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Do women like for men to cum inside them?

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Creampie anyone?

Posted on: 30 Jun '08 13:48

RebandSexyC's profile Couple, F 54 / M 54
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I would rather him come in me than on me. I love the feeling of his cock pulsing as his hot cum fills me.

Sexy C

Posted on: 01 Jul '08 01:18

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In me or on me ... I love hubbys cum.

Posted on: 01 Jul '08 07:07

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Yes I do, but I also like for me to cum on me as well. There's nothing like a good facial.

Posted on: 01 Jul '08 08:48

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yes but only special guys not everyone

Posted on: 01 Jul '08 10:09

SinNY0207's profile Woman, 41
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I agree w/SexyC... Feeling him cum inside, cock pulsing is very nice!!

Posted on: 01 Jul '08 22:33

TheSentinel's profile Woman, 55
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sexy C has got it right ...the pulsing feels so good!

Posted on: 02 Jul '08 03:18

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i love for my hubby to cum in my pussy in the morning then i pull my thong back and let it all run out and soak my thong and wear it for the rest of the day then give it to him when i come home from work to sniff and jerk off with. he likes that.

Posted on: 02 Jul '08 05:44

EyesWO's profile Couple, F 26 / M 27
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i prefer when he cums on my belly or on my tits

Posted on: 02 Jul '08 08:32

bendover's profile Couple, F 59 / M 60
In my pussy or on my panties or face or mouth ! It's all good .......

Posted on: 02 Jul '08 09:21

frisky011's profile Woman, 35
I love to feel my man when he cums inside my ass. The swelling, the spurting usually results in my orgasm as well.

Posted on: 02 Jul '08 09:39

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i do...
i like it inside me, i could feel their dicks getting harder and mmmm.....

Posted on: 02 Jul '08 10:56

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QUOTE (rena @ 02 Jul '08 10:56)
i do...
i like it inside me, i could feel their dicks getting harder and mmmm.....

I could feel mine getting harder as I read that.

Posted on: 02 Jul '08 14:15

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Inside... all the time!

Posted on: 04 Jul '08 10:32

teenieweenie's profile Man, 66
thongsnfr has the perfect answer for this/other wives should do the same

Posted on: 04 Jul '08 10:50

sweetnsexy's profile Woman, 49
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Don't mind where he cums, just so long as I do!!

Posted on: 05 Jul '08 05:49

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Not so important where to cum, it's always exciting,
...but whith certain girls or when in love with her is really good cum in pussy!

Posted on: 05 Jul '08 09:03

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My wife says she loves men cumming inside her!!!She loves the pulsing, the rythim increase, the sounds and the feel of the cum squeezing out around the cock!

Posted on: 05 Jul '08 20:25