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watching your wife fuck another man


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ddd3869's profile Man, 51
We just recently experienced this , I watched my wife get seduced by another guy , he returned to our hotel room and I watched him fuck her multiple times thru the night . to say I was turned on would be a understatement . I can say I was glad I was there to see it , I would not like for her to do it then come home and tell me about

Posted on: 27 Jul '13 07:10

Member no longer registered.

i love watching other men fuck my wife and I like it when they pound her hard, the harder the better especially if she orgasm's. keep daring her to fuck someone else and come home and let me have the sloppy second's but she won't!

Posted on: 15 Sep '13 08:59

deluxx's profile Couple, F 50 / M 52
You guys are great!! Would love to be of service

Posted on: 15 Sep '13 10:50

Kyotedog66's profile Man, 57
QUOTE (kjs1961 @ 03 May '13 21:26)
Definately watch.
it's not about the other man. uh men.
it's about her pleasure.
I love watching her fuck almost as much as I love fucking her.

yes yes oh yes Love watching her face as she is cumming!

Posted on: 30 Sep '13 12:29

CreamLoadsCouple's profile Couple, F 53 / M 57
For me, BOTH..! My wife knows that it's cool with me if she hooks up without me around and then comes home and tells me all about it as I fuck her eyes out..! It is a big turnon for both of us, And also, have watched her with other guys many times too, joined in and we all had fun in a big creamy way...lol She went to her class reunion a few months back alone as I couldn't get away to go. she texted me from their party and told me how horny she was, I told her to pick someone and take them back to her room... she did..! They sucked and fucked for a couple of hours, she got hm off a few times, slept and woke up and sucked and fucked some more.... she text me that morning and told me about "him", an old classmate, tall, black and a THICK DICK...! When she got home, I raped her right there, it was so fucking hot and as I fucked her, she was telling me all about how she sucked that BBC and then got fucked deep and hard by it...! So yeah, for me, both knowing and watching/joining in and not knowing until later..!

Posted on: 07 Oct '13 09:38

alwayserect's profile Man, 45
sadly I have yet to see my wife do that but really want to

Posted on: 07 Oct '13 16:57

sexyfun1079's profile Couple, F 43 / M 37
we talk about it all the time during sex but so far thats all it is talk. i love the idea but my wife is not willing to set a time or place.

Posted on: 09 Oct '13 05:58

1960couple's profile Couple, F 51 / M 53
Genuine member
just love to see her enjoy

Posted on: 12 Oct '13 14:23

JohnC46's profile Man, 52
Genuine member
We share that fantasy but do not think it will go any further I do enjoy when she flirts and when others check her out

Posted on: 12 Oct '13 14:47

curiousandkinky's profile Man, 53
Genuine member
I love watching my wife with another and both. Do it without me present, NO!

Posted on: 12 Oct '13 16:56

nick20000's profile Man, 45
Genuine member
I have joined many couples in the past, with husband watching. Allot of husbands enjoy there wife being seduced while they watch.
Not many husbands join in and I have to typically encourage them to join in.

I think if you allow your wife a private meeting, I think that is crossing the line. I will also not meet couples more than twice, to ensure I am not affecting any relationship.

I hope that helps.

Posted on: 22 Oct '13 10:18

EyeCandy4Ladies's profile Man, 40
I would definitely want to watch but she would have to be cool with me fucking another woman.

Posted on: 19 Dec '13 17:19

Member no longer registered.

i like to see her fuck men and women,and vice versa,,sex is sex,,an asshole is as good as any pussyhole too

Posted on: 23 Dec '13 09:34

HardHubby's profile Couple, F 57 / M 52
I love watching her with other men and / or women. Love hearing them too. If she "plays away" I love hearing all about it as well. Always prefer her to play bareback when it's safe .......

Posted on: 23 Dec '13 23:28

freestyle2000's profile Man, 63
Genuine member
The situation will never happen for me. But if it did I would want to watch. Its a fanasty of mine for my wife to be having sex with a man in the missionary position so I could play with his balls.
I met a couple on a regular basis a few years ago and the husband use to stay fully dressed and watch his wife and me. They use to talk about what happened after I had left while having sex.

Posted on: 24 Dec '13 05:18

bobathome's profile Man, 43
Genuine member
Watch at this point in our relationship. Maybe hear about it later..

Posted on: 30 Dec '13 06:09

Member no longer registered.

I have had a growing fantasy about seeing my wife with another man. But I think it's mainly due to the fact that I would like seeing my wife turned on and losing her inhibitions in almost any setting. She isn't very sexual, so seeing her with another man would definitely do it for me.

Posted on: 31 Dec '13 03:37

Member no longer registered.

I would love to watch her or have her tell me about it like I love when she talks dirty to the guys when they message us so no I wouldn't have a problem with it at all

Posted on: 12 Jan '14 19:07

jasmine101's profile Couple, F 46 / M 53
Genuine member
For me its not about watching her with someone else although its very hot! Its more about giving her the ultimate sexual experience... She is so sexual and pushing her to her sexual limits is amazing!!!

Posted on: 13 Jan '14 11:05

Member no longer registered.

Would love and turned on seeing her take her first BBC

Posted on: 13 Jan '14 22:04

Ficifolium's profile Couple, F 57 / M 39
Genuine member
I like the idea, but I don't think I'd like the actual practice.. My wife is a non swinger so we abide by that..

Posted on: 15 Jan '14 19:12

sausagemn's profile Man, 58
Watch baby, watch!

Posted on: 19 May '14 16:38

Member no longer registered.

would love to watch - that's the whole fun of it. to be removed from the act, but still be a voyeur....awesome!
would love it to happen to me

Posted on: 30 May '14 01:03

Member no longer registered.

I watched once before, when my wife had sex with another guy
I can only say one thing, my cock was before and after never as hard as it was then. I was insanely horny. she blew kissed and fucked him like she did it with me. she was totally fixated on him, and willing to do it well with him. I was just awesome, and surprised at how uninhibited she acted.

I loved it

Posted on: 20 Jun '14 11:50

Member no longer registered.

cocking is only natural.....

Posted on: 14 Aug '14 15:53

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