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Fuck my blindfolded wife

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smadarm1963's profile Man, 53
I'm looking for somebody to fuck my wife while I watch. We have a simple scenario we want to try. We want somebody to show up, fuck my wife while she's blindfolded and then leave so she never knows who she was fucked by and I can then fuck her afterwards. We're in Brooklyn, NY, looking for somebody with a decent body.

Posted on: 27 Jul '08 07:50

Member no longer registered.

wow what a turn on.but in the uk damn!!!

Posted on: 27 Jul '08 14:19

jv10483's profile Man, 33
im in jeresy and i would like to do it

Posted on: 27 Jul '08 18:43

smadarm1963's profile Man, 53
need pics of more than just your cock jersey boy, send them to my mailbox if you want to be considered

Posted on: 27 Jul '08 20:08

Member no longer registered.

Sounds like fun, but no one knows what your wife looks like!!

Posted on: 28 Jul '08 13:53

Member no longer registered.

Hey I'd love to fuck your wife. Take a look at my profile and pics. Let me know.

Posted on: 29 Jul '08 20:10

dallen's profile Man, 43
Great idea. Will ya let us know how it turns out?

Posted on: 29 Jul '08 20:15

smadarm1963's profile Man, 53
She looks good trust me! Besides, that's half the fun for whoever gets to fuck her, it's a surprise to you too. Just for the record she's beautiful with a regular body, not petite and and not big, just right

Posted on: 30 Jul '08 09:25

TheSentinel's profile Woman, 57
Genuine member
allow mw with a strap-on, she might never know!

Posted on: 30 Jul '08 09:38

adam3's profile Man, 61
What a great idea! Very erotic indeed!

Posted on: 30 Jul '08 09:48

btowncricket's profile Couple, F 55 / M 62
We are going to steal your idea. That's the greatest scenario ever

Posted on: 31 Jul '08 13:18

amazingr96's profile Man, 50
Genuine member
Sounds great. Kind of like a fantasy I have. Wish that I didn't live in Mass though. I would see if I am what you would want.

Oh sentinel that is a great idea. She would have to guess if it is a guy or gal at first. I am sure she would know fairly quickly. Depends on the rules that hubby would impose, like could the wife touch or respond or kiss, or is she tied down (which is my fantasy lol) as well as blindfolded and she is just taken right there and then hubby lets her loose so she can fuck him back lol.

Posted on: 31 Jul '08 13:26

123jimmy4's profile Man, 59
from philly would love to

Posted on: 01 Aug '08 13:49

Member no longer registered.

I would cum do it. Have a vacation coming up next week. Let me know...

Posted on: 01 Aug '08 21:43

blaquemeet's profile Man, 47
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I like the concept, but without at least a body pic; I find it difficult to keep the excitement going. I see that this is an older post. Have you had any success thus far?

Posted on: 28 Feb '09 11:59

Member no longer registered.

awesome let me know, i'm in SI, i have pics if u want

Posted on: 28 Feb '09 23:35

Member no longer registered.

Doesn't anyone find this weird? No pics of his wife? I'm sorry, I find it very hard for this to be legit. Whoever does it, be careful.

Posted on: 01 Mar '09 02:05

joystick69's profile Man, 69
would love to fuck her for you i am in nj

Posted on: 02 Mar '09 23:01

Rcandy525's profile Man, 48
Looking for responses. Anyone tried this?

I've often thought of my gf and me meeting some guys and inviting two of them over. We go thru the usual conversations and then get down to sex.

Before the guys get undressed, she puts on a blindfold. Then she undresses them. In order to protect their identity the guys must not say a word. She then sucks their cocks and tries to decide who's cock she is sucking.

Posted on: 14 Mar '09 15:47

Member no longer registered.

I want to do her till she cums harder then ever before

Posted on: 15 Mar '09 15:00

Member no longer registered.

ok when

Posted on: 22 Sep '09 23:37