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Ball squeezing during sex.

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Is this a common request/preference during sex?

Posted on: 14 Aug '13 09:17

bjorn7's profile Man, 55
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Not by me

Posted on: 14 Aug '13 10:21

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Yes, but up to a medium is nice.

Posted on: 14 Aug '13 11:28

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Gently is good !

Posted on: 14 Aug '13 12:21

avengerx2k's profile Man, 36
I love it during sexy and my balls being ducked while getting a handjob

Posted on: 14 Aug '13 13:06

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I like it but not too much :D

Posted on: 14 Aug '13 15:10

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I have big blls, so she is gentle, and I love it

Posted on: 15 Aug '13 05:58

Playtyme's profile Man, 42
I like it when my wife does it, gentle does it though, sometimes it can get a little extreme which isn't the best feeling!

Posted on: 15 Aug '13 06:54

weloveLXIX's profile Couple, F 40 / M 50
squeezing? ...not so much

tugging? ...absolutely!
love it when she grabs ahold of my sack with my balls in her hand when i'm behind her and then tugs as far and as rough as I can take it,,, gives me HUGE orgasms

Posted on: 15 Aug '13 09:58

somefun's profile Man, 56
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love my balls pulled..more so right when i orgasm ! huge turn on

Posted on: 15 Aug '13 21:36

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A bit of gentle tugging and squeezing is always good

Posted on: 17 Aug '13 03:22

brownbeauty's profile Couple, F 37 / M 38
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This is no longer a "request", as she knows how much I love this when I cum. No matter what position we might be in, when she feels that I'm at the point of climax, she'll try her best to reach round to my balls to squeeze and massage them as I cum ... and for me, there is no better feeling!

Posted on: 17 Aug '13 06:20

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Love it.

Posted on: 17 Aug '13 10:21

Emmalix's profile Couple, F 46 / M 50
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I love it, and as long as the sensation ( tenderness or pain) suits the moment that's fine by me.

Posted on: 17 Aug '13 13:48

One13Truck's profile Man, 40
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Not by me. The boys like to be treated gently!

Posted on: 19 Aug '13 03:17

hornyguy1291's profile Couple, F 27 / M 38
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Mmmm, yes very much...it feels so good. But yes, not too hard, more like a gentle massage

Posted on: 19 Aug '13 10:58

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QUOTE (avengerx2k @ 14 Aug '13 13:06)
I love it during sexy and my balls being ducked while getting a handjob

Tell me please what being ducked means?

Posted on: 20 Aug '13 01:58

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Thankyou Zoigmen!

Posted on: 20 Aug '13 05:37

bdfbbqt's profile Man, 55
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Always enjoy the feeling of fingertips caressing during an hj or bj. Nearly came once from an almost electric feeling when a gf licked them. But seriously NOT a fan of having them sucked. Something about the proximity to teeth ruins the mood.

Posted on: 20 Aug '13 14:20

Newcummer25's profile Man, 31
I love it and my girlfriend knows it. In fact I think she uses it to finish me off early during late night sex.

Posted on: 22 Aug '13 22:03