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Jerking off in panties


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thickboner4u's profile Man, 67
Genuine member
Who likes to jerkoff wearing panties,thongs pantyhose etc?? I have a few on my friends list who do...anyone else like to?? How about sharing some pics or chatting about it.

Posted on: 03 Feb '11 16:35

Member no longer registered.


Posted on: 03 Feb '11 19:12

Canucks's profile Couple, F 41 / M 43
I've got a huge panty fetish. So I can understand your interest.

Posted on: 03 Feb '11 23:57

Member no longer registered.

QUOTE (Canucks @ 03 Feb '11 23:57)
I've got a huge panty fetish. So I can understand your interest.

me too

Posted on: 04 Feb '11 00:04

Member no longer registered.

No but gonna get some to try it

Posted on: 04 Feb '11 04:58

crewmen's profile Man, 62
Genuine member
i use to get them from hampers when i vist people and rub them on my cock! anyone else?

Posted on: 04 Feb '11 10:19

davcopafel's profile Couple, F 48 / M 55
nothing like it love it and wearing

Posted on: 04 Feb '11 12:47

stiffonestiffone's profile Man, 60
yep used to find sister in laws panties in bathroom and rub my cock in them until i came in the gusset,happy days

Posted on: 04 Feb '11 14:00

Member no longer registered.

love jerking off in panties its the thought off a pussy was in them

Posted on: 04 Feb '11 14:17

Member no longer registered.

I cum in my mother in laws panties all the time. I have cum in my nieghbors panties too.. It is a huge turn on.

Posted on: 04 Feb '11 14:41

simpleguy123's profile Man, 45
Genuine member
love jacking in panties, msg me if you want to chat about it

Posted on: 04 Feb '11 15:05

FirstTime01's profile Man, 47
Genuine member
so hot, wearing panties right now. so liberating, getting in touch with the femine, transsexual side of myself. try it!

Posted on: 04 Feb '11 18:46

Member no longer registered.

who doesn't?

Posted on: 04 Feb '11 20:30

horn61's profile Man, 58
I love masturbating in panties, after I lick them clean - I'll chat or swap...

Posted on: 04 Feb '11 21:57

malrider's profile Man, 59
i love cumming in panties, soaking them wet, even being fucked in them is hot

Posted on: 05 Feb '11 14:09

thickboner4u's profile Man, 67
Genuine member
Thanks 4 everyone's comments....seems like a lot of us enjoy panties !!

Posted on: 06 Feb '11 10:17

theoldog's profile Man, 67
Genuine member
I don't wear panties but I sometimes enjoy jacking off with them and cumming on them.

Posted on: 06 Feb '11 10:41

MisterMrE's profile Man, 54
Genuine member
I love the feeling of nylon against my cock.

Posted on: 08 Feb '11 15:36

Member no longer registered.

I love jacking off in a womans dirty panties. I jack off in my wife's dirty panties and my neighbor lady has giving me her panties to jack off in. One night my wife got the neighbors dirty panties and rubbed them in my face as she rode my cock asking if I'd like to see her licking the neighbors pussy. I shot the biggest load ever inside the wife when she asked me that.

Posted on: 09 Feb '11 11:49

Member no longer registered.

I have only done it a couple of times when I was at uni and shared a house - I did enjoy it and maybe should try it again.

Posted on: 09 Feb '11 17:00

binastycouple's profile Couple, F 44 / M 56
Genuine member
I love seeing so many guys that are into panties. I don't jurl off into them bot like wearing them when I jerk off

Posted on: 14 Feb '11 01:40

gussetman's profile Man, 50
Genuine member
As my namesake suggests i love it big time!! especially if they are nice & dirty. I have nailed the wife's & the sis in laws too I have some vids posted if anyone interested

Posted on: 23 Feb '11 14:10

Member no longer registered.

sure...during jerking while being on zoig..not always without antys...like the warm feelin when cum dripps dwon he dick and the balls

Posted on: 23 Feb '11 17:21

Member no longer registered.

i love it sniff and lick ten fill them with cum

Posted on: 24 Feb '11 08:25

pantycurious's profile Man, 67
Genuine member
well, just check my profile. It's pretty obvious my opinion. The lace ones I took from my sister in laws hamper when they were still wet with his and her cum. (I cleaned them thoroughly while shooting a huge load) I have jerked off into several different pairs of panties. Love pics of guys pulling panties forward with their cum in them. Now I find wearing them extremely exciting as well as just plain feeling good. would love to chat with or cam with or trade pics with anyone else into this topic

Posted on: 30 Mar '11 00:32

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