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DB Anal 6. Slide it all the way in my ass please! I was gardening in the morning (notice the dirty finger nails) when I needed a break and a good ass fucking. Rob is an awesome gentleman. He zoomed over right after he got my text.

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By: DirtyBlondie
In: Homemade Anal Sex, 3+ years ago


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  • 4 weeks ago Annajoe

    Yess baby exciting your ass and pussy

  • 1 month ago Wyomingkok

    wish it was my kok

  • 4 months ago sparkey51

    I want that ass so bad, Rob is one very lucky man

  • 4 months ago shadowyfox

    I’m so horny after watching that!

  • 11 months ago nick46


  • 1 year ago Sexual63

    Love to eat and fuck both of your sweet holes and suck your nice hard clit!

  • 2 years ago Harper666

    Titillating as hell!

  • 2 years ago Letmelic2

    I just came watching ur ass gettn it thk I u sould make me lick it 4 u

  • 2 years ago Dirtyhairy65

    I love that outstanding ass steaming hot.

  • 2 years ago 2keen

    Would you like to.hope on me next we can take turns and cumm all ova you

  • 2 years ago galo

    you are a great anal taker... best partner to be with ... enjoying and moaning so lovely sounds.

  • 2 years ago Gfguy

    What a hot video. Incredible. After watching this I sure do miss having anal .

  • 2 years ago 1FineAss

    My kind of double penetration....great cock lasting so long in you...xx

  • 2 years ago seaman31

    No matter which hole you desire both so beautiful and inviting to enjoy pleasuring anyway you love

  • 2 years ago harleyfb123

    baby, you made me cum, thanks. DAMNED I want you.

  • 2 years ago DirtyBlondie

    Glad I could help.

  • 2 years ago Justanrmlguy


  • 2 years ago SWVABIMAN

    Nothing No Better then a Wiling Woman!

  • 2 years ago lickuwhile69

    I need that to be my cock inside you

  • 2 years ago realredsrock

    WONDERFUL WOMAN‼️ She’s Soooo Incredibly Hott’nSexxy‼️ I’d love to fuck her in the ass‼️

  • 2 years ago DirtyBlondie

    You're so welcome!

  • 2 years ago Eddy50

    Smoking hot vid

  • 2 years ago GORGEOUSDUDE

    Wow, kon dit mijn pik maar zijn sexGODDESS

  • 2 years ago Hornyjonsmith49

    What a wonderful slow anal fuck!!!

  • 2 years ago santeri

    Super good!

  • 2 years ago Dean1984

    I wanna fuck u baby

  • 2 years ago sansap


  • 2 years ago bilbo6935

    love how your pussy opens and closes yummy

  • 2 years ago Rickyday007

    damm sexy and juicy ass..loved it getting some

  • 2 years ago galo

    i love yr.. pleasuring moaning... i do

  • 2 years ago exhibe77

    j'aimerai etre à sa place dans ton trou hum

  • 2 years ago waveycpl

    Your ass takes dick nicely

  • 2 years ago Paladin

    Sexy ass to deep fuck, balls deep. Hot pussy play.

  • 2 years ago Licknsticluver

    Oh yeah pound that great ass

  • 3 years ago Spud123

    My god, what a delicious lady, would love to volunteer for DP or any other fun that makes the lady cum

  • 3 years ago Heyjoe50

    I would love to fuck your ass like that!!! Your pussy looks so damn beautiful and delicious too

  • 3 years ago im4ualonatywho

    me next please.

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  • 3 years ago Guaal


  • 3 years ago GORGEOUSDUDE

    Wow, just hole where I love the most that you 2 seem to like 2! Plzz, let us see frequently new movies or better maybe we make a date!!! Haha

  • 3 years ago GORGEOUSDUDE

    Wow, just hole where I love the most that you 2 seem to like 2! Plzz, let us see frequently new movies or better maybe we make a date!!! Haha

  • 3 years ago 09glide

    Wow!! That looks so good. I'd love to make her cum on my cock, over and over again.

  • 3 years ago phil64phil

    You are a dirty blonde. Great video!

