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Wify*s ass fucked by a friend....and more....

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By: chicken69
In: Threesomes, 9 months ago


wife anal threesome

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  • 1 week ago Mofun2021

    Great video wishing I could join in.

  • 2 weeks ago smoothjim

    wonderful love it when hubby and his friends fuck both my holes

  • 2 weeks ago IfuckEve

    Nicely done

  • 1 month ago CplFckng2002

    Magnificent fucking action 🤩👿😋😍🥂

  • 2 months ago teasyones

    ohhhh ya we love it

  • 3 months ago kavliarhs

    Omg shes soo fucking sexy live the easy way shes take 2 cock you wanna try with 3 cock

  • 3 months ago SimonSaidYes

    I would very much like to be one of your friends! Nice guy here, well hung, love sex. How about we chat?

  • 3 months ago cumloverman

    Mhhhhhh, that’s my dream !!

  • 3 months ago Frenchyguy75


  • 4 months ago BeenAPleasure08

    A good friend always lets his buds Cornhole his ol ladies ass🥂

  • 4 months ago arty2018

    Fuck!! Very hot!

  • 4 months ago dogzilla85

    Id love to get in her holes.

  • 4 months ago MarkT4fun

    Such a hot video!!

  • 4 months ago rapidset

    Wow Amazing, so sexy

  • 4 months ago mrmagoo315

    Mmmmmmm me next me next

  • 4 months ago westeast30

    Wonderfully hot, sexy video.

  • 4 months ago Darkbloom

    this vid never gets old!

  • 5 months ago Mrbigblackcock

    Such a good slut.

  • 5 months ago saucyangie

    Love DP!

  • 5 months ago samjr

    it's so nice to share

  • 5 months ago Klara

    Świetnie też tak lubimy

  • 5 months ago Karmmic82

    Sweet ass good DP

  • 5 months ago dpfreak

    Shes the best! gimmie sum x

  • 5 months ago Bluharley

    Such a great feeling for all three of you.

  • 5 months ago outlawsask

    sooo good love to have her ass those titties are amazing too

  • 5 months ago CumInAsia

    Mmmmm~!! Can I come over and fill her mouth up as you DP her?? ;-)~

  • 5 months ago Tarl69


  • 5 months ago Conqueur

    Indeed Lucky men 😍😍

  • 5 months ago lo97hd

    Very nice!!! Very lucky men!!!!

  • 5 months ago marco186518

    i think u love it mmm

  • 5 months ago cockshot

    What a fab pussy she has. Does she do DVP?

  • 5 months ago wellhung68

    love to be a friend, looks like a great time

  • 5 months ago Adirondacks2007

    Damn she took it all

  • 5 months ago 1LDH


  • 5 months ago Blasternick

    Beautiful to watch, her ass looks so sweet and tight

  • 5 months ago fluffy369

    Nice! Wish I was there too. Who was filming? Good job too.

  • 5 months ago Hotkoreanholes

    So delicious!!!

  • 5 months ago Hotkoreanholes

    Great set of holes

  • 5 months ago hungwelsh

    Love to help make you air tight,big cock in your mouth would be awesome vid

  • 5 months ago Cuntlicker169

    Like to try that

  • 5 months ago chicken69

    Can help....

  • 5 months ago Cuntlicker169

    I want you to take turns in my ass and pussy

  • 5 months ago Tribeof1

    Holy mackerel!!

  • 5 months ago Letsdothis53M

    Well that’s hot af!

  • 5 months ago highway310

    Can I be next??

  • 5 months ago deepdriller54

    Good use of a slutwife!!! She excels at DP!!!

  • 5 months ago fun4all325

    Wish I were at that party.

  • 5 months ago Jerseymike1414

    Nice!! Lucky people!!

  • 5 months ago boatbater65

    Wow! Made me instantly hard! I have to go now......!

  • 5 months ago Washbiwife

    i wish that was my pussy

  • 5 months ago Fitfifty

    Fantastic DP

  • 5 months ago Brenda777

    I need two cocks now

  • 5 months ago whatsabout

    oh damn

  • 5 months ago Friskypuz

    Lucky lady..

  • 5 months ago Jojo13313

    Superb !!!

  • 5 months ago Acummer44

    Fun fun fun ❤️

  • 5 months ago Bigdickdad

    Only thing missing is sound

  • 5 months ago 42plus13

    That was really hot and gave me a hard on

  • 5 months ago bean2point5

    She’s awesome

  • 5 months ago tool4you

    Love the way she rides two cocks!

