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Female ejaculation (Squirting)


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PeckerNPuss's profile Couple, F 47 / M 41
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I think there should be under the "Category" of women. A female ejaculation or squirting section.
As a big fan and in growing popularity. I feel it should and would be a nice addition. What are your thoughts?

Posted on: 20 Jul '12 00:46

Member no longer registered.

i love the idea...women who squirt while having sexy are amazing

Posted on: 20 Jul '12 08:29

jdwclw1999's profile Couple, F 52 / M 57
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It's good to know that there are men that trulyl love and appreciate us women who squirt on occasion.

Posted on: 20 Jul '12 23:57

hornynudist's profile Man, 24
Genuine member
Yes! Squirters are the best.

Posted on: 22 Jul '12 09:19

ORAL4ULouKy's profile Man, 67
Would like to see a big squirting...any couple want to show me? Thanks

Posted on: 22 Jul '12 17:59

aCOUPLEinLOVE's profile Couple, F 45 / M 47
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As zoig has put before ...you don't need a specific category just make sure when squirters post pics of squirting they put that in the tag line ...then search the photo's/vids ...it comes up easy ...

Posted on: 22 Jul '12 18:11

PeckerNPuss's profile Couple, F 47 / M 41
Genuine member
The whole reason for the category would be that you don't need to do that extra step for the search. I would think there are equal of if not more people into squirting then say the Amateur footjobs category we have. I've also seen videos where the women masterbate and squirt but don't have it posted in a category like that. Just saying it would be a nice added category to expand on this already great website.

Posted on: 25 Jul '12 12:35

Member no longer registered.

It seems like the topic of every conversation that I have with men...."do you squirt"? well, not EVERY conversation, but at least the ones that count.

Posted on: 01 Aug '12 03:48

Member no longer registered.

yeah thats a good idea cuz if u got to the search u will find alot of vid but not all of them and they are also mixed up .... zoig should add that to category

Posted on: 02 Aug '12 03:43

PeckerNPuss's profile Couple, F 47 / M 41
Genuine member
Hey, I think back in 2009 when I joined Zoig. They had this category but don't know what happened?

Posted on: 10 Sep '12 21:09

lovethemplump's profile Man, 61
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works for me too

Posted on: 15 Sep '12 13:06

Member no longer registered.

Im a big time Squirter, so im for it!!!

This post has been locked - please Search the forums this question has been asked repeatedly.
TAG pictures correctly not just .... , tits, pussy or fit and they are searchable add the word squirting.

Posted on: 15 Sep '12 13:42