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Wife pregant by a black man!!

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Well it finaly happened and was sorta of a turn on. My wife has been dateing ablk man for many mos. now. I found out that she is now pregnant and the thought of my wife haveing a blk mans baby is a real turn on in one way but a little weird in another way. She has been gettingfuked by him almost 4 to 5 times a week and wife stop takeing her birth control pills 3 mos ago and she had never told me about that. Told me that the guy had wanted to get her pregnant and she enjoy being pregnant and decided to do it. Let me know what all u guys as well as gals think about it . Im turned on in one way but confused in another !!!!!!!!!

Posted on: 20 Feb '08 10:52

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well that is confusing. let us kow the outcome.

Posted on: 03 Mar '08 18:24

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super let your wife get pregnant by Black Man. Will be beautiful holding the baby that was made by another man....a black man in your wife. so desirable.

Posted on: 11 Mar '08 02:59

NRAILA's profile Man, 42
UNREAL...poor kid, sex is great,sex is fun, but a life brought into this world desirves more than just to be an object of your lust.

Posted on: 12 Mar '08 13:43

teenieweenie's profile Man, 68
will this black man take reposibility and help raise this child

Posted on: 12 Mar '08 14:16

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White women and their hubbys should let her black lover impregnate her. Nothing is more sensual than feeling your wife's swelling belly and milk gorged tits. White hubs will cum when they feel the black baby's kick insider their wife's womb.

Of course, it is very sensual to stand in the mall with your wife holding or nursing her baby. Just watch the brothas hit on her. Soon she will be knocked up again. This time by a new black man.

So relax and enjoy. Get used to cleaning her cunt and ass. Get used to jacking off to her hot stories of fucking her black lovers.

I applaud you.

Posted on: 14 Mar '08 22:56

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being a black male i have to say that i would to impregnant my wife whom is white but she cant get pregnant, but would love to one day get some white girl knocked up, well as long as someone take car of the baby that is all i am worried about.

Posted on: 14 Mar '08 23:43

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Posted on: 20 Jun '08 17:18

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thats so discusting.
i have to admit i have slept with a blck guy but never once thought of having his baby i could'nt dream of it.

yr wife not talking to you about not taking her pills thats worng i talk to my hubby about everythin she abused yr trust and made a fool out of you and what about the baby in all of this your messing with a human life for yr carnal desires and as we all know desires can change

Posted on: 20 Jun '08 17:54