  • 3 years ago princeofalabia

    very nice. I"m str8 56 yrs. old. Just got my first dildo. Feels sooo good

  • 3 years ago Coolc72

    Me next please mrs I’d love to cum deep inside your bum xxxx

  • 3 years ago nohairdownthere

    you have a nice ass and a beautiful pussy I know is like to stick( put my tongue all up in that.

  • 3 years ago 42plus13

    Have you ever tried 2 cocks in your ass?

  • 3 years ago obe1

    Mmmmm,, lucky man,, id love to slide balls deep into your delicious looking ass

  • 3 years ago Rodsnow2246

    So nice of a video ...2 thumbs up

  • 3 years ago philsy


  • 3 years ago sugarone252

    I wanna fuck both of your holes, but I love anal and your butt looks delicious!!!

  • 3 years ago billium

    yeah while he fucking that ass i could be sucking them pussy lips for ya.

  • 3 years ago cpl2play4fun69

    Great video, nice cock n sweet ass and a big pretty pussy

  • 3 years ago Spermspitfire

    Do you want 2 cocks?

  • 3 years ago starfire1965

    i would so luv to be poking that hot hot hole

  • 3 years ago ulinga1

    Your delicious clit needs to be licked and sucked as your being fucked 😋😋😍😍😈😈

  • 3 years ago Timbucktwo

    Oh man....so hot! He really did give you a real nice, long, deep stroked assfucking, obviously just how you like it. Really great close up camera work too - and beinga ble to see your beautiful cunt and clit as he fucked your ass was quite nice. But the talking...oh how I love the talking. I only wish we could have seen him pull out and cum all over your cunt! (BTW, you gotta love that you have over 12,000 views f you being assfucked so perfectly)

  • 3 years ago DirtyBlondie

    that is the best comment I've ever received on here. I'll have to share it with Rob.

  • 3 years ago harv

    That was awesome. Who wouldn't show up? Looks like you could use another in your pussy at that same time!!

  • 3 years ago milena0706

    I wish I could fuck your sweet tight bumhole, too!!

  • 3 years ago TallWife

    Triumphantly Impales . . 🌹

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    You have a beautiful pussy and a gorgeous ass

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    Nice asshole

  • 3 years ago Southc1958

    So hot, would love to shoot a hot load of cum deep inside that ass

  • 3 years ago pthief

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  • 3 years ago kikijasper23x

    This is so hot, watching him put his cock so deep inside you, made me cum in seconds! 😍😍😍

  • 3 years ago DirtyBlondie

    I came in seconds as well when he sticks or all the way in.

  • 3 years ago Dean1984

    Love to serve you my cock meat

  • 3 years ago leonardo103

    ohhhh ...... what an arousing video .... we both came !! xx

  • 3 years ago DirtyBlondie

    It was an awesome experience.

  • 3 years ago johninmotion

    I'd zoom right over to fill that ass, too

  • 3 years ago Potatocock

    hot !

  • 3 years ago SINCITYMALE

    so hot

  • 3 years ago Coolc72

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  • 3 years ago Luv69pussy

    I'd hurry over too to get to fuck that hotttttt sweeeeet ass. Then I'd have to suck and lick on that BEAUTIFUL CLIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    so hot, would love to be your friend

  • 3 years ago PublicSex2020

    Wow! That was amazing!

  • 3 years ago hungbrit

    Hearing you talk dirty gets my cock so hard

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    Fantastic tight fit.

  • 3 years ago earloftexas12

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  • 3 years ago Lbthunting

    Very lucky to get that text

  • 3 years ago LeatherPVCLover

    I love how he gives long even strokes and buries it deep to let you cum and squeeze his cock. I love an attentive man.

  • 3 years ago DirtyBlondie

    Some other men don't have the control that Rob has. It's depth not speed that matters for me.

  • 3 years ago radovedni1234

    mmmmmmmmm very sexy ...hot...im so hard now!!!

  • 3 years ago ifucmall

    that does look like a great ass fuck

  • 3 years ago tipofmytongue

    He's a very lucky man to slide into your fine ass!

  • 3 years ago ron30

    oh fuck I'd love to be that deep inside you! Very sexy!

  • 3 years ago harleyfb123

    you do know how to get a man's cock hard don't you, baby.

  • 3 years ago pthief

    Nothing like a woman who loves dick in her asshole!!❤

  • 3 years ago andy707

    Oh god I want your ass so badly!

