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Cum over your wife or girlfriend.

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I would love to cum over your sexy wives and girlfriends, if anyone would like that, get in touch and we can agree some pictures.

Posted on: 14 Jan '10 10:34

MrMeatHead's profile Couple, F 46 / M 50
would love to see you cum on our pics. check out our gallery. Lynn & Mike

Posted on: 14 Jan '10 11:04

mymilf4u's profile Couple, F 51 / M 52
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That would be hot

Posted on: 15 Jan '10 13:28

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I would like some of your cum

Posted on: 22 Jan '10 17:59

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Please shoot over my girlfriends pics.

Posted on: 22 Jan '10 18:06

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ouldlov to see some pics of you cumming over my wife, the more the better.

Posted on: 23 Jan '10 18:35

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Oh I would love to be covered in your hot cum. Maybe there is something that I can do for you too?

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Please cum on my pics!!! Let me know if you have a specific pic request and I will post a pic for you to cum on!!! Can't wait to see your cum on me!!!!!!!


Posted on: 30 Jan '10 19:32