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My friend fucks my wife

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My good friend Michael and I were best mates growing up, but he had moved away when he was seventeen. We kept in touch and every now and then he would come and visit. It had been over ten years since his last visit, so when he asked if he could come down our way and stay a few days I asked my wife Petra if it would be okay, and she said yes. So Michael arrived on the following Friday. I had taken the kids to my mothers for the weekend because I know from past experiences that we would all be having a few drinks over the next few days.

When Michael arrived Petra took one look at him and then whispered to me a little later that he was cute. Michael was solidly built. He worked out and had a very tight body. He was six foot tall with shoulder length sandy brown hair. On the other hand, I am also six foot tall, with short black hair, thin with a little bit of a beer belly. Michael Joked that I hadnt been staying in shape. He looked at Petra, who was around five foot five inches tall with long died black hair a big beautiful body with a nice big round ass, D-cup breasts and a pretty face. She is usually shy, but when it comes to sex she is wild.

I had been writing to Michael and telling him about our sexual exploits and he had been very happy when I told him that he might get lucky when he comes to visit. That night we drank a bit, though not a lot and sat around talking. Petra had been giving Michael eye fulls of her naked boobs down her loose fitting top each time she bent over towards him and a view of her skirt covered ass when she went over to put some old home movies into the video machine. I could tell that Michael liked what he saw. The topic soon got around to sex and Michael brought up that he likes giving anal to a woman. Petra told him that she will only do anal with a guy with a small cock or if the rewards were worth it (money or some such). Michael looked at me and said that he guessed that I didn’t get to fuck Petra’s ass then and neither would he. I told him Id fucked her ass a few times, but not in the last five or so years. For the rest of the night Michael kept bugging Petra about letting us fuck her ass. She kept saying no. At one point he walked up behind Petra and felt around her and squeazed her tits. As he did so he whispered in her ear that he would love to fuck her ass., but again she said no… Though her nipples were now extremely hard and visible beneath her top.

I went to bed at around 1am leaving Petra and Michael alone in the living room. When I woke up at around 3am I heard noises coming from the livingroom so I crept around the corner and looked into the room to find my wife on her back, legs wide open and pushed back to the side of her chest with Michael’s face buried into her auburn pubes covered pussy. Petra was moaning lightly. Then, after I was watching for about three minutes, Michael kneeled up between her legs and slid his long thick cock into Petra’s soaked cunt. She came within seconds due to the size of Michael’s hard throbbing meat. He drilled her hard and fast, making her cum again and again as he held her bouncing tits in his hands. I heard him tell her that he wanted to fuck her ass, but again she said no… He pulled out and squatted above her. Petra reached up and stroked Michael’s hard cock vigorously until he blew a massive load all over my wife’s beautiful boobs, neck and belly. I quickly went back to my bedroom and listened as they cleaned themselves up and went to bed. I layed there with a throbbing hard cock pretending to be asleep… And soon I did fall asleep.

At around dawn I awoke to the floor boards in our bedroom creaking. I peaked over and saw Michael standing in our room, his large throbbing cock in his hand, looking at Petra. She was laying facedown on the bed, her big round ass cheeks looking like bog rolling hils rising up at the small of her back and making a steep decent down to her legs, between which was her hairy pussy. He walked closer and touched her bum, then to my surprise and Petra’s shock, he lay on top of her. He pushed her head down with his forearm while Petra asked him what he was doing… He told her that she wouldn’t let him fuck her asshole, so he was going to make her. Petra tried to get up, but Michael Pushed her down. Petra called out to me, but her call was muffled by the pillow. Michael said to her, listen you fat sexy slut your going to take all my cock up your ass. Im gonna loosen you up for my poor friend who never gets to fuck your ass. You’ll thank me for it bitch, so shut the fuck up and just take it. Petra protested more and reached out and slapped me as Michael pushed his cock in between her ass cheeks, and positioned it right at the opening of her poop shute.

I pretended to wake up and asked what was going on. Michael told me what he was going to do in his slightly slurred drunken voice. Petra pleaded with me to stop him, but Michael told me to stay out of it or he’ll bash me and do it anyway. What could I do? He was bigger than me, stronger, and even if I called the police, by the time they got there he wouldve been finished anyway. I said, mate, you know your raping my wife right? Michael said yeah, and that it must be a big turn on for me since I liked watching him fucking her earlier.

Petra grabbed my arm tight as she looked at me. I mouthed to her that I was sorry, and then she closed her eyes tight and groaned as he pushed his big thick cock up her ass. He said, see its not that bad, and then proceeded to slowly pump her bum slowly. Each time he slid into her deeper she would groan and grunt with the pain… After a while, though, those grunts and groans of pain turned to moans of pleasure. I reached down and felt her pussy, and she was wet. This had turned her on!!! Michael climbed off and told me to climb on, so I did, and slid my cock up her ass. I said that her ass felt like a bucket fuck now, and he told me that it would soon tighten up around my cock. As I fucked her ass I asked Petra if she was okay, and she said yes, and that she was actually enjoying it now. I pulled out and she got up on all fours. I got up behind her and plowed her ass for a while, then Michael told me to stop and he got up behind her and fucked her butt again. He reached around and played with her big tits as he anally fucked her. I got underneath her and she lowered her pussy into my cock as Michael fucked her. I could feel Michael’s cock fucking her ass through the wall of her pussy and she didn’t have to do anything. Michael’s pumping her was enough. Soon Michael said he was cumming. Petra orgasmed hard as he gripped her ass and fucked her harder and faster than before. Michael filled her ass with his cum, and that set me off, within seconds I was spewing my own cum deep inside her pussy.

I moved from under her and she lay flat on the bed on her stomach. Michael buried his face in her but cheeks and rimmed her cum dripping asshole, sucking out his own cum. Petra loved it. Then he told her to roll over and he licked my cum from her pussy. This made Petra cum twice more. When he was done he kissed her and apologised for raping her at first, and she said it was okay because she actually loved every second of it.

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great story

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Yeah that's got me good and stiff guy. Need a hole to shoot my spunk into.

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