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  • want a bite

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  • Just made yesterday. A friend was not able to drive, so he stayed on my couch. Felt a little horny in the morning, so, well, you know. I asked if he would film it for me (for here :) ) He said he stopped as soon as I swallowed. He didn't last very long ;)

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  • Recibiendo y devolviendo

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  • Posted this one before, but everyone seemed to like it. Unlike "my wildest sexual experience" I was ready to take his cum shot. So the cum on my face and in my mouth was planned. Plus, I'm not naked this time ... And I didn't get $100 to let him do it :(

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  • Another intense blowjob with a huge final facial

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  • Enjoying BBC for the first time

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  • I love sucking him off! I really can't get enough!

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  • put it on her face

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