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Do you like being licked and fucked at the same time?

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gforce7's profile Man, 57
Ladies- Do you like being on all fours fucked doggie while at the same time a man or woman is under you licking your juicy pussy....Do you prefer a man or woman under you licking at the same time? And do you like licking them at the same time? Has anyone experienced this? Was it a big turn for you, having a huge orgasm? Did all of you cum nearly at the same time and how did the person on the bottom enjoy the experience? It is one of my fav's to do ( both on the bottom and top) from the mans point of view and am looking for some imput from the ladies! Love to hear all of your comments!

Posted on: 07 Sep '10 15:35

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Well I read this and tried to imagine it....wow!

This only because I am a one-man-girl.

It would be cool, but I think I would rather see it first, than experience it!

Hehehe, now that would be a long dick!

The tongue would even be longer, if things were reversed?

Posted on: 08 Sep '10 04:13

gforce7's profile Man, 57
Thanks missanna for your reply, most appreciated! Maybe I should re-phrase the question to be more generalized and ask: Ladies- Do your pussy being licked while being fucked at the same time?? Has anyone experienced this? I love to do it and wondering if women like it or would they rather have licking and fucking separate...?
Love to hear your comments!

Posted on: 08 Sep '10 10:16

ck101's profile Woman, 58
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Oh heck yea! What woman doesn't like to be licked and fucked at the same time? But with me, it would definitely have to be with 2 men!

Posted on: 08 Sep '10 12:05

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oh yea and girl under me doing the licking would be my preference.i came many times the last time while hubby fucked me slow and then hard from behind x

Posted on: 08 Sep '10 14:43

gforce7's profile Man, 57
ck101- Thanks so much for your comments! I hear you and can tell you it is a huge turn on for the man as well, having experienced in both positions! It is so very erotic and mind blowing!

Posted on: 10 Sep '10 11:42

gforce7's profile Man, 57
sexyirishwife- Thanks for the comments! What I love about it is feeling, hearing and seeing the women in total ecastasy cumming multiple times, and then my cock exploding its long built up load! So very intense and mind blowing!

Posted on: 10 Sep '10 11:57

aCOUPLEinLOVE's profile Couple, F 45 / M 47
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Never experienced that, but definately sounds like fun

Posted on: 10 Sep '10 11:59

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please refrain from posting here.This is Ask The Ladies NOT Ask The Guys forum

Posted on: 17 Jun '11 14:14

kimmus's profile Woman, 42
Mmmmmm, love it ;-)

Posted on: 18 Jun '11 17:27

hotnready1970's profile Woman, 46
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It tells awesome.. Having one cock in you and a tongue on your clit.

Posted on: 19 Jun '11 05:23

MonicaJohn's profile Woman, 46
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Been there and done that, also loved it!! Have had both a man and a woman licking me, and must say that it is difficult to say which one I enjoy more. Depends on the person more than on the gender. Same applies to whether I prefer to suck a cock or lick a pussy in this situation... And yes, I guess I have had a huge orgasm every time when I've done this, but I do have huge orgasms doing just about anything sexy....

Posted on: 19 Jun '11 07:16

Member no longer registered.

Hell yes!

Posted on: 19 Jun '11 16:27

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sounds like a fun night... have to try it...

Posted on: 22 Jun '11 07:26

4play4us's profile Couple, F 41 / M 45
I've been lucky enough to have both man and a woman lick me during sex. I can say one was better than the other but I can tell you that it's one of the most intense orgasms I have ever had. I get weak in the knees just think about it.

Posted on: 27 Jun '11 21:03