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Wife shocks husband: Agrees to nude photos!

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Hello everyone, I have a wonderful personal story to tell about me and my wife. This week I have authored two stories about sexual FIRST with my wife. A short recap is that my wife swallowed my cum, went pussy to mouth with my dick and allowed me to give her a facial with her mouth open where my dick was several inches away from her mouth, but, all my cum landed in her mouth with her swallowing my cum again before sucking my dick again for several minutes. To some this may not be a big thing. However, my wife and I have been married for nearly 15 years and before this past weekend I considered her a sexual prude. Now I love my wife, but, our sexual relationship had been lacking. That may be changing! Now let me move on to the new sexual FIRST in my relationship with my wife...nude photos! Now I have posted 3 nude photos of my wife on my profile here at ZOIG, but, they were all taken without her knowledge by me, a sneaky husband. On to the story.
Wednesday night my wife was in the bathtub, naked and wet and looking very appealing to me. I grabbed my phone and turned on its camera. I was in the bedroom watching my wife in the bathroom waiting for her to stand up to get out of the bath. As she stood, nude in all her glory, I acted as if I was taking her picture. To my surprise she simply smiled and did not attempt to cover up. I was expecting her to either get angry, tell me to shut the door, demand I erase the photos, or much worse. However, all I got was this very erotic and sexy smile. I played nice and assured her that I had not taken her picture while she was nude and vulnerable by showing her my phone cam. Shocked again, she acted as if she did not care. We had a laugh and the night went on.
An hour later lying in bed watching TV I asked her if we could have a talk. She said "sure" and we turned off the TV. I stated that the earlier incident with the camera and her in the nude had given me the perfect opportunity to talk to her about posing in the nude for photos. She said "OK...go on"! I stated that for some time now I had been thinking about it and had been unable to find the right time to talk to her about it, but, this was now the time. I then simply stated that I wanted some nude photos of her. How she said and what she said next completely shocked me. OK! That was it. Very easily and softly she agreed with no argument or need of convincing. Now she did continue to say that she was a bit uncomfortable having nude photos of her self "out there", but, if I wanted them she would pose.
Now like a good husband I promised never to use them to harm her or humiliate her as she has heard horror stories of women who have posed nude for men before. I went on to explain valid reasons for me wanting nude photos of her. One reason being that in our daily life I really do not get to see her nude often. I explained that I get to see her change clothes and getting in and out of the shower, but this is mostly titty viewing time. She is nude in the bed when we have sex, but, I am usually fucking, not looking at her nude. I explained that if I am eating her pussy or shaving her pussy I get to see it, other than that I do not really get many good looks at her beautiful pussy. She then stated that she could see my reasoning and she was OK with me taking nude photos of her for my enjoyment. I stated that I thought she was very sexy and that I DID want nude photos of her so I could enjoy her body anytime I wanted!
Things then got a little quiet and we went back to watching TV. A few minutes passed and she muted the TV and asked "So, when do you want to have this little photo shoot"? I simply said, I am in no hurry. I then told her that I did not want just one photo shoot. I did want one, possibly this weekend, but, that I also wanted her approval to have others as well as her approval to take candid nude shots whenever I wanted. I gave examples of the shower, swimming pool, hot tub, getting dressed and undressed, etc. Simply stated, I wanted her approval to take any kind of nude photos of her whenever and wherever I wanted...posed or candid. She simply said "Fine, I am OK with that, you may snap away"!
Now I can not explain to you how horny this conversation with my wife made me. Especially the ease in which she agreed to have nude photos of her taken at any time, posed or candid. Maybe she is having a sexual awakening, maybe she is just trying to please me, or maybe deep down she really likes the idea of having nude photos of herself "Out There"! Either way I am in heaven and am planning the poses I want to photo her nude in in my head at this very minute. Hopefully this will lead to a greater sex life for us. Maybe it will awaken something inside her and if she enjoys the photos, she will want to become more sexually adventurous!
In conclusion, once I have the photo session and the photos uploaded onto my computer I may post them on ZOIG? If so her face will be digitally altered as to protect her identity (I promised not to harm her with the nude photos), but you will still be able to enjoy her nude body along with me.
Now a question for those who have read this entire story. I would like your honest opinion! Should I post her facial digital altered nude photos here on ZOIG, or would it still be considered "Harming Her" to have her nude photos viewed by strangers (Even though they would not know who she is) and I NOT post her nude photos here on ZOIG? To post or not to post, that is the question? Please respond!


Posted on: 11 Apr '08 01:08

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Dear Scotch, our opinion is to get her permission to post them with altered or blocked facial area. we love posting and the wife's only request is to keep it so she does not have her face shown to where she could be recognized. You have made some great strides to a more open relationship don't screw it up by doing something that would hurt that. we are happy for you both that you are venturing into new sexual situations and hope it keeps going well for you both. Maybe she has been looking at Zoig and seeing all the things going on here and she got excited about it. look forward to seeing pictures of her in the future. Show her ours and see what she says. Hope this helps.

Posted on: 11 Apr '08 16:55

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Pl do post pics, my gf and I would even join if you dont mind..

Posted on: 06 Mar '10 13:28

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post them i think it would tyurn her on if she knew where there going.
but do alter her face first .if you get the nerve up to show her where they r maybe she would nt mind showing her face you never know.

Posted on: 20 Mar '10 00:53