcock

    Nice! Never had one like this, they always use their hands..

  • 3+ years ago boppy


  • 3+ years ago daman4you

    IDK how this guy is able to contain himself....id scream like a bitch cumming in her mouth

  • 3+ years ago giannistsekouras

    such a skilled girl!!!

  • 3+ years ago elasmodiver

    I would love to feel your lips, absolutely!!!!!

  • 3+ years ago wellhunggeordie

    wow, boy can she suck.

  • 3+ years ago mudduck

    great job! wow thats how its done!

  • 3+ years ago jimbo58

    thats some hot cock sucking

  • 3+ years ago joelbe

    you are awesome! And you are beautiful sucking cock!

  • 3+ years ago jojo369

    Fantastic mouth! Beautiful young lady, Lucky guy,

  • 3+ years ago 1Jackpot1

    that looked so so good! she gots skills!

  • 3+ years ago gmcquire34

    damn yes!! you look soooo hett and sexy in this vid!!

  • 3+ years ago LuvmywifeY

    Nice video :)

  • 3+ years ago FarmGirlJill

    i want to feel my lips on his big hot cock and him pushing it deep down my throat............yummy!

  • 3+ years ago MstrHole

    Yes, I'd love to feel those lips around my cock. Wow! Very sexy!

  • 3+ years ago electrosex

    fuckin right I want to feel her lips wrapped around my cock. Suck the cum right out of my balls baby. Eat all my cum and swallow it all!!

  • 3+ years ago Timbucktwo

    wow, what a sexy cocksucker!

  • 3+ years ago dmax200977

    u r awesome girll

  • 3+ years ago lonelycrazyguy

    will u suck me cock to???

  • 3+ years ago flyboy53

    Having you suck my cock would make me think I'd died and gone to heaven.

  • 3+ years ago evolucion

    Wife. ....do that and love it.....!!!! What a video....ยกยกยก

  • 3+ years ago miccor007

    I can't wait !!

  • 3+ years ago pipelayer420

    best dick sucker ever!!!

  • 3+ years ago cream4u

    i love u

  • 3+ years ago irishguy222

    Damn that is a good mouth WOW

  • 3+ years ago benson69

    Your'e a natural girl

  • 3+ years ago luv2lookhere

    She is Fucking Fantastic at Sucking !!! Made me Rock Hard & YES I'd Love to watch those lips suck my Cock !!!

  • 3+ years ago mrvixwell

    Can I be next?

  • 3+ years ago jj2029

    would love them wrapped around my cock!!

  • 3+ years ago jojo369


  • 3+ years ago HenryJax

    hot, hot, HOTTT!

  • 3+ years ago djammendeznuttz

    can i have a turn?

  • 3+ years ago FarmGirlJill

    I want to put my lips around it too or share you with her if that's aright. :O

  • 3+ years ago mickeywilm

    hot blonde gives great head. thanks so much

  • 3+ years ago baycitydude

    me next??? she is awesome.

  • 3+ years ago malcolm201

    nice lucky guy

  • 3+ years ago rossifume

    id luv for her to suck my cock

  • 3+ years ago Hung8inches

    wow your a pro at sucking cock love it

  • 3+ years ago jimbo58

    My Bald Headed Champ would be your friend for life..with that top quality sucking

  • 3+ years ago bellig

    I would love to feel your hot lips and tongue on my cock!!!!!

  • 3+ years ago flywithme69

    Fantastic Blow job. Me next!

  • 3+ years ago daman4you

    goodness i would have screamed like lil pussy...that was perfect....do another!

  • 3+ years ago eimaj1978

    THAT is amazing. Want.

  • 3+ years ago pantieboy

    nice bj

  • 3+ years ago sharkdiver07

    Hell yes! Those lips perfect for my cock!

  • 3+ years ago reallylovetits

    OMG, yes. sweet lips

  • 3+ years ago SonoranBlonde

    Absolutely awesome!

  • 3+ years ago Roral

    you suck cock just the way I like it. AMAZING JOB!!

  • 3+ years ago motoaddict

    Awesome blowjob!

  • 3+ years ago pazzerby

    Now THAT'S a well-sucked dick!

  • 3+ years ago TitsnTongue

    No doubt, you have skills!

  • 3+ years ago Morlan502

    She can take care of business without hands here. But, I know a couple of places she can be using them, one on her clit and the other, well let us just say that I enjoy a bit of internal massage. She is fantastic! Mr. M

  • 3+ years ago challenger503


  • 3+ years ago stickapedia

    omg what an amazing bj! I could almost feel you sucking on my cock. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • 3+ years ago HardBlkDick4U

    i love this damn damn damn

  • 3+ years ago bammbamm1226

    oh yes i do and those arent the only lips i want my cock deep in or fill with cum

  • 3+ years ago thedudeabides

    amazing...I want one too!

  • 3+ years ago VVayne

    Yes please me next

  • 3+ years ago lovgreen

    oh fuck ya

  • 3+ years ago dolphinwithwolf

    who wouldnt

  • 3+ years ago uncensored69

    dream come true :)

  • 3+ years ago TintoB

    yes....thank you!

