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Taste your own cum?


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seexxxyman's profile Man, 37
Genuine member
Along with the whole "suck your own dick" question...

Have you ever tasted your own cum??

Guys you expect a girl to not only suck your dick and taste your cum, but then swallow it, so why not do it yourself, or at least know why some girls don't like it....

Posted on: 02 Oct '08 00:29

aCOUPLEinLOVE's profile Couple, F 45 / M 47
Genuine member
Mr MNDUK has tasted his own cum and has never expected Mrs to do anything she dont wanna do. He likes the taste at most times and at others he don't. Just like a woman, sometimes men cums tastes shit and other times tastes fantastic..just like a woman's pussy, sometimes sweet, sometimes not so ..

Posted on: 02 Oct '08 00:53

LocoLupine's profile Man, 51
Genuine member
Yup, I have and do. I have no issue with my own. I even share it.

Posted on: 02 Oct '08 01:15

seexxxyman's profile Man, 37
Genuine member
to answer my own question... I have tasted it, I don't like the full "load" but I do think my precum is kinda yummy

Posted on: 02 Oct '08 01:26

Sagita56's profile Man, 70
Genuine member
Yes I've tasted my own. I've also tasted the mixture of her juices with my own.

Posted on: 02 Oct '08 01:37

panunig3's profile Man, 48
Genuine member
Yes I have. I think I am kind of bitter.
I need to change my diet.

Posted on: 02 Oct '08 04:45

bs76's profile Man, 40
Genuine member
i love the taste of my own my ex made me try it and i have loved it ever since

Posted on: 02 Oct '08 07:31

Member no longer registered.

I tried my precum and liked it, then I tried my cum and it's not bad teasting at all. I alway's wondered how other's would teaste

Posted on: 02 Oct '08 07:52

Member no longer registered.

I have tasted mine several times. If it's good enough for my wife then it's good enough for me. It's a big turn on for her when I lick her clean.

Posted on: 02 Oct '08 09:07

Member no longer registered.

I don't "expect" my wife to do anything, but there are things that I would LIKE for her to do...and with that in mind I've thought I can't ask her to do something that I didn't enjoy...so yes I've tasted my own cum, among other things. Frankly, I enjoyed the feeling and taste.

It's that "experienced" approach to doing things with my wife that she actually appreciates. Wonder if other men have "tried it to see if they like it" for the same reason?

Posted on: 02 Oct '08 13:15

thickboner4u's profile Man, 67
Genuine member
I have tasted my own...it's fine in small doses but not sure I'd want a full load....tho I do like to eat my wife after I've cummed in her...the mixing of the juices is preferable to taking it straight.

Posted on: 02 Oct '08 13:42

Member no longer registered.

Done it, did it...its ok, but yeah if you are not into salty foods, I would stay away from it. Its all about how a person preference...I have "eaten" it with using chocolate...to cover the saltiness....hence food sex!

Posted on: 02 Oct '08 21:47

Member no longer registered.

I'll cum on my lady's tits, then lap it up into my mouth, and put my lips on hers and let her swallow it all. It's very erotic and quite a turn-on!

Posted on: 03 Oct '08 14:09

davcopafel's profile Couple, F 48 / M 55
I have and my women love to sit on my face after I give har a good load, makes her cum one more time knowing i am sucking up my own load. Kind of like it.

Posted on: 03 Oct '08 15:30

ray69's profile Man, 61
Genuine member
My precum is smooth and tasty, My full load cum is good to.

Posted on: 03 Oct '08 22:23

jse4one's profile Couple, F 40 / M 39
Genuine member
I've tasted my own cum. I know a lot of guys say it tastes good, but to be honest .... I don't think it tastes like anything. Maybe I need more fruit in my diet lol.

Anyway ... we like to kiss after I cum on her face. That turns us both on.

Posted on: 04 Oct '08 00:06

lardub's profile Couple, F 46 / M 55
Genuine member
Yes i have and it isn't bad, sometimes its better, guess its due to what I've eaten.
I often wonder if women even taste it when you cum in their mouths as in deep throating wouldn't it just flow right on past the taste buds.
Maybe I have to try it myself then I'll know for sure. Who knows, maybe one day I will.

Posted on: 04 Oct '08 18:15

Member no longer registered.

I have tasted it. Its only fair cos we expect you to swallow it if we ask, so i guess we should be prepared to taste it to. I dont really like it, but if my girl wants me too, then i do.

Posted on: 04 Oct '08 20:39

Member no longer registered.

I love kissing my wife after a great blowjob or facial. Nothing wrong with it. She kisses me after she cums all over my face.

Now as for sucking my own dick.... Never done it, don't reach, but I'd be lying (most men would be) if they said they never tried.

Posted on: 04 Oct '08 22:44

Member no longer registered.

After i cum in my wife's mouth she holds my cum in her mouth and starts kissing me and we share my cum.It doesn't taste that bad.

Posted on: 05 Oct '08 00:29

panunig3's profile Man, 48
Genuine member
I have never done it yet, but I would love to go down on a woman after I have cum in her pussy. I think that would be hot.

Posted on: 05 Oct '08 05:27

Member no longer registered.

Yes I have and I actually enjoy it. I love both the pre-cum and the full load too I find it very sexy. I also have a girlifriend who likes to hold my cum in her mouth after long and good bj and then share it with me in a long, hot spermy kiss afterwards. She also likes to watch me masturbate and cum for her sometimes and then eat it all up As regards to sucking myself, well yes I actually was able to do that when I was a few years younger but I now seem to have lost that degree off "flexibility"..... Guess age creeps up on us all!!!

Posted on: 05 Oct '08 06:16

maturemale's profile Man, 69
Genuine member
yep ive tasted my own its ok also mixed with pussy juice

Posted on: 05 Oct '08 07:28

Member no longer registered.

I have, I have even froze it and ate it later.

Posted on: 05 Oct '08 10:01

nbg1's profile Man, 63
Tried it. Jacked off into my hand and licked it. It was the temp. I didn't care for.

Wife is not into swallowing; my ex was really into giving BJS and always swallowed the cum from the very first time she had my dick in her mouth. She even licked the cum off my dick if I came outside her mouth. I wanted to see why one loved it and the other not really.

Want to get the wife into liking cum in her mouth as I would really like her to snowball me. Plus I want to try creampie and cumming on her nipples and licking them clean. Just haven't figured out how to her it doesn't taste bad

Posted on: 05 Oct '08 13:22

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