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First husband swap With my friend part 1

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This is a true story about how ten years ago my friend Jules and me finally got around to husband swapping it was something we had joked about a few times over a bottle of wine but I was sure she meant it and the way she looked at me when we talked about it also gave me the impression she knew I was serious too but neither of us wanted to be the first to bring it up seriously.

Until one day during the summer we were sat in her garden with a bottle of wine she brought up the idea again it had been the third time in a week Jules had made a comment about it, I said are you really serious about it then she blushed a bit and finally came out with it and said well I wouldn’t mind if you don’t mind I saw my chance and said well ok but have you talked to Mike about it? She said he was up for it too they had been talking about it also, what about Mark? I replied he didn’t mind the idea of it also but was a little shy about the first time after all we have been friends for over a year and would prefer it away from home somewhere.

We chatted about possibility’s and came up with going to the nude beach at Morfa Dyffryn near Talybont together to get used to being naked around each other for a bit first, we had all been together in our bikini’s and shorts in the garden but not fully exposed, none of us had been to one before but Jules was a real exhibitionist and would find it easier than the rest of us mike would follow Jules, I was a little nervous about being naked in public and I knew hubby would be the same too, we agreed that we would go during the week and on the first sunny day we got a chance, and stay the night in our tents luckily we could all get off work with a phone call so I went home to tell hubby the news and Jules told Mike.

Two weeks later the weather had been great on the weekend and the forecast was sunshine all week Jules rang me on Monday and said how about Tomorrow for our date at the beach then? If your still up for it, I said great look forward to it see you there, so next day we drove up in both cars to the car park took some drinks and a cool box and a few bits including a beach tent and walked up in a quiet mood to the nudist part of the beach found ourselves a place at the base of the dunes away from the few people who were there set up the beach tent to stop some of the breeze, Jules was stripped off to her bottoms in a flash but hesitated while she waited for everyone to catch up the guys were in shorts anyway and having a beer from the cooler both watching us I got down to my bikini and slowly took off my top then Jules took off her bottoms so I took a deep breath and pulled mine off too, She was clean shaven and I was neatly trimmed my nipples were so hard right then and I noticed hers were too, we both turned to the guys and Jules said laughing they both got hard ons!!

After a while the guys joined us in our nudity and it was a boiling hot day so we all oiled up well so we didn’t burn and lay on our blankets chatting and drinking the guys face down just checking each other’s wives out I could tell hubby was a little disappointed at the size of Jules tits he likes them large but she had a well formed body, and we women had already checked out the hubby’s while they were stripping off their shorts, I was looking forward to Mike he was well hung and I was getting a little wet thinking about the fun we were all going to have.

After about 2 hours of sunbathing Jules suggested we split up and chat a bit with each others hubby’s to break the ice with them, Mike asked me if I fancied a dip in the sea so off we went chatting while we walked down to the sea and waded in I was feeling very exposed in such a vast area naked, Mike waded into the water with me along side till we got too our waist I was surprised how warm it was I was expecting it to be freezing but it was still cold enough for my nipples to harden which he commented on, I laughed and said what’s it doing to you then as we waded out further into the water till I was up to my neck mike wrapped his arms around my waist and held me close from behind moving one hand up to my tits cupping one of them and playing with my nipple while I felt his limp cock pressing into my bum, this I was not expecting so soon but welcomed it , then his other hand moved down to my pussy gently stroking it I was so horny now I felt his cock stiffen a little he turned me around and picked me up I wrapped my legs around his waist while he kissed me deeply and he went a little deeper so he was up to his neck in the water I was wanting him so mush we kissed more and he lifted me higher so he could kiss and tease my nipples with his mouth while I wrapped my arms around his neck to hang on to him his arms were under my legs and one of his hands found its way to my pussy and his fingers slid inside me I was very horny now doing this in the sea naked then when he removed his fingers I felt the tip of his hard cock pushing into my pussy a little way as he lowered me onto him I was so ready for him I said fuck me now I pushed down onto him to get it into me and raised my knees higher to sit deep on it while he held me around my waist tight to him thrusting his cock deep into me I looked up the beach and couldn’t see Jules and hubby but didn’t care I was enjoying being fucked by Mike he was going at it for ages I was so weak after having two orgasms and from hanging onto him I said cum for me when he did he pushed deep as he could and cum in me which gave me another small orgasm being a bit chilled I felt his cum nice and warm inside me, after a while I lowered my legs down and his cock slipped out of me he walked back where it was a bit shallower and put me down held me close and kissed me again I wrapped my arms around him too we held each other for a while then I said lets have a clean up and go get another drink so I got hold of his cock and washed it down for him then knelt down in the shallower water where it was a bit warmer spread my legs and tried to rinse out the cum and he helped by sitting next to me pushing two fingers inside me and rinsing the water around inside.

We walked back up the beach I noticed that Jules and hubby was back now too we sat and chatted about what we did I noticed Hubby and mike both get hard I told Jules how he helped clean me out she said good Idea come on Mark you can clean me out too and off they went, I sat in the beach tent with a towel and Mike’s arm around me to warm up a bit while we had a drink and we watched Mark and Jules in the shallows of the water cleaning her out also.
There is more to this story and I am horny typing this at work now for you with all my colleagues around the office. I will do a bit of work now then finish off the story.
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hmmmm great so far .... keep it coming ..

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Just posted part 2 of my first husband swap hope you enjoy i
Annabel xxx

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mmmmmmmmmmmm lovin this so far!

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Lovely story looking forward to turning the page

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