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Widening pee-hole

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tunerpip's profile Man, 55
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I really love to watch very huge pee-holes...ny experience stretching it?

Posted on: 27 Dec '09 19:43

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I have slid a smooth pencil into my piss hole and it feels hot, but once i wanked myself of with it in me still ,,,,, ouch not a great idea, lol

Posted on: 27 Dec '11 00:15

peedee7's profile Man, 67
i have stretched mine out to 3/8 inch but if i don't stretch it out regularly it shrinks back and i have to stretch it out again

Posted on: 12 Jan '12 15:45

peedee7's profile Man, 67
by the way the stretching feels great.

Posted on: 23 Jan '12 21:18

peedee7's profile Man, 67
anyone else do it?

Posted on: 29 Feb '12 08:28

likesniprings's profile Couple, F 40 / M 42
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Please refrain from posting here.This is Ask The Guys NOT Ask The Ladies forum

Posted on: 04 Mar '12 11:08

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QUOTE (likesniprings @ 04 Mar '12 11:08)
why would you do this??

Thats exactly what I was thinking, thanks mrs niprings lol

Posted on: 04 Mar '12 11:15

bjorn7's profile Man, 54
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No idea why it's necessary. Maybe to save time standing at the urinal

Posted on: 04 Mar '12 12:41

weloveLXIX's profile Couple, F 39 / M 49
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never tried to stretch it but my girl sure likes to think that she can get her tongue in there and it tickles so i don't mind her trying all she wants

Posted on: 06 Mar '12 18:41