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After he cums..

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Do you like him to keep his cock in or do you want to go to the bathroom and clean up?
Do you like him to keep it in until he gets hard again (if he can)?
Whats the longest he kept it in after he came?

Posted on: 02 Apr '09 12:24

bifriendly's profile Couple, F 45 / M 50
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For me timing is everything im not on the pill but if im going to take a hot load i like all cases of what your saying. I would love it if he could just stay in and keep fucking . I also enjoy seeing just how soaked his cock is with a combo of our juices. The longest i have ever fuck someone was almost 6 hours with a few breaks. It was my b-friend from work. He was our start into the swinging world. Hubby knew about him but he didnt know that i was using him.

Posted on: 02 Apr '09 12:33

redstrawberry's profile Couple, F 40 / M 49
i like for him to keep fucking me for a minute after he cums, then i suck him clean & hard again

Posted on: 16 Aug '09 11:30

RebandSexyC's profile Couple, F 56 / M 56
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I love keeping him in me after he cums. He doesn't stay hard as long after cumming these years but feeling him still there is great.

Posted on: 17 Aug '09 20:47

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in! he keeps fucking after he cums, especially if i'm close myself.

he used to always stay hard after a cum, and we had sessions lasting around 2 hours, with him cumming several times. these days he stays hard for a second go now and again, but mostly he goes soft, we have a cuddle, and i work on him when it's time for round two.

Posted on: 18 Aug '09 07:47

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defo keep it in and get it going again !!!

Posted on: 18 Aug '09 08:18

scotch's profile Couple, F 48 / M 49
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I love it when hubby just keeps on fucking me! The sound and feel of his cum sloshing on and in my pussy just really turns me on and allows for some great orgasms! Here and there he will get hard again and I get to suck his cock when he is ready to cum again...then I get to have cum in my pussy and mouth at the same time! Hehe!

Posted on: 19 Aug '09 00:13

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I agree with the rest of the ladies out there... keep it it and keep fucking me when you get hard again... as far as cleaning up goes I like to hop in the shower with my guy... maybe fuck in there too

Posted on: 19 Aug '09 02:15

sancho2063's profile Man, 53
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QUOTE (bifriendly @ 02 Apr '09 12:33)
I also enjoy seeing just how soaked his cock is with a combo of our juices.

I have my wife keep her panties on while we are fucking. The smell of our juices mixed gets me hard all over again.

Posted on: 21 Aug '09 02:54

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i like it when he cums in my mouth no need to clean up 4 next round

Posted on: 22 Aug '09 00:40

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I perfer him to keep it in for a while then let me lick it clean of his cum and my pussy juices. And if he gets hard again, well we do it again.

Posted on: 23 Aug '09 21:07