  • 5 months ago Kennyshaven

    Great video. Taking both of you together is a great way to fuck. She is greedy mmmmmmmmm. Love to be one of those cocks using both of her holes

  • 5 months ago rudemonkeyman

    I need to be a friend

  • 5 months ago Slave84


  • 5 months ago 1FineAss

    I do like men with shaved balls...xx

  • 5 months ago TallWife

    Multiple Entry Debauchery . . 💐

  • 5 months ago harleycol

    What a wonderful wife, your a very lucky man

  • 5 months ago jlookin2027

    I want to cum balls deep in her lovely holes😘🔥👌

  • 5 months ago mikemd1216

    love it what a great night

  • 5 months ago hotandhornyphil

    Love it!!

  • 5 months ago harper1

    oh My! hottttttt!! did this once years ago..never forget the feeling. I was in her ass. Yes you can feel the other cock but it made her ass tighter imo. She enjoyed thoroughly I often wondered how women would actually enjoy or is it more a fantasy. I realize its not an everyday thing.

  • 5 months ago MikeBliss


  • 5 months ago Medick69

    I'd love to be one...two...

  • 5 months ago ringman

    like to get mine into her

  • 5 months ago Lucy90210

    man I wish I was your friend maybe we can get together soon and we can be friends

  • 5 months ago cowboyup6half

    Absolutely hot. Lucky guys.

  • 5 months ago dingodog53

    3 some awesome. Fantastic fuck and a lady lady 👌

  • 5 months ago Brat75

    Bloody BEAUTIFUL 🥰🔥😘

  • 5 months ago vagosht

    This is very horny

  • 5 months ago olderandfirm

    so fucking hot...mmmm

  • 5 months ago curves4fun

    Wow, super hot seeing those penises so close to one another. Both bringing such pleasure to all three involved.

  • 5 months ago ilovefacials

    Looks like fun

  • 5 months ago cummingsoon4u

    Still on my bucket list. Incredible video!

  • 5 months ago anthonjohnson

    Her sexy holes look so good full of two cocks xx

  • 5 months ago kinkyboston

    Omg. Mmmm. Thats so hot

  • 5 months ago Rowdyyates

    That is so fucking hot

  • 5 months ago camo607

    fun times

  • 5 months ago v6guitar

    A good time was had by all !

  • 5 months ago rgary


  • 5 months ago Chuckles9998

    Damn hot. I wanna swap

  • 5 months ago cymanx

    i'd luv to have a turn in her tight used ass

  • 5 months ago jscllc2310

    Wow hot AF!!!

  • 5 months ago ktundertaker

    I’d love to help with that! ❤️

  • 5 months ago bikergal75

    Mmmmmmmmmmm, I'd life for wify to lick my pussy while she gets DP'd like that.

  • 5 months ago markmark


  • 5 months ago Timbucktwo

    Wow - very hot - must be REAL exciting to watch your wife enjoying an assfuck! And that DP - what really is sexy about it is she is not just letting those cocks fuck her, she is actively fucking THEM!

  • 5 months ago flywithme69

    Love the …and more…. part!

  • 5 months ago 1wickedsol

    Great vid! Thanks for sharing it.

  • 5 months ago Pcrook

    That's hot love to enjoy her like that too

  • 5 months ago michaelthreapist


  • 5 months ago smoothwhiteballs

    Love seeing her hanging tits at the beginning, and of course the DP.

  • 5 months ago kramit

    Wow, your video made me so hard!
    Loved it.

  • 6 months ago asedreza

    she had a nice night!

  • 6 months ago jonesfly

    Two cocks working together for the same goal.

  • 6 months ago MUSCLEMANKAM

    Mmmm yummy 🥰

  • 6 months ago ThrobbingCock82

    Love it. Shame about no sound. 😍🤤

  • 6 months ago reallythick1

    Awesome vid! loved it

  • 7 months ago love2givecum

    Good times !

  • 7 months ago kentucky

    Love to hear the enjoyment sounds!

  • 7 months ago TimmyLongfellow

    twice the fun

  • 7 months ago fckmywife

    Good wife :)

  • 7 months ago Bowenguy

    What a lucky friend

  • 7 months ago Nicosnes

    Absolutely brilliant video!

