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Masterbation in front of women


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Rcandy525's profile Man, 48
Do you like to masterbate in front of women?

Posted on: 21 Dec '09 01:25

lovelong's profile Man, 34
Genuine member
I have..... and we both loved it.... i started i was just so horny, she watched for a bit then started to herself, watching each other play was so sexy...

Posted on: 21 Dec '09 06:19

JFJD's profile Woman, 59
I do in front of JD all the time, she usually takes over... lol

Still very shy and timid about doing it for anyone else on the site but have been coaxed once or twice...


Posted on: 21 Dec '09 09:32

Member no longer registered.

yeah !!!!

Posted on: 21 Dec '09 11:49

freestyle2000's profile Man, 63
Genuine member
I take it the question means in person not on cam?
Only if they wanted me to do it.
Have only done it once where she was kneeling in front of me and watched me masturbate. Her husband was watching the two of us.

Posted on: 21 Dec '09 12:04

Member no longer registered.

i luv to masturbate in front of anyone. if someone is watching me it is suh a turn on..

Posted on: 21 Dec '09 12:33

Member no longer registered.

I too am an exhibitionist at heart and enjoy "performing" for an appreciative audience. I'd love sometime to be able to j/o in front of several women at one time.

Posted on: 21 Dec '09 12:35

Member no longer registered.

I love it

Posted on: 21 Dec '09 17:24

ocouple's profile Couple, F 44 / M 47
We both do!

Posted on: 21 Dec '09 17:36

theoldog's profile Man, 67
Genuine member
I absolutely love it! Really love to watch a woman (or couple) put on a sexy show, let me watch and masturbate. Big voyeaur turn on for me!

Posted on: 21 Dec '09 17:47

Member no longer registered.

like to do it in front of alot of women that would be great for all

Posted on: 21 Dec '09 17:52

nicecum4you's profile Man, 54
Genuine member
A few times I have met with a group of men who invited one of their girlfriends to watch us all in action. Quite fun for all, I think :-)

Posted on: 21 Dec '09 18:12

fireandice's profile Woman, 38
I love to watch a man. If it is person, I have to join in an help out.

Posted on: 21 Dec '09 18:29

1Driver's profile Man, 62
Genuine member
in front of women is the only reason i do it on cam.altho men drop in too look it does nothing for me,actually a bit distracting to be honest

Posted on: 21 Dec '09 20:18

spunkpistol's profile Man, 44
i regularly go to a peepshow, get a private show with 1 or 2 strippers and we all get naked and masturbate

Posted on: 21 Dec '09 22:43

Member no longer registered.

Yup, i have and am still looking for some lovely ladies interesting in watching!

But i do enjoy having a sexy chat while getting nice and hard

Posted on: 22 Dec '09 02:27

harrybigguy2gg's profile Man, 51
well then.
better ? do u do it in front of a woman like u doit when your alone?

Posted on: 22 Dec '09 03:06

readyforadate's profile Man, 58
i like jackin in front of anyone.

Posted on: 22 Dec '09 04:52

Member no longer registered.

QUOTE (alegresi @ 21 Dec '09 16:12)
i think this is a sexy topic.
mmm i agree!

Posted on: 22 Dec '09 07:43

rockhrd2's profile Man, 64
I luv to do it, and she luvs to watch. Gets her nice a wet and she'll join in too!!!

Posted on: 22 Dec '09 07:59

sunshine132's profile Woman, 59
I sure love seeing it!

Posted on: 22 Dec '09 08:13

thickakrondick4u's profile Man, 48
Absolutely love to give a show! Actually played this way with a married friend of mine...was a guilt free turn on for her and a the look in her eyes made it beyond exciting for me. NOT taking things any farther was more of a thrill than I could have imagined!

Posted on: 22 Dec '09 13:01

legless4u's profile Man, 68
Genuine member
A big turn on for me. When I was a teenager it was common for groups of boys to have a group masturbating session.

Posted on: 22 Dec '09 22:55

Member no longer registered.

my wife and I do it in front of each other all the time.I love watching her play with herself and cum hard and she loves to watch me cum all over myself or on her feet.

Posted on: 23 Dec '09 06:19

Member no longer registered.

I've done it and enjoyed it and since 9 times out of 10 it leads to a few rounds of sex so it's a win/win

Posted on: 23 Dec '09 12:30

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