  • 3+ years ago ChucknBobbijean


  • 3+ years ago RocHard2s

    hmm yum!! that is AMAZING to watch... take my HARD cock next... you have it druelling and leaping from watching such a HOT video!!

  • 3+ years ago JustForFun1990

    wow such a sexy video, i'd love to have those lips wrapped around me sucking every lost drop of cum from my rock hard cock!

  • 3+ years ago sweetdick

    great job...

  • 3+ years ago AceSexNow

    yesss babe!

  • 3+ years ago AceSexNow

    yesss babe!

  • 3+ years ago jjsmooth

    I want to feel those lips around my cock.

  • 3+ years ago sleepy2

    How many cocks would you like to suck in one session?

  • 3+ years ago exciter1967

    She can suck my cock anytime she wants...

  • 3+ years ago ohiofalcon

    mmmmm so nice. I'd love to feel her lips around my cock sometime

  • 3+ years ago hornyjr

    wow, that was fantastic! I'd love to feel those lips on my cock next :)

  • 3+ years ago tattedscorp

    hell yeah i would love to!

  • 3+ years ago bcheese

    This is the best blow job I've seen in years..including better than pro porn

  • 3+ years ago Shinnizle

    You certainly give some of the hottest blowjobs on here!

  • 3+ years ago JulieNGian

    Just amazing blow job..hot

  • 3+ years ago mark01256

    hot cock sucking!!

  • 3+ years ago Robert1088

    So very hot. I need those lips on my dick. Pahleeze. So very sexy.

  • 3+ years ago AssLover20

    Soooo hott!

  • 3+ years ago meatnbeef

    yes, I must say I would!!

  • 3+ years ago posseplayer

    I would love to feel your lips wrapped around my cock? Would you like to bob on my knob?

  • 3+ years ago TitsnTongue

    sweet oral action

  • 3+ years ago XxX66

    one word------- please-----

  • 3+ years ago KevinandNina

    Now THAT'S a blowjob!
    Too many people think that a bj is a woman on her knees jerking off a guy til he comes on her face. That's called a hand job.
    This is oral sex and I love it!

  • 3+ years ago malrider

    now that's how to suck cock as for your ? What do you think

  • 3+ years ago yours2use


  • 3+ years ago SVTCobra

    You are a cock milking machine babe

  • 3+ years ago AbsurdlyBigTits

    She is absolutely amazing! What a hot video.

  • 3+ years ago jvolcanob

    So incredibly hot.

  • 3+ years ago trowel2000

    Is this a trick question? Gee........let me think.......I guess so!

  • 3+ years ago Welove2S

    Fantastic BJ = Best on ZOIG !

  • 3+ years ago benson69

    Fantastic !!!!

  • 3+ years ago Sagita56

    Damn your good gal.

  • 3+ years ago actings

    waooww perfect sucking

  • 3+ years ago bbwlover34

    omg that is awsome stunning guys xx

  • 3+ years ago live4dailysex

    omg hun i would love to have your lips wrapped around my throbbing hard cock like that working a huge hott creamy load out of my balls any day sexy!!! hes soooooooooooooo lucky!!!

  • 3+ years ago welike2party

    hell yes i do

  • 3+ years ago workingonit

    Luckiest man ever

  • 3+ years ago jimbo58

    Now that's some mighty fine cock sucking

  • 3+ years ago flyboy53

    Truly amazing cocksucker. She isn't just sucking that cock, she's making love to it. Wish I were luck enough to be on the receiving end.

  • 3+ years ago charlybaby

    Amazing skills...she looks great!!

  • 3+ years ago cc7038

    yes yes please yes

  • 3+ years ago madmax1

    spectacular!! nice job

  • 3+ years ago Adirondacks2007


  • 3+ years ago Sportluvr

    She can suck my cock anytime! How about the next time I'm back home in OH???

  • 3+ years ago newtomich

    Hot video. You really know how to please him and I'd love to be on the receiving end of that talented mouth. Let me know when you want another cock to suck.

  • 3+ years ago kingpin1965

    wow she is great

  • 3+ years ago Playnwatchguy

    That is so hot. Shes is great. TY

  • 3+ years ago RICK69

    oh god honey what a hell of a knob job! i would love to have you i could not leave my cock alone watching you and now cumming all over my balls

  • 3+ years ago mrvixwell

    Wish we were neighbors, would love to feel those lips around my thick cock.

  • 3+ years ago sircumalote2012

    very nice

  • 3+ years ago bova

    real nice

  • 3+ years ago Maryann

    Wanna feel my lips around your cock

  • 3+ years ago Mrbigblackcock

    Pls give cock sucking lessons to other women....

  • 3+ years ago nav6934

    what a clever girl, nice work

  • 3+ years ago ImHARD

    Bravo!! Good girl! ;)

  • 3+ years ago stickapedia

    Very nice blow, I think you would do wonders with my cock.

  • 3+ years ago b3anp0l3

    I'd love to feel you sucking my cock dry

  • 3+ years ago Mickpcola

    would have loved to see her spit but nice vid!

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