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I watch my wife's first time with Black.

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We had been in the lifestyle for several years and I had watched my wife with several different guys when we decided to place an ad looking for a Black bull.I couldn't believe all the answers we got. As we went through the replies together I couldn't believe how hot my wife was getting. She picked out a guy and said:"He's the one. I want him to fuck me."
"You really want to fuck a blackman?"
"Yes. I want to try it once and see what it's like, but only if you are present. Wouldn't you like to see a big black cock slide into me, knowing a blackman is fucking your wife?"
"If this is what you want then I would love to watch."
We sent Gene a couple of pictures of Katie and explained what we were looking for. He was cool with everything and really wanted to be Katie's first so we set up a date. I was to pick him up and bring him to our house where Katie would be waiting for him. As he got into my car I couldn't believe I was picking up a blackman and taking him to our home to fuck my wife, but here we were walking into our house. As I made drinks for all Gene sat by Katie on the sofa. I delievered the drinks then sat across from them.One look at Katie's face and I knew she really wanted this. After a few min. Gene took Katie into his arms and kissed her. Damm! I was watching my wife making out with a blackman on our sofa.I was rock hard by the time Gene shoved his hand into Katie's panties and slipped his finger into her. I watched her reach for his cock, undoing his pants and shoving her hand into his shorts and around his cock. She pulled his cock out and it was huge and her little white hand was around it stroking his black shaft.Katie was on fire by this time and I knew there was nothing that could keep her from having his big cock. She went to her knees and helped him pull his pants off. Gene and I both watched as my wife took his cock in hand and lowered her mouth to it. God! She looked so hot sucking his big black cock and it was easy to see that she loved it.Even though I had watched her suck several other guys it wasn't near as hot as seeing her sucking black cock.
"Come to bed. I want fucked now!" Katie led Gene to our bedroom and they almost ripped each other's clothes off. My wife was totally naked with a blackman and she wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing her body against his as she pulled him onto our bed.Gene spread her legs and buried his face in her cunt.I watched as he licked and kissed her pussy then slid his tongue into her.Katie was juicing all over his face. I loved seeing how turned on she was as he ate her out.
"Gene. Fuck me now. I want your black cock inside me."
As he moved into position I watched my wife take his big cock in hand and guide it to her hot cunt.The hottest thing I have ever seen was watching as he slid all that black shaft into my wife and seeing the look of pure pleasure on her face. Gene fucked her, bringing her to several orgasms on his cock.It seemed like each one was more intense then the last.
"Katie, I"m going to cum. Where do you want it?" I almost fell out of my chair as I heard her tell Gene that she wanted him to cum inside her.She wanted his black seed! Gene rammed his cock into her and with aa loud moan shot his cum into my wife. He flooded her pussy with his seed and when he pulled out I could see his cum running out and down her ass.I looked at my wife's face and knew right then that there were going to be many more blacks fucking her and cumming in her. She was in heaven!
I watched her fuck many more blackguys over the years and it was always hot to watch.There is nothing like watching your own wife getting fucked by a black stud.

Posted on: 08 Jul '09 18:56

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great story!!! I would love to fuck your wife!

Posted on: 09 Jul '09 17:27

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Lucky guy.....I haven't convinced my wife to open her legs for a BBC yet.

Posted on: 22 Sep '09 23:33

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mmmm shes very lucky, my husband wont let me fuck other cocks

Posted on: 24 Sep '09 13:52

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damn hot I wish i could get my wife to fuck anybody

Posted on: 03 Oct '09 15:04

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Very hot story! My wife is curious about BBC.

Posted on: 29 Apr '10 16:25

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Very hot! Once she get BBC ! there's no turning back!!!

Posted on: 03 May '10 12:46

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Great story. What a sight it must have been!!

Posted on: 03 May '10 14:28

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Hot story I would love to watch my wife being fucked.

Posted on: 16 May '10 18:38

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Ooo very hot story!

Posted on: 16 May '10 19:39

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Yes, there nothing like watching your wife being fuck by a BBC.And see it on video afterward!

Posted on: 17 May '10 15:52

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hot story

Posted on: 17 May '10 18:35

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Even though watching her with any one is always hot, that first BBC was the hottest and the one we remember the most.

Posted on: 21 May '10 06:47