  • 3 years ago derapas

    you do so get lost and found with such ease...so in touch~!

  • 3 years ago billium

    love to be next

  • 3 years ago backdrop

    Oh that looks so nice wish it was me

  • 3 years ago Brat75

    You sound as sexy as you look

  • 3 years ago OldiebutGoody

    Rob is a Lucky man But Hell I'd Zoom right over too if you Text me

  • 3 years ago lovetheass

    Would have been great to see your sweet asshole filled with cum at the end.

  • 3 years ago Treeguy12


  • 3 years ago Mochisex

    Awesome anal fuck!

  • 3 years ago DirtyBlondie

    I agree.

  • 3 years ago xxxsexxxyguyxxx

    Mmmm Nice. ..got me Hard in Seconds as I watched. ..Mmmm. ..I love Anal

  • 3 years ago DirtyBlondie


  • 3+ years ago chadwi

    So HOT! Loved watching and listening to your beautiful ass fucking.

  • 3+ years ago travelervip

    Damn, I need a notification when you're in cam!😊

  • 3+ years ago aguilar

    Let's be honest, Rob is a lucky guy. If he hadn't zoomed right over there would be something seriously wrong with him.

  • 3+ years ago DirtyBlondie

    He could have gone golfing instead LOL

  • 3+ years ago Lovinnb

    OMG you have such a beautiful sexy pussy. I would love to get naughty with you

  • 3+ years ago motowow

    that was beautiful! more please

  • 3+ years ago ThickXtreme

    Damn she's good

  • 3+ years ago Touring01

    Beautiful display of you cumming your head off while taking a full shaft of hard cock deep in your ass! Gorgeous looking pussy too!

  • 3+ years ago DirtyBlondie

    The orgasms are mind blowing.

  • 3+ years ago Touring01

    We could definitely tell by how vocal your were! One of my new favorite videos here!

  • 3+ years ago coq4u

    Love a girl that enjoys all her holes, that was hot.

  • 3+ years ago Bowenguy

    Fuck that is hot 🔥🤗🤤😈

  • 3+ years ago live4dailysex

    DAMN!! I’d love to be ball’s deep in your sweet tight ass making you squirm with pleasure anytime SEXY!!

  • 3+ years ago BlueDevil

    good on ya Rob

  • 3+ years ago DirtyBlondie

    I've called on him before for his services but was told to take a rain cheque. But luckily not this time.

  • 3+ years ago Spud123

    I'd zoom over straight away too, to pork you in the ass, you look delicious

  • 3+ years ago DirtyBlondie

    Thank you

  • 3+ years ago Pamooman

    Wow you take it easy in your ass
    I wish i can take round

  • 3+ years ago Pamooman

    Wow you take it easy in your ass
    I wish i can take round

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    Damn. Would love to suck on that sweet clit and give you my black cock in that nice ass of yours. Ever had a black cock in there?

  • 3+ years ago DirtyBlondie

    Yes I have. Read my profile.

  • 3+ years ago hopper634

    Great video. Got me really hard and wanking. Great moaning and I like to hear a woman use the c word rather than the p word which I always think is a bit of a cop out. Gives me a turn on.

  • 3+ years ago DirtyBlondie

    The C word is sooo naughty.

  • 3+ years ago sailormanri

    you naughty thing; wonderful!

  • 3+ years ago HotThrobnPleaser

    Want to see if I can make the same thing happen? If not we can keep trying

  • 3+ years ago 42plus13

    Wow very hot video. You have a beautiful smooth pussy lips. Listening to you moan made my dick so hard.

  • 3+ years ago lovetheass

    It would've been nice to see Rob fill your sweet asshole with cum at the end.

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    OMG, thanks for sharing...you drive us always so horny...be there to suck & bite your free pussy while your ass hole is deeply cock filled, my dream

  • 3+ years ago jammer777

    Rob is a very lucky man...I'd zoom right over too. It must be a real pleasure to be inside your ass to feel the internal spasms and contractions of your orgasms rumbling through your body. Of course, feeling those fabulous sensations would probably make me shoot a huge, hot load deep inside your ass.

  • 3+ years ago jasonoz

    Mmmmm... that video has got me stroking!! Would love to be inside your ass like that 😉

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    OMG wish I was inside you too...

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