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Fuking wifes sister

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My wifes sister came over lastnight she was pissed off at her hubby for spending more time with his friends than with her. She is not the best looking girl but she has a very nice ass and breasts. I have always talked about her to my wife . She came over they started drinkng she got a little drunk and my wife calld her hubby and told him she was ok and that she was going to stay the night. I was horny to and my wife had whispered into my ear that tonight was my chance to have her sister and to go for it id i wanted it. She went to bed and i stayed up with her sister. We kept drinking and the next thing i know she told me that she had wanted to fuk me since i had married her sister. But that it was wriong to do that to her sister and i told her that my wife had told me that i had her permission to fuk her. She would not beleive me until out of the dark my wife walked in and told her go ahead she didnt mind shareing me. Was very wild hearing that from my wifes mouth. I went over to her and started kissing her as my wife was watching me . I got so aroused haveing my wife watch me with her own sister. My watched me fuk her sister in every hole and position . I ended up cuming into her pussy several times that night my wifes sister and i slept on our pull out couch in the living room while my wife went to bed. I fuked her again that morning as my wife cooked breakfast and watched again . My iwfe invited her to move in wih us if she wanted to leave her husband and she said ok and shes moving in this weekend and my wife said she can fuk me all she wants and that they both can be m wifes how fuking lucky of a guy am i. Really love to hear any comments from ladys if u caould share ur man with ur sister.

Posted on: 13 Mar '08 18:33

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You are very lucky to have a wife who cares about how you feel and about your sexual gratification even if it doesn't include her. She must be some kinda great lady. I am lucky too, my hubby shares me with other men, but he doesn't limit it to a specific person. He lets me choose who I would like and he loves to watch me with the other man. I am very lucky too...

Posted on: 13 Mar '08 23:19

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very hot and sexy story hope it is true but i would not fuck my wife'e sister

Posted on: 14 Mar '08 01:30

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Great story..I too have permission from my wife to fuck her sister...and hope someday I get the chance...My siterin laws hubby knows about us being swingers and has tried to play with my wife on occasion..but she finds it wierd...I am just going to see where it is going to go

Posted on: 14 Mar '08 08:31

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I guess you the man....... but i can't fuck my sister in law it's not right ,,,

Posted on: 14 Mar '08 08:37

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Hot story. I loved it. Hope you can post more.

Posted on: 14 Mar '08 23:00

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if my wife had a sister that looke like her i would fuck her in a min if my wife would let me. but i believe the only reason your wife will let u fuck her sister is cause she is fuck the black guy right.

Posted on: 14 Mar '08 23:50

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i fucked my sis in law many times and it felt great at first but after a while you feel guilty , like everything its not as great as you think

Posted on: 10 May '08 14:55

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u lucky bastard..i,d love to fuck ur misses and have u watch both of us.then maybe u could bring in her sister for some real good fun

Posted on: 27 May '08 07:02