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i fucked my mates mum

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celticbigbhoy1's profile Man, 43
when i was 16 i was a virgin this sounds corny but we were all playing truth or dare when some one said val u kiss kev thats my mates mum
so she did and then we were orderd to go in the shed any way i felt her hand run up my groin and along my stiffing 16 year old cock
i let out a sigh but the fucking didnt start there we were alone a couple of days later
and i said to her i want to fuck u u make my cock twitch she licked her lips pulled me out of my jeans and boxer shorts and took me in her warm moist mouth
this was to be my first blow job of many of her
then she led me up the stairs to my pals romm who he shared with his brother
there was a spair mattress
in the room for pals to stay the night
she put the mattress on the floor
i lay down on top of and she pulled her green skirt up and pulled her pink cotton panties to the side i could see her pussy lips and her pubic hair wich was a kinda golden brown
then she took my tip in her finggers and guided it into her pussy i came instantly
fuck me i ve never done this before i blurted out

she said it wont happen next time
so the next time was when i was staying at hers in my mates room over night
i waited till my pals were asleep and creept into her room her husband was workin night shift so i had the time of my life

she was right i didnt spill my load as quik
this time and so on
we shagged each other for about 2 years even when i moved to scotland and went back to southampton
to stay for a fortnights holiday
all my pals new i was fucking this m.i.l.f
we even done it in front one of my pals from then his name was paul
i still wonder if she could still get into the positions we used to get in back then
but i will say this as 2 what kind of women i like now
as i am married to a woman 7 years older and has a lot of experiance what a teacher that m.i.l.f was i salute u

valarei stewart what a body what a mouth pussy all of her was ripe and perfect

Posted on: 09 May '08 14:13