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Alright ladys!!! LETS HEAR IT!!! Whats your bra size and favorite bra you own!? A lot of men have been asking me this lately and I thought it would be a great topic! Ill start off.

Lime green Victorias Secret bra (lace)

Posted on: 29 Aug '13 21:54

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34D and Victoria's Secret also

This one:
Favorite Bra

Posted on: 30 Aug '13 00:44

aCOUPLEinLOVE's profile Couple, F 45 / M 47
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34D and my favourite bra is this one ...


Posted on: 30 Aug '13 05:08

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Fav is a gossard front fastening blue with red and black trim satin

Posted on: 30 Aug '13 06:08

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38DD black lace shelf bra from Victoria's Secret! It's my getting lucky bra

Posted on: 30 Aug '13 06:36

bendover's profile Couple, F 61 / M 62

Posted on: 30 Aug '13 06:45

ThePr0ns's profile Couple, F 35 / M 44
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Depends on the brand. My favorite is this 38F from "Change" : http://www.zoig.com/view/3025489

Posted on: 30 Aug '13 11:46

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38DDD or the E depending. But finding the bra size is a science.

Need to release them to my man!

Posted on: 30 Aug '13 19:33

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36B, but I'm a C in Victoria's Secret size. Go figure. VS is about the only bra that I am a C cup in though.

Visually my favorite is a really cute fuschia colored bra, covered in black lace. Really pretty, but I hardly wear it. Though not the sexiest, my favorite to wear comfort wise is just a plain black bra that I got from....you know I don't even know where I got it. Nordstrom maybe?

Posted on: 31 Aug '13 05:10

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thank you ladies that responded so far! all of you have gorgeous breast and have a great taste for bras! :-) I used to work for victorias secret, hence why all my bras are from there :-)

Posted on: 31 Aug '13 12:49

ck101's profile Woman, 58
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38C Black From Walmart

Posted on: 31 Aug '13 12:53

iseng's profile Couple, F 44 / M 45
36B and my favorite

Posted on: 01 Sep '13 16:52

CuriousShyCouple's profile Couple, F 36 / M 36
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36dd and my favorite this one from VS

Posted on: 01 Sep '13 19:50

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Posted on: 01 Sep '13 23:37

Bustylou's profile Woman, 33
40H and its a black lacy one x

Posted on: 02 Sep '13 07:09

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38D fills very nicely!

Posted on: 02 Sep '13 10:16

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34E. I like my half cup bras best. They only need holding up, not down.


Posted on: 04 Sep '13 13:15

kane58's profile Woman, 55
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36 D or DD depends on bra. I wear Victoria's Secret.

Posted on: 04 Sep '13 13:39

Angelfish's profile Couple, F 46 / M 47
I'm 36C my favorite bra is a Victoria secret, my sexiest is a shelf bra from online. .............

Posted on: 04 Sep '13 21:00

sweetnsexy's profile Woman, 51
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36DD...and my favourite one comes from M&S!

Posted on: 05 Sep '13 18:37

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hot post ladies!

Posted on: 08 Sep '13 00:43

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Posted on: 08 Sep '13 01:42

hottie321's profile Woman, 41
34B VS

Posted on: 24 Sep '13 17:31

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Posted on: 24 Sep '13 19:36

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Mine are little 32A puppies with perky nipples.


Posted on: 25 Sep '13 10:30

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