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sniffing panties while jerking off


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Member no longer registered.

Just curious if any guys out there like to sniff their wives or girlfriends panties while jerking off.I cant be the only one.

Posted on: 01 Oct '10 17:49

Canucks's profile Couple, F 41 / M 43
I do! Nothing is as alluring as a scent of a womens privates.

Posted on: 01 Oct '10 23:26

Member no longer registered.

I agree 100%

Posted on: 01 Oct '10 23:47

Member no longer registered.

I hope this isn't going off topic here but is this only a guys thing ?
I've had requests from members before (and considered doing it) to send them my dirty underwear but i cannot understand why you would want to sniff them

I'm not against it in any way, each to their own is what i believe in and if it makes you happy then all the better.

What is it about the smells that turns you guys on so much that you get off on it ?

This might be considered an 'ask the ladies' question and get moved or deleted but even though guys smell sexy i've never known or heard of any female that masturbates with her face inside a guys underwear. Has anyone else ?

Posted on: 02 Oct '10 00:42

Member no longer registered.

love smelling the hot panty-crotch while beating off

Posted on: 02 Oct '10 09:05

scotttt's profile Man, 48
Not my thing. I do love the smell of a horny wet vagina, so I can understand why it would get some off. I'd just rather have my nose in the real thing.

Posted on: 02 Oct '10 10:50

zxcv69's profile Man, 39
Genuine member
I use my wifes dirty panties, the smell of her pussy is very hott. Sometimes I'll lick the crotch if she left some of her juices in them, yummm

Posted on: 02 Oct '10 11:01

Member no longer registered.

Sometimes I enjoy sniffing panties stained with pussy cream and girl cum while I jack off. It's natural, I believe, for most men to be turned on by the scent (and taste) of a woman's pussy. If I can't have my nose in the real deal, the smell of her on her panties is a good second choice. In fact, I have some pics and vids here of me doing exactly that with some panties from my ZG friend, watchingyouplay. And I have some other panties/thongs from other ZG lady friends yet to shoot into. If you like this idea ladies, let me know. Jack

Posted on: 02 Oct '10 13:37

carmelt's profile Man, 61
Genuine member
love to cover my face with her panties and take in the hot smell of her pussy juices. then rub my cock till i cum in them. so nice.

Posted on: 02 Oct '10 16:18

Member no longer registered.

It's perfectly normal - get on with it!

Posted on: 02 Oct '10 19:58

Member no longer registered.

it can be hot. I have a thing for eating pussy for starters, and I can find the smell of women's panties very arousing. I don't like smelling poop, but I really dig smelling panties a wet, sexually excited woman wore. Come to think of it, that sounds like a potentially cool ZOIG thing to do with other members- we already do tributes, so why can't we start a tradition with panties????

Posted on: 03 Oct '10 00:23

cum4you66's profile Man, 49
Genuine member
love to smell and wank with my wife debs panties ....if you would like to smell her pussy and wank over her i will send you a pair but would like a vid back in return of you with them .....

Posted on: 03 Oct '10 06:12

atleast8's profile Man, 54
I do it all the time.. it's a turn on.. i know of several guys that do it...

Posted on: 03 Oct '10 08:48

Member no longer registered.

ZXCV... right there w you!!! I love to lick her crusty panties!!! YUM!!

Posted on: 04 Oct '10 08:32

Member no longer registered.

yes,... I do

Posted on: 04 Oct '10 13:02

Member no longer registered.

you're NOT the only one! smelling and tasting her worn undies is hot for me! she loves that i do it too, she even leaves the really moist ones out and lets me know they are there so i can "steal" them

sniffing undies is perfectly normal but i am wondering if we might have cause for concern cuz we like to force feed her wet undies to each other while we fuck so they act as a bit of a gag. we're also using them for light bondage around wrists, ankles, my cock and balls, and around the neck and face... have i taken the "sniffing" thing too far? lol!

Posted on: 14 Oct '10 14:34

xployther's profile Man, 45
I have, my wife's and before her other women I know. Have also allowed /sent people wife's things to use then return to their original place.

Posted on: 15 Oct '10 09:10

hardupdude's profile Man, 42
Genuine member
yes, makes me so hard!

Posted on: 16 Dec '10 16:34

SunnyinNJ's profile Couple, F 39 / M 43
Try some dirty socks

Posted on: 16 Dec '10 16:43

Member no longer registered.

QUOTE (debspussy @ 03 Oct '10 06:12)
love to smell and wank with my wife debs panties ....if you would like to smell her pussy and wank over her i will send you a pair but would like a vid back in return of you with them .....

send me a pair please!

Posted on: 18 Dec '10 17:50

b00blvr's profile Man, 41
nothin sexier than a pair of panties with a days worth of pussy on 'em

Posted on: 13 Jul '11 22:39

Perveman's profile Man, 58
Hell, I'd do it (sniff panties) while others watch me bring my naked ass to a shattering orgasm.

Posted on: 14 Jul '11 09:35

freestyle2000's profile Man, 63
Genuine member

Posted on: 14 Jul '11 10:56

softcaress's profile Man, 61
Genuine member
You betcha!! Nothing like the cotton gusset in a pair of panties soaked w pussy juices and still warm from it. Wife knows how much of a turn on I find it and will sometimes even rub the ones she just took off in my face as we play so I cum even harder in her

Posted on: 15 Jul '11 03:19

jtf0914's profile Man, 65
If I'm going to be sniffing panties.............I want the girl in them~

Posted on: 16 Jul '11 18:34

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