    But I cannot hear the sound. Is there any?

  • 7 months ago hungbrit

    So hot watching her ride those cocks

  • 7 months ago liverpool08

    Fantastic video, nothing better than squeezing two cocks into your wife at the same time, the feeling of my cock and another rubbing together as we stretch out her ass is so filthy.
    Would love to join in and add my cock to the party.
    We could take turns fucking her, before all shooting our cum into her mouth

  • 7 months ago Trogdave

    Awesome. Can't help feeling horn you see this.

  • 7 months ago DaltonGang

    two dicks up the ass.........what an angel...

  • 7 months ago dingodog53

    Mmmmm that’s so hot. Nothing like 2 cocks to have in you 👌

  • 7 months ago slash

    Great DP

  • 7 months ago leonardo103

    Ohhhh .......... perfect ass to fuck !!

  • 8 months ago CumInAsia

    Mighty fine looking ass and pussy on your wife!! I'd LOVE to join as the 3rd man, standing in front of her with my cock in her other pair of lips!!

  • 8 months ago flywithme69

    So Hot! Love to see more!

  • 8 months ago BeenAPleasure08

    Ass is always the best way to cum🥒💦

  • 8 months ago dogzilla85

    Shes amazing.

  • 8 months ago Justataste

    I wanna be a friend too with those benefits

  • 8 months ago Wall2003

    That man's hairy but and balls is the hottest thing

  • 8 months ago LupoSolitario55

    Really you babe is better than a super horny sex dream

  • 8 months ago feartheporn

    Awesome instant hard on

  • 8 months ago CumInAsia

    Mmmmm~!! I want in on that!! My guess is that her mouth is still unoccupied?? I'd love to face fuck her as you two dp her... then rotate positions after we all cum simultaneously and move to the next cum lubed hole~~~~!!

  • 8 months ago nohurry99

    Fucking awesome

  • 8 months ago Cochran


  • 9 months ago SierraSam69

    Very hot video 🔥

  • 9 months ago Paladin

    Such a hot wife to enjoy.

  • 9 months ago dpfreak

    your wife is the best! fantastic!

  • 9 months ago zoghard

    lucky girl

  • 9 months ago Bifreewilly


  • 9 months ago RonB1

    Very hot and wow what a woman!

  • 9 months ago smokintrojin

    OH DAMN!! I’d love to have her sweet tight juicy juicy pussy and PERFECT BEAUTIFUL TIGHT ASS wrapped around my thick throbbing hard swollen cock taking it ball’s deep like that any day!! She’s ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and you’re a very LUCKY man!!

  • 9 months ago chicken69


  • 9 months ago smokintrojin

    You’re very welcome!!

  • 9 months ago LupoSolitario55

    OMG, white lingerie on & super exciting anal fuck...Dreaming DP, also, please more...you drive us horny & ready to fuck, thanks

  • 9 months ago allied

    Awesome, love the dp action definitely one of the most erotic things to do with friends

  • 9 months ago Dirtyloversaz

    Oh fuck! Sooo hot!!!

  • 9 months ago waterskilover

    such a turn on!! Instantly hard. Can only imagine the sounds she was making as you both pistoned in and out of her

  • 9 months ago Hardwriter2000

    Well it certainly looks like a fun time was had by all!

  • 9 months ago TallWife

    Astonishing . . 💐

  • 9 months ago nazgulnine

    mmm those swinging hot tits.

  • 9 months ago Mochisex

    What a great superhot DP!

  • 9 months ago longhairedindian

    great video so fucking hot 🔥 😍

  • 9 months ago Emkcuf12

    Absolutely brilliant we loved it thanks xx

  • 9 months ago Open4fun69

    What a great video!!! Would love to do this

  • 9 months ago Wicouple45

    hot video! What a set of huge,hanging boobs on her!! perfect!

  • 9 months ago arch2222

    awesome taking the 2 cocks -

  • 9 months ago fiend469

    My lady loves DP.........but I have never been able to participate and film it (and I must be one the dicks LOL) so major KUDOS to you for this smokin' hot vid! Just wish you could included audio....( hearing my baby scream with pleasure from two hard cocks inside her is a giant turn on!)

  • 9 months ago grandad

    Amazing, a dream come true.

  • 9 months ago tipofmytongue

    This is beyond HOT!


COUPLE, F47 / M42

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