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Wife's dinner flash

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Saturday night March 5th, 2011 we went to a local restaurant for dinner. My wife is not one to really dress to sexy. She was wearing a short dress with a coat because of the rain. As we were driving to dinner I was teasing her and running my hand up her dress to her panty covered pussy. I told her she should remove her panties so I could finger her under the table during dinner. She no way that someone might see. I just let it go and while we were waiting for our table we were in the bar having a drink. My wife said had to use the bathroom she left and returned in a few minutes. I should tell you that the opposite side of our table were other tables with floor to ceiling mirrors behind. As she returned and went to hop up onto the high stool I happened to look in the mirror and thought I saw a glimpse of a bare ass. I discounted it and took another swallow of my drink. We were chatting when she grabbed my hand and took it down to her lap. She slowly slid my hand up her dress until I felt her now bare pussy. She had removed her panties when she went to the bathroom. I went hard in a split second as I started to finger fuck her. I looked at the mirror to see her legs opened and my hand between her legs. As I continued to slowly finger her she continued to sip her drink. I noticed a group of 4 guys a couple of table down from us. They were watching the show in the mirror, she had no clue so I whispered for her to open her legs a little more so I could see in the mirror. She did as I asked and I could see her pussy open and glistening with her juices. The guys at the other table could see her wet pussy as well. Soon out buzzer went off for our table and we hopped down and headed to get our table. As we walked by the guys one of them said thank you for the show, my wife turned red in the face and looked straight ahead. During dinner she asked me if I thought the guys really liked seeing her I told her hell yes they did. Needless to say we fucked like a crazy last night and I hope there will be many more sessions of her flashing when we go out.

Posted on: 06 Mar '11 23:56

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thank you for shareing that very sexy adventure keep writting too

Posted on: 07 Mar '11 08:08

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Very nice, I try to get my wife to do things like that but no luck yet.

Posted on: 07 Mar '11 17:34

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hmmmmm.....that was sorta hot....enough to give a girl some ideas...!

Posted on: 07 Mar '11 17:43

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Posted on: 12 Mar '11 22:26

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We too have had similar shows ..and it's fun ..Now it's part of our vacation fun ..

Posted on: 14 Mar '11 09:29